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it affects common as you get older. it affects 600,000 people in the uk. if left untreated, nerve cells in the retina die, leading to sight loss. the test uses die, leading to sight loss. the test uses a fluorescent marker to highlight failings cells, potentially revolutionising treatment. we believe in glaucoma, it is ten years between the defect being identified and when the process starts. that ten year delay would mean that you have delayed starting treatment at the time when it is most accessible to treatment, and when you could even prevent vision loss occurring. francesca wa nts to vision loss occurring. francesca wants to save her site from deteriorating, and she is hopeful this test will benefit others as well —— sight. 16 people have been involved in trials, so more research is needed. but the london team say these are promising results which could perhaps also be used to detect early signs of degenerative brain illnesses. coming up at 6am on breakfast,
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charlie stayt and sally nugent will have all the day's news, business, and sport. this is bbc world news. the latest headlines: after days of military moves, the trump administration now seems to be reverting to the policy of past presidents, tighter sanctions and diplomatic pressure, to end north korea's nuclear and missile programmes. the american military commander in the pacific said the objective was to bring kim jong—un to his senses. turkey's police force says more than 9,000 officers have been suspended for suspected links to the islamic preacher blamed for last year's coup attempt. on wednesday, more than 1,000 were arrested in simultaneous raids across the country. now it is time for our newspaper
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review. what's making headlines around the world 7 on the front page of the independent today, an image from the border south korean border with north korea, where the us and south korea have begun practicing military drills, as fears rise that pyongyang will launch a nuclear attack. "the white house pitches for the biggest tax cuts in us history," that's the top story on the gulf news business pages. donald trump has proposed cuts that would benefit businesses, the middle—class and high earning individuals. is china bowing to america's demands? according to china daily, the boss of alibaba is fulfilling a promise to get a million us businesses selling on the chinese e—commerce store, which is now the biggest in the world. football is making headlines on the financial times front page today. the managing director of newcastle united has been arrested in a cross—border investigation into tax fraud. and finally, how would you feel if anybody could get on line and watch a live stream of your child at school? the new york times looks
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at the controversial use of web—cams in the classroom. that is in china. with us is bill. good morning. north korea. the top news stories. on many front pages they are using this picture of those exercises taking place on the border. the story has been rumbling for a few weeks. i wonder how worried we should be. a few weeks? since 1953. there has been a bit of a peak, hasn't there? we seem to co nsta ntly a peak, hasn't there? we seem to constantly be reaching new pinnacles of stress and tension every time the koreans of stress and tension every time the korea ns test of stress and tension every time the koreans test a new weapon in the americans get aggressive about it and the south koreans we are seeing more sanctions and north korea
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reacting. this photograph is a real "boys' reacting. this photograph is a real " boys' toy" reacting. this photograph is a real "boys' toy" eric raft. i can see americans looking at these. —— aircraft. it is all about posturing. the problem is, if you read through the stories, it is about americans trying to persuade the impossible to persuade to do the right thing. north korea will not back down. this will continue until we reach some kind of flashpoint, which we hope we never will. china is surely the key here. you were talking to an expert oi'i here. you were talking to an expert on the subject injust here. you were talking to an expert on the subject in just the here. you were talking to an expert on the subject injust the last half— hour and she was on the subject injust the last half—hour and she was ready to raise the point that, you know, everything that north korea gets, china wants. they could cut the head off the snake. is that the case? the news from china if they are stationing
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troops at the border, not to interfere, but to stop a wave of refugees. they have ready cut off ports for coal in north korea, which is the only place they are getting overseas earnings from in north korea. even the russians, who have a very small border... they are all worried about kim jong—un. how does the siddhesh cress an enormous deflation as the south koreans give 7 __ deflation as the south koreans give up? —— this finish? career before it was two nations was one of the most determined nations, almost as bad as us determined nations, almost as bad as us scots. —— korea. determined nations, almost as bad as us scots. -- korea. when is the next referendum with scotland ? us scots. -- korea. when is the next referendum with scotland? the next timei referendum with scotland? the next time i am here we will talk about
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hadrian's wall. tax cuts. there was a lot of hope with nafta. donald trump wants to make these cuts but they have to get through. this is his very childlike desire. it sounds great, getting these tax cuts and having a multiplier effect across the economy. it would be fantastic. but it is not going to happen, of course. because even the sensible pa rt course. because even the sensible part of the republican party is saying that is going to create a huge deficit. the issue with donald trump as we come up to 100 days, is, what was he saying, i am here to clear the swamp the pity is up to his eyeballs in alligators. he discovered, we are discovering, the problem is not donald trump, it is the republican party. the democrats
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are saying let them make another mistake. is it a big problem? is just the way democracy in america works? you end up with different points? the way that democracy in america works. —— works. the worst form of government except for anything else, democracy. donald trump has come in saying he will deliver and he has been stopped every time. the markets believe he still can do it, but at some stage that will lend. president trump. xi jinping. he said he wants to reduce the deficit with china. america, $300 billion. americans buy more from china than china from america. here is a way to reduce that deficit, right? the story is that
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alibaba will deficit, right? the story is that aliba ba will host deficit, right? the story is that alibaba will host a conference to teach companies how to sell their goods. that is good. we are opening up goods. that is good. we are opening up the chinese on line market, which is the most important way of selling things in china. on line selling is afar things in china. on line selling is a far bigger part of the economy thanit a far bigger part of the economy than it even is in europe or the us. it is vitally important. but on the other side of the equation is that there are wealthy people in the cities in china where their incomes are much, much lower per capita. america has high value finished goods. the question is, does america... you can open up the market but if you don't have the right things to sell it is a little bit like windowdressing. but good windowdressing. the last story about webcams in chinese classrooms. it does not seem like a good idea. imagine knowing that parents could get annoyed. notjust parents. had
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they watch me at school they would have seen someone they watch me at school they would have seen someone snoring away. —— watched. maybe this is the trend. china is going through the same experience. who is watching your children in school? it raises a question about what kind of person would spend their day watching children in school? i suspect the underlying story is this ease of access. that will change over time. we will see. thank you very much indeed the bigger the have you with us. indeed the bigger the have you with us. it is always a pleasure. we will talk about that next time, the wall. or by talk about that next time, the wall. orbya talk about that next time, the wall. or by a scotland. -- goodbye. not yet. hello again. our weather's set to turn a little bit milder over the next couple of days, quieting down
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in many respects. but before we get there, yesterday we had some really big thunderstorms around, this one brought some hail to west hamstead. thanks to our weather watcher dg perry for sending us that picture in. you can see the extent of the showers as they've worked in. the showers have tended to die away overnight, just one or two left over, working towards parts of central and southern england. but by and large today we're looking at quite a cloudy weather picture for many of us, and there will be some showers knocking around as well. ok, let's take a look at how the weather starts off in the morning. quite a lot of cloud around, some showers really from the word go across north—western areas. towards southern parts of england and wales, this is where the clearest weather will be. certainly a cold start to the day. we're looking at some patches of frost around. probably the lowest temperature about —3 or so. so a cold and locally frosty start to the morning but it should be reasonably bright. the brightness won't last, though, because quite quickly we're going to see an area of cloud come down from the north and that will tend to trap all cold air at the surface. so it's one of those days i think
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when temperatures will be very slow to rise. across more northern areas, northern england, northern ireland, scotland, quite a cloudy start to the day, occasional brighter spells, but already a few showers from the word go. quite breezy for northern scotland as well and through the rest of the day, the showers that are really associated with these weak weather fronts will continue to slide southwards, it will tend to turn cloudier and cloudier as the day goes by and eventually we'll start to see those showers working in across east anglia and south—east england as well. while the weather brightens up for scotland, northern ireland and late in the day the far north of england. temperatures generally about 11 degrees for many of us. now, looking at the weather picture through the night time and those showers will continue to push southwards. so quite a bit of cloud initially but then the showers fade away and the skies clear during the second half of the night. again that will allow things to get quite chilly. there'll be some pockets of frost developing by the time we get to friday morning across parts of scotland and the far north of england in the countryside. here's friday's weather picture and generally quite a quiet weather day.
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again we're looking at a few showers, most of these will be across eastern parts of scotland, eastern england, but for many of us it's a dry and a bright kind of day, amounts of cloud coming and going through the day and temperatures will be rising a little bit. highs between 11 and 1a celsius. feeling a little bit more pleasant. and that trend i think continues on into the first part of the weekend. saturday by and large a dry day with some sunny spells, a few isolated showers possible across western areas, but for most of us a quiet weather picture. those temperatures continuing to rise, 12—15 degrees, not bad for the start of the weekend. that's your weather. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and sally nugent. deepening tensions in north korea: the us calls for tougher sanctions until it dismantles its nuclear programme. america is piling on the pressure as all 100 us senators attend a special briefing at the white house. we'll ask the foreign secretary borisjohnson what the uk can do about north korea, just after 7am. good morning, it's thursday
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the 27th of april. also this morning: the pioneering eye test which could save people's sight by helping doctors to diagnose glaucoma. car insurance premiums have gone up by 10% over the past year
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