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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 29, 2017 7:30pm-8:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 7:30... eu leaders meeting in brussels have unanimously agreed plans for the negotiation of britain's withdrawal from the eu, warning issues including citizen's rights must be considered before any trade talks. theresa may has continued the conservative election campaign by visiting scotland, urging scottish voters to back her to "strengthen the union". snp leader nicola sturgeon has been campaigning in glasgow, telling supporters it is the only party who can stop budget cuts being imposed on scotland by westminster. jeremy corbyn has called for young people to "claim their future" by voting for labour, warning that apathy would hand seats to the conservatives. one of the men arrested in a counter terrorism operation in north london had been suspected of attempting to travel to syria to join so—called islamic state. now on bbc news — sportsday.
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hello and welcome to sportsday with me lizzie greenwood hughes and hugh woozencroft. the headlines this evening... tears at the stadium of light as sunderland are relegated from the premier league. five star celtic thrash their glasgow rivals rangers in the old firm derby. ferrari's good form continues as vettel takes pole position at the russian grand prix. and andy murray is beaten in the semi—final of the barcelona open. and i'm at wembley stadium, we are just a couple of hours away from tonight's super fight. anthony joshua against wladimir klitschko.
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so plenty of sport to get through today but only one place to start and that's at the stadium of light. a disappointing day for sunderland fans. lizzie is with our football reporterjohn bennett. disappointing if you are a sunderland fan, an understatement. they are down, it has been coming for some time? yes, a 1-0 defeat against bournemouth, late defeat, for david moyes it is relegation. for sunderland fans, disappointment. they had been expecting it. josh king scored the winning goal late on. 12 goals for him in 2017, to sum up on. 12 goals for him in 2017, to sum up how bad sunderland have been, thatis up how bad sunderland have been, that is three more than sunderland have scored in the calendar year.
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jermain defoe and the like did their best. you could save their last is in season was 2010—11. since then, instability, seven managers in six yea rs. instability, seven managers in six years. this season, it has been awful. 18 league matches without scoring. since december 17, awful. 18 league matches without scoring. since december17, one awful. 18 league matches without scoring. since december 17, one win in17. scoring. since december 17, one win in 17. the form has been awful and relegation is confirmed today. there was c0 ntrove i’sy relegation is confirmed today. there was controversy at the beginning of this, when david moyes was given the position, saying he was in a relegation battle in the second week, which did not go down well with the fans? after only two matches. but he was right? his negative demeanour has not gone down well with the fans. you wonder what will happen. will he stay next is on? his future is being talked about by everybody, let's hear what he had to say. sadly, we are all obviously disappointed, feeling more for the supporters that support the club. they come and watch regularly, they are the ones you feel most about. we take collective responsibility, from the top to the bottom. because of that, we will dust ourselves down, look at it over
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the next few weeks and see what we have to do. is it the one overriding thing that has gone wrong this season, or an accumulation? i think it is an accumulation. for me to give you a snap answer to that after the game, i can't really do it. i would rather take some time to think about it and put it in place. have you got a burning desire of unfinished business to get this club back into the premier league? i think the plan, when i do sit down with ellis, will be the plan will be looking at how we can do that as quickly as possible. you like to see a challenge through, that is what you have generally done in your career? this is a great football club, you mentioned the supporters, that is why i feel for them. they are the ones that put their hard earned cash into coming to games. we have to try to give them something to shout about. he says he feels for the fans. i
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have been there, as a fan of the clu b have been there, as a fan of the club i follow, it is not nice. what can you say to them, really? the chairman has come out with a statement in the last hour? ellis short has released a statement, he talks about sadness, disappointment, anger and frustration. he acknowledges mistakes in player recruitment. he talks about an unprecedented number of injuries. he says significant work will be done over the summer. there was no word ina over the summer. there was no word in a statement about david moyes. what about the players? jermain defoe, surely he will not stay, jordan pickford will be linked with other clubs. let's hear from jordan pickford will be linked with other clubs. let's hearfrom john o'shea. i have been here a good few years now. the attitude around the place will always be togetherness, a family club. we have to get that back as quickly as possible, get bouncing as quickly as possible, to get that confidence. when there is noise at the stadium of light, everybody together, momentum is huge and we can get on a big run. there are going to be changes in the summer. i have never been in the situation before in my career.
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it is obviously very disappointing. but it is a chance for the club to take stock of everything and see where we go as quickly as possible, to bounce back and give the fans what they deserve, premier league football again. sunderland's fate was sealed when hull, who arejust above the drop zone, drew with southampton 0—0. all of the drama at the end. it could be a massive game. dusan tadic‘s penalty kick was saved by eldinjakupovic. there away form had been awful. five away defeats in the premier league ina away defeats in the premier league in a row. the home form was keeping them up. this waypoint could be massive. let's hear from them up. this waypoint could be massive. let's hearfrom the hero, the goalkeeper. it was important that i helped the team again today with two saves, and a last—minute penalty. yes, it was important. just trying to help the team.
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in the late kick—off, crystal palace are playing burnley at selhurst park, with both sides needing a win to climb further from relegation danger. burnley beat crystal palace 2—0 to climb further away from relegation danger. i think they are pretty much safe. ashley barnes with the goal after eight minutes. 1903 was the last time they went a whole season without winning away. an unsavoury moment, when what looks like a lighter was thrown at one of the burnley players. then it was 2—0, right at the end, a lovely through ball by george boyd. look at this finish from andre gray, tenth goal of the season. burnley pretty much safe in the premier league. excellent for them, the last time they were in the premier league, they were in the premier league, they went straight down. this time it looks like they will stay up. leicester won at west brom and got
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the magic a0 points. who would have thought all that time ago? nine weeks ago, five premier league defeats in a row. they made a controversial change, clave leg craig shakespeare take you over. you can see the fans chanting we are staying up. it shows what shakespeare has done since take you over. i would love to know what he said. i would love to be a fly on the wall. what did he do to turn it around with james vardy and the rest of the players? it seems they have gone back to basics. west brom, five games without scoring, the first time in their history. let's hear from craig shakespeare, former west brom player, celebrating a win for leicester. i am pleased with the performance today. i say performance, we had to show different aspects. we had to defend. a gutsy performance, pleased with the three points. ultimately, it is about the players. i can pick the team and the tactics, but they have got to perform. great credit goes to them. another goalless draw at stoke, as
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they drew 0—0 with west ham. it comes to something when we are talking about the goalkeeper? both sides in awfulform. to pick out talking about the goalkeeper? both sides in awful form. to pick out a positive, jack butland, brilliant performance, his first home game in the premier league since march 20 16. he had bad ankle injury he picked up playing for england. 0ne positive we can take from this game. let's look at the tables. let's see how it affects the bottom of the table. today was really all about the bottom of the table. we are going to see palace, one of the biggest losers, they have dropped quite a way down. still not safe, but you imagine they would be. hull, it was an important point, but they have played one more game. they are still well in danger? but the game in hand for swansea is against 0ld trafford, manchester united. every game isa trafford, manchester united. every game is a must win for middlesbrough now, it looks like they are gone. a
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tough game for them. a massive point for hull, a big win for burnley. they are safe now, aren't they? let's look at the top of the table. chelsea are playing tomorrow, playing everton. you think if they win, they have got it? surely their toughest game of the run—in. everton have won eight consecutive home games. you wonder, will chelsea win and put tottenham under pressure? a thrilling day tomorrow. i bet they wish they didn't have arsenal tomorrow, tottenham. the last north london derby at white hart lane as well. exciting day tomorrow accent! things still to be decided in the premier league. we know who the champions are in scotland. there was humiliation for rangers in the old firm derby as celtic ran out 5—1 winners at ibrox. it was their biggest away victory over their rivals in the fixture's history and means brendan rodger‘s side remain unbeaten domestically this season. here's tim hague.
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the managers might be friendly, but an old firm derby is not. take a look at this early foul, for example. it also happened to be in the box, giving celtic the chance to take another step towards an invincible season, which scott sinclair duly did. much like their scottish cup semifinal a week ago, this was a one—sided affair. leigh griffiths, with a gorgeous goal. 2—0 to the champions inside 20 minutes. it would become an increasingly painful afternoon for the home side, battered in every way imaginable. callum mcgregor, this time, before boyata got one as well. a—0, and still 25 minutes to go. not that many rangers fans stuck around for it. those that stayed saw the only positive on a dark day, the player of the season, kenny miller, getting one back, only for lustig to cancel it out. he made it a fantastic five. block your ears, the first old firm derby this season ended 5—1, the last the same.
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champions celtic, simply too good. and police scotland say eight arrests were made in and around the ground, while they are also investigating an alleged incident of racial abuse aimed at celtic‘s scott sinclair. elsewhere in the scottish premiership, second—placed aberdeen were beaten 2—0 by stjohnstone. hamilton also lost 2—0 at home, to kilmarnock. hearts drew 2—2 with partick. and dundee's 3—2 win means they leapfrog motherwell, leaving their hosts in the relegation play—off spot. brighton missed out on winning the title tonight as they suffered a 1—0 home defeat at the hands of bristol city. josh brownhill headed the ball home to make sure he and his team—mates remain in the championship next season. brighton will have to wait until next weekend
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away at aston villa to see if they can claim the title. elsewhere, barnsley against burton ended level. birmingham's hopes of survival were boosted with a 2—0 win over huddersfield. blackburn are 2 points from safety after their 1—0 win over aston villa. derby beat wolves 3—1. fulham are virtually guaranteed the final playoff spot, they drew 1—1 with west london rivals brentford. sheffield wednesday won away at ipswich. leeds united came from 3—0 down to draw 3—3 with norwich but their play—off hopes are effectively over. preston and rotherham was 1—1. nottingham forest stay out of the relegation zone by virtue of a single goal — they lost 2—0 at queen's park rangers. and wigan athletic will make an immediate return to league one after they lost 1—0 at reading. there were problems at leyton orient this afternoon — their match with colchester united was postponed for two hours after fa ns was postponed for two hours after fans invaded the pitch. they were
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protesting iraqi club's owner, diageo —— about the club's owner, hazard just weeks after they secured a place in the fa trophy final at wembley, york city have been relegated from the national league. their fate was in their own hands going in to their game against forest green — they trailed twice to the visitors and thouthon parkin‘s two goals kept them with a chance of survival, their 2—2 draw wasn't enough. guiseley drew with a late equaliser, sending york city down for the second successive season. well the day is here, the time for talking is over and only actions will mater in the ring when britain's anthony joshua takes on wladimir klitschko in their heavyweight unification bout later. the ibf and wba titles are on offer when the pair meet in front of a massive crowd of 90—thousand at wembley stadium tonight. 0ur reporter 0lly foster is there.
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they weighed in yesterday with a sizeable difference between them. we did geta sizeable difference between them. we did get a glimpse of the magnitude of the event? yes, it has been bubbling up all week. good evening to you both. 90,000 are still making their way into wembley stadium. the boxing on the undercard, some great fights, katie taylor from boxing on the undercard, some great fights, katie taylorfrom ireland, that has been going for about an hour or so. it is all about the main event. a heavyweight unification bout. you don't get one of them very often. anthonyjoshua, bout. you don't get one of them very often. anthony joshua, the bout. you don't get one of them very often. anthonyjoshua, the ibf champion, he won the belt last year. he has that two successful defences. but he has never fought a he has that two successful defences. but he has neverfought a man in his 18 professional bouts as good as wladimir klitschko. yes, he is 1a yea rs wladimir klitschko. yes, he is 1a years older, at the age of a1. he has been in limbo, not fighting for 18 months since he lost all his
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belts to tyson fury. but he is in fantastic shape. he is a magnificent fighter. he was unbeaten for over a decade. the ukrainian thinks he still has what it takes. anthony joshua says this is going to be another step towards greatness. but he looks back at that fight against wladimir klitschko that klitschko lost to tyson fury and says, if theory can do it, i can as well. fury's a good fighter, you can't deny that. fury done a good job, and myjob is to do the same. i don't want to beat him and people to say, x, x, x. i listen to what he has to say. he's obsessed. he's got passion. when i defeat him, i want to say i faced the best man possible. the man that is coming off a defeat is the best man. you learn from your mistakes. that is why i'm looking forward to the challenge. i don't think about being the three times world champion. i think about only one thing. it is all about my ego,
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which was scratched with the last fight. ijust want to show to myself i can do it. i've still got it. i know i can do it. everything else is a positive side—effect. well, the fighters looking calm and composed. but it is going to be a very different situation tonight one of the newjoshua, in front of a massive crowd. do you think nerves are going to play a big factor for him? they haven't shown them all week at all. both of them look supremely composed and calm. you would expect that from wladimir klitschko, he has fought in big stadiums before, he fought against david haye in hamburg, a filthy, rainy night. there is a canopy above the ring, but they don't need a tonight, perfect conditions, cool and the crowd are really in for something special. three years ago,
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anthonyjoshua was something special. three years ago, anthony joshua was on something special. three years ago, anthonyjoshua was on the undercard. he was the first fight up. one of his early fights, just as he was finding his feet, won by knockout in 83 seconds in the first round. we expect this one to go a lot further. he has usually done the business in the first round, second or third round. two of his fights have gone to the seventh round. but klitschko is such a clever fighter. if it goes the distance, it goes to the scorecards, many people feel that klitschko's ring craft could see him get this on points, people think thatjoshua needs to knock him out to win it. you can listen to that fight on bbc radio 5 live from 9pm. ferrari's return to form in formula one has continued, as championship leader sebastian vettel took pole for this weekend's russian grand prix — closely followed by his teammate kimi raikkonen. for the mercedes of lewis hamilton though, the weekend has been a struggle thus far,
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he's ath on the grid, behind his teammate valtteri bottas, as ben croucher reports. sochi's olympic park, as a sporting destination in the winter it offers all the adrenaline which you could ask for. come the spring, f1 slaloms through. but going off—piste is not the quickest way out, asjolyon palmerfound out to his peril in the first part of qualifying. at the front, it came down to the same tussle between ferrari and mercedes. but it wasn't championship leader sebastian vettel that initially set the pace, rather the iceman, kimi raikkonen, grabbing pole as hamilton struggled to get to grips with the sochi surface. ferrari haven't been first and second on the surface since 2008. vettel‘s final run was enough to pip his team—mate by less than a tenth of a second. ferrari faces were soon beaming when hamilton's best effort was only good enough forfourth behind bottas. the russian race has only ever been won from the front row, so there is every chance we will see similar celebrations tomorrow.
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if you have a rhythm here, it feels fantastic. big thanks to the team, it is a great effort and it is a great result to have both cars in the front row. but it is only part of the job. it is an important step. we managed to improve a bit. maybe the circuit came out our way as well. but it is a very good result and i am sure everybody is very happy and very proud. home favourite lizzie deignan has won the women's tour de yorkshire. the former road race world champion and london olympics silver medallist crossed the finishing line in harrogate 5a seconds ahead of the chasing group. 0n the radio, my team manager was saying, you've got this. i saw the 1k to go banner, and i thought, i haven't got this, it is really difficult. you are in a world of pain and you don't dare relax until you are at the finish line. so i didn't soak it up until i had about 100 metres to go. the second stage of the men's race
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was won by frenchman nacer bouhanni. australia's caleb ewan finished second to take the overall lead. the highest placed briton was christopher lawless who was fourth. and simon yates has won the fourth stage of the tour of romandie in switzerland. the briton finished just ahead of richie porte and has a 19 second overall lead over the australian. britain's two time winner chris froome struggled, finishing more than a minute behind yates. andy murray's comeback from injury is still a work in progress. the world number one missed out on a place in the final of the barcelona 0pen. although he says he's pleased with his week's work, murray was beaten in three sets by the fourth seed from austria — dominic thiem. joe lynskey watched the match for us. andy murray's road to recovery is paved in red. 0n the clay of catalonia he's trying to get back to the peak of his powers.
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on this, the most unpredictable surface, any time on court is time to adjust. dominic thiem is more of a clay specialist. but some shots are spectacular, whatever you're playing on. the austrian, racing to the first set, 6—2. the fourth seed was building momentum. against the world number one, thiem was seizing the spotlight. murray has reached the top through his battling qualities. no matter what form he is in, he finds a way to frustrate. after levelling at a set all, murray seized the advantage in the third. but thiem was summoning the energy to strike back. in this match of topsy—turvy tennis, he would break murray's serve when it mattered. for the briton, the recovery continues. three weeks before the french open, and acclimatising on clay takes time. maria sharapova was beaten from the first time since returning from a 15 month drug ban. the russian was given a wildcard to the stuttgart 0pen but faltered at the semi—final stage. she took the first set
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against the world number 19 kristina mladenovic. but after two hours 38 minutes of play the french player came back to win in three sets. mark selby is the first man through to the world snooker championship final, after he had a classic battle with china's ding junhui — winning17—15. these two resumed at 12 frames all today, but the defending champion selby looked to have things won when he went ahead 16—13 — only one from victory. but, despite looking down and out, ding battled back brilliantly to win two frames in a row, and get within one again. yet a break of 72 in the 33rd frame saw from the two time winner edge home. he will facejohn higgins. he went into the semifinal against barry
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hawkins needing just one frame. 17—8 was the final score. the audience don't looked to too short—changed. exeter moved level on points with leaders wasps in rugby union's premiership with a 36—12 win over northampton saints. they ran in six tries in front of their home fans at sandy park to erase the gap at the top after wasps' defeat last night. centre ian whitten‘s score helped to make it a record seventh straight bonus—point win in the premiership for the chiefs. elsewhere in the premiership, leicester took a big step to securing a top—four finish with a bonus—point win against sale saracens are close to securing a home semi final after their 27—9 win over bristol. 0spreys have closed in on a semi—final spot in the pro 12 after a 2a—10 win over ulster. the welsh side couldn't manage a bonus point, but have moved above scarlets into third, running in three tries at the liberty stadium. ulster stay fifth with one game remaining. in the day's other matches,
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munster currently lead against benneton treviso in italy. scarlets can respond to that 0spreys win when they face connacht in just nicky henderson has been crowned champion jumps trainer for a fourth time — after his horse altior won the celebration chase at sandown. it had been a race between henderson and paul nicholls to be named trainer of the year — but altior, thought by many to be the natural successor to sprinter sacre in the two mile division, secured it for henderson, who last won the honour four years ago. interestingly, in ireland, willie mullins has won the irishjumps crown. that's interesting, everybody thought gordon elliott was going to win it. he had so many horses out this season. it was a numbers game, everybody thought gordon elliott was going to win. willie mullins had a fantastic finish to the cheltenham
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festival. he has been fantastic ever since. hejust got festival. he has been fantastic ever since. he just got it on the final day of the season. willie mullins has taken the irish jumps title. we know you love your horses! a reminder before we go, a huge fight at wembley stadium for anthony joshua, the ibf title and the wba title online. he takes on wladimir klitschko stop you can listen to it in its entirety on bbc radio 5 live. all of the build—up, the action, and the undercard fights, all available from 9pm. and you can follow everything on the bbc sport website. for now, good night. good evening. a quiet start to the bank holiday weekend. 0ver good evening. a quiet start to the bank holiday weekend. over the next couple of days, you will notice that because rising a little bit away from the east coast. they might be tempered by the breeze, which will be quite strong for all of us. it
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wouldn't be a bank holiday weekend without at least some rain in the forecast. no problems at wembley for the evening's big fight. the wind picking up on the south and west, touching gale force by the end of the night. there will be some rain here. elsewhere, dry and not particularly cold. eight, nine or 10 degrees for most major towns and cities. a bright, breezy start to the day for many. wet and windy weather in the south—west of england, spreading into the south—west of wales, along the south coast. a different day here in comparison with what we saw today. the rain has not quite got to the london area. 17 or 18 under the rain. 11 or12 in london area. 17 or 18 under the rain. 11 or 12 in plymouth. reasonable temperatures in the west of scotland. bud cauley monday, scattered showers for the western half of the uk. 15 degrees in glasgow and it should be dry for most of northern england, northern ireland and most of scotland, too. this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 8pm: european council president donald tusk calls on britain to come up with a "serious response" on what will happen to eu citizens
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living here after brexit. we all want a close and strong future relationship with the uk, but before discussing the future, we have to sort out our past. theresa may tells scottish voters that every vote for the conservatives will strengthen the union and strengthen her hand in brexit talks. snp leader nicola sturgeon tells supporters the party "will not let the tories drag scotland backwards". labour's jeremy corbyn defends his leadership style, saying other leaders give in to powerful vested interests. it's emerged that a man arrested by counter terrorism officers in north london had once been suspected of trying to travel
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