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this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11: the eu says the rights of its citizens must come before any trade talks, warning britain not to underestimate the challenges of brexit. translation: there is definitely a price and cost of leaving. it should not be a punishment, but europe will defend its interests. it comes as theresa may tells scottish voters every vote for the conservatives will strengthen her hand in the brexit talks. snp leader, nicola sturgeon, tells supporters the party "will not let the tories drag scotland backwards." jeremy corbyn defends his leadership qualities, accusing the prime minister of a "bunker mentality." a fleet of us warships arrives on the coast of north korea as they carry out another missile test. also this hour, the heavyweights head to wembley. the fight‘s just about to get under way, as anthonyjoshua takes
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on wladimir klitschko in british boxing's richest ever bout. in half an hour, we'll look at what's making tomorrow's front pages. the observer leads on those calls from eu leaders wanting a guarantee on the rights of their citizens living in britain following brexit. and there is a picture of donald trump on bees of his 100 days in the white house. —— eve. good evening, and welcome to bbc news. the president of the european commission has warned that many people in britain are underestimating the difficulties of brexit. jean claude yuncker was speaking after eu leaders, meeting in brussels, unanimously agreed their negotiating position on britain's departure from the union. the french president francois hollande said britain would have a price to pay and would inevitably be poorer outside the eu. damian grammaticas reports. the most powerful of europe.
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presidents and councillors gathered in brussels today. it took them just four minutes to sign off on their negotiating position. 27 countries united and ready they say to face the uk across the table with a set of demands. no tensions and splits. just some photographs. translation: there is definitely a price and cost for the uk. that is the choice it has made. it should not be a punishment, but europe will defend its interests, and the uk will be in a worse position outside of the eu thanit a worse position outside of the eu than it is now. this is what they wa nt than it is now. this is what they want from the uk. a guarantee of citizens' rights, like living and studying, already guaranteed. a
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financial settlement in the uk as they pay all of their portion of the eu spending up to 2020. solutions for border controls between northern and southern ireland. they worry that the uk is unprepared and unrealistic about the negotiations to come. eu leaders are most worried about what angela merkel has called illusions on the british side about what can be achieved in brexit negotiations to be this process todayis negotiations to be this process today is about injecting realism into the debate. if there are satisfied, the eu leaders then move on to discuss a future trade deal with the uk. what illusions do you think some of the uk have? translation: sometimes i have the impression that some in britain, i don't mean the government, do not understand the process we have set, a negotiation. this gives me the
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opportunity to say again, there is no conspiracy, no one is going up on written. the eu side believe even agree on the first side of the list, citizens group is rights, will not be straightforward. —— citizens'. citizens group is rights, will not be straightforward. -- citizens'. we have already prepared a text which could be adopted immediately if the british want to sign it. that is just one stumbling block. money could be another issue if any talk about trade deals will start. damian grammaticas reporting from brussels. it's billed as one of the biggest fights in british boxing history; more than ninety thousand people are expected to be at wembley stadium tonight to watch anthonyjoshua and wladimir klitchko go head—to—head for the world heavyweight title. talk us through what happened. where
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doi talk us through what happened. where do i start? an absolutely extraordinary fight. anthony joshua, the ibf world champion, was taken to a dark place tonight. he was dropped to the canvas in his first time in his career. his 19 fight. he had already put wladimir klitschko down already put wladimir klitschko down already in the fifth round. 13 years his senior. the former world champion of the heavyweight division and defeated in a decade. he thought he could get back to the top. and my word, he so nearly did, the ukrainian. but there was an unbelievable response from anthony joshua. this is the longest fight in his professional career. he then knocked out wladimir klitschko in the 11th round. all wladimir klitschko had to do was hang on to the end of the fight. he was ahead on point. he was ahead on points in this fight. but joshua on point. he was ahead on points in this fight. butjoshua knocked him down three times in the 11th round
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and the referee had to intervene in the fight was all over. anthony joshua has held onto his ibf world title and is now the wba world champion as well. he has unified half the division. not undisputed yet. it is so difficult to get these fights. there are still some champions out there in a fractured heavyweight division. but anthony joshua has just gotten heavyweight division. but anthony joshua hasjust gotten into heavyweight division. but anthony joshua has just gotten into the stratosphere. this is the man they will all want to fight now. a fantastic night forjoshua and british boxing in front of a record number of fans. how many people were there? 90,000, a post-war record for a british fight. tickets range from £40 to up to £2000 to be ringside.
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is that too much? well, this was one of the greatest in the heavyweight division, and certainly everyone here will not be disappointed with what they saw. a little bit of british boxing history. anthony joshuais british boxing history. anthony joshua is going places. yes, he has his flaws. he almost lost this fight tonight to the ukrainian. we will wait to see if that is the end of the career for wait to see if that is the end of the careerfor vladimir wait to see if that is the end of the career for vladimir klitschko. but this is certainlyjust the career for vladimir klitschko. but this is certainly just another step, as anthonyjoshua always said, towards greatness for him. what was the purse for this fight, just quickly? he will take home at least £50 million. this was a super fight which was going to generate over £50 million for both american networks. only the third time in history we are showing this fight in america. they will want anthony joshua are showing this fight in america. they will want anthonyjoshua to go over there and fight now. he is an absolute superstar after this now. sensational. he proved people, not
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wrong, they knew he was brilliant, but he has pushed into the deeper and darker limits of heavyweight boxing, going almost all the way, the whole distance. people wonder whether he can actually do that against a brilliant fighter in wladimir klitschko. they have had their answer. anthony joshua wladimir klitschko. they have had their answer. anthonyjoshua new he was looking for the knockout, and my word, he got it in that 11th round. —— knew. word, he got it in that 11th round. -- knew. thank you very much. you obviously enjoyed your evening at work. thank you very much. talking from wembley. as the eu was meeting the prime minister was in scotland, her first visit since calling the general election. she used it to repeat her claim that every vote for the conservatives would strengthen her hand in the brexit negotiations as glen campbell reports. a world away from the eu summit, on royal deeside, near aberdeen. theresa may and scottish conservative leader,
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ruth davidson, came here to address an invited audience of supporters, as the tories target snp—held territory in the hope of weakening the nationalist campaign for another vote on scottish independence. if the snp win the election in scotland, what right would you have to block a second referendum on independence once the terms of brexit are clear? right now we should be working together, not pulling apart and that's why i say every vote for me and my team in this election will be a vote for strengthening our hand in the brexit negotiations. that will strengthen our hand to get the best possible deal. in nearby banchory, four leaflets were posted, but no—one answered the prime minister's knock. for years, the tories have been toxic in scotland, and like labour and the liberal democrats, they still have only one mp, but they're confident they can make gains in scotland at this election at the expense of the snp.
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you cannae trust the tories. in glasgow, the snp first minister knows it'll be hard to hold all 56 scottish seats won by her party just two years ago, but opinion polls suggest the snp is on course to return more mps than all their rivals put together. this election does ensure that decisions about the future of our country are taken by the scottish people and the scottish parliament, not by a right—wing tory government at westminster. the liberal democrats want to keep the uk in the european single market and keep scotland in the uk. people in scotland don't want another independence referendum. it would cause uncertainty and chaos at an already difficult time. labour says the conservatives have put the union between scotland and england at risk. theresa may has only given the snp the excuse they were looking for to have a second independence referendum because of her gamble with brexit. but theresa may's tories think they are on the verge of a scottish comeback. glenn campbell, bbc news.
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the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has defended his style of leadership. speaking to supporters in east london he accused theresa may of using "simple slogans" to seek "unchallenged" power, and slipping into what he called a "presidential bunker mentality." our political correspondent, iain watson, reports. you may have noticed that the tone of this campaign has been a little bit personal. the labour leader does not usually directly respond. but the day he decided the best form of defence was attack. if party leaders put themselves ahead of serving the people, they stopped listening, and even put our country at risk. —— stop. barely nine months into theresa may's leadership, there are clear warning signs that she and her advisers are slipping into that presidential bunker mentality. the conservatives are determined to say
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the choice at this election is all about leadership. labour's usual response is to change the subject and talk about policy. but now clearlyjeremy corbyn believes it is worth the risk of taking theresa may on in her own territory. whereas insecure leaders want to feel stronger by asking you to give them more power, i recognise stronger leadership as equipping you with more power. and here is a different type of leadership. ukip was in hartlepool to announce they were standing for election in someone else. lincolnshire. the data has beenin else. lincolnshire. the data has been in the diary. i have come here to campaign alongside our great range. look, you know, we will be targeting this seat at the general election. usually, political leaders say they want to be prime minister of the not the lib dems. right
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around the country i am here to say iam around the country i am here to say i am determined to be the leader of return‘s opposition. the lib dems. the liberal democrats are absolutely clear that our country faces an absolute democratic challenge if it becomes a 1—party state. absolute democratic challenge if it becomes a 1-party state. the conservatives will on the issue of leadership to dominate this election. they have decided to neutralise rather than ignore it. bbc news. it's emerged that one of the six people arrested in a counter terrorism operation in north london on thursday night had been suspected of attempting to travel to syria to join so—called islamic state. mohamed amoudi, who is 21, was deported back to the uk. our home affairs correspondent, june kelly, gave us more details about some of the suspects in the alleged terror plot. a man's appeared in court charged with the murder of the former royal navy officer, mike samwell, who is thought to have been run over by his own car last weekend. mr samwell had tried to stop thieves from stealing
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his carfrom outside his home in manchester. ryan gibbons, who's 29, is charged with murder, burglary, and aggravated vehicle—taking. donald trump's accused north korea of disrespecting china after it test—fired a second ballistic missile. the test was launched hours after the american secretary of state rex tillerson called for a tougher international approach at the united nations security council. daniela relph reports. as tensions build, it's a reminder of america's formidable military might. the uss carl vinson arrived in waters off the korean peninsula, just hours after the failed missile test. shortly before arriving to make his case in new york, the us secretary of state at the united nations. his message was clear. un sanctions aren't working. the pressure on north korea must be stepped up. with each successive detonation and missile test, north korea pushes northeast asia and the world closer to instability and broader conflict. the threat of a north korean nuclear attack on seoul or tokyo is real.
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and it is likely only a matter of time before north korea develops the capability to strike the us mainland. so far, un pressure has not stopped north korea accelerating its weapons programme. overnight, president trump also gave his view. he tweeted, "north korea disrespected the wishes of china and its highly respected president when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. bad!" and in london this morning, during a visit to the uk, the japanese prime minister denounced the missile test. translation: it is a grave threat to our country. this is absolutely not acceptable. we strongly condemn such acts. this latest move by north korea's young leader appears to have strengthened international resolve to increase the pressure on him and his country. daniela relph, bbc news. all the day's sport news shortly,
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but first let's have a quick look at some of the front pages. the observer leads on today's summit of eu leaders, saying they want the uk to provide guarantees to eu citizens living in britain before any trade talks can begin. the sunday times reports that the other eu member states have rejected theresa may's negotiating position and accused her of living in a "parallel reality". the sunday telegraph says the prime minister has rejected the demands coming from brussels with politicians on both sides of the channel warning that the talks could turn nasty. the mail on sunday focuses on pensions, reporting that theresa may will bring in new laws to prevent a repeat of the sir philip green bhs scandal if she wins the election. and the sunday express concentrates on the investigation into the disappearance of madeleine mccann, ten years after she went missing. it says scotland yard's prime suspect is a woman. and we'll be looking at the papers in more depth in about 15 minutes' time.
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the headlines on bbc news: the eu says the rights of its citizens must come before any trade talks, warning britain not to underestimate the challenges of brexit. it comes as theresa may tells scottish voters every vote for the conservatives will strengthen her hand in the brexit talks. a fleet of us warships arrives off north korea, as pyongyang carries out another missile test. sport now and for a full round up from the bbc sport centre. here's hugh. what are you leading on i wonder? anthonyjoshua has added the wba world heavyweight title to his ibf belt with a pulsating victory over wladimir klitschko in front of 90,000 fans at wembley stadium. the fight was tentative until the third and fourth rounds when joshua went looking for a knockout blow. he got his rewards in the fifth
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round, as wembley erupted when klitschko was floored. at 41, klitschko showed all his years of experience to not only recover but knock downjoshua in the sixth round. as the fight approached the final two rounds, aj was left needing a knockdown to recover on the scorecards and he delivered, dropping klitscko twice in the 11th, before the referee stepped into stop the fight with the ukrainian reeling. it was a truly incredible performance from both, but joshua was left smiling as he moves to 18 professional fights unbeaten. after the fight, joshua said he'd like to fight tyson fury next. fury has since tweeted: "let's dance". after a decade in the premier league, sunderland have been relegated to the championship. their fate was sealed by a 1—0 defeat at home to bournemouth. josh king scored the only goal with just two minutes left. that condemned sunderland to a 23rd league defeat this season. that, coupled with a draw for fellow strugglers hull city,
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means david moyes' will play in the second tier next season. sadly, we are all obviously disappointed, feeling more for the supporters that support the club. who come and watch regularly, they are the ones you feel most about. we take collective responsibility, from the top to the bottom. because of that, we will dust ourselves down, look at it over the next few weeks and see what we have to do. is it the one overriding thing that has gone wrong this season, or an accumulation? i think it is an accumulation. again, for me to give you a snap answer to that after the game, i can't really do it. i would rather take some time to think about it and put it in the right place. hulll are still very much in a scrap for survival despite their goalless draw at southampton. hull keeper eldin jakupovic saved dusan tadic‘s penalty kick in stoppage time to earn a vital point for the tigers. they're now three points above the drop zone.
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burnley have taken a huge step towards safety with a 2—0 win at crystal palace. burnley are up to 14th place, while palace slip back to 16th. they're still seven points clear of the relegation zone though. stoke and west ham played out a goalless draw, while jamie vardy scored just before half time to give leicester victory at west brom. celtic registered their biggest ever away win over old firm rivals rangers with a 5—1 thrashing at ibrox. celtic are still unbeaten in domestic football this season. elsewhere, there were wins for stjohnstone, kilmarnock and dundee. hearts drew with partick. world number one andy murray has been knocked out of the barcelona open at the semi—final stage. despite recovering to win the second set, murray lost the decider on a tie break to austrian dominic thiem, who moves on to face rafa nadal in sunday's final. exeter moved level on points with leaders wasps in rugby union's premiership with a 36—12 win over northampton
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saints. they ran in six tries in front of their home fans at sandy park. elsewhere, leicester took a big step to securing a top—four finish with a bonus—point win against sale. saracens are close to securing a home semi final after their 27—9 win over bristol. ospreys survived a second—half onslaught by ulster to virtually assure themelves a place in the pro12 play—offs. second place munster won 34—14 at benetton treviso. third place scarlets won comfortably at connacht. mark selby will play john higgins in the final of the world snooker championship which starts in sheffield tomorrow and defending champion selby narrowly beat china's ding junhui 17—15. a break of 72 sealed victory. he was pretty happy about it too! higgins meanwhile quickly took the one frame he needed to beat barry hawkins 17—8. the first session of the final begins at 2pm. and finally championship leader sebastian vettel will start on pole
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position in his ferrari for tomorrow's russian grand prix. lewis hamilton will start back in fourth place in his mercedes. that's all the sport for now. all of the rest of the details are available on the bbc sport website. thank you very much. pope francis has held a mass in front of thousands of people in cairo on the second day of his visit to egypt. the pontiff warned against religious fanaticism as he addressed the crowd of around 15,000 faithful at the city's air defence stadium. he has now left egypt after the visit, which was aimed at building ties with muslim leaders and supporting the country's christian community. the bbc‘s martin bashir was travelling with the pope and gave this assessment. pope francis arrived in egypt, with a christian community under siege after those twin bomb attacks on palm sunday three weeks ago. but here at the air force stadium there's a sense of celebration at his arrival and i think that, overall, it has been a successful trip.
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he's navigated some delicate meetings with the president in egypt and the prime minister. of course, he president announced a state of emergency for three months after those bombings on palm sunday. but he's also been here to emphasise that commitment he has to interfaith dialogue. as he said at the university, nobody should be able to claim acts of violence, vengeance or hatred under the cloak of any religious faith or belief. over the past few years many museums have tried to shake off their dusty images and present themselves as places where learning can be fun. and this year's entrants for museum of the year award are no exception, being dedicated to subjects such as sculpture, geology and modern art, as colin paterson reports. when the hepworth wakefield was designed, the idea was that the outside of the building
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would be a work of art itself, every bit as much as the exhibits inside. now the gallery has received some serious recognition. it's one of the five nominees competing for the title museum of the year. specialising in sculpture, it's been rewarded for a year which has seen a 20% rise in visitors, many of them very young. i think actually children are the most open—minded people of all to work with and they end up inspiring their families and adults to come back on a regular basis too. and they had certainly been taking it all in. i have seen some very pretty sculptures. they're made of glass, wood, material and metal. i have never seen paintings hanging on doors before! another reason the hepworth has been nominated is that its year was enhanced by one very special donation.
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a chinese dog from about 2000 bc. 2000 bc?! probably, yes. just balancing in the corner. just balancing, yes. watch out, gavin. don't knock that off with the camera! an art collection that covers every inch of a north london house. here we have the loo. the toilet! even the toilet has art in it. absolutely packed full of art, again on both sides of the doors. tim sayer has been collecting art for more than five decades. a visit to the hepworth prompted him to donate his entire collection to them. and now the hepworth is nominated for museum of the year and your donation was in their submission, how does that make you feel? excited, surprised, amazed, really. i had no idea we were going to be signalled out as a contributory factor. we're so pleased. when it comes to museum of the year, there are some very strong runners and riders, including
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the national heritage centre for horseracing in newmarket, opened in november by the queen. one of its star exhibits, a racing simulator. it's not believed that her majesty had a go. the tate modern is nominated for a year which saw the opening of a new building, the switchouse, increasing its space by 60%. and also up for the prize is the lapworth museum of geology in birmingham, home to a quarter of a million objects. the line—up is completed by the sirjohn sowen‘s museum in london. the neoclassical architect left his collection to the nation. last year, £7 million was spent restoring it to,how_illooked when he died in 1837. it gives me an enormous pleasure. onjuly 5th, only one of the museums will be given a new precious item, the title museum of the year. finally, a very happy birthday 105th birthday to mary hayes.
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every year at her care home in bath she's asked what she'd like for her birthday and she always says — afireman! well, this time they took her at her word and avon fire and rescue's finest came to present her with a cake. hgppy happy birthday, mary! happy birthday! any more? 105. how do you feel? 105! mary was born in the same year the titanic sank, 1912, and she's lived through two world wars and she says the secret for a long life is to be around so many lovely people. hello, there.
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good evening. a pretty quiet start to the bank holiday weekend. over the next few days, it looks as if things will be getting warmer. the breeze will be picking up, and that mightjust offset things a little bit. it wouldn't be a bank holiday weekend without some rain. we have an area of low pressure to the west of us. ahead of that, the isobars get closer together xzsi ; i;;; a:: j creeping into the south—west. but it's dry overnight pretty much everywhere. variable amounts of cloud and that breeze quite noticeable, coming in from the south—east. it's gale force by the end of the night. most of us will be fine and dry, temperatures not dropping away too far. it's 8—11 celsius for most of us, but it might go a a little lower than that in the north—west highlands. a dry start to the day for most places. the brighter the further north and east you go. further south and west, that wind and rain setting in.
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a lot more cloud in the sky and it will be windy, some rain as well. some of the rain could be quite heavy but it hasn't quite got to the london area yet. with the rain, ten or 11 celsius. warm through the midlands, 16—16 towards manchester. only ten celsius in newcastle and 9 celsius in aberdeen. much warmer the further west you go, could go as high as 16, 17 celsius in the north—west highlands. some premier league action taking place tomorrow. no real problems at man united or everton but later in the day, maybe during the match or on thejourney home, wetter weather spreading its way through the london area. the main area of rain gets into north wales, east anglia and fringes into northern england. but by bank holiday monday it's really just scattered showers across the southern half of the uk. again, a range of temperatures.
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only ten or 11 celsius for the north sea coast. head further west, 14 or 15 celsius. again, a cool day on that north sea coast on tuesday, with a fair bit of cloud. a little bit of rain but, again, come inland and west, it's much brighter and some sunshine and it will feel a good deal warmer as well. much of the rest of the week is looking pretty good with dry weather, light winds and warm in the west.


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