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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 12, 2017 6:30pm-6:45pm BST

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rex tillerson's changed during rex tillerson's trip to russia. changed during rex tillerson‘s trip to russia. and the talks your shoe we re to russia. and the talks your shoe were pretty tense. that you assume. given the fact that america launched the attack on that air in syria last week. so the journalists and press waiting for the press conference in the next few minutes. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm hugh ferris. the headlines — another leap into the unknown for leicester... the next chapter of their extraordinary story takes them to madrid. and a champions league quarter final with atletico. double formula one world champion fernando alonso will miss the monaco grand prix next month so he can race in the indianapolis 500. and success for gb on day one of the world track cycling championships in hong kong. hello again.
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massive underdogs they may well be but no—one thought leicester would win the premier league did they? so with that as their inspiration england's champions insist they can compete in their champions league quarter final. the first leg is in spain tonight against atletico madrid, twice finalists in the last three years. joe wilson reports. ahead of the match being played in the context of that attack on the dortmund team bus yesterday. you can see leicester city fans arriving and there is high—security here with a bag searches going on. we expected
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that. heightened concern was inevitable after what happened to dortmund. uefa have said there was no particular threat for this game. whether the anxiety has contributed to the policing, we have seen scenes that are completely at odds with the atmosphere and enjoyment of the game. leicester fans complaining about the heavy handedness of policing in the main square in madrid. some scenes have led to leicester city complaining directly and officially about the behaviour of spanish police. it threatens to overs ha d ow of spanish police. it threatens to overshadow everything that goes on this evening. i really hope it doesn't. we look forward to a game which is quite simply the most unexpected in leicester city's long history. into madrid striker the outsiders. just eight teams left in
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the european champions league and leicester are one of them. the club captain currently unfit to filmed his own entrance into the stadium last night, as if to be sure it was really happening. leicester trained here as other events unfolded in dortmund. as the training session concluded, police guarded and searched and leicester team bus outside the ground before the players returned to the hotel. security is stepped up but football goes on. atletico madrid, twice finalists recently welcoming a man who was once a star player for walsall. just his eighth game as leicester manager. you use life experiences as you go along and sometimes you have new experiences, which at this is, but we've enjoyed it and make no mistake we are there
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to compete. not just it and make no mistake we are there to compete. notjust to make the numbers up. these players deserve this opportunity. playing in the quarterfinals of the champions league seems almost surreal for leicester city. they have been here before. 20 is ago, they lost to atletico madrid in the uefa cup. the goal—scorer was immortalised in the match day programme. remember ian marshall with kayal? maybe not. in madrid, do they know this team? who is your favourite player? jamie vardy. the leicester effect is crossing europe slowly. vardy. the leicester effect is crossing europe slowlylj vardy. the leicester effect is crossing europe slowly. i don't know what is this. the champions of
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england, leicester city. are, you leicester city,. a good team. we are going to pull out of the sport to ta ke going to pull out of the sport to take you to moscow. rex tillerson and his russian counterpart sergey lavrov, both men meeting with vladimir putin today. let's hear what they have to say. translation: it's been a long day, we have had talks with the secretary of state of the united states rex tillerson and we have just had a long, more than two hours meeting,
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with president putin. talks have been substantial, frank, open. they embraced the entire range of questions that are crucial for bilateral relations as well as for oui’ bilateral relations as well as for our interaction in geopolitics and national affairs. we have fixed that the current state of our relations is not the calmest. we have significant problems. including those that have been left by the previous administration, obama administration. we are realists. we understand to overcome these barriers we need substantial efforts but we hope that there will be movement towards us from our
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american colleagues and resident putin today confirmed our consequent policy in these areas. we see effo rts policy in these areas. we see efforts to inhibit our policy, we see... look at it as a short—sighted approach. history proves that when washington and moscow cooperate, not only our nations but the entire globe wins. we have undermined our determine —— determination to fight international terrorism. we discussed these subjects with the president in a number of telephone conversations including the conversations including the conversation on the 4th of april when president trump called president putin to express condolences over the terrorist act in the saint petersburg subway. we
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have discussed the incident that happened after... on the 4th of april in syria in the region of idlib. there was chemical substances applied and the consequence missile strike of us on the 7th of april. we have repeatedly expressed our assessment of this step and today we spoke about the necessity of a very thorough investigation of this incident which has become a subject of multiple speculations. the russian federation wants to address the organisation of the limitation of chemical weapons at the hague but it has all the authorities to in the cedate this investigation. we addressed our party ‘s attention to
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the statement of the syrian government and to send a group of independent inspectors for objective and impartial investigation of the situation both in idlib and at the airport that was subjected to missile strikes. we have seen the readiness and prepare it does of russia and america to support this investigation and we call on the united nations authorities and the chemical weapons authorities will be used. we want the united nations to accept the resolution that would not only investigate the incident but would reckon guys —— but would recognise the accusations against
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damascus, which have different fa cts . damascus, which have different facts. we do not want to impose them but we stand for impartial, honest investigations. we also discussed the situation, state of affairs, in oui’ the situation, state of affairs, in ourairforce, the situation, state of affairs, in our airforce, russia the situation, state of affairs, in our air force, russia and the situation, state of affairs, in our airforce, russia and the us led coalition, in the context of the memorandum of preventing incidents and providing security for aviation and providing security for aviation and because of operations in syria, as you know, the memorandum was suspended by russia. now, today, president putin confirmed our readiness to resume its work, the initial objective of american — us led coalition and russian forces, airforce, will be confirmed, namely fighting iis and other terrorist
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organisations. also, from the fact that the publicly declared line of the united states and russia is to intervene in the domestic affairs of syria by other nations remains valid and we hope that the examples of other countries will be good for warning against similar attempts to happen again anywhere, including middle east are all northern africa. once again, i want to underline that we are determined to fully destroy iis and this is our common goal confirmed today in its forms. in the region as a whole, we have common interest in reaching political settlements of the most
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complex syrian crisis. russia and the united states over the last few yea rs have the united states over the last few years have helped international effo rts years have helped international efforts in finding compromises, uniting the participants both lee in the syrian conflict and external players in the negotiating table under the ages of the united nations. we have agreed today to continue these bilateral interactions to help and to facilitate the multiparty negotiating process, apart from the geneva process we are taking apart along with our american partners. including those where american partners are present as observers. the united states have many opportunities to help the international community to regulate and settle down conflicts in yemen, libya and last but not least to find approaches to move from the point...
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the israeli — palestinian conflict. iam certain the israeli — palestinian conflict. i am certain these are not going to be fruitless. we have also had the subject of afghanistan, as you know over the last few years, different formats have been used to form external support in afghan peace settlements. one of the directions was... i mean, is happening on the 14th of april in moscow, the moscow format, with the participation of central asian states that have been invited and american observers, representatives who have been invited and we hope they will be
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able to participate. we have also touched on the crisis in ukraine. we have common positions, minsk agreements of 2015 should be implemented. we remembered how the previous administration has settled bilateral contact between washington and moscow in addition to four party... we have felt the desire of the current administration to continue contact so that we could help looking for practical steps of full realisation of minsk agreements. we will continue to welcome these agreements and efforts to participate in them. we have also talked about the situation in the korean peninsular which is very troublesome for all of us, russia and the us. i speakfor
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implementation of the un security council resolution and we were talking about finding ways of getting out of the spiral of escalations and moved towards the negotiation process of demilitarisation of the korean pullin sealer through political and diplomatic efforts. —— korean peninsular. also marked the special responsibility of russia and the us in military, political, security, both regional and global. we have checked our clocks about implementation of strategic i’ , implementation of strategic weaponry, limitations, and agreed to


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