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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 18, 2017 1:30am-1:46am BST

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top stories. north korea has told the bbc it is prepared to launch a nuclear strike if the united states decides to attack it. the united states vice president visited the north korean border and warned pyongyang not contest america's resolved by continuing to pursue its nuclear programme. turkey has extended its state of emergency by a further three months as president recep tayyip erdogan says he'll begin constitutional change after his referendum victory. easter monday in washington meant it was time for donald trump to share a stage with the white house bunny. and the lawns were filled with children for the longstanding tradition of the easter egg roll. that's all from me for now. stay with us on bbc world news. the top story in the uk. police in london have appealed for witnesses after acid was sprayed on revellers at a club in hackney.
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12 people were burned in the attack, two of them seriously. now on bbc news, all the latest business news with rico hizon live from singapore. world business report. from korea to japan, security and trade are high on the agenda as us vice president mike pence head to tokyo. and we find out what sort of food the movers and shakers of asia it for breakfast. —— eat. good morning, asia. hello, world. it's a tuesday. welcome to another edition of asia business report. i'm your host, rico hizon. thank you for joining us. fresh tensions between the us and north korea, the us vice president mike pence has warned
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pyongyang that president trump's result should not retested. north korea remains defiant, telling the bbc they will continue. not only security is at the top of the agenda when mike pence arrives injapan today. the us will also want to talk trade, especially with agriculture and auto remaining key sticking points. be vice president will certainly bring up the fact that the united states would like to negotiate a bilateral agreement. —— the. it will be theirjob to negotiate that agreement and get down to the specific points. it was very clear throughout the tpp negotiations what the most important issues us. i think that the united states, and frankly japan and the shinzo abe administration, feel it needs to be addressed, to modernise and restructure the japanese economy. the donald trump
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administration has repeatedly accused japan of having nontariff barriers in the auto market with high import tariffs. it is frankly not want to get too concerned with one days. with china on a run rate of 25— one days. with china on a run rate of 25- 27 one days. with china on a run rate of 25— 27 million units, the united states on a run rate to purchase hopefully 20 million cars, japan is probably hopefully 20 million cars, japan is pro ba bly less hopefully 20 million cars, japan is probably less than 5 million units. it is not a really important car market these days. i think agriculture is a very important market. the japanese have truly superior agricultural production capabilities. and they need to extend those and start selling their agricultural products, in particular to their local member china, and free up the agricultural space. i think that will be a major focus of the talks. in tokyo. united airlines has released their earnings. the chief
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executive is taking nothing for granted. he has once again apologise for the scandal over the forceful removal of a passenger from a flight last week. and these pictures of the doctor being dragged off and overbooked flights sparked a public relations disaster for the airline. but there are believes there will be no long—term impact on the bottom line. -- beliefs. this is a huge airline with a market cap of over 22 billion. last night we saw shares cross over 2.5%, almost over 70 us dollars. it shows the financial state of affairs in united airlines is still healthy. they will suffer greatly as far as the brand and reputation is concerned. that is damaged. but market conditions will remain healthy, i think. damaged. but market conditions will remain healthy, ithink. no reputational damage, or if not, very minimal, to united airlines. but
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what about for the asian travel and using united airlines as a gateway to north america? we have a lot of legacy carriers. singapore airlines, cathay pacific, china airlines in the middle east. they have a lot of airline options. they can fly next year on singapore airlines direct to the us. they can use emirates, qatar through dubai and doha. 0therwise they can use european carriers which are they can use european carriers which a re less they can use european carriers which are less abrasive, shall we say, than the north american airline. that being the case, they still have a lot of influence globally. among the four of them, american, delta, continental, united, they control a lot of the marketplace. there will
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be relevance for those. a public relations headache for the owner of snapchat. they have seen for the owner of snapchat. they have seen sharers fall. they have faced criticism for comments made by the chief executive allegedly about not prioritise and growth in india and spain because they were poor countries. the company is on track to close at its lowest level in a month, just weeks after the $4.4 billion sale, the hottest listing of a tech company in three years. netflix reported better than expected quarterly numbers, but the on line video streaming giant has signed up fewer descriptions than it forecast, which could impact future earnings. —— subscriptions. subscriptions. growth in both the home market in the us and internationally has slowed down. 0ur
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technology correspondent says it is down to competition from rival streaming services. many people suspected netflix in the us and its subscribers would plateau. they posted very strong subscriber growth last on. that did not happen this quarter. that was concerning. they wa nted quarter. that was concerning. they wanted over 5 million new ones worldwide. they just wanted over 5 million new ones worldwide. theyjust came under that. the company is not worried because one of the reasons they feel thatis because one of the reasons they feel that is the case is because they pushed back of their major series, house of cards, which is very popular. they deleted to later in the also another another programme over halloween. —— delayed it. they say don't worry too much that these numbers are down because they will make up later in the year those numbers. although they missed targets, some of that came from overseas. when i travel around asia
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i see netflix on public billboards and major publications. how important is asia to netflix? asia is seen as a massive growth area for the company. they are spending $i billion worldwide on marketing. a lot of that is going into asia. 0ne of the biggest challenges they have in the region is some of the original content that has been so successful in western markets like the us and europe, it does not trans late as well the again. —— translate. they are also having to make content specifically for that pa rt make content specifically for that part of the world. expect them to spend a lot of money in that region. eventually it will repay them. but it will take some time to pick if they can crack at it will fix that subscription problem we are worried about. -- it. a parcel of land was bought in mumbai and was developed into a satellite city and business
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up, afirst into a satellite city and business up, a first for india at the time. today, they are managing a group of companies. the family trust runs schools and hospitals across the city. they are one of india's india's waca one this is a new series, busy breakfast. we caught up ora series, busy breakfast. we caught up or a bite to eat. that is the... i give igivea i give a lot of emphasis to brea kfast. i give a lot of emphasis to breakfast. i spend some time on it. the major thing is also the fact i don't get much time to really have lunch. it is quite a busy day. what i read it in now? it is interesting. this is my sunday special. —— what
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are we eating now? it is a mix of dahl and roti. it is different but traditional. how important is brea kfast? traditional. how important is breakfast? i am a workaholic by nature. i spend 20% of my daily time on nonbusiness activities. when people say i need to go to the golf course to get a peace of mind, for me it is different. a&e to work on couege me it is different. a&e to work on college and school hospital issues. —— i need to. that is my balance. 0ther —— i need to. that is my balance. other people look at it as work. for me it is pleasure. so, good eaters eat last. they think about the employees and the company. what is your philosophy? the philosophy of my company is very clear. a stakeholder has to be a beneficiary.
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it is not only about employees, it is about your investors, those who occu py is about your investors, those who occupy your buildings. of course you look at the bottomline. but you have to bring satisfaction to all of the stakeholders. a power breakfast with one of india's richest men. men. the markets in asia. a weaker yen. a strong dollar is a good thing according to the secretary of state. thank you forjoining me. i am rico hizon. a member of north korea's government told the bbc his country would act with a pre—emptive nuclear strike if it saw signs the us was preparing an attack. turkish officials say donald
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trump has telephoned president erdogan to congratulate him on his victory in and they's referendum. washington has not confirmed this. —— sunday's. this summer, some gcse grades in england are changing, with a star to g being replaced by grades nine to one, a move that's creating "huge uncertainty," according to the teachers' union the nasuwt, who are holding their annual conference in manchester. the government says standards will go up because the content is more rigorous, and that bright pupils will have a better chance to shine. 0ur education editor, bra nwen jeffreys, reports. the new system has more grades and replaces letters with the numbers nine to one, with nine being the highest grade. it's all change for gcse maths and english this year. numbers, not letters, for grades and new, tougher content for the exams. would that be ok, to do that? so, umi is getting extra help from her tutor,
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something many families can't afford. even so, she's anxious about the exams. it's quite daunting, because lots of my teachers don't... they've never taught it before, so they're not used to the new syllabus that's coming in. her mum, kelly, is trying to get her head round it all. a grade 4 will be the same as a c or above. and a top grade of 9 will be higher than an a*. she doesn't mind the exams' content being made harder. but to bring in a new grading system and make the whole exam structure tougher as well means that there's a lot that people have to deal with in a short space of time. teachers have been debating the changes today. their union, nasuwt, says ministers are moving the goalposts. headteachers move goalposts for yourself individually. but i think the government have just taken them away. and we might actually be playing snooker. generally, we're just very, very confused about what these grades actually mean and, actually, were they even necessary in the first place? in a system where everyone understands, a‘ to g, why did we need to move to 9 to i? it's only england that's
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making these changes, starting with maths and english this year. wales and northern ireland are sticking with letters. gcses are an important milestone in students' lives... ministers say that's why high standards matter. they insist the new system will be fair, a grade 4, just as good as a grade c. but all that takes some explaining. branwen jeffreys, bbc news. don't forget, you can get in touch with me on twitter. it is time for all of the sports news, there is plenty of it, on sport today. stay with us on bbc news. hello, this is sport today,
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live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: arsenal move sixth in the english premier league after a tense 2—1 win over middlesbrough. marco fu wins a final frame classic against luca brecel at the world snooker championship. and tomas berdych is through to the second round of the monte carlo masters. hello and welcome to the programme, where we start with the footballing news that arsenal have eased the pressure slightly on manager arsene wenger after a 2—1 win away to relegation—threatened middlesbrough in the english premier league. the gunners were looking to avoid five successive away losses in the league which last happened in 1984. alexis sanchez scored the opener with a wonderful free kickjust before the half time interval for his 19th league goal of the campaign and 23rd overall.


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