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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 6, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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over her handling of the rohingya muslims crisis. the de facto leader of myanmar has denied international accusations that she's been standing by as rohingya muslims are ethnically cleansed by the army in rakhine state. president trump has called the deadly gas attack in syria on tuesday an affront to humanity and said it changed his view on bashar al—assad. russia says syria is not to blame. and this video is trending on pepsi says it's discountinued a controversial advert, starring the model, kendalljenner, and apologised for "missing the mark" as they put it. critics said the video undermined the black lives matter movement. that's all from me now. stay with bbc world news. and the top story here in the uk: relatives of those killed in the westminster terror attack havejoined members of the royal family at a "service of hope" at westminster abbey.
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emergency services staff were among the 2,000—strong multi—faith congregation. now on bbc news, all the latest business news live from singapore. economics or six. we count down to the highly anticipated meeting between donald trump and xi jinpingpolitics. and find out why it is good for homeowners that there is a housing crackdown in india. good morning, asia. hello, world. this is asia business report. thank you for joining us. it's a thursday. the top story. the much anticipated meeting between the leaders of the world's two largest economies. they are of course us president donald trump and
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the host, his chinese counterpart, xijinping. they have the host, his chinese counterpart, xi jinping. they have lots to talk about the pitch trade and security issues will be high on the agenda. will that meeting be a tense one given that president trump has promised to take on a tougher line on china? we have more. we cannot continue to allow china to rate our country. they have taken our money. —— rape. they have taken ourjobs. china is a currency manipulator. america has lost 70,000 factories since china entered the world trade organization. will be not the best way to start a meeting with america's second largest trading partner. but they are meeting at the donald trump estate in florida. the two countries have a lot to discuss. take this custom manufacture in new
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york. they import products from china to create some of their features. and they have also sold to china, something they will not do again. i will not take an order in china for a national account. i will sell it to them locally. they have to figure out how to get it into china. because it is just to figure out how to get it into china. because it isjust that to figure out how to get it into china. because it is just that that difficult? it is just china. because it is just that that difficult? it isjust that difficult. we are just not on an even playing field. he believes it is china who has to change, making it easierfor countries, is china who has to change, making it easier for countries, companies like us to do business. by donald trump will have to balance those ones with the dependency on a working relationship with china. —— but. his bombastic style makes some uneasy. 3096 comes from china. 7396 of footwear comes from china. our supply chains are entrenched in china. if anything were to happen
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without relationship, it would be a problem for retail. there is a lot riding on this first face—to—face meeting between president trump and xijinping. president meeting between president trump and xi jinping. president trump meeting between president trump and xijinping. president trump has had a lot of success with trade populism, but establishing a viable trade policy is something very different. samira hussain, bbc news, new york. as hejust different. samira hussain, bbc news, new york. as he just saw, different. samira hussain, bbc news, new york. as hejust saw, many american businesses see the us and china trade relationship as a difficult and complicated one, so do many chinese businesses as well. here is a look at some of the most contentious issues. welcome to shanghai, china's commercial capital. plenty of us firms are based the trained eye schenscher between these two
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countries is hugely important to the world economy. —— trading relationship. let us look at some of the five most contentious areas of the five most contentious areas of the relationship. we will hear from both sides. china was a currency manipulator, of course, but it was not manipulating the currency any more because it has been three years that we have seen the chinese economy has changed. it has changed. market access. this is a big deal for us business. the chinese can invest in the us in many areas where we cannot invest in china. number three, rejecting intellectual property in china. the china leaders, they are prepared to do more in protecting the intellectual property rights. this is not easy.
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in china, we are still not a country that does this. as the country grows, it becomes more sophisticated, and as the middle—class to grow, the ipp laws that have been in effect, you will see more teeth in them. number four forcing firms to transfer their technology to china the chinese leaders realise that core technology is still the bottleneck for the chinese enterprises. that is why we see chinese companies, they are so interested in making overseas mergers and acquisitions to buy core technology. and many manufacturers are suffering from the lag of technology. number five, investment. what can china for america? both countries want jobs. the what can china for america? both countries wantjobs. the growth in outbound investment from chinese
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companies into the us, for example, la st companies into the us, for example, last year, was approximately $45 billion, significantly above the year before. so, there are five things to think about as these two men prepare to meet. a view from china. in other news, federal reserve officials basically have given a stronger signal that they may shift away from the post financial crisis investment policy. they also said they see considerable uncertainty about the effects of a possible stimulus from the donald trump administration. but they said they do not know how quickly there will be phasing out of investments. the owner of krispy kreme will buy panera bread. that is as it expands its empire in the us market. panera has about 2000 bakery cafes in the us. fresh offerings appeal to
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health—conscious consumers. india. the next instalment of our week—long series looking at the property industry. first it was undeclared wealth, now it is property. india's prime minister is on a mission to stamp out illegal financial activities, as well as tax evasion. but while last year's tax bank caused a lot of inconvenience for many indians, a crackdown on real estate may actually help them. like many indianfamilies, estate may actually help them. like many indian families, this family put their life savings into buying a home of their own. but eight years on, they are still waiting to take possession. translation: our dream home has turned into a nightmare. we have paid for this with our life savings. 0wning have paid for this with our life savings. owning a house should not be this difficult. the builder he invested with is caught up in a
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legal battle with the landowners. and so many of the flats in this developer and have not been handed over. he is taking legal action, but the process in india is slow and often ineffective. not getting possession to a flat is a common problem in india. construction is often delayed why government approvals and disputes over land ownership. —— by. they struggle to stay afloat as a result. 0n ownership. —— by. they struggle to stay afloat as a result. on one hand, people cannot get into the homes they own, and on the other hand, corruption drives up prices. that corruption extends beyond poor oversight from developers. the government is now cracking down on those avoiding taxes. here is why. property has long been an attractive option for people to park undeclared funds or black money. sellers are paid in cash and often did not declare the actual sale price,
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reducing the amount of stamp duties the government receives. the biggest problem is what is called no name properties, real estate bought under a fictitious name other than the actual owner. this is absolutely critical from the government to clea n critical from the government to clean up the system and restore investor confidence in the entire real estate industry. i mean, not talking about this, we are talking about institutional investors giving much more confidence to pouring literally billions of dollars into the country. the indian prime minister's cash ban has already brought down property prices by up to 20% in the big cities. but narendra modi also wants to provide a home for every indian by 2022, for which 50 million new homes will have to be built. up the real estate
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sector will be crucial to making those new homes available and affordable. bbc news, delhi. a quick look at the markets. the nikkei average of japan has look at the markets. the nikkei average ofjapan has opened at look at the markets. the nikkei average of japan has opened at its lowest numbers since mid—january, essentially. down almost i%. really, investors are paying attention to the federal reserve minutes i told you about earlier that led to a decline of us stocks. again, a decline of us stocks. again, a decline in asia as well. the all ordinaries in australia are currently flat to be that is it for the asia business report. thank you for watching. —— flat. you are watching bbc news. the headlines. myanmar‘s de facto leader, aung san su kyi, has spoken to the bbc, defending her record over atrocities against the rohingya minority. president trump has called the deadly gas attack in syria
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an affront to humanity, and said it changed his view of bashar al—assad. a service of hope and reconciliation has taken place at westminster abbey, a fortnight after the attack on westminster bridge and the houses of parliament. nicholas witchell reports. two weeks after shocking events which occurred almost within its precincts, at westminster abbey, a service symbolising hope. leaders of the different faith communities from across the united kingdom werejoined in the congregation by the duke and duchess of cambridge and prince harry, together with members of the emergency services, some of those who were injured, and some of the bereaved, including melissa cochrane, whose husband, kurt, was one of the four people who died. candles were lit to represent the light which can never be extinguished by the darkness of terror. in his address, the dean
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of westminster recalled that among those who were directly affected by the attack were people from britain and 12 other nations. he posed the question so many have asked — why? what could possibly motivate a man to hire a car and take it from birmingham to brighton to london and then drive it fast at people he'd never met, couldn't possibly know, against who he had no personal grudge, no reason to hate them and then run at the gates of the palace of westminster to cause another death? we weep for the violence, for the hatred, for the loss of life, for all that divides and spoils our world. prayers were offered pledging respect between different communities.
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that the best of muslims is the one who utters beautiful words, who does virtuous deeds. two weeks after the westminster attack, from an ancient abbey, which has borne witness to so much, a message of hope. nicholas witchell, bbc news. don't forget, you can catch up with all the stories we are covering this hour on the bbc news website. i am babita sharma. now for the rest of the sport news in sport today. see you soon. hello.
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this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: world number 0ne dustin johnson doubtful for the masters afterfalling and injuring his back. in the english premier league eden hazard scores twice as leaders chelsea win 2—1 at home to manchester city. and alvaro morata also picks up a double for spanish leaders real madrid in their 4—2 win away to leganes. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the golfing news that world number one dustin johnson is in doubt for the first major of the year, the masters, teeing off at augusta national at midday gmt on thursday. the american has won his last three tournaments and is favourite to add a second major championship to the us open he won last year. 0ur golf correspondent iain carter explained to me a short time ago what happened.


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