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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 13, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello. this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: a masterclass for madrid in munich as cristiano ronaldo gives real the upper hand in their champions league quarter—final. monaco beat dortmund in germany to put one foot in the semi—finals but there's some controversy over why the game was played in the first place. it's "monacan‘t." fernando alonso to miss the monaco grand prix as he bids for glory at the indianpolis 500. hello, and thanks forjoining us. there's only really one place to start and that's with the champions league. a clash of the titans between bayern munich and real madrid. 16 european cups between them. cristiano ronaldo, the star of the show, as madrid won 2—1 in germany. on a bad night for bayern, they had javi martinez sent off with the score at 1—1. seth bennett reports from the allianz arena. after a ll after all the talk about security concerns prior to kick off, the fans
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we re concerns prior to kick off, the fans were delighted to finally be able to focus on football. the two giants of football add that. why in munich in the first half. they got the lead with a powerful header. the advantage could have been doubled had the penalty not in skied. then real madrid came back in. zinedine zidane‘s side were powered by cristiano ronaldo. the portuguese scoring twice to give real madrid an advantage in the second leg. uphill for bayern munich to make it through for bayern munich to make it through for the finalfour of for bayern munich to make it through for the final four of the champions league. real madrid, though, will be delighted to take the most slender of advantages back home for the next leg. there was a win, too, for last season's runners—up atletico madrid. antoine griezmann scored the only goal of the game, a controversial penalty, as they beat the english champions leicester city as the vicente calderon. joe wilson was at that game. the key thing from leicester city's
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perspective is they finished the match with a tie against atletico madrid. a tale of two penalties. one of the first half given as antoine griezmann was taken out. absolutely. the referee fodder was the penalty. and michael could not save leicester city. that was the only goal of the game. in the second half, riyadh mahrez thought he got a penalty, but the referee disagreed. translation: clearly, we would like to have won bya clearly, we would like to have won by a bigger margin, but we were facing a team who know what they want, who knows how to play, and who won't change their ways. it was exactly as we expected. i am happy with the job that we did, and with the result. we know the tie is still way open. we knew that would be the
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case. umm, i think it is way open. we knew that would be the case. umm, ithink it is one way open. we knew that would be the case. umm, i think it is one of those major decisions in the game. it isa those major decisions in the game. it is a definite foul. it is inside the box. that is the first disappointment. in terms of the other, of course, i am aware of it. i have not seen anything. shakespeare knows that leicester will have to find a goal, at least one, in the second leg. but in his words, leicester, in terms of their effort, they were exceptional. bbc news, madrid. elsewhere, monaco won 3—2 at borussia dortmund. teenage sensation, kylian mbappe, scoring twice for the french league leaders, to take his tally to 14 goals in 16 matches in all competitions. borussia dortmund felt "completely ignored" over the rescheduling of that match against monaco, according to manager thomas toockel. dortmund's defeat came less than 2a hours after three explosions hit
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dortmund's team bus and caused the match to be postponed. toockel called it "a decision made in switzerland that concerns us directly. "we will not forget it, it is a very bad feeling." uefa however have issued a statement in response to those comments: saying that "the decision to play the match was made on tuesday night at the dortmund stadium in cooperation and complete agreement with clubs and authorities. "we were in touch with all parties and never received any information on wednesday which suggested that any of the teams did not want to play." in the asian champions league, there were a few shock results on matchday four on wednesday. the japanese champions kashima antlers were beaten in brisbane, and then lost top spot in group e, as muangthong united beat ulsan. colm harrison rounds up the action. thai teams have only qualified twice before but now they are the third to make it through. this was the only goal of the game as they beat hyundai to go top of group e. jamie
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maclaren fired the australian side in front after only 80 minutes. then it was 2—0 from brad in the second half. they were heading for their first win of the groups aged. then one was pulled back for thej league champions ten minutes from time. but brisbane to victory, 2—1, keeping hopes alive for the last 16. and is now this happened, 5—0. this player scored twice, and so did the brazilian striker. the pick of the goals in a 5—0 victory. two points clear of evergrand. goals in a 5—0 victory. two points clear of everg rand. and goals in a 5—0 victory. two points clear of evergrand. and this was the best chance of the first half. kawasaki's player was denied in the
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second half. 0—0, the final score. mclaren driver, fernando alonso, will miss the monaco grand prix in may so he can race in the indianapolis 500. the double world champion does have the full approval and support of mclaren and engine partner honda. alonso will race for the honda—powered andretti team but the car will be branded a mclaren. it's always been alonso's ambition to win the monaco grand prix, indy 500 and le mans, the triple crown of motorsport events. having won in monte carlo twice, he'll now take up the opportunity to race at the indianapolis speedway. with the fi team having reliability issues, it could be a factor in him being allowed to miss a race during the season. iam kind i am kind of surprised that there is someone i am kind of surprised that there is someone from formula i wanting to come over, but i am not surprised it is fernando alonso. he made comments in the last year or two say he wa nted in the last year or two say he wanted to race in the indianapolis 500. we know he is the best driver on that grid. he has not had major
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success on that grid. he has not had major success for nearly a decade since he got those two titles. the indianapolis 500, it is not as big as the world championship, but it is one of the biggest things you can do. he is in a car that everyone knows cannot achieve anything. why not achieve success in a year where he may not get success in formula i? i have been fortunate enough to race in the monaco grand prix, and i would see the indianapolis 500 is the best race. you cannot go to a golf tournament where there are 450,000 people absolutely crammed in one sporting arena to watch these ca i’s one sporting arena to watch these cars going so fast. it is a spectacle that everyone has to see if you are into motorsport. he is lucky enough to be in a front—running car and have a chance of winning. the indianapolis 500 is more pure and we will get formula i viewers who are bored of seeing the same cars win chime in and timeout, and see a race which is hugely
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unpredictable, huge speed, and were doing and overta ke overtake is incredible is skilful. —— time in and time out. the track cycling world championships got under way in hong kong on wednesday, with three gold medals up for grabs. the men's team pursuit was won by new zealand, who, once again, beat the netherlands in the final, to retain the title they won in london last year. the kiwi trio of ethan mitchell, sam webster and ed dawkins, who won silver at last year's olympics, edged out the dutch by a third of a second, as new zealand claimed the title for the third time in four years. the bronze medal went to france, who beat poland in the ride—off for third place. earlier, the first gold medal of the games went to italy's rachele barbieri in the women's scratch race, but she left it late. barbieri, who was third at the bell, produced a furious dash to the line, to beat elinor barker of great britain into second place. it was a first world title for the european under—23 champion. we don't often show you action
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from the united soccer league, which effectively forms part the second tier of football in the us, but there's a first time for everything. here's a goal which will live long in the memory for okc energy fc fans. first, we have an unorthodox acrobatic throw—in from michael harris to teammate, miguel gonzalez, and how about this for a finish? this beautiful bicycle kick gave the oklahoma city based side a 1—0 win over sacramento republic fc. a beautiful bicycle kick to see there. you can get all the latest sports news at our website. that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. good morning.
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it looks like it will be on the cool side for the easter weekend. more on that in a moment. we've introduced cooler air at the moment behind this very weak weather front that moved down across the country. this north—westerly airflow. particularly chilly first thing in eastern scotland and eastern england, but with the cloud more broken in the countryside, temperatures briefly not far from freezing. at least we have early sunshine through lincolnshire, east anglia and the south—east. the tendency through the day is to increase the cloud from the west. that's already happening in south—west england, across wales and in the north—west cloud is thick enough for some light rain or drizzle, mainly over the hills. again, fine to the east of the pennines. as it will be in eastern scotland, with sunshine. western scotland is dull and damp. sunshine for northern ireland too. through the day it clouds over across the eastern side of england and scotland.
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at the same time in the afternoon we open up a gap in the cloud across south wales, south—west england and that should push into the south—east. here we have the best of the sunshine in the afternoon and the highest temperatures still only 13—14. furthermore north, a lot of places dry. around the western hills primarily we get the damp weather. over the easter weekend temperatures disappointing for the time of year. a cool feel. warm when the sun is out, but on the whole there will be a lot of cloud. probably not much rain around. just a bit a nuisance. these weather systems coming into the uk for good friday are going to be very much on the weak side. but across england and wales we will have a lot of cloud. there will be some pockets of light rain or drizzle here and there. no great amounts. but a bit of a damp picture, especially for south wales and south—west england. to the north of northern england, scotland and northern ireland, something a bit brighter, but also showers. a strong wind will make it feel chilly in scotland.
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maybe sneaking a 16 in the south—east if we are very lucky. those weather systems pull away and we are back into the cooler north—westerly airflow. so we fluctuate almost from one day to the next over the easter weekend. on saturday, easter saturday, much drier and brighter. most places will have a fine day. a little sunshine at times, not doing an awful lot for temperatures. there could be a few showers in the north of scotland. then we are back into the fluctuation again for easter day. more weather fronts arriving across the uk. higher pressure in the south. those weather fronts again are fairly weak. most of the rain over the hills, across scotland, northern ireland and northern england. to the south, it should be dry and brighter. 15 perhaps in london, nine in glasgow. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: a public show of unity, but russia and america fail to resolve their differences over the syrian chemical attack
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and president assad's future. there is a low level of trust between our two countries. the world's two foremost nuclear powers cannot be like this. after a 24—hour delay, borussia dortmund play their big european match. german police say a man with islamist links has been detained over the attack on the team bus. it could be the biggest in 50 years. new zealand braces for another tropical storm, just a week after cyclone debbie. as the economic crisis deepens, the venezuelans who claim they have
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