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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 5, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello, this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme. zlatan ibrahimovic scores a late penalty as manchester united snatch a 1—1 draw against everton. ireland's women footballers threaten to strike saying they're treated like fifth—class citizens. and defending masters champion danny willett says returning to the scene of his greatest triumph may not spark a return to form. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with football and the news that a zlatan ibrahimovic penalty in the 94th minute saw manchester united salvage a 1—1 draw against everton at old trafford. the swede was returning from a three game suspension and slotted home the equaliser after ashley williams was sent off for a clear handball. philjagielka had handed everton the lead after 22 minutes as ronald koeman‘s side were looking to move fifth and ahead of united but as it is they stay seventh butjose mourinho‘s team do extend their unbeaten run to 20 games. the
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run to 20 games. first half, the performance was not the first half, the performance was not good at all. it was a bad performance, with a not very good attitude in the second half. in the second half, the attitude was very good. the players gave everything they could give. because of that intensity of the game, we improved, we increased a lot. pressure after pressure after pressure. the goal finally arrived, at least you don't have the feeling of defeat. it was a difficult game, i think we control did well at 1—0 up. i think we had chances that counter—attack in the second half, the last ball was the good one. i was really confident, because the team were defending perfectly. iwas
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confident, because the team were defending perfectly. i was really disappointed that you don't get the win by the penalty. it's the right decision, but it's really hard to take. in what's been a turbulent week for sunderland manager david moyes his side lost 2—0 at leicester city. the foxes made it six consecutive wins under craig shakespeare since he took over as goals from islam slimani and jamie vardy take the reigning champions up to 10th. very pleasing. we did our best tonight. there's not much rhythm to the game in the first half. there we re the game in the first half. there were a lot of free kicks, corners, a lot of stoppage. we got the first goal, vitally important. it was just pleasing to get the three points. you must be very pleased. yes, not just for me, but for the fans and of course the players. we are here to try and win matches, that's what it's about and that's what we're doing the moment. today i thought we had done more than enough to be in front. i didn't
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think leicester had the form i have seen them halved in the recent weeks. manchester made the match very difficult for them. —— them have. george boyd scored the only goal as burnley beat stoke at turf moor to end their seven—game winless run. victory for burnley sees them moves eight points clear of the relegation zone and up to 12th, one place below stoke. watford made it back to back league wins after they beat west bromwich albion 2—0 at vicarage road. troy deeney was among the scorers, returning to the team following illness as the hornets played half an hour with ten men after miguel britos was sent off for a second yellow card. in spain's primera division, atletico madrid have moved to within five points of second placed barcelona after a felipe luis goal gave them all three points at home to real sociedad. that makes it five successive wins for diego simeone's side and means that both villareal and athletic bilbao both move ahead of sociedad into fifth and sixth place respectively after their wins. in the german bundesliga bayern munich were beaten
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at hoffenheim forjust their second league defeat of the season. andrej kramaric with the only goal for the hosts who move to within a point of second placed leipzig, while borrussia dortmund are a point further back after pierre emerick aubemyang was among the scorers in a 3—0 win over hamburg. german chancellor angela merkel praised cologne for its involvement in helping refugees integrate into society. merkel spoke to cologne's young migrants and club officials before attending their match against eintracht frankfurt which the home side won 1—0 to move up to fifth. lazio have scraped through to the coppa italia final despite losing their semi—final second leg 3—2 on tuesday. they went through by virtue of a 4—3 aggregate win and will play either holdersjuventus or napoli, who play their second leg on wednesday withjuve 3—1 up from the opening match. chapecoense have beaten colombia's atletico nacional 2—i in the first leg of the recopa sudamericana. the match was the first time the teams had met since the brazilian team's fateful
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crash in the andes on the way to the copa sudamericana final last year. 71 died, including 19 players, journalists, and club officials. the second leg will be played in medellin on the 10th of may. the republic of ireland women's football team have threatened to go on strike and not play against slovakia on monday. the players went public on tuesday with their grievances and the football association of ireland says it's deeply disappointed with the players threat despite repeated offers to engage with the squad. niamh fahey, who's won more than 50 caps for her country, was among those protesting in dublin, and earlier i asked her if the fai had made an approach it depends on the language that is used. we have stated in the last few months that we would like them to represent us as months that we would like them to represent us as a months that we would like them to represent us as a body of players, andi represent us as a body of players, and i think we are entitled to this. many other countries have done this,
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such as canada, australia, the english women's team. we've asked them to go to the fai, to speak with them, and there's been a flat—out refusal. they try to approach us as players, we have said that we wanted the fai to represent us. they seem to not want to engage in talks with them, for some reason. i'm not sure. how difficult is it to see the facilities that the men's team have compared to what you have? there have been a lot of comparisons drawn, you understand that the man generate a lot more income than the women do. what we are asking for is just the basics, really. we have a lot of amateur players with us on the senior women's team who are working full time trying to juggle different things, they have different things, they have different stresses going away to international competitions. bills to pay at home, they are not getting financially reimbursed. 0ur issues are slightly different to the men's
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game because they all come from a professional environment. we have got different issues, but things that need to be tackled nonetheless. more talks could yet take place to try to get the world's best ice hockey players to the winter olympics next year. the national hockey league says it will not allow players to go to the games in south korea because it would mean a three week break in their season, but the international ice hockey federation say they have new proposals and want to return to the negotiating table, as seth bennett reports. these are among the best ice hockey players in the world, battling it out. on the night that montreal claimed the atlantic title, players we re claimed the atlantic title, players were told they won't be gracing the biggest stage of all in south korea at the winter olympics. sports friends from around the globe will be watching in 2018, but the nhl players will be playing for clubs, not their country. the announcement was a shock, but not a complete surprise. may be more of a surprise
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is that they did not... they are having a further round of discussions with the iihf —— maybe. while there has been quibbling over money, players have remains dead fast in their desire to compete. this player took sweden to the gold in 2006 and expressed his disappointment for what he described the most special adventure in sport. there are players who say they will play anyway, but for others, the fear of a future without the nhl will be enough for them not to rock the boat. after five will be enough for them not to rock the boat. afterfive 0lympics will be enough for them not to rock the boat. after five 0lympics where the boat. after five 0lympics where the best of the best have gone toe to toe for national pride, it seems that 2018 will be a very different kind of competition. danny willett will start the defence of his masters title on thursday alongside the american matt kuchar and the australian amateur curtis luck.
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it's been a tough 12 months for the 29—year—old who became the first englishman in 20 years to win the greenjacket. we are kind of getting back on now, hopefully getting the game back to a place where we can get into a position where we were last year. there have been some ups and downs, but to be the masters champion for 12 months has been amazing. to take the green jacket to places, to wear it with pride, see the expectation on people ‘s faces when they see it in the flesh is something special to see. looking forward to the masters starting on thursday. and a reminder of our top story, but in a bit of edge has scored four manchester united —— ‘s latin ibrahim —— zlatan
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ibrahimovic has scored in the final minute for manchester united. you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello, there. high pressure is going to be the dominating force for the weather across the uk for the rest of this week, and into the weekend. here it is, just nudging in from the south—west, pushing that area of low pressure out of the way — and that has brought some severe gales to the far north of scotland, and certainly to the northern isles, but gradually easing down. so first thing on wednesday, for most of us, the winds will be light, quite a bit of a chilly start across england and wales, particularly in rural places. now, there will be quite a bit of cloud across the northern half of the uk, where it will be quite windy. the best of the sunshine, to start off with, across central and southern areas. so that wind quite a feature across the northern half of scotland and for the northern isles,
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and we will see some outbreaks of rain and a little patchy rain as well across western scotland, drier across the east. but generally speaking, it is going to be quite cloudy for scotland, northern ireland, and to the north of england. maybe some light rain or drizzle for cumbria. in the midlands southwards, here we start off dry. could be a bit of mist and fog around but that will clear quickly. because the winds will be light it is going feel not too bad in that sunshine with temperatures of about seven or eight degrees to start the day. through the day, it looks like the cloud will move southwards, turning grey for many central and south—eastern parts. i think the sunshine just holding on across the south coast and in towards the south—west, and will see sunny spells developing across, say, the south—east of scotland, with some shelter in the north—west. and where you get the sunshine, 13 or 1a degrees, cooler than that, though, where it stays cloudy, around 11 or 13 degrees. stays rather cloudy for wednesday evening and overnight, with further spots of rain across western scotland, but those winds easing all the while. so for thursday and friday, they are looking similar, day—by—day.
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so for the end of the week, it is largely dry thanks to high pressure. there will be some cloud around, but also some sunny spells where it will feel quite warm. now across the pond, into the united states, the masters golf has started off very windy. those winds will gradually ease down on thursday — and into friday, we should see some good spells of sunshine, then it is even warm into the weekend with very light winds. that is what is to be happening across the uk to the weekend. this high pressure keeps things settled. we also import some warm air off the near continent. you see the orange colours bathing much of the country but it could be, locally, very warm across the south—east of england on sunday. but this area of cooler air, as you can see, will be making inroads into the start of the next week, so things are set down to cool down a little bit, monday onwards. for saturday, though, starting off rather cloudy, some sunshine breaking through that cloud, and we'll see temperatures reaching the mid—teens celsius in many places. on sunday, it looks like the best of the sunshine will be central—south—eastern parts of the country. it'll be very warm, starting to feel cooler and cloudier though across the north—west.
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a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. 0ur america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: global condemnation after a suspected chemical attack kills dozens in north—west syria. the us blames the assad regime. st petersburg pays tribute to the 1a people killed in the metro bombing. a 22—year—old born in kyrgyzstan is identified as the prime suspect. prince harry unveils plans to rid the world of landmines, and remember the legacy of his mother, princess diana. frontrunners in the french presidential election clash over europe in their second tv debate. and dreaming in two dimensions: high hopes for the super—thin miracle material graphene.
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