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tv   100 Days  BBC News  April 28, 2017 7:00pm-7:31pm BST

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hello and welcome to this special edition of 100 days. it's his 99th day in office, and donald trump confesses he didn't know it would be this hard. the president is in atlanta today addressing the national rifle association — he couldn't have a warmer welcome. critics say donald trump hasn't achieved very much — but the enthusiasm at this rally shows he is still very popular with people who voted for him. "a major, major conflict" is possible with north korea, says the president — as his team urges the united nations to act before pyongyang does. also — is there such a thing as trump bump? we will take you to america's rust belt, where they are celebrating new business. the supporters like what they are seeing — except for one thing. we wa nt we want to see that he is going to do what he said he will do. what about twitter? well, if you need to stay away from that. —— he needs to
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stay away from that. —— he needs to stay away. hello, i am katty kay in washington, christian fraser is in london — donald trump is marking his 100 days in office where he is most comfortable — surrounded by supporters at big rallies. one in atlanta, georgia today — another in pennsylvania tomorrow. recently he's downplayed marking the 100 days but on the campaign he used to tout all the victories he'd rack up in these first few months. so how's he doing? right now mr trump is speaking to the national rifle association. the gun lobby loves him, the nra spent three times as much money electing him — as they spent on mitt romney in 2012. and he is the first sitting president in over 30 years to attend their annual convention. lets have a listen. and joining us now is the bbc‘s north america editorjon sopel. you have been most —— with us about those hundred days, he is not surprisingly that don't that big
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first mac rally. this is his base, right? if you want to look at the alignment of donald trump supporters and nra members of the align perfectly, so not a surprise he is going there. interestingly, the nra, the gun business never did better than when barack 0bama was president because they were so fearful of gun controls people kept going out to buy more and more guns, and i wonder if the same will be true not donald trump is president and he says he will not go anywhere near the second amendment. will it be logged in when donald trump stands up? it will be. —— a loving. let's talk about the foreign policy issue of north korea. he gave an interview in which he said there is a chance we could end up having a major conflict with north korea. he
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is putting it out there it is perfectly possible there could be a military option. let's quickly listen to rex tillerson speaking at the un security council today. the threat of a north korean nuclear attack on tokyo or seoul is real and it is likely only a matter of time before north korea develops the capability to strike the us mainland. they are looking for new policies on north korea and there is plenty of history and how to deal with them but the difference now is the clock is ticking. i think what donald trump signal is the status quo, the policy of strategic patience where you just hope by small incremental steps and keeping pressure you persuade north korea to change their policy and not go ahead with developing an intercontinental ballistic missile or miniaturising the nuclear warheads. i think we
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have decided it is not working, the north koreans are getting ever closer and therefore the need to do something different. all pass towards north korea go through china and the most significant thing about it from presidency is his attempt to bring the chinese president on board to intensify the pressure on the north koreans to play ball a little more. for the moment, thank you very much. i heard the chinese foreign secretary speaking today talking about upholding security council resolutions, he does not talk about unilateral sanctions which is what the white house wants. and that is why the what the chinese to put more pressure on the north koreans. you were talking tojohn there and when he mentioned arms sales year in the united states during the 0bama presidency i was told last night we should watch the share prices of american defence contractors because any time anyone
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within the administration talks about a strike on north korea we see those share prices take a hike. while we wait for donald trump to address the nra let's look at another area of the country. donald trump won the 2016 election in the rust belt. in states like 0hio, where the frustration of industrial decline has been festering for years, there is deep resentment at washington politicians. and in ohio — as in many other northeast states — there are plenty of democrats who were lured by trump's vision of america first. so how do they feel 100 days in? we sent nick byrant to find out. when we visited the ohio river valley last summer, this stretch of water was suffering a slow and agonising death, but, since donald trump became president, locals have seen a dramatic and instant turnaround — a rust belt revival. coal barges are full again, partly because of the relaxation of environmental regulations. 150 boats now work this part of the river, compared to just 25 last year. back then, bob harrison told us america needed a businessman as president,
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and in 25 years, he's never seen such a turnaround. it's like the switch was turned on. we're busy, and we've got more stuff going on, and our business has dramatically picked up. and you think that's the trump effect? yes, you know, i've talked to different people... we've talked about calling it the trump bump, so it's been good for us. last summer, in the town of clinton, pennsylvania, we came across this huge trump sign, erected by a one—time democrat, mike lieber. now it's been put away in the barn, but not through embarrassment. if anything, his admiration for donald trump has grown. just speaking with people, they‘ re more upbeat. they feel like the government isn't on their back. they feel like the jackboot of the government is off their neck, so it gives them a chance to thrive. he promised to revive regions like this — do you think he's doing that?
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yes, i do. it was trump's hothead temperament that put off american football coach bill when we spoke to him last year. he is bombastic. he is obscene and ijust can't... i don't like the guy. and not only a change of sport but a change of opinion — in these first 100 days, trump has won him over. well, i've changed my mind because he made campaign promises and he came through. and, you know, that's what you want. you want to see that the guy is going to do what he said he's going to do. what about twitter? he needs to stay off of that. i mean, that gets him a lot of trouble. good! a republican who voted for hillary clinton, amber thompson was a staunch trump critic and remains so, but nonetheless applauds his decision to strike syria. even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. i believe that trump's response to the chemical attack in syria was 100% correct, and i hope that putting pressure on the russians and the assad regime will help to bring an end to this war.
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i hope that syria will be donald trump's nut. donald trump has been suffering from historically low approval ratings, but, in this rundown region, we didn't find much evidence of buyer's remorse. president trump has been much like candidate trump, and while that's horrified liberals in america's major cities, who regard him as a national embarrassment, here in the rust belt, he is still widely viewed as a potential national saviour. two trumps, two americas, but the region that won him the presidency remains a stronghold. nick bryant, bbc news, 0hio. we will come back to ohio in a second but now donald trump is speaking to the nra annual convention. the late... how good wasjohn?
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that he is. just about to speak to the nra. we were talking about or but what is donald trump's own view on his time in office so far? i want to play you a piece of ordeal we heard today from an interview writers did with the president. i loved my previous life, i loved my previous life. i had some many things going... i actually... this is more work than my previous life. i thought it would be easier. isn't that the extraordinary? another person who wanted that difficultjob in the white house isjohn kasich the current governor of ohio. in the republican race to become president he and donald trump were the last two men standing. he has just published a new book — two paths: america divided or united, and hejoins us now.
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thank you for coming in. i want to start with the fact you are making news today on the issue of north korea. you suggested this morning the leadership of north korea should be eradicated, what exactly do you mean? removed. i mean they are not there. let's look at what we're facing. we cannot afford to let north korea puts a missile on top of an intercontinental ballistic missile. secondly, they have one of the most horrific human rights situations in the world. if you live there you are in a giant prison and if you would be wrong way or smelt the wrong way your family gets put in prison so all the people in the world a re in prison so all the people in the world are outraged by that. so if you take a bigger military effort i worry about what happens with south korea, they are very vulnerable to attack from the north and so maybe
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we can count on the chinese but they are unpredictable. so what i suggested is removing that top leadership. who would remove them? probably the united states. do we have the intelligence that would allow us to do that. let me say, do you think over somewhere in the military operations they have been practising the ability to get in and get out? i would bet yes. i don't have inside information, but i think the idea some would be removed and the situation could be stabilised, perhaps we are seeing some signals out of china, they are always hard to read, but they do not appear to be as closely connected as they were, but i think it is an option that houses to be seriously considered. and the sabre rattling and the moving of ahmad is on gets you so far and i think this is a reasonable suggestion —— moving of ahmad as. we cannot keep a0 kicking the time
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down the road but you need to good intelligence and if you do not then you don't do it. it will be fascinating to know how much people are looking at this. it is not something we have historically done, not ina something we have historically done, not in a recent history, but some would say he is right and that is the best option. i would like to talk about prog—mac, if we could. you know what it is like to be in a topjob, you also you know what it is like to be in a top job, you also went to seek the president and spoke to him about the way he was behaving in office. president and spoke to him about the way he was behaving in officelj went way he was behaving in office.” went to munich for the security conference and told him people wa nted conference and told him people wanted to hear directly from him because there was a great question about what america would lead going forward , about what america would lead going forward, we talk about health care
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andi forward, we talk about health care and i also in my first 100 days as governor i —— things were rocky. i did not really have it done in one day my wife said to meet you at the governor, but make sure the father of the pile so why don't you act like it! -- -- of the pile so why don't you act like it! —— —— father of higher. it ta kes like it! —— —— father of higher. it takes time to understand these jobs. ami takes time to understand these jobs. am i surprised he would seek the job is much more complicated or difficult than he thought? no, i am not. he has the modern politics. but now he has a board of directors made up now he has a board of directors made up of the senate and house members and realises he cannotjust order something to make it happen. you are the governor of a state. in a sense what is fascinating about donald trump is it is a test of whether populism can work, whether his big slogans can work. do you think they
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can or it takes somebody like yourself, a governor who has been an executive to successfully run? in my book i point out that being governor was really a handicap because at a time when people needed to save wild and crazy things i did not get sound bites because i was not going to get your ratings for your network. i had points to make but as a person in charge of 11.5 million people use sober up and tried to conduct yourself in an appropriate way. there is to counter populism, negative populism that blames somebody else, and there is positive populism which is, i understand your problems. i grew up in a time when if the wind blew the wrong way people find themselves out of work. my people find themselves out of work. my message was we can work together to fix our problems. when people got to fix our problems. when people got to know me i'd done well but when
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they did not know me, which was most of the country, that was more of a challenge. we should point out the government did not vote for donald trump. but people know you and know what you stand for and wonder if it irritates you this is stop to shift away from some of the things he said of the campaign and is now coming on to traditional republic drones where you stood? irritated, no, i am soc up you stood? irritated, no, i am soc up unused and happy. i want him to do well. you do not want to root against the pilot on the plane on which you're flying so we want our president to do well and i will support him but if he does a good job i will praise him and if he does a bad job and ifeel strongly i job i will praise him and if he does a bad job and i feel strongly i will criticise him. that is so i have a lwa ys criticise him. that is so i have always conducted myself. i am an american before a republican and thatis american before a republican and
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that is how i conduct myself. thank you very much. and check out that book! i'm sure it is selling like hot cakes. thank you for coming in. in case you had missed it, the one thing donald trump is determined to do while in the white house is build that wall along the mexican border. it was one of his key campaign promises but now the funding seems to be on hold. the bbc‘s james cook has covered this issue for us from the start and joins us now along the us—mexico border. what are they saying down there about the prospect of this actually happening now? i have travelled a long this board are a lot over the past year, here in california, arizona and texas and you find very few, if any, arizona and texas and you find very few, ifany, people arizona and texas and you find very few, if any, people who believe the ideal of a wall running the entire length the pacific ocean all the way to the gulf of mexico, 30 feet high
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however high, that it is a good idea or practical or achievable. and for the money it would cost. however there are a lot of people who think a border security should be improved and others think there should be far more free movement between mexico and the usa. in terms of that wall itself, it is moving forward. the planning is well underway, more than 200 companies have noticed that my allotted interest and there will be what some call a beauty contest. it is scheduled to happen in the summer. several bidders will build prototypes and the government will choose the wall. there is enough money for that but there is nowhere —— not by any means enough to fund the building of the wall itself. so for decades american presidents have beenjudged by their performance at the 100 day mark but is it really fair to score anyone after only three months on thejob?
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fair or not, it's an american tradition that has now taken on significance for every new commander in chief and i've been looking back at some of history. we have a franklin delano roosevelt to thank for the 100 days we have franklin delano roosevelt to thank for the 100 days benchmark by which american presidents arejudged. his new deal changed america. and ever since, his successors have attempted to make a similar speedy impact. few, if any, have ever come close. so, how do donaldj trump's first 100 days co with great flourish, he has signed 30 executive orders. with the stroke of his pen he has cut business regulations,
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rowed back environmental protections and given oil pipelines the green light. but some orders have floundered. two travel bans and an order to withdraw funding from sanctuary cities are caught in legal challenges. his biggest victory was probably this man. i, neil gorsuch... america's newest supreme courtjustice confirmed by congress on day 77. 0ther campaign pledges haven't got so far. that promise to repeal and replace 0bamacare is tied up in congress. the wall is going to get built... there is no money to build a wall along the border with mexico, and wholesale tax reform is on the starting blocks. it won't be easy to get that past, either. 0n foreign policy, mr trump has kept us all guessing. he bombed syria, defying supporters who didn't want another middle east engagement. he wooed the chinese leader at mar—a—lago, the president rowed back on the threats to label beijing a currency manipulator or undermine the one china policy.
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and this may be why. north korea brandished its hardware, and the white house ratcheted up tension. but then said a military strike is not on the table, at least for the moment. nato is no longer obsolete, and president putin is no longer such a good friend. the days of american carnage and america first, of the steve bannon's bleak vision of the world seem to have gone, but don't mistake this for normality. it is still a white house run as a family operation, with a revolving door of characters who sometimes make it look like there is still a lot to be learned. and, christian, if you were wondering what the president himself thought of this 100 day mark, today he provided the answer. it's a false standard 100 days but i have to tell you i don't think anybody has done what we've been able to do in 100 days so we're very happy.
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i never doubted it! well, no look at the 100 day mark would be complete without hearing from those who actually voted for donald trump. i metjeff scrima, the former mayor of waukesha, wisconsin back in 2015 when he supported the trump campaign and hejoins us again now. thank you for coming in. i remember when we spoke you gave me fascinating answer because there was things you did not like, such as business long ban, but what you wa nted business long ban, but what you wanted was an outsider coming to washington. —— the muslim band. so i will —— how is the outsider doing.” think he is doing a greatjob, the economy is looking upwards, america's feel better about our foreign policy and he has done a good job of building his team.“ foreign policy and he has done a good job of building his team. is he living up to his promises? some of the promises take a long time to
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change, such as health care, immigration but he has lived up to most of the promises he made when he was sworn in. the president is talking to the nra at the moment, the first since ronald reagan to speak at their annual convention. they backed him and he will back them, let's listen. you came through for me and i am going to come through for you. i was proud to receive the nra's early endorsement in the history of the organisation and today i am also proud to be the first sitting president to address the nra leadership forum since our wonderful ronald reagan in 19 83. it is one of the divisive issues, the second amendment, particularly
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talking to people in the uk and it would get some of the gun crime, how did you feel about donald trump when he thought about that and the gun lobby? it is something he believes in and so do a lot of americans, largely due to our history and the founding of our country. for me, guns are not really at issue, there are other countries like switzerland that allowed guns and are very safe so it is more of the behavioural issue,in so it is more of the behavioural issue, in my opinion. jeff, briefly, one issue i am interested in as we get to 99 days is what is the measurement for success for donald trump, foryou? measurement for success for donald trump, for you? what does he have to achieve? he has triggered a re—elected. that is the main thing? —— he has to get re—elected. re—elected. that is the main thing? -- he has to get re-elected. the measure of the good leader as they have two push the country in a new
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direction, stretch it to the limit without the leader himself getting pushed out. thank you. it was so interesting talking tojeff pushed out. thank you. it was so interesting talking to jeff the pushed out. thank you. it was so interesting talking tojeff the day we met, just after the midst of a ban had been announced and he had been studying business and like many people interested in the economy thatis people interested in the economy that is a big factor and there will bea that is a big factor and there will be a lot of latitude for donald trump on whether he specifically delivers on things, if he can improve the economy and that is looking good when we get around to re—election day in 2020 then he stands a very good chance of winning a second term. but does he enjoy it? because listening to that club earlier i am not sure he does. i am not sure he understood how complicated and tough it will be and he talked about how he cannot do what he used to do. he obviously
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goes to mar—a—lago a lot but i get the impression he is kicking about the impression he is kicking about the west wing on his own a lot and asking himself if it wasn't the right thing. i think there is an element of loneliness and he never said he liked washington, they did not send them to the presidency because he liked the city, it is not a natural homebase for him but he realises, it is what his supporters enjoy, he has this learning curve and he is quite honest about that. he is refreshingly honest about that. and you have to admire his candour. this is day 99 of the trump presidency — there'll be coverage right across the bbc this weekend to mark mr trump's 100th day in office. and on monday, we'll be back at the same time, continuing to cover the big events on both sides of the atlantic with our programme, 100 days plus. for now though from katty kay in washington and me christian fraser in london — goodbye. less shall roast today but a fair
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amount of cloud, some fairly dense. —— lesson showers about. some breaks in the cloud particularly to the east and we have some decent sunshine in east yorkshire. the showers have been fairly isolated and we keep this quiet theme tonight and we keep this quiet theme tonight and tomorrow as well. 0vernight, a a few showers but rather few and far between. temperatures do not fall too far, staying frost free for most. a light southerly breeze and sunny spells to greet us on saturday. not a bad the prospect, any showers will be reasonably isolated. the breeze by the end of the date will pick up the further
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west you are. at least the wind is coming from the south so we see temperatures into the high teens. off to the tour of yorkshire today, —— this weekend, perfect conditions for cyclists and spectators. and if you're heading to wembley for the boxing it will be a dry affair, too. the potential for change in boxing it will be a dry affair, too. the potentialfor change in the middle half of the weekend with an area of low pressure forming that could bring some heavy rain in the south west and wales but as it pushes further north and east it will weaken and it might stay dry in north—eastern areas but as it spills steadily north and east it me weaken and not produce much rain as it pushes into north—east england and scotland. wet weather for the time in london, that clears away by
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monday and we get scattered showers and sunny spells. i have certainly got my glass half full hat on for the bank holiday weekend and it could be a lot worse. breezy but warmer than it has been. some rain but not all doom and gloom. temperatures probably around where they should be for the time of year. this is bbc news. the healdines: the breast surgeon, ian paterson,
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is facing a long prison sentence after being convicted of 17 counts of wounding with intent by carrying out a series of completely unnecessary and life—changing operations on his patients. mr paterson hasn't shown any remorse for the terrible things he's done and he's really damaged the trust people had in the health service and some of our health professionals. scotland yard believe they foiled an active terrorist plot when they raided a house in north west london yesterday. a woman was shot and six other people were arrested. new figures out today show that britain's economic growth has slowed sharply —— the economy expanded byjust 0.3% in the first three months of the year. the us secretary of state, rex tillerson, tells a un security council meeting that all options for responding to further provocation from north korea remain on the table. president trump has assured the
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national rifle association, one of his biggest backers, that they would not be treated as a persecuted minority in his speech he is making at their convention in atlanta. you have a true friend and captain in the white house. no longer whether federal agencies be coming after law—abiding gun owners. now on bbc news — it's time for sportsday hello and welcome to sportsday. good evening i'm 0lly foster, at wembley stadium ahead of tomorrow night's super fight. anthonyjoshua and wladimir klitschko have weighed in and joshua has never been heavier.


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