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tv   Newsday  BBC News  April 11, 2017 1:00am-1:31am BST

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welcome to newsday. i sharanjit leyl in singapore. the headlines, the g7 foreign ministers meet as international pressure grows on russia to abandon its support for syria's president. china and south korea agreed to take strong action against north korea if it can do more missile tests. and i am babita sharma in london. we have a special report on life in an indonesian village where half the children live without their parents. 0h, village where half the children live without their parents. oh, my god! a video captures the moment a passenger is forcibly dragged off and overbooked airline flight. the airline issued a partial apology in the video goes viral. live from our studios in singapore and london. this is bbc world news. good morning. it is eight a.m.
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good morning. it is eighta.m. in singapore and one a.m. in london, two a.m. in the italian town of luca where leaders are meeting to try and persuade russia that its alliance with the syrian government is no longer in its strategic interest. the us secretary of state will deliver that message in person to moscow on tuesday. the syrian government is still denying carrying out a chemical weapons attack last week which killed over 80 people. our week which killed over 80 people. 0ur correspondent reports. contemplating italy's past glory and syria's present horror, boris johnson and america's secretary of state rex tillerson were in lucca to turni up the international heat on president assad and his russian backers. this morning rex tillerson very deliberately started his day at a memorial to a nazi
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atrocity in 1944, the massacre of local villagers, and drew a direct parallel to the gas attack last week. we will rededicate ourselves to holding to account any and all who commit crimes against the innocents anywhere in the world. so when president trump's foreign minister, who will speak to the russians this week, sat down with the foreign secretary who cancelled his visit to moscow to be here instead, they talked of ways to win the widest possible international support against vladimir putin's present path. i think it's very important in these circumstances for the world to present a united front and for there to be absolutely no ambiguity about the message and the message that we're sending to the russians is very, very clear. do they want to stick with a toxic regime? do they want to be eternally associated with a guy who gasses his own people or do they want to work with the americans and the rest of the g7 and indeed like—minded countries
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for a new future for syria. but president assad's major backers of iran and russia have warned of the military retaliation if president trump repeats last friday's cruise missile strikes. although the iranian president, seen as a moderate, seems to contradict his own hard—liners today, saying change in the assad regime should go hand—in—hand with fighting his opponents. translation: terrorism in syria should be eradicated and some reforms should be implemented within syria, within the syrian regime. this evening g7 ministers, all but one of them nato members as well, are starting to explore new pressures they could apply, knowing full well that russia has so far stuck firmly with president assad and his regime. let's have a look at some of the
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other news of the day. south korea and china have agreed to take strong action against north korea if they test another nuclear device or intercontinental missile. the announcement follows a meeting between envoys from the two countries. translation: both countries. translation: both countries agree that despite the international warnings, if north korea makes strategic provocations such as a nuclear test or a missile launch the court should be strong additional measures in accordance with un regulations. both sides agreed to discuss this further. meeting follows a decision by the us to send a fleet of naval clashes, ghazals to the korean peninsula. north korea says it is ready to react. also making users now, president from's nominated to the supreme court has taken the oath of office. the appointment of neil
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gorsuch in restores a conservative majority. i am humbled by the trust placed in me today. i will never forget that to whom much is given, much will be expected. and i promise i will do all that my powers permit to bea i will do all that my powers permit to be a faithful servant of the constitutional laws of this great nation. see also been taking place in egypt for 44 people killed in a weekend on attacks on churches. the so—called islamic state group says it was behind the attacks on palm sunday. the president has announced a three—month state of emergency which has been approved by parliament. the 19—year—old nobel laureate has been promoted the un messenger of peace to promote female education. it comes years after she was shot in the head after her campaign calling for the education of girls in pakistan. extremists
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tried to stop me. they tried to kill me and they did not succeed. this is evidence that no—one can stop me and this means that now this is a new life, a second life for the purpose of education. a funeral has taken place for the police officer taken from a killed in the westminster attack. he was stabbed to death as he stood guard outside the palace of westminster. thousands of officers lined the route that his cough and talk through the city. two adults and a child have been killed in a shooting in primary school in san berna rdino shooting in primary school in san bernardino in california. police say that the gunmen shot a classroom teacher, who was his wife, dead in the murder—suicide. two children we re the murder—suicide. two children were injured and one later died. now there may only be children but britain's prince george and princess charlotte are to have very important roles next month at the wedding of
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there aren't. kensington palace has confirmed that the duke and duchess of cambridge's children are to be a pageboy and bridesmaid at the ceremony. it is claimed that china is in forcing an elaborate system to obscure the massive scale of executions in the country despite repeated claims it is meeting dumbing making progress towards judicial transparency. that is the finding of amnesty international and there are an annual report on the use of the death penalty around the world. it shows once again china executed more people last year than all other countries in the world combined. i spoke to amnesty is short time ago about the official reporting of the number of executions. the main finding of the report really is that china is a complete outlier in the international community in respect the main finding of the report really is that china is a complete outlier in the international
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community in respect to the death penalty. china secretly sentences to death and executes thousands of people every year. the main finding of the report really is that china is a complete it also engages in elaborate efforts to mislead public opinion to hide the horrifying scale of these executions. just last month, the government stated that over the past decade, it had only executed an extremely small number of people. we were able, through this investigation, using government's ownjudicial records, to show that there were several hundred cases that were in the national database of verdict which is far from being an extremely small number. we were also able to find many more cases that were not registered and made public. hundreds of cases, actually. and we think this is only the tip of the iceberg. as i mentioned, the global situation, according to your report, seems to have improved but you talk about this lack of transparency in china and that's a real worry but what kind of pressure can be
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exerted on the chinese from institutions like yours to try to change this behaviour? well, i think there is a lot of pressure that can be brought on china. simply because now china is a global leader. in respect to the death penalty, it's really leading in the worst possible way. we have to remember that 99% of defendents in china are found guilty so your chance of being innocent in court is fairly low. this is a system that is not independent and overly relies on confessions often obtained under torture. i think the chinese government is in a difficult spot in justifying the scale of execution because the risk of wrongful executions and miscarriage ofjustice is so high. just last year, the supreme court innocented a man for the murder
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and rape and of someone but the verdict came 21 years after he had been executed. i think china needs to come clean and lift the secrecy on the number of executions and just admit to how many people it's killing every year. millions of women in indonesia have left theirfamilies millions of women in indonesia have left their families to work in the gulf in asia, often enduring harsh conditions. the east lombok district isa conditions. the east lombok district is a hotspot as it exports most people. in one village half the children are being raised without pa rents. children are being raised without parents. it is known as the marvellous village and we have been to visit. —— motherless village.
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you are watching newsday on the bbc. still to come we will take a look at a see—through swimming pool. that is 500 feet up in the. also ahead on the programme, a new editorfor the most powerfulfashion the programme, a new editorfor the most powerful fashion magazine the programme, a new editorfor the most powerfulfashion magazine in britain. pol pot, one of the century's greatest mass murderers, is reported to have died of natural causes. he and the khmer rouge movement he led were responsible for the deaths of an estimated 1.7 million cambodians. there have been violent protests in indonesia where playboy has gone on sale for the first time. traditionalist muslim leaders have expressed disgust. the magazine's offices have been attacked and its editorial staff have gone into hiding. it was clear that paula's only contest was with the clock
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and as for a sporting legacy, paula radcliffe's competitors pol pot, one of the century's greatest mass murderers, quite quietly but quicker and quicker, she seemed just to slide away under the surface and disappear. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm shranjit leyl in singapore. i'm babita sharma in london. our top stories: foreign ministers from the g7 group of countries are meeting in italy to discuss the war in syria and russia's role in the conflict. south korea and china agree to take strong action against north korea if pyongyang tests another nuclear device or intercontinental missile. let's take a look at some front pages from around the world. china daily reports on a deal signed between china and myanmar
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on a crude oil pipeline between the two countries. it's one of many deals that have been signed during the president of myanmar‘s first trip to china since taking office. the south china morning post has a story about travel chaos in hong kong. it has this picture of hundreds of commuters stuck behind station turnstiles after a power fault halted train services for two hours during rush hour. and in the gulf news, keeping with the theme of trains. more on the story we mentioned earlier about the first—ever freight train from britain to china has begun its 18 day journey train from britain to china has begun its 18 dayjourney carrying 13 containers of medicine, baby food and fizzy drinks to an eastern chinese city.
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sharanjit, one video has caused a lot of uproar on social media. a video captures the moment a passenger was forcibly removed from a united airlines flight. the american airline has apologised but as neda tawfik reports the apology has done little to quell criticism of united on social media. these are the disturbing moments that have now travelled around the world. several smartphones record as three police hover over a man who is being forced to exit the aircraft. the situation quickly escalates, after one officer manhandles him out of his chair. oh, my god. all three officers then drag him bloodied and injured from the cabin. no, this is wrong. oh, my god. look at what you did to him! the incident began when united airlines asked for volunteers to give up their seats for additional crew members.
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when none were found, they chose passengers at random, but this man refused. 0ne passenger said he claimed to be a doctor who had patients he needed to see. good work, way to go. ten minutes later, in unexplained circumstances, the man, clearly sha ken, ru ns back on the plane. united airlines in a statement, said: that's what makes the world's leading airline flyer friendly. the airline has been criticised for its handling of the situation that some say clearly contrasts with its claim to fly the friendly skies. samira hussain is in new york with the reaction from the public to all this. from the public on social media
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there has been a lot of negative reaction with regards to united. but if you look at wall street and how the share price has reacted, markets closed about two hours ago here and there was actually no real negative reaction. in fact, the stock price for the company ended a little bit higher in today's trading. samira, united had overbooked. intrinsically it was at fault. of course this is what is the main criticism that's been lodged. is there something intrinsically wrong with the us airline industry? well, most airlines do this. they actually overbook. .. they oversell the seats on their planes because they want to maximise how... ..maximise each flight. so they want to make sure there is someone who is occupying each seat. they've already worked it out and they have algorithms that really work out the best planes to be doing this with and just how many times they will have people who are going to miss their flights or have no—shows. i would argue that's probably why
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we're seeing no real impact on the share price, because what people in wall street are concerned about is how much money these airlines make and this overbooking practice in fact does result in pretty good numbers for the company. as you say, there hasn't been a reaction in terms of its stock prices, but surely its brand image is suffering now? sure, absolutely. it's a bad pr incident coming off yet another incident a few weeks ago for united airlines. there are a few factors to consider. one, in general, when people think about airline travel, they regard it pretty negatively these days. no one says that airline... flying on airlines is something that's great, it's viewed as one that can be taxing to the consumer. then with regards to questions about how much this will impact united and how people actually
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purchase their tickets, flying is already quite expensive and generally customers will be looking for the best deals possible. now, it's been a big day for the world of fashion after british vogue magazine announced that it has appointed the gha naian—born stylist edward enninful as its new editor. it's the first time a major fashion publication has appointed a male and a black person as editor. and for vogue, a first in its 100—year history. earlier i spoke to the guardian newspaper's fashion editor hannah marriott and asked her what she thought of the new appointment. i think it's brilliant and it really is a big day. british vogue has in the past been criticised for lack diversity. for 12 years there wasn't a single solo black model star — between 2002 and 2015, which is very recently. all of the decision—makers at british vogue have
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always been white. now a black guy in charge, it really is a big day and a great day for british fashion. it is a fantastic appointment. when i was reading the copy about this story and about edward enninfu, who is a talented stylist and has been for a number of years, he has been industry for long time, he is making headlines because he is a black a man. it has taken the industry 100 years to acknowledge somebody of a diverse background. that's pretty shocking, isn't it? absolutely. it's absolutely shocking. the fashion industry has been rightly criticised for being incredibly racist and not being diverse enough. that's one of the reasons this appointment is so heartening. however, as you say, there are a million other great things about him. he's been a fantastic stylist since the ‘90s,
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he's great friends with kate moss and naomi campbell. i'm sure you will see all of his friends on the covers, as he is an international name, a very big american stylist, which is great for british fashion. he has also got something like almost 500,000 instagram followers, which in this day and age really matters. vogue will be seen on social media as well. he is really talented and there are so many layers of brilliant about this. it is good news. he is a vocal campaigner for equality issues. this has been picked up by a lot of media today, when he was referred to as being in the second row at one of the catwalks. he said, all of my white counterparts are in the front row, why should i be in the second? he's really bringing the spotlight on an industry which perhaps needs someone like him to shake it up a bit?
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definitely. absolutely. fantastic for him to speak out because there are terrible things behind the scenes in fashion and it's really now in the social media age, where all sorts of people have been able to say that it's racist, or models have been able to talk about experiences backstage with castings. in the fashion industry, it really matters to their representation. now, sharanjit, i'm going to have to close my eyes for this next story story you have. yes, babita, it's not for the faint hearted. if you're scared of heights then this definitely isn't the pool for you. this is the glass—bottomed pool at market square tower, sitting a0 storeys above the busy street in houston. swimmers can step out onto the glass platform and soak up the exciting, or stomach—churning, view below.
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nervy visitors to the pool will be glad to hear there's a twenty centimetres of thick glass between your feet and the empty space to the ground below. reassuring for some i'm sure! you have been watching newsday. stay with us. we'll have more on toshiba due to release its earnings results later and on reports that foxconn could mount a $27 billion bid for toshiba's chip business. and before we go, let's take a look at these pictures. many a joke has been made about sneaking out of a restaurant without paying, but an australian rapper called 2pec actually did and in spectacular fashion. after racking up a large bill in a seafood restaurant on sunday he ran into the sea to avoid paying. police in hot pursuit onjet skis caught up with him and he's now appeared in court for theft and assault. his defence? the lobsters were overcooked. that's all for now, stay with bbc world news. good morning.
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sunday was the warmest day of the year so far, with 25 degrees, 77, recorded. whatever the weather on monday it could have been a little bit disappointing. or was it? 0n the whole not too bad in the south coast, as you can see, and temperatures peaked at 16 celsius. with the sunshine it still felt reasonably pleasant. a different story in the highlands. a grey day and it looks like we will see more cloud and outbreaks of rain into the north—west today. the wind swinging to more of a westerly. that will take the edge off the feel of things as well. with the sunshine not bad on the whole. the cloud and rain continuing into the far north—west of the great glen in particular. top temperatures of about 11— 16 degrees. as we move out of tuesday and into wednesday we have a series of weather fronts slipping our way steadily southwards and the wind pivots to a north—westerly, making it feel fresher on exposed coasts, especially as the winds will strengthen, gusting at gale force in the north and west. with the weather fronts slowly slipping south it will bring showery outbreaks of rain.
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nothing especially heavy, but a bit of a nuisance. top temperatures of 10—16 celsius. that's the story to wednesday. with clearer skies through the night we could in rural spots the temperatures into low single figures. a light frost not out of the question. some sunshine across central and eastern areas before cloud and showery outbreaks of rain gather again from the north and west. so there is a bit of a theme developing as we head towards easter weekend. the jet stream slicing the country into two and always coming from a north—westerly direction. a cold sauce. low pressure the beast, high pressure to the west and settled weather is likely to be in the western areas. with the north—westerly below the chances are that temperatures will dip a little into the easter weekend and perhaps just below where they should we at this time of year. but we could be heading
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to the classic case of sunshine and april showers. if you catch the sunny moments the sunshine is quite strong and it will feel reasonably pleasant from time to time. 0n good friday, another weak weather front making its way slowly south across the country. scattered showers following on. 7— 15 degrees is the high. in the saturday the start of the easter weekend. again, predominantly cloudy, but a good deal of dry weather in the story. the cool north—westerly breeze as well. take care. this is bbc world news. our top story — g7 foreign ministers meet in italy to try and find a unified approach to deal with the syria conflict. international pressure is growing on russia to abandon its support for syria's president assad in the wake of last week's chemical weapons attack on a rebel town. chinese and south korean envoys have met in seoul — where they agreed to take strong action against north korea if pyongyang tests another nuclear device. and this is trending on
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united airlines has issued a partial apology after one of its passengers was forcibly removed from an overbooked flight. video showing security guards dragging the man from his seat has gone viral on social media. that's all from me now. stay with bbc world news. and the top story here in the uk — the funeral
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