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we begin with the telegraph which reports comments made by a senior member of north korea's government who told the bbc earlier his country is prepared to launch a nuclear strike — all—out war — if the united states decides to attack it. le figaro looks ahead to the first round of france's presidential election this coming sunday where marine le pen and her centrist rival, emmanuel macron, are running neck and neck in opinion polls. miss le pen, has said she would suspend all immigration to the country if she is elected president. the independent report on budget airline easyjet, which has apologised to a couple who were thrown off an overbooked flight. the airline has asked for any other passengers who feel they have been misled by staff to get in touch. the times looks at social media giant facebook, which is accused of hypocrisy after it was found to be promoting sham advertisements despite promises to tackle fake news. and finally, the guardian financial pages say hundreds of billions of pounds could leapfrog a generation, passing straight from grandparents to their grandchildren, as families battle to counter the unequal spread of wealth.
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sounds like bad news for me. joining us is paul charles who's ceo at the pc agency. nice to see! good morning. starting with a bbc interview thatjohn isner what has just done in with a bbc interview thatjohn isner what hasjust done in north korea. the daily telegraph has picked it up. the ant is being upped by the military? it is bringing it to the wire, it is the 11th hour. you've got mike pence in the region, the leadership in pyongyang saying we are not going to accept this. —— ante. they may launch pre—emptive strikes. overall, this is the first big test of donald trump and what his foreign policy is going to be like over the next two years, during
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potentially his only term. i think donald trump is looking at opinion poll ratings, thinking, i need to get my ratings up. this is me being strong, i am get my ratings up. this is me being strong, iam not get my ratings up. this is me being strong, i am not going to accept this, iam strong, i am not going to accept this, i am going to deal with north korea. i think that by taking this to war he is hoping to get a higher opinion poll. this is a very risky way to get ratings? , -- yes, it is. he has said he wants to go it alone if they are not going to help him. there is clearly a lot of talking behind the scenes, but the war of words continues. talking with your clients and business leaders, how concerned are they? north korea, because it is not seen as unacceptable nations that is, it doesn't really register. it seems very much a local issue for us in
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the uk, a regional issue in asia. it could have a long—term impact on south korea, japan and other countries in the region, and certainly trading, as far as the economy goes, because china is doing very strongly again. should there be a nuclear attack, it would be disastrous. it does seem that the trump administration is trying to push china to get more involved?m is difficult to know at the moment what the relationship is between china and the us. we had the recent meeting in florida, but it is unclear how far donald trump and the chinese leadership are getting on at this stage. i think there is a lot of talking behind the scenes, and i think we will probably see some talks taking place before it gets to war. talking about european politics, the first election which
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will narrow down to two candidates, who will go head—to—head in may. focusing on marine le pen, many of the papers. focusing on her view on immigration? she is certainly a strong character. it doesn't mean how policies are acceptable, however. i think the french have got a very tough choice, it could boil down to extreme right or extreme left. there is mind the quality of the other candidates. i think at the end of the day she talks a good game, but she is not going to get in. you don't think. i can't believe the french are going to vote in such an extreme way. i think they will wa nt to an extreme way. i think they will want to see a strong economic candidate, emmanuel macron clearly feels that role. i don't believe they will go down the route of anti—immigration, effectively anti—eu, because that is what it boils down to. it goes against the
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eu policies elsewhere. i don't think thatis eu policies elsewhere. i don't think that is going to happen in france. we still have a third of the french electorate who have not decided. apparently. how many people do you know who won't tell you how they are going to vote? opinion polls are not necessarily clear. i think the french, at the end of the day, will be very sane about this vote. i think they will be calm and they will go for something new. think they will be calm and they will go for something newlj think they will be calm and they will go for something new. i am keen to hear your opinion on this story, easyj et to hear your opinion on this story, easyjet forcibly removed a passenger from one of their planes? it has gone viral and now other people have got in on it? they have said that their staff are not properly trained, that is unsurprising. i am not surprised because something like 10-12% of not surprised because something like io— 12% of all flights are overbooked. a lot of airlines do
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this. in this particular case, easyj et ha d this. in this particular case, easyjet had clearly not trained their staff in what to do. yet, so many of their flights are overbooked. what do you do? by law, you have to offer a compensation sum of £400 and you have to offer to get them to their destination. you can't just leave them and say, you have to wait for days for the next flight. you have to put them on the next available flight to that destination, with another carrier if necessary. that is what easyjet have admitted they did wrong, they did not do that? they did not. the problem is that the airline industry is raising a clutch of stories about the passenger experience. a lot of airlines are behaving badly. united airlines did not apologise quickly enough, easyjet did apologise quickly, and they have admitted that they have to put in place more staff training. a lot of passengers are
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not aware of their rights. airlines have a duty to make it even clearer what your rights are. there is a lot of back and forth in that industry. a wing of back and forth in that industry. awing and of back and forth in that industry. a wing and a prayer. talking about dealing with apologies in dealing with disaster, that might be too strong of a word, but facebook has a bit ofan strong of a word, but facebook has a bit of an issue on their hands, live footage of terrible stuff. this is about fake news headlines, advertisements... it is never ending for facebook. the challenging factor is that sites like this have grown so fast and have so many pages that it is difficult to keep up. they won't say that publicly, but behind the scenes, the moderators not moderating. they have had to say that to parliamentary select committees in the uk. youtube said that they have thousands of new videos posted by the minute, they
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can't patrol them. the moderators are in place to police it, so you have to ask yourself what they are doing? in this case, not theirjob. they have said that the in this case, advertisers have deliberately circumnavigated their review process. so you must question how strenuous that process is? yes, somebody is putting them live in the first place to get them onto the site. facebook need to review how their moderators are moderating and which pages they are looking at.|j think all of us are in the wrong pa rt think all of us are in the wrong part of the sandwich generation according to the times. a new survey which is saying that a lot of wealth is going to leapfrog the generation between 40 and 60. that clears me, thankfully. essentially it will go to children instead, generation rents will benefit from up to
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£400,000 worth of property. should i benefit in any way, i was saying to my mother, it would be wonderful, but it is unlikely —— rent. there is a generational view that they should hand it over due to the uncertainty overjobs. it really sad. hand it over due to the uncertainty overjobs. it really sadlj hand it over due to the uncertainty overjobs. it really sad. i don't think they were included in the survey! thank you very much, it has been great to get your opinion on some of those main stories in the news today. thank you for your company, have a great day whatever you are too. we will see scene, goodbye. —— you're up to. hello there. the weather may provide something of a shock to the system early this tuesday morning because temperatures have been dropping away.
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a cold and frosty start to the day, but after that chilly start, there are plenty of sunny spells on the way. high pressure firmly in charge of our weather at the moment, giving us largely dry conditions, and behind this weather front, the cloud has been clearing. and underneath those clear skies, temperatures have been dropping. many areas, particularly out in the countryside, starting the day below freezing. but, as i mentioned, after that chilly start, we will see plenty of spells of sunshine. a little bit breezy down towards the south—east, so that will make it feel particularly chilly, and as we go on through the day, cloud will gradually increase from the west, so the sunshine will turn increasingly hazy. in fact, by the end of the afternoon, i think the skies will be largely grey across northern ireland and the western side of scotland, maybe even the odd splash of rain into the western isles. but for shetland, for orkney, for eastern and southern scotland, we should hold onto some hazy sunshine, just seven degrees in aberdeen, eight or nine in edinburgh and glasgow.
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and with some high cloud spreading across northern england down into wales, again the sunshine here will turn a little bit hazy through the afternoon. 11 degrees there in aberystwyth. fairly light winds across wales. light winds too across the south—west. maybe 13 with a bit of shelter there in plymouth. some patchy cloud across the midlands. east anglia and the south—east should keep plenty of sunshine but pretty cool, particularly around the coast of east anglia. now, as we go on through the night into wednesday morning, england and wales where we keep clear skies will turn very cold again, a widespread frost. not as cold for northern ireland and scotland because here we'll have more cloud and some outbreaks of patchy rain courtesy of this very weak weather front just sinking its way into the picture. but behind that front we start to bring in more of a westerly wind, so won't be as chilly across scotland and northern ireland on wednesday. some extra cloud also sinking into northern england, but through the midlands, south wales, down into southern england, here the best of the sunshine, 14 degrees the top temperature there in london.
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temperatures in the south particularly could rise further on thursday and friday. there'll be some further spells of sunshine. generally a fair amount of cloud around by this stage. so, to sum up this week, we'll see very little rain, it will be mostly dry. the days will be turning warmer, although some of the nights will continue to be frosty. but then by the end of the week and into the weekend, well, it looks like cold air will return from the north, so those temperatures will drop. quite a chilly feel, i suspect, by the coming weekend. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. north korea warns of all—out war if the united states takes military action. after days of increasing tension, the us vice president mike pence tells north korea not to test america's resolve. good morning, it's tuesday the 18th of april.
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also this morning: a report claims nearly half of the planet's natural world heritage sites are being threatened by the illegal trade in wildlife. how a growing number of nhs mental health trusts across the uk are turning to private hospitals for help. we have a special report.
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