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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 21, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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sense of security, we had bataclan, nice, normandy, and what happened yesterday. i think when you see them and you list them the pedestrian nature of them... the horror, i hope the terror is slipping away because it has now become so mundane that we arejust waiting. it has now become so mundane that we are just waiting. we have become immune to them. france is becoming fatigued. that may or may not play into the hands of any one candidate. we have to remember things like our owi'i we have to remember things like our own referendum in europe was overshadowed by that terror attack ofjo cox, which kind of soft the collective breath out of politics and the nation for some time. did it affect the results? it seems not. will this attack affect the result? the difference obviously with the people of france is they've had history. there have been occupied and have had this issue where they're very democratic foundations
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have been undermined by the forces and many people are undecided. i think it is 20%. but we can't say too much about that. we are expecting a high turnout and it is the first round run—off. we will be covering the results at 6:30pm on sunday here a bbc news. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week, and if you miss the programme any evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, torcuil and sophia. it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm hugh ferris. the headlines tonight: a colossus. england manager gareth southgate leads the tributes to his friend and former teammate ugo ehiogu, saying he's stunned and deeply saddened. ronnie o'sullivan is three frames
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away from a place in snooker‘s world championship quarter—finals. and ellie downie becomes a history maker at 17, she's the new european queen of gymnastics. hello again. england manager gareth southgate sez the death of his friend and former teammate ugo ehiogu is difficult to come to terms with. the two played together at both aston villa and middlesbrough, and paying tribute today southgate says he's stunned and deeply saddened at his passing. former wales international striker dean saunders spent three years alongside a young ugo ehiogu at villa. asa as a person he was like, you know,
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i've describe him as he could have been a doctor or policeman, he was one of them type characters who was methodical in everything he done, really dedicated. but on the training pitch hejust... you wanted him in yourteam, training pitch hejust... you wanted him in your team, you training pitch hejust... you wanted him in yourteam, you didn't want to play against him. a bit like playing against martin keown, quick, strong, aggressive, and he had the knack of hurting you in training every day. but he was a great character, i can't believe we're even talking like this! and there was a tribute to ugo ehiogu before the start of tonight's championship match between norwich and brighton at carrow road where players and fans joined in a minute's applause. similar tributes are planned at a number of grounds over the weekend. well, the match was brighton's first since sealing promotion to the premier league and it didn't go well. they lost 2—0 and in the most bizarre circumstances. two own goals from their goalkeeper david stockdale. the first hitting the bar and striking him on the back.
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the second, exactly the same, but off the post this time. brighton are still seven points clear of second placed newcastle, who now have a game in hand. manchester united will face the spanish side celta vigo in the semi—finals of the europa league. united, after coming through their quarter—final against anderlecht, will be away in the first leg on the fourth of may. in the other tie, ajax will play lyon. the women's super league side notts county ladies has gone into liquidation after new owner alan hardy was unable to clear their debts. this is the team leaving meadow lane after they were told they didn't have a job anymore. it's just two days until the team were due to start their season against arsenal but they've now withdrawn from the league. goalkeeper carly telford is one of four players in the squad selected to go to the european championships with england this summer. it doesn't seem real. like,
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yesterday your training, everyone is looking forward to playing arsenal on sunday and to then to be told the clu b on sunday and to then to be told the club doesn't exist any more. you're looking around the room and you see people are upset, people are crying and their livelihoods have been ruined, people are homeless, jobless. to leave it this late when the takeover was done a year ago to come to the conclusion two days before we kick off to hear he doesn't want to do it any more is pretty heartbreaking. let's round up some of the other action from the day's sport and 2015 world snooker champion stuart bingham has been knocked out of this year's tournament by kyran wilson. wilson had the upper hand for most of the match and led 12—9 when bingham made a hash of this attempt at a pot, allowing the man from kettering to clear up and complete a 13—10 win to become the first player into the quarter—finals. also this evening, ding junhui opened up a 9—7 lead over chinese compatriot liang wenbo. they'll play to a finish tomorrow, as will ronnie o'sullivan and shaun murphy, who won three frames in a row
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to reduce the five time champion's lead 9—6. the 16th and final frame of the session could prove vital. murphy missed a simple green and o'sullivan was able to take advantage. he's 10—6 ahead going into the final session. in super league, widnes have picked up their first home win of the season beating st helens 16—14 thanks to a dramatic late try. mark percival‘s penalty pulled st helens level just before the break, ensuring the two teams went into half time 12—12. another penalty gave saints a 14—12 lead but patrick ah van crossed over for the second time in the match to score the winning try ten minutes from time. meanwhile, leeds rhinos cruised into the last 16 of the challenge cup with a 6a—28 win over doncaster. 17—year—old jack walker scored a hat—trick of tries in the first half. after andy murray lost yesterday there's been another shock at the monte carlo masters tennis with world number two novak djokovic
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beaten in three sets by david goffin. the belgian raced through the first set to take it 6—2 against the number two seed. early in the second djokovic lost his balance and stumbled over, but he did recover well to take it 6—3. but it was the number ten seed who progressed despite the serb saving four match points as goffin set up a last—four meeting with nine—time champion rafa nadal. ellie downie has become the first british woman to win all—around gold at the european gymnastics championships. david mcdaid reports on what proved to be a thrilling final in romania. we knew ellie downie had it in her to win this gold after she topped qualifying but it's another thing to have the consistency to do all that two days in a row but that's exactly what the 17—year—old has done here and she's made british gymnastics
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history in the process in ellie downie. it was a good start through volt and bars, both those scores higher than qualifying, but in the second half there were wobbles on the beam that met her second going into the last apparatus on the floor. that's one of her best pieces, though, and despite not being up to her usual high standards, after a tense wait it was enough to take the gold and it's fairto enough to take the gold and it's fair to say the scenes that followed we re fair to say the scenes that followed were emotional. that was probably one of the hardest competitions i've done, i was quite tired from yesterday so to come back out and do my routines and started the volt a bit different this time, that went well and the bars went well, the beam was shaky, i tried not to watch anyone's floor routines and focus on what i was doing, after my second tumble pass i wasn't sure if i was enough but i would have still been happy with second and went the score came through i was speechless, i don't have words. a great day for ellie downie and a good day for
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james hall, at 21 in his first senior international competition, a bronze medalfor him as senior international competition, a bronze medal for him as well. both james hall and ellie downie have chances to win medals this weekend in romanian in individual apparatus finals and you can find out how they and all britain's finalists get on across the bbc. team sky rider geraint thomas has become the first british rider to win the tour of the alps event. the welshman won onlyjust by a mere seven seconds after today's fifth and final stage in trento, northern italy. thomas, the overnight leader, held on to finish third on the stage. his victory is a major boost for thomas's chances at the forthcoming giro d'italia. recommendations aimed at improving athletes' welfare have been published as part of a major report into british sport. the duty of care review was commissioned by the government and led by 11—time pa ralympic gold—medallist baroness tanni grey—thompson. the publication comes amid bullying allegations against coaches, mounting concern over the use of medication and the child sex abuse scandal in football.
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actually it's about winning medals, that's something that i think eve ryo ne that's something that i think everyone in the uk would support, we feel better as a nation when we're winning football, paralympics, olympics, you name it, it's a moment to celebrate. but over the last few yea rs to celebrate. but over the last few years duty of care is something that has been slipping away, it's not intentional or malicious, but there's hard targets out there and we wa nt there's hard targets out there and we want to see british athletes doing well. if we get duty of care right we can do well if not better. meanwhile olympic rowing champion dame katharine grainger, here on the right, has been appointed the new chair of uk sport. dame katherine is britain's most successful female olympian, winning gold in 2012 and four silver medals. she'll begin work at the organisation onjuly the 1st this weekend's london marathon marks the end of a broadcasting era as bbc commentator brendan foster will call the race for the last time. the former olympic medallist has been a regular fixture in the commentary box for the last four decades, but has announced this
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year will be his last. even though i've never run one, i've commentated on them all. i remember sitting there in 1981 with the first london marathon happening, we didn't know what was going to happen, 6000 people turned up and we'd never seen 6000 people in a running race before and it was a spectacle that unfolded on the streets of london. it was wonderful and it's grown into the best marathon in the world and it's been a privilege for me to be part of it right from the beginning. you canjoin brendan and the team from 9am on sunday morning on bbc one. that's all from us sportsday. —— from sportsday. good evening. it has been another largely dry week four many of us. the dry theme continuing through until the end of april. this was the scene taken on friday in south yorkshire by one of our weather
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watchers, we'll see similar scenes through the course of the weekend. a bit of sunshine here and there and things remaining mostly dry but still chilly for the time of year, a cold front slowly slipping south on saturday bringing a bit of cloud in parts of england and wales and introducing this cold northerly airflow, particularly for parts of north—east scotland and north—east england. this is the rest of tonight, most places fairly cloudy so on tonight, most places fairly cloudy so on the whole not as cold as during recent nights. but we could still get a touch of frost in places, particularly in parts of scotland, chilly here first thing saturday, and to the south—west it could be quite a nippy start. through saturday we've got that bulk of cloud in england and wales bringing with it perhaps one or two spots of drizzle, more in the way of sunshine breaking through in the afternoon. this is for p.m., quite cloudy for the likes of south wales to the south—east of england. to the north of london, a bit more in the way of sunshine, parts of northern england and southern scotland,
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generally dry and brighter. slightly cloudier in northern ireland and for northern scotland, we'll continue to see some showers, a northern scotland, we'll continue to see some showers, a wintry flavour to those showers in the mountains of scotla nd to those showers in the mountains of scotland and also quite windy in the far north—east. through the course of saturday night and overnight into sunday, clear skies and temperatures falling down, four orfive in the towns and cities, but colder in the countryside. for the start of the london marathon on sunday it will be quite a fresh feel, quite chilly first thing. but into the afternoon it will warm up to around 13 or 1a, s0 it will warm up to around 13 or 1a, so not bad conditions for running on sunday. and much of the uk having another generally dry and brighter day with those temperatures somewhere in the region of 11 hide and 16. high pressure not far away as we look through sunday into the new working week and then we are going to see low pressure and a weather front in the north reading its way south across the uk, introducing a cold airflow, the blue colour is returning to the mat so it's going to get quite cold and
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potentially a bit wintry as we head through to the new working week. someone to re— showers almost towards the south. by bye for now. —— some wintry showers. welcome to bbc news. i'm ben bland. the man who shot dead a policeman in paris on thursday is said to have four previous convictions. officials have given details of his time in prison. translation: during his imprisonment of a0 years he didn't show any signs of radicalisation. —— 14 show any signs of radicalisation. —— 1a years. security forces mobilise ahead of the french elections. the pm says everything will do to make sure the elections go smoothly. us troops target and kill leading member of the so—called islamic state group in syria. as theresa may campaigns for the upcoming election in the uk, there are suggestions of a possible softening of the government's thomas not to raise taxes. last week harry styles went to number one with this
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