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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 21, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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and try and discern election news and try and discern what the parties are planning for their campaigns... less than 2a hours after last night's attack at the champs elysees, french voters get ready to cast their ballots — we're live in paris. and we'll find out what's on the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers with henry mance, political correspondent and we'll find out what's on the front pages of tomorrow's newspapers with torcuil crichton, political editor of the daily record, and the barrister and broadcaster sophia cannon. now, it's time for sportsday. hello, i'm olly foster, here's what's coming up on sportsday tonight... double dreamers...the league leaders chelsea face tottenham at wembley in the fa cup semifinal. it's a derby at hampden too...celtic and rangers go head to head this weekend in the scottish cup semi—finals. ...and also on sunday it's the london marathon — and one man is finishing his marathon behind the mike... the olympic city of london has once
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again opened its heart to the london marathon. we'll hearfrom brendan foster ahead of his final commentary on the race. also coming up in the programme — football is stunned by the sudden death of ugo ehiogu after a cardiac arrest. the former villa and england defender was 1m. and the tears of a champion, ellie downie is on top in romania, the first british gymnast to win the european all—around title. good evening. over the next half an hour we will bring you all today's news and also look ahead to the weekend, it's going to be a busy one. there are cup semi—finals in england and scotland, some big derby matches to look forward to. let's start with the first of them. chelsea and tottenham are going toe to toe for the premier league title, tomorrow they face each other
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at wembley in the fa cup. for the winners, a place in the final and dreams of the double. chris slegg reports. willian, n'golo kante. .. willian, n'golo kante... chelsea's whenever manchester united in the fa cup quarterfinal last month as part ofa 23 cup quarterfinal last month as part of a 23 game run where they only lost once but the air of invincibility was shattered by sunday's premier league defeat to the once admired jose mourinho‘s manchester united. antonio conte tried to rally his tea m antonio conte tried to rally his team as tottenham beat them in two competitions. could the outcome of this game psychologically impact the title run—in? if tottenham win this weekend would that give them a huge boost? i don't know, they are two different competitions. the fa cup, a great competition with great tradition, i do not think of one team wins or loses, that it could
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affect the others. the other competitions. rival fans claim that chelsea do not have history but they have been associated with the chelsea pensioners since 1908, and now they take more than 30 retired british soldiers to wembley on a special bus. tottenham are looking good, are you worried? yes, very worried! we are looking over our shoulder, they are scoring and we are not! confident that you will come out on top? they will raise to the occasion tomorrow. supporters of chelsea's opponents tottenham need to be close to pensioners aged to remember the last time their team was winning on such a consistent basis. they've been breaking club record since the 1960s but can they turn that form into it ready? the goals of harry kane and the youthful dynamism of dele alli makes richard pochettino's team the standout side in the country —— morrissey pochettino. we are at a good mental level today.
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we have faith, and belief. it's an important goal. but most importantly, we had to fill that faith and belief and when you feel it in your body, in your blood, that's the most important thing. spurs were once accused of parking the bus against chelsea, that is unlikely to be the case tomorrow but he will be making that trip back to wembley for the final? let's get more on the cup semi—finals with the former manchester united assistant rene meulensteen... welcome. we have two teams going toe to toe for the title, that should be a great occasion or will that cancel each other out? i think it is going to bea each other out? i think it is going to be a great game, but as you say, the game is going to be much more than just the game is going to be much more thanjust a the game is going to be much more than just a place the game is going to be much more thanjust a place in the game is going to be much more than just a place in the final. that's what the game is about. for both teams is the opportunity to make a big statement. there will be
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a psychological advantage? that title run—in? a psychological advantage? that title run-in? absolutely, the chelsea result at old trafford, they had one week to lick their wounds and come back to prepare for this game. they wanted to come back on top. gary cahill has been in hospital this week with gastroenteritis, a big doubt and could havejohn terry plane. spurs at full strength. antonio conte has had a go at pochettino, saying don't play this undercard trick with us 110w. play this undercard trick with us now. that is what pochettino has said. you are a powerful team now. how do you think that balance of power is between those two?|j how do you think that balance of power is between those two? i think what has been good for the league is that tottenham in the last week have gained momentum. like i said, that result of chelsea last week, will it continue, how will it go? with pochettino, it is fair to say he wa nts to pochettino, it is fair to say he wants to keep that focus with players and keep them relaxed at the
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same time. and take every game in his stride. stay with us, rene, we look forward to that second fa cup tie on sunday. coverage across the bbc this week, bbc one, that match at ten to five tomorrow afternoon. let's look ahead to sunday's tie between arsenal and manchester city — here are the managers. my my players don't know how good they are. we've said many times how good they are. we have two win more, because you realise you've lived that experience. you win a title, a final, it is a lot of stress and a lot of pressure. and you handle it, next time will be a little easier. what i expect when you go into the semifinals is to go to the finals. i think somebody told me that i played 11 semifinals in the fa cup. it's a special experience and a good
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opportunity to show how we are ready for a fight and want to go to the finals, it is our baby, an all—new opportunity to get a trophy this season. it's different with the opportunities, the trouble is that arsenal are in colour you do not think it is an opportunity be had to give it a go this close to wembley? they will be pleased, they can take away some focus, off the league, if they get a positive result, then the rumours die down. if they don't, the pressure will increase. they have a fewer injury worries that are stacking up for arsenal, have three at the back. manchester city could have gabrieljesus at the back. manchester city could have gabriel jesus back, at the back. manchester city could have gabrieljesus back, after he broke his foot a month or so ago? obviously he made an instant impact when he came, obviously. it will be an interesting encounter as you have two managers and two teams who play
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opened and —— open and attacking football. it's the team who makes the least mistakes in this case he will go into the final. who are going to be your finalists?” will go into the final. who are going to be your finalists? i still think manchester city will edge it, andi think manchester city will edge it, and i think that chelsea will come on very strong tomorrow. i think chelsea. i hope not! we will hold you to that. it's a reduced prmier league programme because of the cup...let‘s have a quick look at the fixtures... it's all about the relegation scrap tomorrow. a win for bournemouth will probably mean that they are safe and leave 19th placed middlebrough in even more trouble. hull will drop into the bottom three if they drop points against watford and swansea beat stoke. the swans would jump above them. everton will move up to fifth above manchester united if they can beat west ham. manchester united's match at burnley is one of two on sunday and liverpool could close the gap on second placed spurs at home to crystal palace —
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but palace are going to have a real say in the title race, they've beaten chelsea and arsenal in recent weeks, they also host spurs in midweek. united have got a couple of games in hand...what‘s more realistic a top—four finish or winning the europa league. they would love to finish in the top four, but we saw last night, they got to the semifinals of the europa league after beating anderlecht in extra time over the road at old trafford, is that their most realistic chance in the champions league now? i think so, but they need to keep pushing on both fronts. they can't say and let one slip, again, they are going to have very strong games against celta vigo, it would be a walk in the park. and against burnley on sunday, burnley are ina against burnley on sunday, burnley are in a position where they are because of their home record which will not be easy. we all saw zlatan ibrahimovic‘s injury yesterday which doesn't help. you mentioned there
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draw. ajax will play lyon in the other. jose mourinho says they are in trouble with injuries. zlatan ibrahimovic and marcos rojo. they had a lot of injuries, especially in the back with marcos rojo, and jones. a lot of injuries, and now, with zlatan being injured, scoring so many goals for manchester united, the other players need to step up to the plate. they had a rocky couple of seasons after sir alex ferguson with david moyes, and louis van gaal, maybe a bit unlucky. whatjose mourinho louis van gaal, maybe a bit unlucky. what jose mourinho now louis van gaal, maybe a bit unlucky. whatjose mourinho now be the man to gel what is an astonishingly fantastic and enormous beast of a club, to get them back where they feel they belong? they cannot afford to be out of the champions league for a third season in a row?|j to be out of the champions league for a third season in a row? i club the size of united should always be in the champions league. what has happened in the last few years with sir alex ferguson departing, you saw
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the stability and continuity that was there for so many years. it has disappeared, so to speak. they need to work hard to get it back. that was one of jose to work hard to get it back. that was one ofjose mourinho's main tasks to get it back. but it will ta ke tasks to get it back. but it will take time. finally, the champions league draw was made today. no british involvement apart from gareth bale at real madrid. the semifinal draw is a repeat of last year ‘s final. monaco face barcelona's conquerorsjuventus. those european matches in the first couple of weeks of may. give me the finalist in cardiff and at the beginning ofjune? beginning of june ?|j beginning ofjune? i think it will beginning ofjune? i think it will be juventus, and beginning ofjune? i think it will bejuventus, and athletico. beginning ofjune? i think it will be juventus, and athletico. and upset! many thanks. you can hear more from rene on five live sport radio. it's semifinal weekend at hampden park in the scottish cup.
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tomorrow lunchtime hibernian face aberdeen and then on sunday the champions celtic look to take one step closer to the treble...but wouldn't rangers, with a new man in charge, just love to stop them. here's our scotland football reporter chris mclaughlin. he is the suave looking portuguese son of a bull—fighter. fiercely proud of his past, and by the looks of things bursting with passion for the present, and the future. for now, the plan is winning with rangers. just ask a man who was interviewed recently with the prospect ofjoining team caixinha. they are very passionate guys commit you can see that. that third goal at aberdeen he was on his knees. a very portuguese style, you saw it with jose years ago. all of those characteristics, it's keeping it in check as well. get that across to the players on the day. the intensity and atmosphere can be daunting. caixinha was in the stand
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the last time the sides met. clint hilland the last time the sides met. clint hill and rangers a 1—1 draw in the league last month. so, to the fans. what pressure on the new man on sunday? my view on new managers is give them time. he does not have to beat celtic in this game. he seems a brave kind of guy. i think he will hand it perfectly well. a draw would be good for me. at the celtic training base, you detect an air of quiet confidence. but on the subject of pedro caixinha, the rangers manager offered to show his celtic counterpart his team for sunday, if he would reciprocate... so? are you tempted? if that's how pedro does, fine. let's see if he is right. he has made a good start from good
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results, if they are more direct in their game, with how they have been playing, like i say, there is no right or wrong way. you set up your tea m right or wrong way. you set up your team to get a result. whoever gets that result on sunday will take not only the all—importa nt that result on sunday will take not only the all—important bragging rights, but, more importantly, a place in the scottish cup final. chris moore korhonen, bbc news, glasgow. the former aston villa, middlesbrough and england defender ugo ehiogu has died today at the age of 1m. he collapsed at tottenham's training ground yesterday after a cardiac arrest. he coached the club's under 23 side. ehiogu also played for leeds, sheffield united and rangers, where he scored in the old firm derby against celtic, i'm sure he will be remembered at hampden this weekend. his teamate at villa and boro gareth southgate, now england maanger of course, says he is stunned and has described ehiogu as ‘a gentle giant away from football, but ‘a colossus on the pitch.” here are some of the other
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tributes paid today. ugo had the determination to stop you scoring in training every day. he never wanted anyone to get the better of him. pride in his performance, he was dedicated. i will remember him as just getting the best out of himself. all of the foot ball world the best out of himself. all of the football world would be shocked and saddened, we've just had a couple there who were devastated to hear there who were devastated to hear the news. all of us saw and watched him for many years, playing nearly ten years here. before he went on to have a great career at middlesbrough. being a fellow centre half, he was uncompromising, quick, and when you consider he was bought for something like £40,000, what a bargain that is in terms of being a footballer. forwards wouldn't have liked playing against him, i don't
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know whether it is a phrase you should use, he was an old—fashioned centre half. ugo ehiogu... his job was to head it, kick it, block shots, and tackle. leicester city w011 shots, and tackle. leicester city won the league with two people doing the samejob won the league with two people doing the same job last year, old—fashioned, if you like, when you have got it give it to the big players. big, strong, aggressive... talented. dedicated. an elegant man. ugo ehiogu, the former villa, boro and england defender who has died at the age of 44. notts county ladies football club has gone into liquidation notts county ladies football club has gone into liquidation and withdrawn from the women's super league...let‘s get some more details on this from our our women's football reporterjo currie. the owner and chairman says he did his best but the numbers don't stack up his best but the numbers don't stack up and he cannot go one. yes, today
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he released a statement saying he faced a bill of almost £1 million to keep the team going. he inherited this mess when he bought the club from the previous owner but there is some angerfrom from the previous owner but there is some anger from the players today, saying that they should have been told sooner. they only found out this morning at 11am that they had to find newjobs, new clubs, they we re to find newjobs, new clubs, they were due to kick off the new season on sunday so they have no times to be sorted and find new clubs. they we re be sorted and find new clubs. they were finalists a couple of years ago. from the outside, you are on the inside of women's football, it is very rosy and going strength to strength, this is very sobering. this news for other clubs as well, perhaps? there are due to be ten clu bs perhaps? there are due to be ten clubs in the top division but now they are down to nine, not long ago sunderland said they would reduce their playing budget. they would have to go part—time as well. a lot of good news in women's football recently, the lionesses did well in the world cup a couple of years ago but this is a massive blow for the
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league, club and women's football in general in this country. thank you. it's the london marathon on sunday, for the bbc‘s brendan foster it will be his last stint behind the microphone. he has commentated on every race since the first one back in 1981. he is going to receive a lifetime achievement award from the marathon organisers presented by prince harry. i spoke to him earlier today here at the bbc sport centre. even though i have never run in one, i commentated them all! i remember sitting in 1981 with the first one happening, we did not know what would happen. 6000 people turned up, we had never seen that many in a running race before. it was a spectacle that unfolded in the streets of london. it was wonderful and has grown to be the best marathon in the world. it has been a privilege for me to be part of it from the start. it has been amazing, the development of the london marathon and what it has become?m has, from 6000 to 40 odd thousand. interestingly, the running times,
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people did not know anything about marathon running. nowadays, more than1 million marathon running. nowadays, more than 1 million people marathon running. nowadays, more than1 million people have run it now. it is a huge fundraising event. it isa now. it is a huge fundraising event. it is a huge event with passion and emotion. it is a huge event in terms of peoples commitment. people spend at least one year preparing for it, getting ready for it. with so much money at stake for the elite runners, organisers have to be so mindful about cheats and you must be saddened by the fact that over the yea rs, saddened by the fact that over the years, only last year, the women's winner has been banned? you don't feel good, that you've wasted your time and energy, and thoughtfulness, on describing somebody which looked good, but was a fraud. that's not great, it doesn't make you feel good. now, the olympic games, the champions from last year, we had another cheat. and it hurts to say that. it's one of the most rigorous
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sports of all in terms of being clea n sports of all in terms of being clean but when i was competing, i was robbed of medals by cheats. said coe was. —— sebastian coe was. but thenit coe was. —— sebastian coe was. but then it was swept under the carpet. now he is trying to open it up and clea n now he is trying to open it up and clean it, he has been more rigorous than any other sport. the sport is trying to clean up its act, but others aren't even trying. other sports are worse. how have you maintained during users for the sport despite the doping appearing to get worse, or the fact that there is so much more, many more resources , is so much more, many more resources, to try and catch these cheats, they seem to expose more cases of cheating? i know some of the athletes. i have seen great performances, but i know are 100% accurate, and 100% right. british athletes are hugely part of that thing, where you know they are doing their best. mo farah is doing his best, you know that he has done
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nothing wrong. he has had to fight for his reputation? of course, because he is the best. he has never knowingly done anything wrong at all. it is a wonderful year for you to be bowing out of commentary duties, when you think of the london marathon and a few months later, the london world championships back at that marvellous stadium we saw simmering it great things in in 2012? that is why i decided to go this year. i want to be commentating on mo farah hopefully winning another gold medal in 2017. and when he goes, although. brendan foster there speaking to me earlier. a big appointment has been made at uk sport, the former olympic rowing champion dame katherine grainger is the new chair at the organisation. they are the body that distributes lottery funding amongst other things but there is plenty more on the agenda at the moment... dame katherine will be taking a close look at this... baroness tanni—grey thompson's reccomendations for athlete welfare across all sports have been published. the year long ‘duty of care review‘
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has made several proposals including the creation of a sports ombudsman role with the power to hold national governing bodies to account. winning medals is something that i think everyone in the uk would support. we feel better as a nation when we went olympics, paralympics, football, you name it is a moment to celebrate but duty of care has slipped away. i don't think it is intentional or malicious, there are ha rd targets intentional or malicious, there are hard targets out there and we want to see british athletes doing well. if we get duty of care right we can do as well, if not better. british cycling has already been the subject of an independent investigation into a culture of bullying and discrimination and they are implementing their own code of conduct. the track team has just returned from the world championships in hong kong, elinor barker won a gold and two silvers. speaking to our sports editor dan roan before baroness grey—thompsons
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recommendations were published she says that athlete welfare is key. it's hard to be a successful cyclist if you are not happy in your programme and racing. and everything that goes with it. mental health, and how you feel and being supported, that is so important. i have always felt well supported. it's nice they are looking into the different ways of supporting athletes, putting them first. but ultimately it is all about training and racing, and succeeding. there is and racing, and succeeding. there is a school of thought that says if you have concentrated a bit too much on welfare and looking after people, you may not be so successful. it is that ruthlessness and drive on performance that has got team gb as high as they have. is it possible to have both? identikit is a conversation you're you can have a buddy team is broadly. —— i do not think it is a conversation you can have so broadly. every team has a
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different approach. you need someone supporting and on your side. and you need discussions and conversations, rather than being told that is what you are doing. a lot of riders need a bit ofa you are doing. a lot of riders need a bit of a kick, and you are doing. a lot of riders need a bit ofa kick, and i you are doing. a lot of riders need a bit of a kick, and i think it is a different way of motivating people and getting the best out of them. ellie downie has become the first british woman to win all—around gold at the european gymnastics championships. she was leading qualifier for this afternoon's final in romania... and was in second place going into herfloor routine... her final discipline of four. she beat hungary's sofia kovacs into second place. it's also the 17 year old's first title representing great britain... she'll compete in all the individual finals over the weekend as well. more gold could be coming her way. great britain's james hall has won bronze in the mens all—around event. the 21—year—old finished behind gold medallist oleg verniaiev of ukraine, and russia's arthur dalaloyan.
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another briton, joe fraser, was fifth. day seven at the world snooker championship and the main attraction has been on the table this afternoon — the five—time champion ronnie o'sullivan, who was looking to extend his lead over the 2005 champion shaun murphy. they resumed this afternoon, o'sullivan with a four frame lead overnight and he has maintained that. ..murphy put together something of a comeback winning three frames in a row and was 9—6 down at one point... so the final frame of the session turned out to be vital for both players — mistakes from both men but eventually o'sullivan was able to take advantage when murphy missed a simple green. he's restored his fourframe lead — 10—6 the score. that match concludes tomorrow morning first to 13. heather watson will play the world number five simona halep in tomorrow's opening match of great britain's fed cup world group play—off in romania. the game is live on radio 5 live sports extra and on the bbc sport website. british number one johanna konta
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will then face irina—camelia begu in the second singles — it will be her first game of the year on her least favourite surface, clay. iam i am really looking forward to playing as many matches as i can on the surface. i think i've got a great challenge this weekend against players playing who i believe their favourite surface is probably claim. iam favourite surface is probably claim. i am looking forward to playing against them and the general situation we find ourselves in here —— their favourite surface is probably claim. i look forward to the challenge. special olympics gb's national summer games is being staged in sheffield and south yorkshire this summer. 2,600 athletes with learning disabilities take part in 20 events. entry is free to the public with the opening ceremony taking place at sheffield united's bramall lane on tuesday 8th august followed by four days of sport. it is the showpiece event every four years for the organisation and its athletes. 296 2% of the population have a learning disability, it is the world's
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largest disability. that's 1.5 largest disability. that's1.5 million people in this country alone. when you factor in family and friends, that population of people passionate and interested about learning disability is probably 10-15,000,000 learning disability is probably 10—15,000,000 people. they will all be watching sheffield this year and we hope to see that growth for the largest ever national games in special olympics history. those 2600 athletes with learning disabilities will not only be showing their peers and family and friends they're great abilities but also be a great inspiration to the whole of society about what can be achieved when you are about what can be achieved when you a re often about what can be achieved when you are often told you cannot do a great deal. this is a showpiece to people with learning disabilities what they can achieve. that's all from sportsday. however you are watching your sport, football, snooker, or the marathon or whatever takes your fancy, have a great weekend from all of us at the bbc sport centre, goodnight. here is helen with the weather... good evening. it will be a cold
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weekend with night—time ground frost but for most of us, it looks to be a fairly decent weekend. saudi skies at times, like we had in north wales today. through the weekend. you can see what it was like —— cloudy skies at times. here, chilly air establishes itself. behind it, it moves southwards overnight. not much rain, a lot of cloud. northwards, ground frost develops towards dawn. in the south, temperatures hold up better but we could see some mist and fog as we head toward saturday morning. bright, breezy and chilly to begin with in the north but sunshine gets to work quickly. north scotla nd sunshine gets to work quickly. north scotland sees a peppering of showers. still on the whole, quite a bit of club with sunshine and swear. light winds and sunshine means it will feel pleasant enough. it is largely dry for most of us again.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm. theresa may signals the conservatives might drop their commitment to the pensions triple lock but rules out cuts to the uk foreign aid budget. what we need to do, though, is look at how that money is spent and make sure that we are able to spend that money in the most effective way. paris prosecutor names the gunman who shot dead a policeman on the champs elysees as karim cheurfi, a convicted criminal. the nhs trust under investigation for the deaths of babies was told it needed to improve ten years ago. jeremy corbyn ally len mccluskey is re—elected as the leader of britain's biggest union, unite. and in the next hour, a warning teenagers are slipping into a life of cyber—crime.
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