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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 14, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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with bbc world news. our top stories: speculation is growing that north korea may be ready to carry out its six nuclear test is on us as we can. if so, it will coincide with the birth of the country's founder, kim il—sung. it is also known as the day of the sun. the us drops the "mother of all bombs" on islamic state hideouts in afghanistan. and this video is trending on it shows how a girl playing in an arizona barbershop narrowly escaped bullets fired through the shop window. the rounds were aimed at a nearby tattooed parlour. two men have been arrested. our top ourtop uk our top uk stories and: the
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education secretary has defended her plans for new selective grammar schools in england. but labour says it does not support social mobility. let's go to all the latest business news from singapore. back on the road: uber resumes in singapore after a two—month suspension. at a bbc investigation shows how a b&b users became targets for scammers. —— airbnb. shows how a b&b users became targets forscammers. —— airbnb. borken shows how a b&b users became targets for scammers. —— airbnb. borken to asia business report. i am sharanjit leyl uber will return to taiwan after being suspended for not complying
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with insurance and safety standards. so what kind of agreement did uber come to with the government? i spoke to the head of uber in taiwan. we have been in close contact with the ministry of transport over the past few months to see if we could devise a model to resume services as quickly as possible. we are working with light and rental car companies here and taiwan. you see working with the ministry of transport. you're spoken to the trepidation minister about the new pricing model. will prices stay the same? —— transportation minister. consumers will now see the exact price on their out after they enter the destination and their pickup address. the good thing about this is that it is good for consumers in
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that there will be more transparency around the price of that particular ride, before they even request the car. what about the issues of fines and unpaid taxes? the ministry of finance as you have unpaid taxes of nearly $4.5 million. it is also —— it is also danger executives from leaving the country. how will you resolve is? we are looking to resolve is? we are looking to resolve as swiftly as possible. we have reached out to the relevant authorities over the past couple of months to discuss this issue. it has currently entered into legal proceedings, right now. so we are taking the legal course to resolve this as quickly as possible. you have been slapped with hefty fines. you know when they will be paid? we would like to resolve this with the
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taiwanese government. and we are committed to the taiwanese market. but it has gone through legal proceedings, right now. we will see how that plays out. it is arrangement that you currently have the government, is this permanent? orjusta the government, is this permanent? or just a stopgap? the government, is this permanent? orjust a stopgap? i think it is an important first app in that we are partnering with the taiwanese government to find a way that we can reserve the uber service in taiwan. —— resume. this is after dozens of people have written to us asking when we will resume. andy cohen is government does recognise the need to have foreign companies like uber have a foothold in taiwan. we look forward to continued dialogue with them. —— and the taiwanese government. and ac milan has new owners. silvio berlusconi has sold
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it to owners. silvio berlusconi has sold ittoa owners. silvio berlusconi has sold it to a chinese led consortium. last year, their arrival was also purchased. cyclone debbie, which swept parts of australia, will cost an estimated $1.3 billion. that figure came from the second largest world insurer. cyclone debbie made la ndfall world insurer. cyclone debbie made landfall as a category four storm which smashed resorts, brought down power lines, and shut coal mines before moving on to new zealand. starbucks has reported a sharp fall in profits in its uk business, which plans of a slowing economy and the effects the brexit vote on consumer confidence. bear story 16% drop in
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pre—tax profit to october. there we re pre—tax profit to october. there were other factors which drag down profits, including uk investment and restructuring costs. it is burning season restructuring costs. it is burning season for corporate america. major us lenders have announced another round of quarterly results. we heard from jpmorgan chase and citigroup. they both had better results than expected. but growth is starting to slow down. this follows a rate hike in march. how much worry will that be for the us banking sector? i asked michel fleury this early —— michelle. —— earlier. asked michel fleury this early —— michelle. -- earlier. iexpect asked michel fleury this early —— michelle. -- earlier. i expect will you more about this next week, when people like goldman sachs report. but on the loan so that things, this is where you saw the disappointment. —— loan side. thejp morgan boss
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described consumers and investors being healthy overall. the key question is what this administration under donald trump can do. there have been talks about easing regulations. on that issue, jamie dimon said growth could accelerate if some of these things d. -- diamond. you talk about these regulations and easy those regulations. donald trump has pledged that he will look to reform, but nothing has been done, yet. other concerns —— are their concerns about what it could happen down the road? there are certain issues that banks care about, but broadly speaking, you think about these big wall street firms. —— there. they have spent years in lamenting the rules that were involved in
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dodd—frank, the legislation passed in the financial crisis. given how much was spent on that, it will be interesting to see how many of the things they want reverse. how many things they want reverse. how many things they want reverse. how many things they think are detrimental to business. obviously, as you know, we have a goldman sachs ally in the white house. they also have steven mnuchin, who is now the treasury century. —— secretary. we'll have to wait and see what engages us have —— what indications this has. less known was another company which benefited when it citigroup and jp morgan did. but it had a 35% drop in the opening of new checking accounts and a tumble in credit card applications. make of that what you will. airbnb is improving the
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security of its app and system after homes were burgled by scammers using stolen accounts. they hijacked accou nts stolen accounts. they hijacked a ccou nts to stolen accounts. they hijacked accounts to pull off the gas. i walked the police into this room, which you see is full of stuff, but it was completely anti—. which you see is full of stuff, but it was completely anti-. like millions of people, christian had let out his home while he was out of town as a convenient way to make money. he had done so for years without a problem, but on his birthday, in his home was burgled. while i was enjoying the hotel and having breakfast, and returned to the hotel room to relax a little, i got that text message saying that somebody was in the account. my birthday was over. christian thought he had let out his home to a
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verified profile. it had previous positive reviews. but the account had been stolen. the name, photograph, and contact details were changed, but the airbnb verified batch was kept. and he is not alone. the bbc has spoken to two others who we re the bbc has spoken to two others who were robbed this way, and three others who had their account stolen. and facebook users have made many reports on the airbnb page. they mightjust have tricked people into handing over their passports, but there are ways that airbnb could have defended against us. google, facebook, and twitter, amongst others, offered to step traffic and, involving using a code sent to your phone, as was your password, to act your account. we put these concerns to airbnb, who gave his response...
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—— this. those changes include 2—step verification when suddenly locked into a new device and text message alerts if somebody changes your profile information. but the christian, the changes come too late. he said the whole experience has left him with a bad feeling, and he might not use airbnb again. let's ta ke let's take a look at the markets. most are closed for easter. but the nikkei is open. we are seeing toshiba being driven down by about 8% there. that market open along with chinese markets. hello. you're watching bbc news. we bring up—to—date with our menus. speculation is now on that pyongyang may be preparing for its sixth nuclear test, to coincide with its
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most important national holiday. a record number of people who went to a&e departments this year had to wait as much as four hours. spring is here but the nhs won't forget this winter in a hurry. more patients coming in, problems moving them out, even if they were medically fit, and intense, relentless pressure. hospital managers here like many others say it could have been even worse. it has been very difficult. the hospital has been functioning most of the time at 100% occupancy. that has put a huge strain on the services. i think it is important to note this was a mild winter. we haven't had a large flu epidemic. despite that, it has been very tough. the latest figures for england show longer waiting times over three months of winter. 135,000 people had to wait longer than four hours to be found
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a hospital bed for a&e last winter. thatjumped to 196,000 this time. for planned treatment, including routine surgery, 264,000 were waiting more than 18 weeks in february 2016 but it was 367,000 waiting in february this year. one of those still on the waiting list is john. he was referred for an operation on his back early last year. but it still has not happened he has found the weight very stressful and, at times, has had to stay off work. i go to bed. i'm in pain. i wake up and i'm in pain. all day i'm in pain. i've taken painkillers constantly. who knows how much they cost the nhs? in recent years, hospitals have noted that the pressure never uses off in the summer. there's a constant flow of patients. and in the months ahead there could be an extra challenge in the face of possible industrial action by nurses. the largest nursing union is consulting members
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on whether they're prepared to go on strike over a 1% pay offer, which is the same in every part of the uk. most nurses are unhappy with their income. so, they're working harder than ever. there have been years now of absolutely no pay increase. the whole cap of 1%, when we know the bills are going up. we are struggling to pay the bills. the department of health says it is going along with an independent page review body's recommendation and can only offer what is affordable. but nurses argue that with all the pressure on the nhs, patients will not get the right care from a workforce that is short on numbers and low morale. we have more on a website and you can get in touch with me on twitter. mike embley will be hero to in the morning, but first to go to the sports news and sport with mark edwards. —— here in the.
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hello, i'm marc edwards. this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: smash and grab — a late anderlecht goal sees them draw with united despite, manchester dominating their europa league tie. in france, there's trouble before the match, and late drama in it, as lyon come from behind to beat besiktas. dan rooney, the revered chairman of the pittsburg steelers and one of the patriarchs of the nfl, dies at the age of 84. hello and thanks forjoining us. attentions turned to the europa league on thursday as the quarterfinal first legs took place. manchester united dominating their tie only to be held to a 1—1 draw against anderlecht in belgium.


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