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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11: a british man, chris bevington, is named as one of the four people who died in the stockholm lorry attack. huge crowds have taken part in a vigil for the victims near the attack site in the swedish capital. egypt has declared a three—month state of emergency following two bomb attacks on coptic churches which killed dozens of people. a huge data breach at the payday lender wonga. nearly a quarter of a million customers may be affected. also in the next hour: the grand national winner. one for arthur returns to his stables in kinross. the eight year old was welcomed back by fans after winning, the first scottish success in the race since 1979. and we will review the morning papers, including the daily telegraph, which says russia and iran are planning to retaliate against america following last
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week's airstrike on syria. good evening, and welcome to bbc news. a british father of two was among the victims of friday's terror attack in the swedish capital stockholm. chris bevington, who was 41, was among four people killed when a hijacked lorry crashed into a department store. today, as thousands attended a vigil for those who died, more details have been emerging of the man suspected of being responsible. our correspondent, dan johnson, reports from stockholm. a square in stockholm close to friday's attack. time to stop, time to think. a chance to reflect on jumbled emotions, and on uncomfortable
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feelings, and to consider lives lost in a few terrible moments. chris bevington was one of those killed. a dad to two young boys who moved to sweden to build a life, a family, and a career working for music company, spotify. his father said this. he was here in the crowded shopping street when a delivery truck was hijacked and used as a weapon. a belgian and two swedish citizens were also killed. police have revealed more about the 39—year—old from uzbekistan they believe was at the wheel. he has applied for permanent residence in sweden, he has been denied that. and he has been wanted by the police. this is where the truck ended up, smashed against
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a department store window. people have kept coming here to write messages of hope and defiance on the boards, and there have been more tributes to the victims too. just yards away, a display of the tolerance and kindness some fear could be at risk. thousands shared their sadness, anger, and unease about the future. i want stockholm to be open, as it always has been. for so many years. and now, all of a sudden, most of the people seem to be afraid, but still are very calm. we stand here in solidarity, notjust with those, like, in stockholm, but around the world, with everyone who needs tojust feel the love, and that we are together in this and we are not afraid. there was pride as well in the city's response. impromptu applause for the police and a message for those who threaten the way of life here. if we become scared then
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we play into their hands. i think this is a good picture of how sweden reacted. so far, that reaction‘s been solid. but tougher tests could still come. a three—month state of emergency has been announced in egypt, following two attacks on coptic christian churches. more than a0 people were killed and many others wounded as worshippers gathered for palm sunday in tanta, north of cairo, and in alexandria. so—called islamic state has claimed responsibility. this report from our middle east correspondent, yolande knell. egyptian christians had gathered to celebrate one of their holiest days. but this palm sunday brought violence. the first deadly explosion was during mass at st george's church in tanta, leaving blood everywhere, wooden pews shattered. just hours later there was another attack here,
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in the northern city of alexandria. this time just outside the church. the dead included police officers who'd stopped the suicide bomberfrom entering. the head of egypt's coptic church, pope tawadros, had already left. in rome, at palm sunday prayers, pope francis condemned the bombings. he's due to visit egypt later this month. a recent upsurge in attacks on egypt's coptic christians is causing concern. they're one of the oldest christian communities in the world and they make up one in ten of the country's mainly muslim population. in february, hundreds fled the sinai region following a threat from the so—called islamic state group, which also claimed the latest bombings. and in december, nearly 30 were killed in this church explosion in cairo.
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coptic leaders say christians feel increasingly threatened. i'm very blessed to be part of a church that has faced discrimination systematically for decades. and the response to that has always been quite gracious, non—retaliatory and non—violent. and i pray that this continues, because if we get into a spiral of violence, more and more people will get hurt. egypt's government says the latest attacks are another failed attempt to destroy national unity by causing religious tensions. but coptic christians, grieving once again, say much more needs to be done to make them feel safe in their own country. yolande knell, bbc news. the us secretary of state, rex tillerson, has criticised russia for failing to prevent last week's poison gas attack on syrian civilians. mr tillerson did not accuse moscow of involvement in the attack but he said he would discuss russia's international obligations on chemical weapons when he visits the country on tuesday. he also clarified there is no change in the us policy towards syria. i think the president was very
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clear in his message to the american people. this strike was related solely to the most recent, horrific use of chemical weapons against women, children, and as the president said, even small babies. and so the strike was a message to bashar al—assad that your multiple violations of agreements at the un and under the chemical weapons charter back in 2013, that those would not go without a response in the future and we are asking russia to fulfil its commitment and we are calling on assad to cease the use of these weapons. other than that, there is no change to our military. earlier, i asked our washington correspondent, david willis, if the us airstrike on syria was going to set the tone for mr tillerson‘s visit to moscow.
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the secretary of state, rex tillerson, has had some pretty harsh things to say about the russians in recent days. and he renewed this criticism on american talk shows today, basically taking russia to task for its failure, as he saw it, as the commitment to oversee the destruction of syria's chemical weapons, a stockpile. he said the russians had either been, as he put it, incompetent, or outmanoeuvred by the syrian regime. now, rex tillerson goes to moscow this week to meet with this counterpart, this russian counterpart, sergey lavrov. he is expected to press the russians to follow through on that commitment regarding syria's chemical weapons, and also to rethink, in his words, the relationship they have, the close ties they have, with the
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syrian government. and he said that this meeting would be a chance to, basically, look at how the relationship between the us and russia may pan out in the trump administration. there was, of course, a lot of thought a couple of months ago that this trump administration may herald a new era of cooperation between the united states and russia, and now, that looks very much less likely. how is this playing out in congress where there are divisions over what the united states did in syria, with some republicans saying this is not what donald trump should have done, he should not have done this in an only single unilateral way. he should not have done this in an only single unilateralway. donald trump said this cruise missile strike last week did not show a
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change in policy as far as syria was concerned. the priority as far as syria is the destruction and elimination of islamic state. then it would be possible to co—operate with allies in attempting to get some sort of ceasefire on the ground in various. by the suggestion that that attack was a signal that they we re that attack was a signal that they were changing, that donald trump had abandoned america first, that does not seem to be the case. —— but. david willis, in washington. leslie vinjamuri is a us foreign policy expert at chatham house. i asked her about the joint intentions of the us and the british governments towards russia. right now, they are working closely
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together, it seems, to put as much pressure as possible diplomatically to get russia to reconsider its backing of bashar al—assad. now, thatis backing of bashar al—assad. now, that is very difficult to do. clearly, russia has come out in support of bashar al—assad in the aftermath of these strikes. but this is not the only and significant thing they can do when it comes to changing what is happening in the conflict without taking further measures. it is dangerous. they risk escalating and bringing russia and the us into a fight, which they want to avoid. what is worrying here is that it seems right now looking at this with the us and uk that boris johnson and rex tillerson are on the same page. nikki haley, the ambassador to the united nations, came out with a much stronger line against bashar al—assad than rex tillerson, indicating that it is not quite clear that the us administration has really got its
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strategic thinking together, because, rex tillerson is taking on a visit and it will be incredibly important. if russia basically turns around and says we are very sorry but we are not on side, it is not clear what the next step is. it becomes incredibly important that the us has thought through what it is going to do. it does not want a tricky position where it is escalating without thinking about the possible outcomes. what will happen when rex tillerson meets his russian counterpart? the minimum is to make it very clear that the us has a very strong position when it comes to not condoning, not being willing to tolerate, certainly, the use of any further chemical weapons. that any remaining chemical weapons need to be removed. because, remember, that was the point of the strike. those limited strikes had a very specific goal. then there is the broader specific question of the conflict in syria. and is doing as
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much as they can to try to persuade russia to contain bashar al—assad as to continue to support, the us continues to say it is this, fighting islamic state in syria. that remains essential. but we are now ina that remains essential. but we are now in a very, very tricky game with a tremendous amount of risk, i think, in terms of what comes next. this in particular is extraordinary important. the most important thing that rex tillerson has done to date. how important is it to say deal with syria first and then bashar al—assad later. that is what secretary rex tillerson is saying. these are to sides of the same kind. islamic state is there because of bashar al—assad in a large part of. they need to think carefully about sending a signal that they don't support bashar al—assad as part of a
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means of bringing back any moderate forces in syria. but this is crucial. prior to the last week, that was clearly the us strategy, the most important issue for us strategy was countering islamic state and, you know, they had really moved away remember, just last week, president trump said what happened to bashar al—assad was up to the syrian people to decide. that clearly is looking very different now. but the sequencing strategy is, i think, not one that is going to work very well. i think pressure on bashar al—assad and continuing the fight against islamic state are two things that must happen simultaneously at this point. the payday loan firm wonga says up to 270,000 of its customers may have been affected by a data breach. the information stolen includes names, addresses, phone numbers and bank account details. earlier professor alan woodward from the university of surrey explained how significant
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this breach is. well, very. i wasjust well, very. i was just casting well, very. i wasjust casting my mind back, i can't think of one in the uk where we've had financial information like this leaked on quite such a scale if it turns out to be that all 245,000 of the uk customers' details have gone. but however you look at it it only needs to be one and it's too many, the fa ct to be one and it's too many, the fact all of this information has been league is regrettable. how and why might someone have wanted to hack into get this information? -- leaked. there's two ways to think about it, it could have been targeted. i wouldn't rule out either an insidejob targeted. i wouldn't rule out either an inside job because targeted. i wouldn't rule out either an insidejob because quite often insider threat isn't understood so someone may have taken a copy of the database or someone may have taken a copy of the data base or part someone may have taken a copy of the database or part of the database, or someone may have been thinking i
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wonder if i can rattle a few door handles here and just try it out, rather like they did with the talktalk attack, where the teenager was trying something out on a big website and to their surprise got in. talktalk is slightly different in that with wonga, if you got in there would be financial information. it possibly was targeted but at the same time i wouldn't rule out people wandering around rattling door handles until they find one open. what does it suggest to you about wonga's cyber security measures? the fact all this information appears to have gone at once told you that for a start, was it encrypted, was the data encrypted, if it was it suggests someone got at the live data. there's a couple of interesting things, we all scrabbling around, what we are going on at the moment is what wonga have told us, reading between the lines, they were made aware of this last tuesday, that
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means the data popped up on the dark web or one of the criminal sites selling it. if that was true and that was the first point they became aware of it that suggests they didn't even know maybe that this had happened so that would be doubly troubling. how worried should customers be and what should they do in terms of rearguard action if anything? whenever this sort of detail goes out it is worrying. it's not the end of the world but it is worrying. there's only a couple of things you can really do. if it was me personally i would go to talktalk now and change my password, wonga have said the accounts have not been changed, that's interesting in itself, so other personal information has been taken out of the database. information has been taken out of the data base. all you information has been taken out of the database. all you can do is keep a close eye on your account to see if there's any funny transactions going on you don't recognise, and if so get onto the back straightaway and be proactive and notify the bank and be proactive and notify the bank and say you have been notified by
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wonga and can they keep an eye on the transactions as well. all the day's sport next, but first let's have a quick look at some of the front pages, which are dominated by the relationships between moscow, washington and the rest of the world. the stop story for the times is about efforts by uk ministers to push for what it describes as very punitive sanctions against russia if the country refuses to cut ties with president assad. the daily telegraph leads with claims that russia and iran are threatening to retaliate against the united states with military action if the us launches more airstrikes on syria. the paper quotes a command centre made up of russian and iranian forces accusing president trump of crossing red lines. on its front page the daily mail carries the same story. it also has a picture of chris bevington, the british man who was killed in the attack in stockholm on friday. the metro is also among those leading on on the threats of retaliation by russian and iran. its front page also shows a picture of the coffin of the westminster attack victim pc keith palmer prior to his funeral tomorrow. the us military is the focus for the financial times. it leads on the us president's
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decision to increase us naval power in korean waters. the independent‘s main story, billed as an exclusive, is about the rising number of domestic violence victims withdrawing charges against their alleged abusers. and finally the guardian says that most asylum seekers are placed in the poorest parts of the country. don't forget you can see our full paper review at 11:30pm this evening with my guests lucy cavendish and tom bergin. the headlines on bbc news: a british man, chris bevington, is named as one of the four victims of the stockholm lorry attack. egypt has declared a three—month state of emergency following the bomb attacks on two coptic churches which killed dozens of people. the pay—day loan firm wonga has said hundreds of thousands of its customers have had their accounts hacked. sport now, and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre, here'sjohn watson.
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thanks very much. englishmanjustin englishman justin rose englishmanjustin rose is leading by a shot with four holes remaining at the masters in augusta. he remains on course to win what would be his second major title. he was in a share of the league at six under par with sergio garcia heading into the final round but bogeys at ten and ii and a wayward tee shot at 13 men final round but bogeys at ten and 11 and a wayward tee shot at 13 men he trailed rose by two. be 0lympic champion has gone out in front after birdies at the sixth, seventh and eighth holes. he could be set to don the green jacket later. eighth holes. he could be set to don the greenjacket later. shot of the day went to matt kuchar, who produced this hole—in—1 on the par 3/16, that moved him right into contention on five under. he posted a final round of 67. let's have a look at the leaderboard. matt kuchar in the
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clubhouse after that success programme today, five under, but look how tight it is at the top, garcia birdieing the 13th to pull a shot back, trailing justin rose by a single shot. four to play. it's getting ever so tight. the pressure obviously on justin getting ever so tight. the pressure obviously onjustin rose, looking to follow u p obviously onjustin rose, looking to follow up the us open success in 2013 and full coverage is right now on bbc two. relegation looms large for sunderland after they were beaten 3—0 by manchester united leaving them ten points from safety with seven games left. ibrahimovic again underlined his importance to united, scoring their opener. mkhitaryaan added another before rashford made it three. united are fifth, sunderland are bottom after their sixth league defeat in seven matches. i think the hardest thing being a manager is when you're losing all the time and at the moment we're losing, so that's a hard thing to
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take. i been someone who has been fortu nate take. i been someone who has been fortunate enough to work at teams where we have been winning a lot of games but at the moment it is tough, tough for the players, they care and they want to do well and at the moment we're not doing as well as we should. lester's revival is over, after five straight victories under new manager craig shakespeare, they were beaten 4-2 at craig shakespeare, they were beaten 4—2 at everton and the league top scorer lu ka ku continued 4—2 at everton and the league top scorer lukaku continued his fine run with two goals to take his tally to 23 for the season. we started well, but at the other end then we scored two. a basketball game opening early doors, disappointed we couldn't come away with a victory. in the scottish premiership, three late goals for rangers ended aberdeen's winning run at home. all three goals were scored in the space of five second—half minutes, veteran kenny miller with the first.
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aberdeen stay second to already crowned champions celtic. after being beaten in the opening race in australia, lewis hamilton has returned to the top step of the podium following this morning spots chinese grand prix. the race in shanghai is started in damp conditions and caught out several drivers, including sauber‘s driver, whose crash meant the safety car went out. vettel was as low as six after mistiming a pitstop but came second in the end. hamilton couldn't be stopped at the front, claiming his 54th victory. max verstappen made up for poor qualifying to finish third. hamilton and that'll are on 43 at the top of the driver standings. cal crutchlow restored his warm finishing third at moto gp's his warm finishing third at moto gp‘s grand prix of argentina. the britain started third and moved to
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second when world champion marc marquez crashed out but he was overta ken marquez crashed out but he was ove rta ke n by marquez crashed out but he was overtaken by rossi and had to settle for third behind him and the winner, vinales. it was his first finish in four races since winning in australia last season. fellow briton scott redding was eighth, moving him to fourth in the championship, one place above crutchlow. wasps moved clear at the top of rugby union's premiership after a dramatic late home victory over northampton. saints had a 5—point lead with just 12 minutes to go but paul doran—jones, on loan from gloucester, scored in overtime to level it at 30—30, jimmy gopperth clinching it with a conversion. their bonus point victory means they are five points clear of exeter with three games remaining. and that is all the sport for now. back to you. thank you very much. grand national winner 0ne for arthur has returned to his stables at kinross after winning what was the first scottish success in the race in almost 40 years.
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he was welcomed back by fans, though perhaps not by the bookmakers. they lost millions on his unexpected 14—1 win as brian mclauchlin reports. back home after winning the world's greatest steeplechase. one for arthur has quickly established a very strong fan base. it's amazing, a local winner! we wouldn't expect it, but it's fantastic. didn't they do well? the team did a fantasticjob. it's been a really exciting couple of days, so really happy for everybody involved. good for him! the race itself went remarkably to plan. he kept a nice turn of speed for the end. we have a tremendous staff and hopefully they will all be here today.
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it's their input that has done this. we are lucky to have a horse like arthur, and he is outstanding. he even does being a grand national winner well. the trainer's partner, peter scudamore, a former champion jockey who never won the big race, is well aware what the victory means for such a small yard. and now it's a grand national winner. history was created yesterday at aintree when one for arthur became only the second scottish racehorse to win the world's louise lear has the weather.
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good morning. the good morning. summer not we had clear blue surprising when we had clear blue skies, lots of sunshine and lots of heat, highs of 25 in parts of cambridgeshire and generally in the south—east on sunday. glorious. but south—east envvsundaysglorieussb-st ‘ cloud further - and end of??? this : end of??? this weather : the end of the date. this weather front is significant because as it continues to push south it won't bring rain, more cloud of the introducing a north—westerly wind and a cold air source, so it's going to feel noticeably different into tomorrow morning. quite a lot of cloud around, so not a cold start in the south, one or two of these showers in the far north of scotland will be wintry to the tops of the
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mountain is as well. breezy with the showers continuing here, we could see a few showers in north—east england through the day, a bit more cloud developing into the afternoon. for one or two of cloud developing into the afternoon. for one or the of cloud developing into the afternoon. for one or the south—west, more temperatures a bit more subdued generally across england and wales, a good 8—10 down in comparison to sunday and the risk of showers in lincolnshire and east yorkshire. not a bad afternoon, dry and some sunshine in northern ireland and a scattering of showers in scotland, more organised showers perhaps in the western isles by the end of the day. that will continue to move in across the far north of scotland overnight monday and into tuesday. at the same time, high pressure just d rifts at the same time, high pressure just drifts a little bit further west but it is still keeping its influence across much of england and wales and so that just across much of england and wales and so thatjust basically means is going to be a dry day on tuesday. chilly start but sunshine coming through, cloudy with some outbreaks of showery rain into the far north
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of showery rain into the far north of scotland. again that north—westerly flow with a strengthening wind becomes a feature on wednesday, gail is likely on exposed coasts here and there will be little more in the way of cloud in store for easter
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