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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  April 26, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. the entire us senate is at the white house for a briefing on north korea. there's been a show of force today from both sides of the korean peninsula. and the us insists the threat is real. with every test, kimjong un moves closer to his stated goal of a pre—emptive nuclear strike capability against american cities. president trump's tax reform plan has been unveiled by his treasury secretary. his is going to be the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country. on the french election campaign trail, emmanuel macron got a less than warm welcome in his hometown — where his rival marine le pen also made a surprise appearance. she got a much warmer welcome and some people it got too much ball and the wet tears. more than a 1000 people have been detained by turkish police.
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they're suspected of having links with the islamist if you have questioned you can e—mail us and go on social media. we told you this would happen donald trump has called all members of the senate for a briefing. he was communicating to all of us that america is taking this matter seriously. also, we have had from the head of the us pacific command, i want the head of the us pacific command, iwanta the head of the us pacific command, i want a play some clips, this is the best one. as president trump and matters has made clear, all options are on the table, we want to bring kim jong—un to his senses and not to
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his needs. we are challenging and aggressive china and russia, neither of you who seem to respect the international agreements they have signed onto. and this is admiral harris on why north korea is a real threat. with every test kim jong—un moves closer to his stated goal... he is not afraid to fail in public. depending our homeland is our top priority, so ijust assuming that his nuclear claims are true, i know his nuclear claims are true, i know his certainly are. in washington — here's barbara plett usher on how i thought she would be led back ci will play you something she told me a leer. i think his rhetoric is tough that he has deployed a number of military... —— something she told me earlier. she is time to convince the north koreans and the chinese,
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the north koreans and the chinese, the main ally that the white house is serious it will not be messed around with. the question you have asked about what is different, what different policy is there, that is the bit that the senators are also asking. they see this posturing and they ask what it means, what is the plan? is obviously a pre—emptive military strike can be the plan, that has to be the last option. how is mrtrump planning that has to be the last option. how is mr trump planning to solve this question of the north koreans having nuclear weapons. that is what they wa nt nuclear weapons. that is what they want ask senior officials about in this briefing at the white house. it is something that the majority leader in the senate asbo, an update. mr trump said why do we not come to the white house and we do it here. political theatre, yes but they have serious question to ask. if the political theatre connected that the fact that trump struggled the consensus in previous issues and he needs on this issue.|j the consensus in previous issues and he needs on this issue. i think it is his style, that may be the case
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it is the lead up to the first hundred days in office at the weekend, as you know that deadline, there is pressure to say he has achieved this, this, and this and he has not cheesed anything legislatively. if he wanders into the briefing, if he brings a camera along that will be a him to look like he is standing tough on a national security issue, but the wider issue is very much appreciated by the senators and by the admiral who you are listening to them, the americans are worried that the north koreans have improved their weapons capability to the extent that they might be able to hit the pacific coast with a nuclear weapons by a long range missile in a couple of yea rs long range missile in a couple of years and so they are serious about saying to the north koreans, we will not let this happen and in the meantime what we've seen from the state m e nts meantime what we've seen from the statements from mr trump is that they want to squeeze north korea economically in diplomatically and they want china to do that. i guess
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they want china to do that. i guess they will elaborate on that in the briefing to the senators, as well as give them more information about the intelligent assessment above where north korea standing at the moment. also how they would be active north korea to top that another nuclear test. —— how they would react if not career did another nuclear test. meanwhile the north koreans have been carrying out more military drills on the korean peninsula and south korea and the us have been conducting their own military exercises just south of the border which divides the north and the south. the bbc's steve evans was the witness those. 2000 american and south korean troops practised with real ammunition, a trousseau of force. and a show of unity between the
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military of the two nations. —— and the show. all watch from the grandstand by south korean spectators, unfazed by the current war of words between washington and north korea. translation: bailly she says, are he will know how strong the south korean military is and i do not think you will ever dare to attackers. he says, "i'm certainly more worried than before because of trump's ha rdline, more worried than before because of trump's hardline, kim jong—un more worried than before because of trump's hardline, kimjong—un is not the pet person to be pushed around." this is a rehearsalfor an occasion, china does not like them, either, and what the exercises stopped and the north korea to stop testing missiles and nuclear devices. it thinks that kind of app it probe quote could be the basis for a deal.
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not likely to happen. right in the south of the peninsula under cover of darkness the us the ploy and anti—missile system designed to shoot down north korean attacks. there were protests, local people fear the system will be targeted. in north korea there were also wore exercises, north korea has thousands of big artillery guns, capable of hitting the south korean capital score and 25 million people who live there. we began outside source in south korea and washington, let's talk about brexit and the uk election, because this evening theresa may has met the president of the european commission and the eu's chief negotiator the brexit my shell
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barnier, they have all been at downing street and this is the first face to face meetings in the uk formally began the brexit process. the meeting in downing street, what where the expectations of what might come out this conversation? guarded, minimal free come out this conversation? guarded, minimalfree briefing come out this conversation? guarded, minimal free briefing from come out this conversation? guarded, minimalfree briefing from number ten and the eu, not surprisingly considered how sensitive these elliott discussions will be. but it is clearly an important meeting, the first time they have met since article 50 was triggered in that to you deadline started to take. the first time that theresa may has met michel barnier, the eu's chief negotiator who will do the day—to—day negotiations with the eu. there is so much for them to talk about, not least the basic choreography of the next few months. we know that the uk was to crack,
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talks about the future relationship between britain and side of the european union and the eu, to do about trade and all the rest of it but the eu are adamant that they wa nt but the eu are adamant that they want the terms of the divorce settled first. there is very good progress made on the pounds of the divorce, the status of the eu citizens, before there can be meaningful decisions about that future relationship. the eu is actually going to try end the general election. i'm sure this evening's meeting between theresa may and the team will be very important. wire i spotted this from our colleague on the weight... end, it is fair to say they have worked out the phrases on this
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campaign. are not sick of those if voters are not sick of those phrases already they will be an junior eight. they say round here that what the politician is sick of saying it, the staff a boa rd politician is sick of saying it, the staff aboard of saying it, it is only at that point that voters pay attention to these sorts of slogans. we'll hear that phrase about stronger, stable leadership from now until polling day because that is the crux of heavy election campaign. on the other side, labour, jeremy corbyn is talking about being the party that stands up for the many and not the pew, the strong against the week. at prime minister's question time today they slugged away trading these slogans, really i think we will not get the nitty—gritty of the
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policy offerings, if there will be any, intel the actual manifestos are published and that is still a fortnight away, in the meantime we're fortnight away, in the meantime we' re left fortnight away, in the meantime we're left with slogans. the tories will make this all about brexit. that is what they want this election to be about. they want to ask voters who they trust to see britain through the brexit negotiations. i think all the party's challenges is to broaden out the debate be on the brexit question. very useful and to you. that is ben at westminster. let's turn to the french presidential election, we are just over a week away from the second round. today's campaigning could have gone better for emmanuel macron. he and marine le pen turned up at the same place — mr macron‘s hometown of amiens. the venue was a whirlpool factory. it's threatened with closure. its production may shift to poland. and its workers are on strike. its situation plays into a number of big themes in this french election. and this is what happened. while emmanuel macron was meeting union leaders a few kilometres away, marine le pen arrived unannounced at picket line. she got a good reception.
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one woman burst into tears. less so mr macron. he was heckled and booed striking workers. —— he was heckled and booed by the striking workers while he tried to address them. a neat publicity coup by le pen but she'll need more than that to be president. all the opinion polls predict a heavy defeat. that doesn't mean they're right, mind you. but they were in the first round. that is also worthy of note. the bbc news website is based in our newsroom in london, and here is marine le pen's efforts to shift public to see her. joining the
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election the years it has been described as a fascist party, a racist party and that is part of the dna of it, certainly fascism. but in the recent years it has become the main anti—capitalist party, she harps on about globalisation and the elites running the world is about the banks, about the oligarchy, how language is that of hugo chavez in venezuela. whenever there is a factory closures she goes there, she stands for the ordinary worker, ground down by global capitalism. interested that you mention hugo chavez, a famous left—wing leader in his time, because many on the far left now have to choose what to do, can she seduced them? that is exactly what it is all about, what you have is france, do not forget
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that the score and his approval rating, 61%, people say france has been converted to europe and liberalism and open borders and open markets, no, they have not, what happened is the anti—capitalist boat has been split. she is the main player, she wants to have this take over on the left. i have here a document, how main message is, you document, how main message is, you do not like the euro, but people on the far left that they could either so come and joiners, you want out of nato, come and join us, you want social policies, pensions and so much, and joiners. weight the obstacle much, and joiners. weight the o bsta cle is much, and joiners. weight the obstacle is what is a french tradition when the national front gets through the second round the entire main dream coalesces around the other candidate and says, no
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thank you. can she break that? don't forget that the mainstream right in the mainstream left is 25%, not quite enough to make it. the mainstream will indeed join macron, what she needs is a sizeable portion of the hard left which is to switch. that might be a tall order because despite the common ground on the economy there will be many on the left who will remember, what the national front stands for politically, hostility to foreigners and that will not appeal to many people on the left. but, she is going to try and have enough on board, it sounds like a tall order, but that is her only hope. and he is now down here in the bbc newsroom helping others cover the fred election and you get his and others' analysis of what is happening by the
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website and the app. not this sunday but the sunday after its run voting will take place and we will see whether macron or marine le pen is elected as president. will be live in new york in a few minutes to talk about new tax plans announced by the president which are ambitious. at the heart of it is a shift in corporate tax from 35% to 15%. surrey police have been strongly criticised for returning a collection of shotguns to a man he went on to kill his palm and his daughter. they were shocked by 80 to you old... the deputy chief co nsta ble you old... the deputy chief constable is from surrey police. in policing we come to protect the vulnerable and in this case we clearly failed in that duty. that
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leads to some deep soul—searching and some deep regret as to what has happened, here. in march 2013 following concerns raised to as we see this there followed a three—month investigation at the end of which the decision was taken to return them which is clearly the wrong decision. there was not the low risk assessment done and the information guaranteed sarri gathered was not assessed. it led to this completely horrific double murder, for which he is now serving a life sentence and he will no doubt die in prison. realising the bbc newsroom our lead story is that the entire us senate has been given a closed briefing concerning north korea. and there
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have been military exercises on both side of the border in the korean peninsula. some of the main stories from the bbc world service, the french government is saying it has evidence showing the syrian air force undoubtedly drop bombs, attaining the nerve agent. that is from bbc arabic. the head of fifa says video replays the crucial decisions during matches will be used at the world cup next year in russia. we will have more on that in about 15 minutes time. let's turn to venezuelan and the process there, thousands of people are taking part in yet another protest against the government, you predominantly wear white when they protest and they are trying for the seventh time this month to march on the office of the ombudsman. into areas of the capital we know police have been using tear
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gas. the venezuelan opposition have called for fresh protest to pressurise the government, they have asked protesters to go to the city centre as it continues its attempt to re m ove centre as it continues its attempt to remove the president from office. previous attempts to go to the city centre, have resulted in clashes between the opposition and authorities. the protests have entered the third week and have shown no sign of abating. the opposition blames president... 16 countries have called for an emergency meeting at the organisation of american states, but venezuelan says it will withdraw from the group if the meeting goes on. let's turn to donald trump's new tax reform plans that have been unveiled today. lots of detail but this is the headline move, the
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slashing of corporation tax... the tax codes will also be simplified. they will be taxed at ten, 2535%. also, and repatriated tax... we have also been told the president has no intention of releasing his personal tax returns which is in line with his position over the last few months. let's talk about penetration tax, pelissie this is aimed at. -- tell us who this is aimed at. -- tell us who this is aimed at. -- tell us who this is aimed at. corporations who have an innings and profits overseas, in order to bring this back into the united states, estimated at over $2 trillion, they are saying if those countries bring that that money into the us they will pay a lower tax
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rate than currently suggested. that kind of tax rate has to got to be worked out. they say that will spare economic growth, the good that will be more dollars into the us economy, more money here in the us that those companies to reinvest. weight let's focus on the single measure that is generating the most interest the corporation tax me from 35 to 15%. the republicans or the christmases have come early here, i guess. that is what the democrats say they say it gives crumbs to the middle class but cake to those who are wealthy. it will affect corporations and small businesses and the idea is it is lowering the tax rate from one of the highest in the world to one of the highest in the world to one of the lowest in the world. the problem is, this plan, still being a broad outline, does not go into how that will be paid. so, house republicans had wanted to impose an import tax
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on products coming in, that was not popular, the trumpet administration has kept that out of this plan but what we have is a boost for corporation. —— the trump administration. we have no real guidance from the administration about how this will notjust add more money to the deficit and how it will not really helps that the economy, despise more of a tax cut that these wealthy individuals. we have already mentioned this but we should be emphasised that this is only a plan needs to be sound through by congress. how long will that process taken how easy will that process taken how easy will that be for mr that process taken how easy will that be foertrump? that process taken how easy will that be for mr trump? we are already hearing from republicans saying that they do not expect to have any democratic support on this. republicans in order to get this to the congress will have to do have a process of putting a time limit on these courts, in order to get it through with just republican support, and that is just because of
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the idea that they cannot get it through congress if it will break the deficit after a 10—year period, on the other hand because you have fiscally conservative the publicans they are now saying they are largely in support of the plan, but the devil is in the detail and they do not want the deficit to balloon, either, it will be interesting as the next couple of months go on as they aim to get this through before they aim to get this through before the end of the year they will have com plete the end of the year they will have complete republican support on that and if they come anything away to get this route without any democrats on board. thank you. next we will talk about twitter it shares went up 1196 talk about twitter it shares went up 11% because it put out its latest results, you might remember it floated in 2013 in new york and it is not been plain sailing for the company. you would mark today is a good day, the shares went up because its last quarter last was $62 million, down on the quarterly losses. that figure went down well
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as did this one... that is million active users, the most important thing here is that twitter has added 9 million new usersjust thing here is that twitter has added 9 million new users just this year. let me show you a clip of one a nalyst let me show you a clip of one analyst looking over these results. twitter is starting to get better. the reason it is is based on three the is that it is the smaller one of the big traditional social media platforms. the second is commerce, it needs to get it at product right, interestingly it made an awful lot of money from its state of play last quarter but this quartet it is addressing its and brand, and that
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think it needs and is looking to address and starting to is one of culture, when you look at the platforms out there the social media you know the job each one does, linkedin is full put nationals, it instagram is for creative types, what is twitter for? culturally, broadly it can either be seen as a news feed, which is not social network at all really or it can be seen for people to learn about customer services when they want have a good man. if you want to use twitter, whatever you want to say our hashtag is bbc os. be hearing from bbc peckish on the latest purge in turkey, a thousand people have been detained. i was big to you then. goodbye. —— i willspeak been detained. i was big to you then. goodbye. —— i will speak to you, then.
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good evening and welcome to look to the web elsewhere, not as chilly as it is here as we move across the united states, it will get quite hot in some parts. the warmth will build from the gulf of mexico, but that warmth will come your late in some pretty big storms which are blooming as you can see. through the coming night there is a risk of some severe airand night there is a risk of some severe air and dangerous thunderstorms around this region... for surrounding states there will be severe storms, damaging hail and wins and tornadoes and it will ease its weight east. on thursday comes into the cold air across on tara you and we have the brains across quebec. temperatures will otherwise rise as we get was the weekend, be handed there was some cold air coming in and we will see some fairly exceptional heat across the likes of mexico and this is that pumping up across the gulf states as we move towards the weekend combined
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with this next approaching area of low pressure which promises some even more powerful and destructive storms, potentially. all eyes are on the central parts of the united states, midwest, tornado alley, if you like. notjust through the weekend but today, tonight, tomorrow. we have had wet weather round the river plate. they are moving into southern brazil, paraguay, bolivia and they may well exacerbate the flood situation in the eastern side of the real as we head into the state. we have had some web space acrossjapan head into the state. we have had some web space across japan and southern china. this is one long weather front you located here. still a few hours do the latter part of wednesday into thursday. some storms do hong kong. it is looking drier as we head toward the end of the week particularly across japan, korea, taiwan and southern parts of
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china. things are improving, here. across africa we are starting cds african rain setting in across kenya, somalia, welcome of course but all falling in a short space of time and expected to be quite intense in the next couple of days and therefore they could lead to some blooding in those areas where it has been of course paid right. —— could lead some flooding. back home we have chilly air, but it wasn't used in your ear last week —— buddha was in constant macro last week. we see a slow melt him. we have this slow—moving weather system which gives us significant and out of season snowfall for the alps and have the potentially flooding rains at lower levels. plenty to keep our eye out. more on the bank holiday weekend, later. welcome back to outside source. the entire us senate is at the white house for a briefing on north korea and there has been a show of force
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on both sides of the border of the korean peninsula that the us has insisted the threat is real. with every test the prime minister moves closer to a nuclear strike against american cities. white house says the funding for wall along the border of mexico will have two weight but when it comes to be worth the money. not everybody is convinced. someone will build a 20 foot ladder, someone will build a 21 foot ladder, someone will build a 21 foot ladder, someone will build a 21 foot ladder to go over. via live at the bbc sports centre to bring in video replays for the world cup in russia next year.
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