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this is bbc news. i'm nicholas owen. the headlines at 10pm. the foreign secretary borisjohnson has called off a visit to moscow, saying the chemical weapons attack in syria changed the situation ‘fundamentally‘. two people have died and 33 others were rescued after a fire at a care home in hertfordshire. and broadcasters penny smith and charlie wolf will be here to help me review the morning papers. good evening and welcome to bbc news. the sunday telegraph says that russia will be told to pull troops out of syria under a uk— us plan. hello, good evening. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, has pulled out of a planned visit to moscow next week in the wake of the chemical weapons attack in syria earlier this week.
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in a statement, mrjohnson said he deplored russia's continued defence of the assad regime. earlier, i spoke to ian bremmer, the founder of the eurasia group, a global political risk consultancy. he said us—russian relations are at their lowest point since the early 1980s. when trump became president there was a strong intention on the part of him and his administration to effect a strategic partnership with russia and get relations off the back foot, where they had been at the end of the obama administration. that failed well before the attacks in syria because of the investigation that's ongoing with the fbi and concerns about collusion and that led to the ousting of the national security adviser, michael flynn, but with the attacks against the syrian air base, you can say that those relations are in freefall and while rex tillerson is still going to moscow to meet with the russians, it is clear that the russians
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are deeply upset and they have retaliated already in terms of sending military hardware to the region and ripping up the hotline that was deconflicting the air force over syrian air space between the americans and the russians so it is quite tense indeed. what about president trump's own backyard 7 he did criticise previous administrations for getting into foreign adventures. here he is ordering this strike, there will be a lot of people in his own party who do not like that? actually, most of the people in his party like it quite a lot, this is the first foreign policy move that he has made since becoming president that both the republican and democratic foreign policy establishment strongly support, as does your own government as well as pretty much every us ally around the world. but some of trump's base, the alt—right in the united states, the america firsters, they clearly do not want
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the united states in a war and they do not like the idea of the americans promoting values abroad, the kind of things he was talking about in the inauguration but keep in mind that steve bannon, the architect of that speech, was taken off the principles committee in the national security council just last week. he lost the fight on syria, jared kushner won it and they have been in a significant row over the last week. if i was to bet on anybody, it would be the son—in—law and not the hired gun. what do you make of mr trump's decision to launch this strike? around the world there was shock and horror at the pictures coming out of syria, but this did seem like a rather surprising move in view of the things he said before? that is right. there has been shock and horror by the photos coming out of syria for over six years, angela merkel responded to the last one with the children washing up
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on the shores of europe by accepting all of those refugees, and that did not turn out very well for her. it is very clear that if united states had not responded to these chemical weapon attacks against civilians, no one else was going to, not the british, not the germans, not the gulf states, and that is a very good reason to bomb but it also a very good reason not to bomb. obama agonised over that decision for several weeks when the british parliament decided not to support the united states when life was much easier and the russians were not engaged militarily in the sphere of conflict and the reason he decided not to do it, he knew this was going to cause problems at home and abroad, was because he could not see his way through the next several steps. what the strategy of the us in syria would be. how do you avoid being caught in a morass? and what winning would look like after those failed wars
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in afghanistan and iraq. trump did not agonise. he saw those photos and he decided to bomb, but there is no strategy, there was not one for obama in syria. there's not one for trump in syria. and there will be a lot more dead kids coming out of syria, you'll see more photos, but there is not a lot that trump can do about that. that was ian bremerfrom the eurasia group. firefighters are investigating a blaze at a care home in hertfordshire in which two people died. emergency crews were called to the newgrange care home in cheshunt early this morning. a number of people have been taken to hospital. our correspondent andy moore has more details. firefighters were called here at 5.50am this morning and they were confronted by a fierce blaze, raging in the roof space from end to end of this fairly modern, substantial building. there are 35 residents here, they are elderly and infirm.
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many of them are wheelchair users. firefighters had to manhandle many of those residents onto their shoulders and then down on ladders. the residents were brought out into the street here, some of them in chairs, they were in their nightclothes and they were covered in blankets and clothing, anything to keep them warm. residents say it was a fantastic response by the emergency services. a big fire incident close to my house. the rescue team are near. it's been challenging this morning, trying to do the rescue work. they have managed to recue about ten people. a lot more, i think, in there. the fire has got up to four buildings, as you can see from the video. that is just at the back of my building, at the back of my residence. i'm taking this picture from my house.
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as i said, the emergency services were here very quickly. a lot of firefighters, using brute force, essentially, to rescue the residents from the home and bring them to safety. it was a very challenging operation. let's hearfrom darryl keen, the chief fire officer for hertfordshire. the first crews that arrived were faced with a very severe fire, that was primarily contained in the roof space, but spreading very rapidly. of course, this being a residential care home, there were over 30 people, some of which were unable to escape themselves. we ended up carrying out a number of rescues, over 30, to remove people, both with crews wearing breathing apparatus and via ladders. as you know, 33 were successfully rescued, and unfortunately two residents died as a result of the fire. there is a thorough investigation going on. in fact, even while the fire was still burning, we'd pulled together a team to start the investigation, as you would expect.
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fire investigation officers from hertfordshire fire and rescue service are working very closely with hertfordshire constabulary and obviously we will be here until we identify the cause of the fire. so, 35 residents were living here. about 30 of them have been found now alternative accommodation. two sadly died. three were taken to hospital with minor burns and the effects of breathing in smoke. one of them has been moved to a community hospital. the condition of the other two isn't known at the moment. in a moment we'lljoin viewers on bbc one for the main evening news. and at 10.30pm we'll have a review of tomorrow's papers with our guests, penny smith and charlie wolf. that's all coming up here on bbc news. boris johnson cancels an official trip to moscow, after this week's chemical weapons attack in syria. as fighterjets resume operations from the base behind the bombing, the foreign secretary says russia's support for the syrian regime, is deplorable. police in sweden say the lorry used
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in yesterday's terror attack which killed four people, also contained a suspicious device. we have found something in the truck in the driver's seat. a technical device which should not be there. two people are dead, after a huge fire at a care home, in hertfordshire. and, only the second ever scottish—trained horse, wins the grand national. good evening. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, has pulled out of a planned visit to moscow on monday, following the chemical weapons attack in syria earlier this week.
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in a statement he said he deplored russia's continued defence of president bashar al—assad. it would have been the first visit to russia, by a british foreign secretary, in more than five years. 0ur diplomatic correspondent james robbins reports. this was president trump's message to the syrian government and its russian backers yesterday, delivered with force. the united states and her allies reject syrian denials they used a chemical weapon against civilians, including children. now britain's followed up with a diplomatic rebuke. boris johnson's called off talks in moscow on monday and issued a written statement instead. developments in syria have changed the situation fundamentally. we deplore russia's continued defence of the assad regime, even after the chemical weapons attack on innocent civilians. we call on russia to do everything possible to bring about a political settlement in syria and ensure that the shocking events of the last week are never repeated.
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the planned visit by borisjohnson to moscow would have been the first by any british foreign secretary for five years. a long gap reflecting the very bad relationship between britain and russia which already existed. but the events of the past week in syria have now provoked an even deeper crisis. russia's first response came in this tweet from their embassy in london, accusing boris johnson of theatrics for lack of argument and inviting people to listen instead to what they call russia's soft power. a link leads to this excerpt from tchaikovsky's patriotic 1812 overture, celebrating past russian military victory. instead of seeing the russians on monday, boris johnson will be talking to america's secretary of state, rex tillerson and other allies to agree next steps. but some syrians who've suffered most, like abdul hamid al yousef want further military action. he lost 20 members of his family, including
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nine month old twins. there was a photograph of the dead twins being carried by their father which helped persuade president trump he had to order the missile strike. translation: i would like to thank president trump and the us administration on the initial steps they took against the airport that killed my children and all the martyrs. i didn't expect the strikes to stop. i was surprised. why did president trump stop the strikes? why one airport? why one base? tonight, russian television has been showing pictures it says show syrian aircraft flying once again from the base damaged by america's cruise missiles. next week, the political message attack will be reinforced when rex tillerson, not borisjohnson, goes to moscow for the trump administration's first meetings there with the russian leadership.
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they'll be very tough encounters. james robbins, bbc news. police in sweden say a man arrested following yesterday's lorry attack in stockholm, is a 39—year—old from uzbekistan, who was known to the security services. investigators believe he was driving the truck that crashed into a department store, killing four people and injuring 15 others. detectives also say they found a suspicious device in the vehicle. today thousands of swedes have been paying their respects to those who died, and danjohnson is in stockholm for us tonight. dan. clive, there's been calm, there's been stillness, there's been sadness too across this city today and hundreds of people have come to place flowers on this fence. they're still doing it now. there are broader issues that are raised by this attack. they'll have to be contemplated in the days to come but the priority is on the growing police operation and there are
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searches going on across the city now into tell evening. there have been significant developments in the police investigation today —— into the evening. pf pf late last night, a glimpse of the ordinary delivery truck that was turned against people in a moment of terror. it was towed away to be examined and police made a worrying discovery. we have found something in the truck in the driver's seat. a technical device which should not be there. i cannot at this stage say that this is a bomb. the man they think was at the wheel has connections here, a poor suburb north of the city. he hasn't been named but he's a 39—year—old from uzbekistan. we understand he was registered at one of the addresses in this block, although we don't know if he actually lived here. people have told us the police will here in number until the early were here in number until the early hours of the morning and they've taken some people away for questioning.
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in the city, after yesterday's horror, time to think and to reflect on chance decisions that determined death or injury for some, a lucky escape for others. patrick and francesca are tourists who were in the basement of the department store when the truck hit. we went up the escalator and we saw panic and we saw police with guns and stuff like that, so... how did people react? everybody was screaming and running to the other side of the building and we took the side entrance and we went out. and we just kept running to the other side of the city. and you wanted to come back today? yeah, yeah, just to show that we care. sweden's crown princess came to pay her respects, and the king said the entire country had been shaken but that the response had shown the strength and resilience of swedish society. tonight the area re—opened and more
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people came, to be close, to share a moment of message of hope and defiance of the boarded up shop window. this attack means consideration of some serious difficult questions but its impact‘s only just starting to difficult questions but its impact‘s onlyjust starting to sink in. dan johnson, bbc news, stockholme. two people have died after a fire at a residential care home in hertfordshire in the early hours of this morning. more than 30 other people had to be rescued, at the new grange care home in cheshunt. from there, andy moore reports. this was home to more than 30 elderly and infirm residents. many of them used wheelchairs. the fire started as they slept. they were unable to make their own way to safety. when firefighters arrived early this morning, they found a fierce fire raging in the roof space, which was spreading to the first floor. as you can see, the roof has since collapsed. a neighbourfilmed the blaze, stretching from end to end of the building and occasionally flaring up.
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firefighters had to go into the flames to carry people to safety. this being a residential care home, there were over 30 people, some of which were unable to escape themselves. and we ended up carrying out a number of rescues, over 30. to remove people both with crews wearing breathing apparatus and via ladders. the care home residents were brought onto the street, where local people did their best to look after them. the emergency services were praised for their fantastic response. theyjust kept going in and in. just to get the people. and with no concern for themselves. two people died at the scene, three others were taken to hospital, suffering from minor burns and the effects of breathing in smoke. the cause of the fire is under investigation. andy moore, bbc news, cheshunt. the french government says nearly three and a half tonnes of explosives and dozens of guns, have been found at eight sites,
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belonging to the basque separatist group eta. it follows their decision to hand over all their weapons, ending more than a0 years of violence, in which over 850 people were killed. 0ur chief international correspondent lyse doucet, reports from the french basque city of bayonne. arms caches uncovered. french police carry the weapons away. eight hidden dumps surrendered by eta. three tonnes of explosives, 120 guns. tonnes of explosives, i20 guns. today, in the basque region in france, a peace rally. they also wa nt to france, a peace rally. they also want to see proof on the big screen. a video of an arms dump encircled by volunteers. basque civil society played a key role, persuading eta to give up its guns. there were decades
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of car bombings, assassinations. in eta's bloody campaign for basque independence. eta's file was finally handed over at city hall from civil society to international witnesses. i was allowed to sit in on this ceremony. everyone spoke of an historic moment. i'm convinced that eta is handling the weapons it has under its control. i'm not sceptical because eta declared a ceasefire and end to violence six years ago and they monitored the ceasefire. since they monitored the ceasefire. since the declaration, there's not been any incidents of violence by eta. for spain's government, they're still terrorists. translation: the terrorists cannot expect any kind of favourable treatment from the government and even less impunity for their crimes. a local police chief, one of many victims. his wife rosa remembers every detail of the day eta shot
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him. my son told me, mama be strong. any steps towards peace are good, she now says, but accuses eta of making too much of today's ceremony. but it mattered to many basques. you can really feel the excitement here in the basque region, a sense of something important happening. but 50 yea rs of something important happening. but 50 years of violence have left a deep wound, especially in spanish society. a dark chapter is ending but a reconciliation has yet to start. lyse doucet, bbc news, bayonne. the broadcaster brian matthew has died. afterjoining the bbc in the 1950s, he became best known for presenting sounds of the sixties, on radio 2 for more than 25 years. with all the sport, here's lizzie greenwood—hughes
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at the bbc sport centre. thanks very much. good evening. this year's grand national was won by the 14—1 priced one for arthur who become the only the second scottish trained horse to win the sport's richest prize. our correspondent andy swiss was following the action at aintree. just a month ago he broke his wrist. today, he was writing a fairy tale. derek fox on one for arthur, one for the photo album. aintree had arrived to sweltering sunshine and that annual dilemma, how do you predict the utterly unpredictable? well, blaklion set off favourite, albeit eventually after two false starts. as always, there were fallers but all horses and jockeys returned safely. blaklion led with two to go but was jostled out of the running and over the last, one for arthur edged in front. derek fox was passed fit to ride just five days ago, but he held off cause of causes and saint are for a thrilling win.
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and scottish flags are flying high. yes an irish jockey but a scottish trainer, lucinda russell ensuring a first success for scotland since 1979. it is unbelievable. i could not believe it when i came up to the line. it is hard to put into words but it is the best feeling you will ever get. he has broken his wrist, and i thought there is no way he will ride at aintree, but he has worked really, really hard and i'm delighted for him. he totally deserves this. he works hard every day on the yard. it was a super ride. so on a glorious day here at aintree, a glorious day for one for arthur. the grand national and scottish racing has a new hero. and to greet him afterwards, five—year—old bradley lowery, whose fight against cancer has won so many admirers. for the winning jockey and his new fan, a day never to be forgotten. andy swiss, bbc news, aintree.
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today's football results coming—up. match of the day follows the news so if you don't want to know just yet, you know what to do. chelsea maintained their lead at the top of the premier league after comfortably winning at bournemouth. they're seven points clear with seven games left to play, but manager antonio conte insists the title race is still wide open. elsewhere second placed tottenham thrashed watford and there were wins for manchester city, liverpool, southampton and west ham. there was no sign of a let—up for scottish premiership champions celtic who cruised to victory over kilmarnock. there were also wins for hearts, stjohnstone and partick thistle. america's charley hoffman is still leading golf‘s first major of the year, the masters, midway through round 3 of 4 in augusta. but one of the rounds of the day so far went to lee westwood, who's in the clubhouse on 1 under par, 5 shots off the lead and two behind fellow englishman justin rose. great britain's davis cup tennis team have been knocked out
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in the quarter—finals by france. they were beaten with a day to spare, losing 3—0 in rouen afterjamie murray and dom inglot couldn't prevent a whitewash losing the doubles 3—1. and britain's lewis hamilton broke the shangai track record to earn pole position for tomorrow's chinese grand prix. and that's the sport. that's it. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. but from me and the rest of the team, have a very goodnight. there are some changes on the way for some of us tomorrow but it has been a superb start to the weekend, not quite make hay with the sun
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shines but this tractor was in shropshire and the outlook for farmers was clear, blue skies across much of scotland today, we have seen some cloud lingering in the far north of scotland towards the northern isles, otherwise clear skies. this cloud could push back to northern ireland later in the night, otherwise it is as you are but we will see mr and fog forming a southern counties of england and it will be chilly after the warmth of delay. looking at these temperatures in towns and cities, take some degrees for rural areas but warming up degrees for rural areas but warming up quickly, the fog clears quickly, sunshine for england and wales, eastern scotland also and here is the change, cloud and rain from the north west and eventually into western parts of england and wales. not very much rain but temperatures
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lower than today and it will cool down quite a lot across wales and west of england as the cloud arrives, the highest temperatures are for the midlands and eastern england, possibly 25 across east anglia. this is the peak, the warm air is pushed away by the weather front, little rain as it heads its way southwards but that introduces colder air, the wind direction changes from the southerly to more ofa changes from the southerly to more of a north—west on monday. you will notice a difference, most places dry, a little sunshine at times but more cloud around and some showers, mainly for northern ireland and northern scotland and that could be some snow over the mountain tops. it is cold enough. temperatures across the board are in than this weekend, significantly across england and wales. that cool north westerly airflow does not last long, it gets cut off by this high—pressure moving in and around the top of that, over
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the westerly atlantic flow, blowing in cloud across scotland and northern ireland and across north—western scotland who could be heavy rain but for england and wales, probably a dry day but still goes temperatures at best around 15 celsius. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow mornings papers in a moment — first the headlines: the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, has cancelled a planned trip to moscow on monday, in the wake of this week's chemical weapons attack in syria. he said the uk deplored russia's continued defence of the assad regime. firefighters in hertfordshire have launched an investigation into what caused a fatal blaze at a residential care home. two people died and 33 others has to be rescued at the newgrange care home in cheshunt this morning. norwegian police say they have found a "bomb—like device" in central oslo, and a suspect is being held. swedish police say they're increasingly certain that the uzbek man they've arrested is the one
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who carried out yesterday's attack in stockholm, but they believe others may also
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