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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  April 30, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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hifi'fiv-w'fi www - review. nobody mentioned line of duty! hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is jason solomons. hi, jason, what do we have this week? long weekend, a visit to the cinema is on the agenda for many families, and they can climb aboard a spaceship if they like. those saviours of space, the guardians of the galaxy, are back, complete with talking raccoon for volume two of guardians of the galaxy. the terrible atrocities of the armenian genocide in the first world war era turkey are on the agenda in the promise, getting big screen love treatment with christian bale, and rising star florence pugh takes centre stage for lady macbeth, a low—budget british chiller that
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has nothing to do with shakespeare. i was at the cinema at the weekend and i saw the trailer for guardians of the galaxy vol 2. oh my goodness, even watching the trailer, ifelt like i was bombarded with this wall of noise and fury and funny little creatures. that sums it up, really. we'll move on! laughter. if you saw volume 1, you'll know that it is about... there a talking raccoon, a talking tree, it doesn't say much. itjust says, "i am groot." that tree has now been cut down to a tiny tree which is very cute. bear with me on this. i'll take your word for it. i don't know what they do, they save the galaxy from something, although the raccoon who is voiced by bradley cooper steals some stuff which means that half of the galaxy is after them in a kind of flash gordon style chase. as we join the action now,
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as they like to say in the crucible in sheffield, they are being chased by hordes of golden aliens. this is weird, we've got a sovereign fleet approaching from the rear. why would they do that? probably because rocket stole some of their batteries. dude! right. he didn't steal some of those. i don't know why they are after us. what a mystery this is. what were you thinking? dude, they were really easy to steal. that's your defence!? come on, you saw how that high priestess talked down to us. now, i am teaching her a lesson! i didn't realise your motivation was altruism. it is a shame that the sovereigns had mistaken your intentions and are trying to kill us. exactly! i was being sarcastic! oh, no! you're supposed to use a sarcastic voice! now i look foolish. can you put the bickering on hold until after we survive this massive space battle ? ok, the raccoon looks quite cute.
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that's what i'm taking from that. people call him a puppy. a triangle—faced panda. it is a film about banter and insult and very little else, strangely enough. i kind of enjoyed it in a kind of lobotomised carapace that i entered. it doesn't really go anywhere. there is a plot about chris pratt's character going to find his father played by kurt russell, who has luxuriant hair and delivers every line like he's looking in the bathroom mirror. they have to explode this guy because he is a planet really and... it really makes no sense. it is kind of a pity, because if it had that it would be a much better superhero movie than normal. the colours are good, and if you like green zoe saldanas, and the other guy who is a benjamin thing type person, there's a lot to look at. visually it has a prog rock album cover look. it looks a bit like mike hodges‘ flash gordon all those years ago. it doesn't really go anywhere, and i feel that plotless in space leaves you a bit lost. you are — you're not selling it to me. i hate... i better stop saying that. if you liked the first one...
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is that who it's aimed at? it is not going to convert people who weren't there in the first place. if you did like the first one, there is nothing here that will put you off it, it feels like it is treading water into volume 3. oh, my god! it is inevitable. thanks for leaving me with that thought. shall we move on? to something that is not volume two of anything. this is a change of pace, this is the promise which stars christian bale, oscar isaac and a french actress charlotte le bon. she is no relation to the duran duran singer. this is set against the terrible atrocities of the armenian genocide, which took place in 1914, 1915 in turkey. 1.5 million armenians were killed in that. yet to be acknowledged as a genocide. it has never had a big—screen treatment, only a few times been dealt with in popular culture. and here it is really fronted in what has become a sort of love war—torn epic with this love triangle.
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christian bale, as we can see him there, oscar isaac, and charlotte le bon. they try to stay together during the terrors of this war where armenians are being turfed out of villages, ethnically cleansed is the modern term. they are moved away. the turks arejoined with the germans in this war and it becomes a sort of uneasy mix of terrible tragedy with this kind of beating—hea rt love story. is that the director trying to inform us all about history? history that he clearly feels we should know more about by using that age—old tradition of a love story? love triangle, but still a love story. that is a sort of thing we have seen in second world war movies and first world war movies countless times. but here, i didn't really know about the armenian genocide and i'm not alone in this. many people don't. and i don't really know much more about it having seen the film, which i think is a pity, because that is what is important. there are some terrible things that were done to the armenian population, concentration camps,
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train transport, in a way which sort of foreshadows holocaust movies and holocaust tropes that we see. kristallnacht—style kind of riot in the streets where the armenian shop owners were rounded up. these are a very interesting kind of foreshadowing. it is partly interesting to the point where a love story didn't interest me at all, i wanted to find out what was happening to the armenians. bit of a pity. but you need that love story to give you entry into the story. they play it very well, oscar isaac is good, christian bale is good as a gruff ap news reporter, and charlotte le bon lacks a bit of star power in the middle of it. it is very well intentioned. but i don't think it is going to be the monument that the armenian genocide deserves in terms of cinema. let's move on to a film i feel a lot of people are talking about. lady macbeth, not to do with the shakespeare play. not really. if shakespeare is not your thing don't let that put you off. but she is a lady macbeth like character. this is played by a british rising star called florence pugh, who was in carol morley‘s film, the falling. this is her second major role and she completely devours this role. it is like watching someone blossom on screen.
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she is terrific. she plays a woman called katherine who is sold to a wealthy mine—owning family up north and becomes a wife, imprisoned in this terrible house which creaks and cracks and the wind wuthers through. the husband goes away. she is left to rule the house herself and gets drunk on the power and takes a fancy to herself as lady of the manor, and takes a fancy to sebastian the stable boy, played by cosmojarvis. they have a torrid affair and here they are out on the moors. could you do without me? it's husbands and wives that kiss like that. laughter. she won't speak. you know i shan't be parted from you alive, sebastian. through hell and high water, i will follow you. to the cross, to the prison,
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to the grave, to the sky. i'd rather stop you breathing than have you doubt how i feel. florence pugh, as you say, a lot of people talking about her, she was only 19 when that was filmed. it is a debut by the director as well. yes, william old royd, he is an opera director, and the story has been made into an opera before. it was banned byjoseph stalin because it was feared that women would take instruction from this film and become rebellious from that opera. have our own mind? yes, it's terrible, it should never happen! what a suggestion! the way that she does it in this film, it is perhaps a good idea, she has a terrible consequence for her thirst. we admire her and love her, and think she is brilliant, but she's terribly complex. the way it is played is brilliant. i think this is one of the best british debuts i have seen in ages,
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and if you think it is a costume drama, think again. it kind of subverts all those frills and furbelows and merchant ivoryness. it is stark, lean and kind of frightening and macabre. it has a fairly mixed race cast with two black characters which bring another shade of class and race to that period drama. i think it is a superb film, five stars from me. fantastic. there is the bank holiday viewing sorted. a quick thought about the best out. one, to my shame, i have still not had a chance to see and i am dying to see. this is an oscar—nominated documentary called i am not your negro. it is still out at select cinemas if you can find it. or find it on some streaming channel somewhere. it is a terrific documentary examining race in america through the eyes of a forgotten activist, james baldwin, who is a sort of poet, kind of jazz—era writer and author and activist. an extraordinary figure who's put front and centre of this, an examination of the civil rights movement through him, but it is an angry and powerful film. i can't forget it. i'm surprised it didn't win the best picture at the oscars. it is voiced by samuel ljackson,
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doing james baldwin's narrative. i think it's one of the best things samuel ljackson has ever done. the dvd, have you picked this just for me? your choice is reminding me how old i am, normally it is something that is out in the last few months. i would never do that, remind a lady of her age. now you've taken us back to the 1980s. yes, 1985, letter to brezhnev, which is like me delving into my albums and coming out now that's what i call music 4. yes! it is very much a soundtrack album from that era. it is a film that everyone went to see, it is the story of two girls in liverpool on a night out and falling in love with two russian sailors, played by peter firth and alfred molina, who have gone on to big things as well. margi clark is one of the girls. it has got bronsky beat in it. we all went to see it. it was the film to see. it was a film everyone saw. it was about working—class liverpool, thatcher—era britain. it was a rebellious film. but it was also bleak in that classic british way. restored and put on blu—ray, i wonder if the grit will still hold to it,
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but i think it is a real snapshot of britain that might have been forgotten. a kind of lost classic film, but one, as soon as you hear the name, letter to brezhnev, you are reminded of it. it is a cult classic from the british archives and i'm delighted it is out for a new generation to witness on blu—ray and dvd. and for you to be reminded of your youth. thank you, jason. you can come again. thank you very much and enjoy your bank holiday viewing. thank you. that is it for this week for now. enjoy your cinema going and we'll see you next time. bye bye. good evening. bank holiday monday will be with us in a matter of minutes. much like on sunday it will bea minutes. much like on sunday it will be a day of stark contrasts across the uk. this is the view mid—afternoon in cornwall. leaden skies and some rain. but at the other end of the country, it was a lovely, bright, and breezy
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afternoon. the reason for the contrast is that we have low pressure drifting into the southern half of the uk. that will park right here through bank holiday monday and it will bring some wet weather with it. in fact, wet for some overnight tonight. that rain will edge further north to manchester, liverpool, and lincolnshire. the lowest temperatures will probably be in the west of scotland at about five or six degrees. but it is also here we will see the highest temperatures on bank holiday monday. lovely to the west of scotland. the odd early shower in the north of being with. the northern half of uk is largely dry, bright, and breezy. but a fresh of showers further south. some could turn heavy with the odd rumble of thunder. the top two brita will be about 12 or 13 degrees. —— temperature will be. ten or 11 degrees in newcastle. 1a or 15 in carlisle. probably getting to 17 in parts of northern ireland and 18 in
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the western side of scotland. but only nine in the eastern side with the breeze coming in from the north sea. as you go through bank holiday evening, those showers will be in england and wales, the drifting to the south. that process will continue. there will be a fair bit of low—budget into the eastern side of low—budget into the eastern side of the uk. temperatures will not drop too far. 78 or nine degrees for major towns and cities. —— seven, eight, or nine. on tuesday, a dry day for many. this air of low pressure just to the south. this allows high pressure and scandinavia to be the driving force of our weather. it will be for a few days. that breeze will bring in low cloud and it will be cool. some rain to the east coast. further southend west, much brighter skies and high temperatures. could be 16 or 17 degrees again in the north—west of scotland. still cool and breezy along that eastern coast on wednesday. cloud to the southern pa rt wednesday. cloud to the southern part of the uk. a little rain. melton west, winds will be lighter
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and it will be another decent date in scotland. —— day. temperatures in the middle or high too. if you need more details, go to our website. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore, the headlines: a very special relationship. president trump is full of praise for china. and some surprisingly warm words for the north korean leader kim jong—un. a lot of people i'm sure tried to ta ke a lot of people i'm sure tried to take that power away, whether it was his uncle or anybody else. and he was able to do it. so obviously he's a pretty smart cookie. tributes to one of the world's most famous and celebrated climbers, ueli steck, who's died in an accident on mount everest. hello, i'm tom donkin in london. also in the programme: bike—sharing schemes are taking off in china. we explore how they're providing a timely boost for manufacturers. and he's had an impressive run in the world snooker championship,
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