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friday's lorry attack. a british man was among the dead. a short distance from where the vehicle was driven towards pedestrians, swedes paid their respects to the four people who died. swedes paid their respects we stand here in solidarity, notjust with those in stockholm, but around the world, with everyone who needs to feel the love, and we are together in this and we are not afraid. the british victim was iii—year old chris bevington, a father of two who'd made his home in sweden. we'll have the latest from stockholm, where a suspect is in custody. from stockholm, where also tonight. from stockholm, where a three—month state of emergency in egypt after more than a0 people are killed in two attacks targeting coptic christians. the body of murdered police officer keith palmer is resting inside the palace of westminster ahead of his funeral tomorrow. a huge data breach at the payday lender wonga. nearly a quarter of a million customers may be affected. and, the princes honour the fallen of vimy ridge,
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100 years after a key battle of the first world war. good evening. a british father of two was among the victims of friday's terror attack in the swedish capital stockholm. chris bevington, who was 41, was among four people killed when a hijacked lorry crashed into a department store. today, as thousands attended a vigil for those who died, more details have been emerging of the man behind the attack. a square asquare in a square in stockholm close to friday's attack. time to stop and think. a chance to reflect on
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jumbled emotions, on uncomfortable feelings, and to consider lives lost inafew feelings, and to consider lives lost in a few terrible moment. chris bevington was one of those killed. a father to two young boys who moved to sweden to build a life a family and a career working for music companies to fight. his father said, we are devastated the untimely and... he was here in the crowded shopping street when a delivery truck was hijacked and used as a weapon. a belgian and two swedish citizens were also killed. police have revealed more about the 39—year—old from uzbekistan they believe was at the wheel. he has applied for permanent residence in sweden, he has been denied that. he
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has been wanted by the police. this is where the truck ended up smashed against the department store window. people have kept coming here to write messages of hope and defiance, and there have been more tributes to the victims. just yards away, a display of the tolerance and kindness some fear could be at risk. thousands shared their sadness, anger and unease about the future. thousands shared their sadness, anger and unease about the futurelj anger and unease about the future.|j wa nt anger and unease about the future.|j want stockholm to be open, as it always has been. for so many years. and now all of a sudden, most of the people seem to be afraid, but still are very calm. we stand in solidarity, not just are very calm. we stand in solidarity, notjust with are very calm. we stand in solidarity, not just with those in stockholm, but around the world, with everyone who needs to feel the love, and that we are together in this and not afraid. there was pride as well in the city's response. it
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—— applause for the police and a message for those who threaten the way of life here. if we become scared, we play into their hands. this is a good picture of how sweden reacted. so far, that reaction has been solid. but tougher tests could still come. it will come as no surprise that those who died were notjust swedish citizens. the fact that foreigners we re citizens. the fact that foreigners were affected as well. this is a modern city, but the revelation that the main suspect was a failed asylum seeker who was wanted, who should have been deported, wilbury many people, and there is still a lot to understand about this attack and its full implications. a three—month state of emergency has been announced in egypt, following two attacks on christian coptic churches. on christian coptic more than a0 people were killed and many others wounded as worshippers gathered for palm sunday in tanta, north of cairo, and in alexandria. for palm sunday in tanta, so—called islamic state has claimed responsibility.
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egyptian christians had gathered to celebrate one of their holiest days. gathered to celebrate one but this palm sunday brought violence. the first deadly explosion was during mass at st joseph's church in tanta, leaving blood everywhere. wooden pews shattered. leaving blood everywhere. just hours later, there was another attack, here in the northern city of alexandria. this time just outside the church. city of alexandria. the dead include police officers who had stopped the suicide bomberfrom entering. who had stopped the suicide the head of egypt's coptic church had already left. in rome at palm sunday prayers, pope francis condemned the bombings. he is due to visit egypt later this month. a recent upsurge in attacks on egypt's copts is causing concern.
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they are one of the world's oldest christian communities and make up one in ten of the country's mainly—muslim population. of the country's in february, hundreds fled the sinai region following a threat from the so—called islamic state group, which also claimed the latest bombings. group, which also claimed in december, nearly 30 were killed in this church explosion in cairo. coptic leaders say christians feel increasingly threatened. i am very blessed to be part of a church that has faced discrimination, systematically, for decades. the response to that has always been quite gracious, non—retaliatory, nonviolent, and i pray that this continues. because if we get into a spiral of violence, more and more people get hurt. a spiral of violence, egypt's government said the latest attacks are another failed attempt to destroy national unity by stirring up tensions. but coptic christians grieving once again say much more needs to be done
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to make them feel safe in their own country. the us secretary of state rex tillerson has criticised russia for failing to prevent last week's poison—gas attack on syrian civilians. poison—gas attack in an interview on us television, he said he would challenge the russians on their failure to stop syria using chemical weapons. to stop syria using this comes with him due to visit moscow in the coming days. yes, this will be a big topic of his visit, which was preplanned, that this is overshadowing it, occurs the trump administration is stepping up the pressure on the russians. the secretary of state said this was especially the case because they we re especially the case because they were the guarantor for the case to eliminate the chemical weapons. he
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said at least it shows incompetence, if not complicity. he is going to warn them, he said, that if there is another attack by the syrians, this would be very bad for us/ russian relations. 0fficials would be very bad for us/ russian relations. officials are hoping this episode will cause the russians to rethink their support for assad, to pull back from it, but so far the evidence is the opposite has happened, president putin has shown greater solidarity with assad. but the russians will want to hear directly from the secretary of state what this means for american policy with regard russia and syria. they had a lady pulled back their expectations that a trump presidency would be good for the relations, but ironically the area where they had the most promise to work together. syria, because the president had talked about jointly fighting syria, because the president had talked aboutjointly fighting is gi’oup talked aboutjointly fighting is group there, but that seems impossible now. the body of pc keith palmer,
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who was murdered in the westminster terror attack, is lying in a chapel inside the houses of parliament, ahead of his funeral tomorrow. inside the houses of parliament, the queen gave permission for his coffin to be brought to the chapel of st mary undercroft, a rare honour also bestowed on margaret thatcher. a rare honour also bestowed it is an honour traditionally afforded only to great statesmen and women. afforded only to great this afternoon, the body of police constable keith palmer arrived at the palace of westminster to lie in rest in the chapel of st mary undercroft. in rest in the chapel the bodies of baroness thatcher and tony benn were the last to lie here, with the permission of the queen. the chapel falls under royal jurisdiction. her majesty agreed that pc palmer should be granted the same privilege, an ordinary copper who performed an extraordinary act of bravery, killed protecting parliament. tomorrow, pc palmer's coffin will pass through the gates and past the exact spot
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where he lost his life. then the cortege will make its way across the river from streets lined with police and public to southwark cathedral for his funeral. to southwark cathedral today, part of the route was being traced by worshippers from the cathedral at the start of holy week. the dean of southwark will officiate at tomorrow's funeral. the service will include these verses from stjohn‘s gospel, "greater love has no one than this, to lay down one's life for one's friends." to lay down one's life the important thing for me is tomorrow will be his funeral, something that we need to do to honour him and to help this family with their grieving, but for the rest of us, it is representing that sacrifice, we can speak of his death as a sacrifice on our behalf. we can speak of his death tributes to pc palmer continue to be laid in parliament square, his courage and sacrifice commended at the heart of britain's democracy.
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throughout the night, two police officers will stand beside the constable's body, guarding the man who died guarding our values. guarding the man who died with two weeks to go before the first round of voting in the french presidential election, emmanuel macron is the favourite to take first place. emmanuel macron is the favourite he founded his own independent political movementjust a year ago, saying he's "neither left nor right wing", and has made big gains. left nor right wing", 0ur europe correspondent damian grammaticas spent the day with him, on the campaign trail in corsica. he is the newcomer with the 100—watt smile who has electrified this election. the 100—watt smile who has the 39—year—old current favourite for president. photos everywhere, all day long. favourite for president. emmanuel macron is a former businessman banker styling himself as a new type of politician.
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businessman banker styling himself not from the left or right, he says, but different. above all, he claims he is the positive alternative to the other front runner, the far—right marine le pen. she is in favour of frexit, of stopping with the european union, with existing agreements we have, and recreating new boundaries. i do believe it is not the best way to strengthen our country. instead, what is good for france, he believes, is strengthening the eu, sticking to the euro, and he said if he is president, he would do the uk no favours when it came to a brexit deal. he would do the uk no favours i would favour the mid to long—term interests of the eu. i do not want to be in a situation to have a smooth brexitjust for the interest of one sector or one business. i do believe a strong france
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in a strong europe is the unique way to succeed in this world. in a strong europe is the unique way so, after brexit and donald trump, a macron victory would mark a turning of the political tide for europe. on to another event, and a macron victory is far from assured. and a macron victory he has never fought an election before. he is not the most—inspiring speaker. in corsica, the crowd seemed enthusiastic. this was another packed event from emmanuel macron, but the unknowns remain. from emmanuel macron, is youth something fresh or inexperienced? the fact he is not from one of the main parties, will that make it hard for him to get any programme through? the fact he is a former banker, can he really bring change? "today, to make things happen here in france, we need to work together," this lady said.
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"i like what i heard, because i never believed in tribal politics." because i never believed his is the candidacy built on self belief and optimism. is it enough to make him president? belief and optimism. there's been a data breach at the payday loan firm wonga, involving a quarter of a million customers. personal details leaked include home addresses and bank details. what happened ? what happened? wonga were made aware that someone from outside the company had tried to access sensitive data, names, addresses and sort codes, e—mail addresses and the final four digits sort codes, e—mail addresses and the finalfour digits of sort codes, e—mail addresses and the final four digits of credit cards. wonga, famous for its high interest loa ns wonga, famous for its high interest loans or people with poor credit records, has apologised, but urged customers to be vigilant, watching
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for unusual activity on their bank accounts. the numbers are huge, 270,000 people affected, the vast majority in the uk. that is considerably more than the 160,000 people affected by the talktalk data breach last year. when the dust settled on that, far fewer people ended up in the affected by the breach in the end. with all the sport, here's lizzie greenwood—hughes at the bbc sport centre. lizzie greenwood—hughes thanks very much. lizzie greenwood—hughes good evening. lizzie greenwood—hughes it looks like there'll be an exciting finish to golf‘s first major of the year, the masters, as england'sjustin rose is neck and neck with sergio garcia as the leaders approach their last few holes in augusta. katie gornall has the story of the final day so far. they are to friends, 18 holes from history. but if they were feeling the pressure at the top of the leaderboard, they did not show it.
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justin rose already has a major title to his name. sergio garcia has suffered two decades of failed attempts. would this finally be his year? there we go, what a start. as the europeans set about building on their lead, two young americans were in pursuit. rickie fowler was in contention, jordan spieth enjoyed a stuttering start. he was not even born when fred couples 125 years ago, and here he was, still showing the youngsters how it is done. another english challenge gathering pace, paul casey finding his range. as for rory mcilroy, after starting the date six shots behind, he needed something special. he has missed the mark. it was a relative unknown, russell henley, stealing the limelight. a last—minute qualifier, he got his final round off to a flyer will stop it was all taking a while to sink in. after three and a
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half days of drama, it has come down to this. big. justin rose and sergio garcia, a battle between the haves and have—nots. now the ultimate test of nerve. the latest is thatjustin rose is 110w the latest is thatjustin rose is now one shot ahead on eight under par after ten holes. garcia has dropped to seven under, two said of charl schwartzel. results coming up from today's football. match of the day 2 follows the news, and sportscene in scotland, so if you want to wait, you know what to do. everton put an end to leicester's winning run under new manager craig shakespeare. leicester's winning run under the champions were going for a seventh victory in a row, but two goals from top scorer romulu lukaku helped everton to a 11—2 win. romulu lukaku helped bottom club sunderland were well beaten by manchester united, leaving them ten points from safety with seven games left. and, aberdeen lost to rangers in the scottish premiership. lewis hamilton dominated the chinese grand prix,
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leading from start to finish in a stop—start race in shanghai as the wet conditions played their part. the briton is nowjoint leader in the drivers‘ standings with sebastien vettel, who came second. max verstappen was third despite starting back in 16th place. wasps are the outright leaders of rugby union's premiership after a dramatic late win over northampton. this last—gasp try and conversion clinched the bonus—point victory 32—30. and conversion clinched wasps are now five points clear of exeter with three games left. british boxer nicola adams says she'll get better and better after winning on her professional debut. the double olympic champion beat argentina's virginia carcamo on points in the flyweight contest in manchester. and britain's david weir has won the paris marathon wheelchair race. that's the sport. the paris marathon wheelchair race. one of the bloodiest battles of the first world war was marked
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today by a gathering of world leaders in northern france. more than 3,500 canadian troops died in four days of fighting at the battle of vimy ridge. in four days of fighting this monument on top of the ridge is a reminder of one of the shortest but most brutal bottles of the first world war. thousands of canadian troops died trying to take this hill. not far away, thousands of scottish troops died or were killed in fighting there. today, both events were remembered 100 years on. it was the battle that defined a nation in a conflict whose horrors defied belief. a nation in a conflict whose today's commemoration of vimy ridge was a chance for canada to remember those who fell here and those who rose to the challenge of victory. who rose to the
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the burden they bore and the country they made. because this too is why we are here. why we remember. more than 3,500 canadians died in the four days it took to secure the ridge. in the four days it took an event later described as the moment canada came of age. today, under a world war i fly—past, prince william and prince harry laid boots and poppies as symbols of loss and remembrance. this was a battlefield of corpses. the canadians at vimy embodied the true north, strong and free. in nearby arras, scottish losses in the wider fight were also remembered today.
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losses in the wider fight greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. that he lay down his the daily rate of casualties was greater than at the somme. among those to die was 26—year—old sergeant david wood from edinburgh. we would not be here without them. we would not be free to do what we want, when we want, so they fought for us and died for us, so we have to remember them and thank them. for us, so we have to remember there are no more combat veterans alive from the first world war. vimy ridge and arras are among the final great acts of commemoration, to honour their sacrifice, mourn their loss and remember their lives. to honour their sacrifice, mourn you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel.
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that's all from me. stay with us on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello. this is bbc news. police in manchester have launched extra patrols in the city centre, after receiving a surge in calls about people passing out from taking the banned drug spice. it's been reported that the substance left some users looking like "zombies". shabnam younus—jewell reports. zombies in broad daylight — these people are users of spice, a synthetic drug which used to be legal, known to cause extreme effects including psychosis and muscle weakness. you see a lot of people who get absolutely smashed out of their trees, throwing up and falling all over the place. i don't smoke it to do that. ijust have a smoke and just relax, you know, like... basically, it's an escape route from the normalcy of life, with it being so cheap.
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this weekend, greater manchester police took 31 calls about people thought to have taken spice — 1a of them had collapsed and needed an ambulance. on this glorious day here in piccadilly gardens, shoppers are being entertained, but, at the same time, police are out here and there's quite a presence. it's because piccadilly gardens has been quite a problem area when it comes to spice use in the past. over this weekend, police have had special extra patrols on here, and have revealed they've made a number of arrests related to spice use. these volunteers do their bit. in one weekend we had seven overdoses and the paramedics were dealing with that. it is horrible to watch, messing with people badly. it just affects the city centre.
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police say their focus is on dealers of spice, but they'll continue to tackle all anti—social users of the drug. shabnam younus—jewell, bbc north west tonight, manchester. grand national winner one for arthur has returned to his stables at kinross after winning what was the first scottish success in the race in almost a0 years. he was welcomed back by fans, though perhaps not by the bookmakers. they lost millions on his unexpected 1a—1 win, as brian mclauchlin reports. back home after winning the world's greatest steeplechase. one for arthur has quickly established a very strong fan base. it's amazing, a local winner! we wouldn't expect it, but it's fantastic. didn't they do well? the team did a fantasticjob. it's been a really exciting couple of days, so really happy
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for everybody involved. good for him! the race itself went remarkably to plan. he jumped the last. some say that he wasn't mentioned for the second half. that is his way, not the quickest in the world, but he can certainlyjump. he kept a nice turn of speed for the end. we have a tremendous staff and hopefully they will all be here today. it's their input that has done this. we are lucky to have a horse like arthur, and he is outstanding. he even does being a grand national winner well. the trailer, peter scudamore, a former champion jockey who never won the big race, is well aware what the victory means for such a small yard. we think sometimes we are in our own bubble, but the village has turned out to see them. 0ur lads are buying their food in the village, drinking their drink,
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renting their houses. they are part of the village. the village isn't known for its famous sporting achievement! and now it's a grand national winner. history was created yesterday at aintree when one for arthur became only the second scottish racehorse to win the world's greatest steeplechase. the plan is now to do it all again next year. ba rely barely got his breath back and they are already talking about next year. that's take a look at the weather forecast. good evening. sitting in my garden earlier, i could definitely smell barbecues wafting around the village. i'm sure many of you have enjoyed the blue skies and sunshine we have seen across most of the country. a bit more cloud further west, and the cloud big enough for some rain in the far
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north—west, but look at the temperatures, 25, 77 in the sun. a bit disappointing in the north—west, and behind this weather front, bit disappointing in the north—west, and behind this weatherfront, a cold front, with top temperatures of seven 01’ cold front, with top temperatures of seven or eight. that front is pushing steadily south, not producing much rain, but a band of ploughed through the night, and it will introduce a different feel. —— a band of cloud. 0ne will introduce a different feel. —— a band of cloud. one or two showers into the far north falling as sleet also. there will be sunny spells around tomorrow, but a noticeable different feel. by the middle of the afternoon, despite sunshine, the winds coming from the north—west. that will continue to be in a few showers for much of scotland. highest values around 8—10. similar in northern ireland, although showers should be few and far between. a bit of fair weather cloud and not a bad day between. a bit of fair weather cloud and nota bad day in between. a bit of fair weather cloud and not a bad day in terms of dry, sunny weather, but look at the
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different feel of things. 11—1a, the highest values in the south—east, a good 8—10 down on today. more sunshine in the south—west and west coast of wales. with clearer skies by day, overnight, temperatures falling away fairly swiftly. in raw spots, we could see a touch of light rust on tuesday morning. —— in rural spots. cloud and rain gathering in the north—west. the wind direction changes from a north—westerly to a westerly, which might just changes from a north—westerly to a westerly, which mightjust mean temperatures will be a degree or so up temperatures will be a degree or so up on tuesday, particularly in the south—east, with highs of 16. more weather fronts toppling further south, but a weak affair, so not much significant rain. 0n south, but a weak affair, so not much significant rain. on wednesday, with those weather fronts, we could see quite a lot of cloud. a good deal of dry weather. a similar story on thursday. for the easter weekend, that cool, northerly wind stays with us. that cool, northerly wind stays with us. a good deal of dry weather, just
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a few showers, but the nights will be pretty chilly.
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