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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 11, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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for 60 years, eamon de valera was the most prominent political... the old story of britain and ireland was one of often bitter entanglement, as the graves at glasnevin cemetry remind us, but there are more recent memorials here to the sacrifice of irish catholics and protestants in the great war. peace has madejoint remembrance possible. some much of ireland's history is interred in this place, from revolution to reconciliation in ourtime. walking through these graves, it's still possible to marvel at the fact that peace has been achieved on this island and that healing between divided communities has begun. it's not that a new armed conflict looms, but that, in an atmosphere of uncertainty, the trust needed for lasting reconciliation could be lost. protecting the gains of peace is the great challenge of the negotiations to come. fergal keane, bbc news, on the island of ireland. last saturday, 82 girls were released by the islamist militant group, boko haram, three years after they were kidnapped at gunpoint
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from their school in northern nigeria. but they have yet to be reunited with theirfamilies. another 21 girls, released last october by the militants, are still in government custody. our correspondent, alistair leithead, reports now from yola in north eastern nigeria. the chibok girls are now young women and getting used to being freed from their boko haram captors. after being kidnapped by the islamists, they spent three years in the forest and are now a little overwhelmed by their new surroundings and by all the attention. the yakubu nkeke is the families representative, we met him in north—eastern nigeria, heading back to chibok. he saw the girls and has the job of identifying all of them. among the 82 released was his daughter. when i fist saw her, shejumped and grabbed for me. i hold her hands, started dancing around with her.
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he'll show the families his pictures and prepare for their big reunion. the girls told him life was hard under boko haram, sometimes there was no food. there are some of them who had been given in marriage but, according to them, it's not forceful and when you decide to marry with this militant. what do you think about the boko haram fighters who kidnapped your girls? 0h, boko haram fighters, personally now, i would forgive them. iforgive them. it's notjust the 276 chibok girls and their families who've been affected. here, in north—eastern nigeria, thousands of other women and girls have been kidnapped by boko haram. most of those rescued have been left deeply traumatised and there's a real stigma associated with anyone who's lived under boko haram. that is tearing apart communities. these are the girls rescued last year, they've been kept under the supervision of the security services for more than six months. they seem healthy, some families
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just want them home, others believe they're better off in the capital. the parents agreed we did not compel anybody that your child must be here, no way. it's wrenchingly tough for the families waiting for news. we showed the samuel family video footage of the released girls. they were looking for their sarah, hoping to catch a glimpse. sarah, sadly, is still being held by boko haram with more than 100 others but, with so many freed and negotiations still going on, there's new hope they too will soon be released. alastair leithead, bbc news, yola, north—eastern nigeria. football, and manchester united have beaten the spanish side celta vigo to secure a place in the final of the europa league. the united manager, jose mourinho, has called it "the most important game of the club's history" because winning the final will guarantee united a place
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in the champions league next season. from old trafford, andy swiss reports. you could have your photo with a fake trophy at old trafford. but there is no substitute for the real thing. tonight, united have the only silverware they've never lifted within their sights. the europa league may be europe's secondary tournament, but it's become united's top priority. winning it, their best chance of champions league qualification. 1—0 up after the first leg, the final seemed to beckon. but celta vigo had other ideas. sergio romero forced into an early save. old trafford was getting twitchy. then marcus rashford's vision met marouane fellaini's forehead, and the edginess turned to elation. united in control, the final within touching distance. celta vigo now needed two. just before the break, one nearly arrived. daniel wass so close. was that a warning? with just five minutes left, celta vigo finally struck. roncaglia with a goal. one more now and they were through. just moments later, more drama. a melee resulting in a red card for
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united's eric bailly and roncaglia. both teams down to ten men. the tension was nerve shredding. celta vigo with one final chance. but united clung on by the skin of their teeth but through to the final. yes. united fans will be breathing a hefty sigh of relief. that was some scare. they are through to the final. they will play ajax. united have a chance of another trophy and that all—importa nt have a chance of another trophy and that all—important champions league qualification. huw. andy swiss with the match report at old trafford. newsnight is on bbc two. here's emily. so how radical is the labour manifesto? tonight, a detailed look at the politics, the policy and the reaction to corbyn's vision for britain. join me now on bbc two. that's newsnight with emily. here on bbc one it's time for the news where
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you are. have a good night. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm hugh ferris. the headlines tonight. manchester united reach the europa league final and stand 90 minutes away from a trophy and champions league qualification after completing a semi—final victory over celta vigo. united will play ajax in stockholm later this month after the dutch side hold off lyon in france thanks to a crucial away goal. andy murray struggles again as he's knocked out of the madrid open by borna coric and fails to reach the quarter finals for the second time in the three tournaments he's had since returning from injury. and hear what happened as the bbc commentary box was assaulted by a big alex hales six as the batsman scores another century at the scene of his record—breaking england innings last year. manchester united have survived a late scare and a scrap
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to reach the europa league final. and champions league qualification is still on the cards too as they beat celta vigo 2—1 on aggregate after a dramatic 1—1 draw in the second leg at old trafford. our correspondent andy swiss is there for us now and can tell us the story of a match that got more and more intense as the night went on. it did, and i think it's fair to say the united fans are leaving briefing a hefty sigh of relief. that was some scare. they went into the night full of confidence because they led 1-0 full of confidence because they led 1—0 after the first leg and things seem to be going smoothly in the first leg. it was after 15 minutes when united took the lead on the night, a fantastic cross from marcus rashford headed home by marouane fellaini. that put them 2—0 up on
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aggregate. so it continued until five minutes from the end. celta vigo had been threatening through the second half, equalised with five minutes to go, and that meant that if they got one more goal, they would go through, because of two away goals. so, hypertension, tension only increased a few moments later when there was large ballet in the middle of the pitch involving a number of the players and that resulted in united's eric by being sent off and run category of being celta vigo, the man who had just scored the goal. in the dying seconds of injury time, celta vigo had a glorious chance to snatch a winner and get a place in the final. they missed it though and united went through. but my goodness me, united fans at half—time must have
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thought it was theirs but they have the scare of their lives. they are through to the europa league final in sweden later this month and tonight, they will be going home breathing a huge sigh of relief. thank you very much indeed. manchester united will play ajax and they also had to fight back against lyon who brought them to within one day of —— one goal of extra time. they went through 5—4 and aggregate. the everton boss ronald koeman says he's prepared to lose ross barkley if he doesn't sign a new contract soon. the england midfielder still has a year left
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on his current deal and koeman says the club must have an answer by the end of the season in 10 days time. insisting he ‘prefers to work with players who want to stay.‘ it's up to clip here but we don't wait until august. —— it's up to the player but we don't wait until august. we need to know what is happening. if we are going to go on holiday, either he accepts a contract or resell him. what do you think? i don't know. ithink if contract or resell him. what do you think? i don't know. i think if he needs so many times and he has doubts. andy murray's preparations for the french open have stalled again. the world number one has been knocked out of the madrid open at the last 16 stage by borna coric, a player ranked 59 in the world. adam wild reports. in sport, progress comes in many forms. in madrid, it was the electronic coin toss. it is progress of sorts. looking to the future as well as andy murray. with
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early—season injuries behind him, looking to find form before the grand slams start. in truth, few expected him to be troubled by coric, but the world number 59 broke murray five times, and as he had not even qualified for this tournament initially, given a place of hercules, this was not a chance he was going to give up. he was frustrated enough to give the 20 of the opportunity he needed. a straight sets win and fast progress does come in many forms, andy murray whitby progressing in madrid any further. most things weren't working particularly well. it wasn't great. i started the match 0k particularly well. it wasn't great. i started the match ok but when i started to go behind, i didn't find
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any way to improve my game to make it any more difficult for him. i kind of let the same things keep happening, making mistakes very early in the lot of the rallies. i wasn't building any points, really, so wasn't building any points, really, sol wasn't building any points, really, so i didn't help myself to find a way into the match to start playing better. defending champion and world number two novak djokovic is through to the quarter finals. he beat spain's feliciano lopez in straight sets, so getting rid of his coaching staff and that self—imposed shock therapy seems to be working. rafa nadal still hasn't lost on clay this season. his 12th win out of 12 matches was an easy one against nick krygios, taking just over an hour to wrap up a 6—3 6—1 victory to reach the last eight. the rory mcilroy has had something ofan the rory mcilroy has had something of an unspectacular return to golf so of an unspectacular return to golf so faron of an unspectacular return to golf
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so far on day one of the game's unofficial fifth major at sawgrass in florida. in the first tournament since his wedding, he was one over after a 12 holes are short time ago. jason day had set the pace for most of the day and was the joint leader at five under par for a of the day and was the joint leader at five under parfor a time, but five bogeys —— three bogeys on the last five holes saw him drift back with the clubhouse leader william mcgirt. british riders geraint thomas and adam yates are still second and third at the giro d'italia, ten seconds behind bob jungels of luxembourg. it was stage 6 out of 21 today. the race has reached the italian mainland after passing through sardinia and sicily — no change in the battle for the overall race win because a small breakaway group managed to hold off the main bunch for the whole 135—mile stage. a great day's work for swiss rider silvan dillier, who took his first stage win at a grand tour. darren has beaten nottinghamshire
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before wickets in the only match of the day. —— durham have beaten. a match memorable for england's alex hales hitting a century for notts that contained one particularly astonishing six. he managed a total of three in his innings of 104. but with this one, he found the only open window in a radio commentary box and the ball was picked up by one of the two gentlemen from the bbc covering the match. impressive accuracy, i think you'll agree. what you also might be able to agree on is that the commentary might be worth hearing, so after showing you how it looked, now let's play you how it sounded, courtesy of bbc radio nottingham's, dave bracegirdle... bowles, hales hits this towards me. it's coming towards me. it's coming into here! it's come to my commentary position and i've got it. wow, wow, wow! yes, indeed, it's a lwa ys wow, wow, wow! yes, indeed, it's always a good idea to pay attention. look up to the sky when you are watching cricket. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers. hello and welcome to our look ahead
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to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are ayesha hazarika, the former labour political adviser and now comedian, and the conservative


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