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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 5, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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now it is time for our news review. le figaro leads with the french presidential election reporting emmanuel macron is the frontrunner, declaring him the winner in his final debate with rival marine le pen. the irish times reports us president donald trump has scored his first legislative victory after the house of representatives voted to replace the affordable care act, more widely known as obamacare. the new york times asks did uk tabloid newspapers help in persuading the british public to vote brexit? the paper says as the uk prepares to cut ties with europe many uk politicians are courting the tabloids out of fear they'll turn against them. the south china morning post says a war of words has escalated between north korea and china. the row, the paper says has been prompted by beijing working more closely with the united states. and finally the telegraph has a picture of the duke of edinburgh
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on the front cover. prince philip, it is announced will be retiring from public life and will no longer carry out royal engagements from the autumn, by which time he will be 96. probably time for you to retire, similarage? probably time for you to retire, similar age? laughter with me is alpesh patel who's ceo at praefinium partners ifill 91. you look much younger, i promise. --i feel 91. emmanuel macron and marine le pen. can he do it? the polls and the journalists say he is in the league so get ready for a huge upset. the kiss of death.
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i cannot tell you what the french polls did last time but if you are in favour of brexit surely you want marine le pen to win, old—fashioned divide and conquer. the people in favour of france leaving, from a british perspective is great. if they leave, the eu is finished. she wa nts to they leave, the eu is finished. she wants to leave the eurozone, not the european union. for now... but even from her supporters, the flip flopping from things such as frexit. it is the fake news story about the offshore accounts which has now seen
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her being sued, by the french president is it looks like. these allegations, like what donald trump did, may swing the vote. can ijust say neck, we do not know whether it is fake or not but the riposte from macron is that these are fake signatures. it started drum are not very reliable journalistic source. plenty of excitement over there. the huge win for president trump!m plenty of excitement over there. the huge win for president trump! it is not, though. no. it is such an early
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stage. the reason so much anti-trump stuff out there. he did technically win in the house of representatives. he got the vote only by one that it is still a victory, a huge victory. it may not go through the senate but we may be looking for... 100 days no big legislative push through so this is something. you have to admire the businessman in him. he is hoping former mentor. what do you think he's going to say? laughter do you think the republican side shot themselves in the foot given that there are many aspects of obamacare that were popular. he is meant to stand up for the little man and
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women and that is what obamacare is for. i used to work in congress and what i learnt is that the percentage of congressmen who our re—elected is 90% or something like that. when the midterms election happen next year, although i think the democrats will ta ke although i think the democrats will take control of the house because of these anti—trump sentiment and therefore making a name donald duck 18 months from now, 12 months from now, nevertheless, ido 18 months from now, 12 months from now, nevertheless, i do not think this vote will make a difference. they only need a few to prise it away from the republicans. if you are anti— child, as so many people seem are anti— child, as so many people seem to be, —— anti—trump, you only have 12 months to wait not that he
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will do much with this vote in the house. when it comes to brexit, the new york times article looking at the roles of the press. do you think the roles of the press. do you think the newspapers played that much of a role? journalists talking about journalists. the problem i have with this, it was a very popular paper in the uk. whatever happened to the rise of the internet and fake news? nobody ever reads the paper, we are supposed to believe and we only read the paper whose views we agree with. 20 odd years ago, they could swing elections. nowadays i think it is facebook chitter chatter that can swing elections. the story with the
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newspapers and whether or not they swung it, we have been talking year after year about this massive decline, lack of influence and suddenly print journalists are saying it is still important. i think isis swung it. when you look at the headlines, it was syrian refugees flooding into the eu even though turkey is not a member and they will be bringing isis terror. you only need it not .5% of anti— islamic to swing it. many people it was the broken system that is the eu. because we are all that intellectual. we would analyse it. very true. china is interesting. getting a bit shaky with north korea, they have the big aircraft carrier, the armada, china is
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speaking. china is putting pressure oi'i speaking. china is putting pressure on after the chinese president meeting donald trump. between them they are saving civilisation, basically and stopping world or three because they are saying to the north koreans stop sending those missiles at what has happened is the tension between two countries through national media. state—controlled media, not like we have here, who are now having and throwing stones at each other. the north korean saying you are just puppets. at least for now war is abated and missile strikes either from the us or north korea are voted so we from the us or north korea are voted so we have a little bit of peace thanks to the chinese. less -- let's
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hope so. the thing that made me laugh yesterday saying that his setting a precedent by retiring at 94. in britain today things are not so 94. in britain today things are not so bad that you have to work until you are over 90. it would help but it is not that bad. i think he is loyal and is should be a role model for scientists everywhere. you need to research how to be that aware and sharp and witty at that age. are you not say he should donate his brain to science because i do not want to be rude but this is incredible. we have to go, mate. good morning. low pressure developing with high
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pressure the dominant feature stop easterly winds continuing. clearer skies into the northern half of the uk. another cracking morning across the uk. for most sunny start. overnight cloud breaking up. across pa rt overnight cloud breaking up. across part of the midlands, wales and more sunshine through east anglia and the south—east. another cloudy start in southern counties with possibly the odd spot of rain. cool in the breeze. some will hold on to the cloud all day long. more cloud pushing across east anglia and the midlands later. for most of the sunshine will be out north and west. onshore wind keeping things a bit cooler towards the north sea coast.
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through to saturday morning, a few changes. wales producing a few spots of rain. something heavier edging its way to cornwall. an area of low pressure a cross its way to cornwall. an area of low pressure across the bay of biscay. at the moment, it looks as though it will be parts of cornwall, the channel island singh rain through the day. david may also see splashes of rain. saturday, northern england morning rain or drizzle. —— devon may also see. more sunshine through east anglia and the south—east were it will start to feel warmer. whether the rain gets through to the south coast, it will push away into
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the continent. winds into a more north—easterly direction. a bit more sunshine in southern areas. cooler across northern and eastern areas with the wind off the seas. cloud. and and northern ireland. hello, this is breakfast, with sally nugent and charlie stayt. large gains for the conservatives in the local elections while labour and ukip have made big losses. the tories have gained 115 seats and four councils with around a quarter of the votes counted. labour have suffered significant defeats in wales, losing merthyr tydfil, once a party stronghold. counting in scotland starts later. a conservative candidate wins the post of metronet in western england. and they are being contested in five other areas —— metro mayor. good morning, it's
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friday the fifth of may.
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