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this is bbc news. the headlines at 6pm. labour and the conservatives compete for workers' votes — theresa may rules out a vat rise, while labour says it won't raise tax for those on low incomes. on the tenth anniversary of madeleine mccann‘s disappearance, her parents say they still have hope she'll be found. president trump says pressure on north korea over its nuclear programme is working — and says china is helping. counterterrorism detectives have arrested a woman who was shot during arrested a woman who was shot during a raid in north london on thursday. president trump says pressure on north korea over its nuclear programme is working — and says china is helping. president xi, someone i have a man i've gotten to like and respect, the president of china, president xi, i believe has been putting
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pressure on them also. so far, perhaps nothing has happened and perhaps it has. chelsea stay well in front at the top of the premier league. good evening and welcome to bbc news. theresa may has said there will be no increase in vat if the conservatives win the general election. however the prime minister has given her clearest signal yet that her party will abandon its promise not to raise income tax or national insurance contributions. labour has also promised not to raise vat, with leaderjeremy corbyn saying any other tax rises will fall on what he calls the "top end" and not on low and middle earners. our political correspondent leila nathoo reports. in the swing of an election campaign, there is, for some, an unmentionable word. of whether her government
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would increase taxes, but this morning she gave the strongest indication yet that she will drop a previous tory commitment not to raise national insurance, income tax or vat. we have no plans to increase the level of tax, but i am also very clear i don't want to make specific proposals on taxes unless i am absolutely sure that i can deliver on those. it would be my intention as a conservative government and a conservative prime minister, to reduce the taxes on working families. later, she went further in clarifying her plans. we won't be increasing vat, but what i want to ensure is we are able to have the strong... so you definitely won't raise vat, that is a 100% commitment? where, then, will extra money come from to pay
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for public services — schools, hospitals and social care? the prime minister hinted a long—term plan for that would be in her manifesto. jeremy corbyn, who has been speaking to the national association of head teachers, says labour would reverse cuts to corporation tax and make those at the top pay more. we are the party that wants low taxes for low and medium earners. the conservative party is the party who wants low taxes for the high earners. we look at things the other way around. so, yes, there will be changes but they will be very, very much at the top end. labour is guaranteeing the state pension will continue to rise by at least 2.5% a year. theresa may, though, suggested she was considering a new way of calculating the increase. but brexit looms and with the eu states uniting around their negotiation position yesterday, the other opposition parties sense an opportunity. the labour party are fighting amongst themselves and have given up on the job of opposing the government. britain desperately needs a strong, decent opposition for the sake of democracy. you don't need to agree with me
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on everything to agree with me that britain needs a strong opposition and the liberal democrats are determined to provide it. the eu has already been clear that they have to look after the interests of the eu 27 at the moment. in the next parliament, we have a really important job of holding the government to account. theresa may doesn't want to discuss our eu divorce bill before trade talks and says she is still happy to walk away without a deal. well, with just under six weeks to go until the general election on 8th june, and those all—important party manifestos yet to be released — our political correspondent chris mason explained just how significant theresa may's comments were on tax. i think what is curious at this stage, the early verbal skirmishes of an election campaign, is that there is a distinct absence of definitive promises, and there is a good and understandable reason
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from the perspective of political parties. they are furiously assembling manifestos, those those supposedly sacred promises. and so, the mantra we so often get at the moment when we ask a politician question is, wait for the manifesto. they can a week or fortnight away. we have a definitive promise that there will not be an increase in vat, and labour said the same. but, as you say, clearly there is an awareness within the conservatives, and we have seen this articulated publicly, that they do not want to bind themselves into something we're the do not increase income tax or national insurance, but what we do not know is how they may want to tinker with those. during election campaigns, politicians love to push the answers down the road into waiting for the manifesto, and the labour party has been doing this today on the
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question of what level of earnings they will increase taxes. is that because they have not decided on that quite yet? or is it because they know it will be controversial? both, probably. they know it will be controversial but also they know that they can see it is something that is very different from what the conservatives are likely to say. they are going through the same process as the conservatives in rapidly assembling a manifesto, and they have found themselves in these opening skirmishes being drawn in to try to define what a higher earner would be in their view. john mcdonnell, the shadow chancellor, ten days ago was talking about people earning £70,000, which is something that some felt was too low rate for someone to define themselves as being rich. but that is around three times as much as national average earnings, so you
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might say justifiably that someone that bracket is rich. jeremy corbyn has not yet put a figure on it. he is again referring back to the manifesto but is specifically saying that low and middle—income earners will not be hit by tax rises, but the definition is absolutely central and we have not got that in black—and—white yet. again, a reference back to the manifesto. ten years after the disappearance of madeleine mccann, her parents have told the bbc they will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to find their daughter. madeleine was three years old when she went missing on holiday in portugal, while her parents were eating at a nearby restaurant. speaking to fiona bruce, kate and gerry mccann talked about the pain they continue to face, after a decade of uncertainty. every day is another day without madeleine. i think it's just that number. that ten—year mark makes it more significant. it's a reminder of how much time has gone by, and obviously
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ten is a big number. i think that the day and the poignancy of it... we don't tend to go back to the time because it's so draining. but inevitably on anniversaries and birthdays, they're by far the hardest. how different is your life now to what you must have imagined all those years ago? it's a hard one. it's such a long time. i think before madeleine was taken, we felt we'd managed to achieve a little perfect, nuclear family of five. we had that for a short period. you adapt. you have a new normality. unfortunately for us, the new normality at the minute is a family of four. last time we talked, you told me how you were still buying birthday presents and christmas presents for madeleine... are you still doing that? yes, i still do that.
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a lot of thought goes into it. but i couldn't not. she'll always be our daughter. the police have talked about one significant lead that they're still pursuing. can you tell me anything about that? we're very much... the investigation is in the hands of the met police. there are ongoing enquiries. we've come a long way and there is progress, there are some very credible lines of enquiry the police are working on, and while there's no evidence to give us any negative news, that hope is still there. it really is there, in your hearts? yeah. one day you'll be reunited with your daughter? no parent is going to give up on their child unless they know for certain their child is dead. we just don't have any evidence. my hope of madeleine being out there is no less than it was ten years ago. a woman who was shot by armed officers during a counter terrorism
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investigation in north london has been arrested. the 21—year—old was taken to a hospital on thursday to be treated for her injuries. she has now been discharged and arrested. police say the incident is not connected to the whitehall terror suspect khalid mohammed 0mar ali. one of the world's most accomplished mountaineers, ueli steck, has died in an accident on mount everest. steck, known as the swiss machine, was climbing alone on the mountain as he prepared for an attempt on the summit without oxygen. steck, who was 40, had won many awards and was famed for the speed of his ascents. alexandra mackenzie reports. mount everest, dangerous and daunting, even for the most experienced of climbers. the idea isjust climbing from base camp to camp number two. ueli steck, also known as the swiss machine, planning the detail of his route.
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we don't know if it is possible, that is the interesting thing. nobody has done that before. having the chance, it is there and it is possible, but i don't know. so he knew the dangers, he had reached the summit without oxygen in 2012, and in 2015 he climbed all 82 alpine peaks, over 4000 metres injust 62 days. he conquered the north face of the eiger in less than three hours. ueli steck was on everest to acclimatise before attempting a new route on the summit. if he had been successful, it would have pushed him into another sphere. a first ascent like that on everest, it isjust sinking in at the moment. he was known as the swiss machine, really fit,
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lovely guy when you meet him. a petit guy, a bundle of energy. at the peak again. pretty cool. the climbing community has said it has lost a pioneer. he was known for his speed and ruthlessly methodical approach, with an ability to push push himself to the limit of human endurance. president trump has described the north korean leader kimjong—un as a ‘pretty smart cookie‘ — while also warning that a conflict with pyongyang could kill millions of people. mr trump made the comments during an interview with the us network cbs, where he also did not rule out military action against north korea. earlier he marked the 100th day of his presidency with a speech at a rally in pennsylvania. 0ur correspondent laura bicker is in harrisburg. a sort of complement from president
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trump, buta a sort of complement from president trump, but a warning to north korea as well. it is in this area of foreign policy that he's getting traction compared to the domestic arena. yes, supporters were very pleased last night how he is performing during the campaign he decried china as a currency manipulator, one of his messages was that he would do a new deal with china and be tough on them because they were manipulating their currency. last night he told his supporters it was bad timing and that he had sat down with president xi, and come to an agreement over north korea. when it comes to the ballistic missile test that north korea failed to let off on friday, he believes he can lean more heavily on china. this is what he had to say
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earlier. a man i have got to like and respect, the president of china, president xi, i believe has been putting pressure on them also, but so putting pressure on them also, but so far perhaps nothing has happened and perhaps it has. this was not a small missile, not a big missile, this was not a nuclear test that he was expected to do three days ago. we will see what happens. earlier this week president trump described kim jong—un as this week president trump described kimjong—un as a this week president trump described kim jong—un as a tough young leader who had a hard time taking over at a young age of 27. he seemed to repeat those comments in the interview. he is dealing with very tough people, particularly the generals and others, and at a very young age she was able to assume power. a lot of people tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else, and he was able to do it. obviously he is a pretty smart cookie. the trump administration will be discussing over this weekend
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how to deal with the north korean situation after the failed missile pest. what options do they have? they can lean further on china, and you can hear from they can lean further on china, and you can hearfrom president trump that that is perhaps one strategy he will follow. but looking at further sanctions they can take, they may target specific banks in north korea and china. also, military options have never been ruled out. we understand from some us officials that they may send more aircraft to the area all warships to the area. but that may upset the chinese, who do not like that kind of us presence in the region. but these are options that have to be discussed. difficult global issues for the trump administration, while they also deal with issues at home. thank you very much for that. the headlines. labour
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and the conservatives compete for workers votes. theresa may rules out a vat rise, while labour says it will not raise taxes for those on low incomes. madeleine mccann has been missing for ten years, but in an interview to mark the anniversary, her parents say they still hope she will be found. president trump says pressure on north korea over its nuclear programme is working. he says china is helping the united states. time for a round—up of the sports news. spurs are on the verge of finishing above arsenal for the first time since 1995. they lead the final derby 2—0, thanks to two familiar names. dele alli put the home side ahead with his 17th league goal
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of the season. straight from the kick off spurs were awarded is a penalty when harry kane was tripped by gabriel. kane dusted himself off to double the lead from the spot. victory for spurs would mean they close the gap on leaders chelsea to 4 points with 4 matches to play. meanwhile antonio conte says his chelsea side must become champions for a good season to become a fantastic one. earlier today the blues ran out 3—0 winners over everton at goodison park. manchester city were looking to leapfrog liverpool into third place, they we re liverpool into third place, they were away at middlesbrough, who themselves needed something from the game in their battle against relegation. instead— 2—2 draw means
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pep guardiola's said stay in fourth spot while middlesbrough move six points from safety with three games to go. contentious penalty decision allowed sergio aguero to cancel out alvaro negredo's openers. allowed sergio aguero to cancel out alvaro negredo's openersm allowed sergio aguero to cancel out alvaro negredo's openers. it was a chance to win, but that will not happen to the last game because manchester united and arsenal are there. you may have noticed some technical problems, we apologise for those, but we can now see the report on the victory for chelsea over everton. the title is getting closer for chelsea, and antonio conte is keen to keep matters in their own hands. goodison park isn't an easy place to visit. everton have won their last eight macro league games here. an early warning shot. in an entertaining first half, both teams we re entertaining first half, both teams were willing to attack. the only thing missing was the finishing for
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eddie hazard. the pendulum swung with a swipe of pedro's left foot. in the 66th minute, a strike worthy of champions. chelsea captain gary cahill. not the prettiest, but they all count. fifth republic fabregas... all count. fifth republic fabregas. .. conte and all count. fifth republic fabregas... conte and chelsea are closing in. we play a game with the head, and part of this is important to do before, wareham with your
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heart —— play with your head and then your legs. manchester city stay a point ahead of manchester united. manchester united seemed to be fighting just to stay fit enough to challenge for qualification in the champions league. before there was even a shot on target the home side were having to make unplanned changes. when luke shaw has been set, he has often been out of favour with jose mourinho, and with less than ten minutes gone, another ten minutes on the sideline beckoned. another man on the fringes the season turn things around before the season turn things around before the interval. after marcus rashford was awarded a penalty for this, wayne rooney stepped up to score only his fourth premier league goal
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this season. the joy was short—lived asa this season. the joy was short—lived as a challenge led to the ivory coast defender limping off a quarter ofan hour coast defender limping off a quarter of an hour into the second half. with the defence ravaged, wayne rooney got involved where perhaps he should not. they were made to pay from the resulting free kick. the iceland midfielder claimed the man of the match award for his ninth goal of the season. he has won 15 points for swansea this term, and without him they would already be relegated. for the welsh team, the draw felt like a victory. united rewrote the record books as they extended their unbeaten run to 25 matches. but with the top four out of their hands, it will have felt more like a defeat. 2—0 up. just a minute left in injury time for them. a good result. john higgins is leading mark selby 6—2 going into the evening session at the snooker world championship. you can keep
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up—to—date with all of those stories on the bbc sport website. we will have much more at 7:30pm. thank you very much. authorities in the united states say that several tornados that hit texas on saturday evening have left at least five people dead and nearly 50 injured. emergency services are conducting a search for missing people and say they fear the death toll may rise. as david campanale now reports, the american midwest has been struck by an intensive weather system that has caused damage across several states. it's texas, and this region of the united states is known as tornado alley for its frequent, powerful storms. twisters like this are not uncommon but their dramatic capacity for death and destruction is unstoppable and always unwelcome. homes in the state have been flattened, trees uprooted and cars overturned. at least one powerful storm hit the city of canton about 80 kilometres east of dallas.
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more were reported in surrounding areas. this is the tornado crossing the road right in front of us. blocked roads have hindered emergency responders, who are still trying to get out to numerous calls for help. fatalities, i believe, what i'm getting is that they are still coming in. we are talking about maybe five casualties. that number may go up once we can get into those areas. we are trying to deploy search and rescue and recovery right now. that number may go up, hopefully it doesn't, but we do know we have a number of fatalities as of right now. heavy rains and damaging winds have struck a broad swathe of the us heartland. downpours that began on friday have been so intense the ground has been unable to absorb rainfall, causing widespread flooding and prompting evacuations. the governors of missouri and oklahoma have declared states of emergency due to flooding and the damage caused to power supplies and structures. the massive storm system has also delayed thousands of flights.
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colorado and wyoming further north have been struck by snowstorms. heavy rain in the midwest is expected to continue to the end of the weekend, along with wind gusts of 95 kilometres per hour. officers from the uk borderforce have detained a group of people — suspected to be illegal immigrants — on board a yacht which ran aground at orford in suffolk. one source suggested that there were 7 ukrainians onboard. earlier our correspondent richard slee, who's been following the story, told me it was a member of the public who alerted 999. two lifeboats were dispatched and when they arrived at the mouth of the river or, they discovered a yacht which had run aground on high winds. according to the coast guard, on board were a number of people they say from the ukraine, now believed to be seven people. the
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coast guard alerted border force police officers, and the coast guard told the yachts to safety. how much ofan told the yachts to safety. how much of an issue is this along this coast? this is the second time a group of ukrainians have turned up in the small leisure port, orford harbour, in recent years, and there has been a report on the situation written by the chief inspector of borders and immigration just recently. according to the sunday times today, this report was delivered to the government two months ago and would normally have been published by no. we asked the home office today about the details of the report, and when it would be released to the government. the response was that this report would be released in due course. they also said no further comment would be made until after the election. mps are calling for best—before dates on food to be scrapped, saying they‘ re unnecessary and contribute towards unacceptable levels of food waste. in a report published
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today the environment, food and rural affairs committee say that £10 million of food is thrown away every year. in a few minutes, we'll be joining clive myrie with viewers to bbc one for a news summary. but first here's the weather with stav da naos. i think sunday is shaping up to be the better day of the bank holiday weekend, certainly compared to what we expect on monday, certainly across central and southern areas. that's because this area of low pressure really comes into play during sunday night and in towards monday. it's going to continue to be windy this evening across central northern areas but a dry end to the day here. we've got that area of low pressure spinning up from the south—west. this will bring outbreaks of rain, further rain to the south—west and a band of rain in towards the midlands, northern england, north wales. to the north, mostly dry, a few clear spells. to the south, quite a lot of cloud. it will be a mild night across the board. this area of low pressure is going to bring some unsettled weather to a swathe of england
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and wales through bank holiday monday. it's not going to be a wash—out by any means but we could see some heavy and persistent rain across the south—west of england and towards south wales and some rain across northern areas. through central areas where we get the sunshine breaking through in the afternoon, that will lift temperatures up so we could see some heavy, slow—moving cloud and potentially thunderstorms. remaining quite wet, though, for cornwall. a few showers as well for northern england but here we will see an abundance of sunny spells. the further north you head away from that area of low pressure, it's likely to stay dry altogether. northern ireland, parts of north—west england and for much of western scotland, here we will probably see the best of the temperatures, 18—19, maybe 20 celsius across the north—west highlands. always cooler across the east because of the onshore breeze. as we head through bank holiday monday evening, that area of low pressure begins to pull away, so we see the showers easing down into the evening and overnight. there is the area of low pressure pushing off into the main continent. then we have an area of high pressure starting to build in.
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it'll start to push easterly winds our way — never a warm direction, even at this time of year. it will be quite cool across eastern coastal areas on tuesday, we will have some low cloud, maybe mist. the best of the weather will always be across southern and western areas. we will have some shelter, sunshine and the best temperatures. on wednesday, it is cool across the east coast because of the north—easterly breeze. quite cloudy across the south—east, with one or two showers. the best of the sunshine will be across the north and the west, with the best of the temperatures. the rest of the week is going to be dry for most because of high pressure. always chillier in the east because there will be cloud and a few showers and warmer in the west. anthony joshua is britain's newest sporting superstar, after a sensational heavyweight title fight at wembley stadium. commentator: title fight at wembley stadium. this is great worki joshua. commentator: this is great work from joshua. what fitness, what part. it is stopped! he defeated the former champion wladimir klitschko
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