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stand out. amy is a reality. there are some 75 trainers in newmarket alone, yet on around 2% are women. —— rarity. but who else could you make a high—profile name for yourself in this sport? inevitably, so yourself in this sport? inevitably, so much of the attention will focus on the jockey. overall, just 6% of horses in races are written by women. they are ready and they are off. a new competition shown for women jockeys only began last week. nine races spread over the season and called the silk cds. —— series. but our women trusted to do the job as well as men in horse racing? john isa as well as men in horse racing? john is a trainer who says he knows gender but knows that not everyone feels that way. the athlete is the horse. and there is no—one gender better at doing it than the other. i include the jockey in that as well. when it comes to the daily care of
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horses, more women than men are joining racing, working in stable yards. but do you see women in boardrooms? if you look at who is on senior boards and organisations in racing, the averages 16%. and we have several boards in the sport that do not have women at the top level at all. we are seeing a stagnation of career. the governing body recently restructured its board of directors to include more women. the chief executive said the gender survey is a stark reminder horse racing needs to do more. meanwhile, amy murphy does believe that racing's culture is changing. and if she is reading, there is someone to follow. —— leading. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening. we will be keeping an eye on the southampton and get united match. from oliver ‘s, —— all of us, goodbye for now. you're watching bbc news. the top
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stories... the liberal democrats are putting another eu referendum on the final brexit deal at the heart of their general election manifesto. donald trump is facing increasing pressure over allegations he may have tried to shut down an fbi investigation into links between advisers and russia. the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.6% — the lowest level since the summer of 1975. an update on the market numbers for you — here's how london's and frankfurt ended the day. the ftse 500 and the dax both down. the ftse 500 and the dax both down. the nasdaq is also down. the us soldier, chelsea manning — who passed thousands of confidential documents to wikileaks — has been released from a military prison in kansas. she was expected to remain in jail until 2045, but barack obama commuted her sentence
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before he left the white house in january. our correspondent rajini vaidya nathan, who's at fort leavenworth, gave more details on the release. we got a statement from the us army singer chelsea manning had left fort leavenworth. she has not spoken publicly since the release. but she did tweeter picture this morning, showing her feet, did tweeter picture this morning, showing herfeet, wearing sneakers, with the caption, first steps of freedom. she also released a short statement, saying, after an anxious for months of waiting, the day has finally arrived. i am looking forward to so much. whatever is ahead of me is far more important than the past. of course, her supporters are celebrating the fact that after seven years he had imprisoned at fort leavenworth, she will now be free. she will remain
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and active member of the us military even though she was given a dishonourable discharge. that is because her lawyers are appealing her conviction. well that appeal continues, she will stay on the books of the military. she will not draw salad —— salary but will receive other military benefits. president—elect trump, as he was earlier in the year, centre to tweet saying that chelsea manning was an ungrateful traitor. others we have spoken to have echoed that sentiment here. the those of chelsea manning. some say she is a hero and whistle—blower, others say that she isa whistle—blower, others say that she is a traitor who leaked government secrets. four men have been arrested in east london over an alleged terror plot. scotland yard say the men have been detained on suspicion of the commission, preparation or insitgation of terrorism. the suspects are still in custody and several addresses are being searched.
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lloyds bank, which was bailed out by the taxpayer at the height of the financial crisis, has returned to full private ownership. it was confirmed to the stock exchange this morning that the government has sold its last remaining shares in the company. and, what's more, the bank says taxpayers made a profit out of the deal. our personal finance correspondent simon gompertz has the details. the end of an era for british banking. some of the biggest names go cap in hand to the government... lloyds. a spectacular casualty of the financial crisis in 2008. we must in an uncertain and unstable world be the rock of stability... it had its own bad loans, then it took over halifax bank of scotland or hbos, which was much worse affected. banks were bailed out by the taxpayer. now lloyds is back in the black and out on its own. the government sold the last shares in lloyds banking group and it is a moment of huge pride for all the colleagues at lloyds bank, for customers. we gave taxpayers money back. the government pumped in more than £20 billion, taking a 43% stake. the proceeds of selling lloyds
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shares, plus other pay—outs, have raised more than that, leaving a return of nearly 900 million. it has been a difficult recovery. complaints stacking up about ppi mis—selling resulted in billions in compensation having to be paid. and the original shareholders in lloyds suffered a significant loss. from a share price of over £3, to around 70p today, that is a big hit to valuation. and probably you were looking at a pretty permanent loss of capital. lloyds has been pared down, losing hundreds of branches rebranded as the new tsb. and thousands ofjobs have been cut. today has turned into something of a lloyds celebration. but that ignores what has been a long, drawn—out disaster. that a bank that should have been part of the solution to the financial crisis turned into part of the problem, for nine years. # we've come a long, long way together... lloyds' message is that
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it's reliable again. but it will be forever marked by its fall, and the difficult ride to rehabilitation. simon gompertz, bbc news. a new study suggests that the idea that people can be fat but medically fit is a myth. that's according to a study of the medical records of more than three million people. researchers say being obese increases the risk of suffering heart disease, stroke and heart failure. our health correspondent dominic hughes reports. so just keep your hands on your hips. the idea that you can be obese but still healthy has been debated for years. previous studies have suggested that around a third of very overweight people are healthy. they have normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels despite being classed as obese according to their body mass index, which is a measure of height versus weight. but a new analysis of the medical records of 3.5 million uk residents
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suggests the idea of healthy obesity is a myth. compared to those of a normal weight, it suggests even outwardly, healthy obese people have a 49% greater risk of developing coronary heart disease, the risk of heart failure is increased by 96% and stroke by 7%. what was new for me from this study was that it showed that people who are overweight or obese are at an increased risk of heart disease even though they may be healthy in every other respect. previously, i rather thought that obesity increased blood pressure and your cholesterol and it was those factors which increased your risk of cardiovascular disease. just being overweight or obese puts you at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. rugby players are often used as examples of people who might be classed as obese, but are healthy. their body mass index would mean they are technically overweight, but for the vast majority,
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this research suggests being obese will eventually catch up with you. she was one of television's best loved characters — hilda ogden — famous for her sharp tongue and her unique style. now some of her trademark items have gone under the hammer, including her iconic headscarf, curlers and pinny... which sold for more than £a,000. they've been auctioned by the family ofjean alexander, the actress who played hilda for more than two decades. colin paterson reports from jean alexander's hometown of southport. oh, look, i don't care if it only cost 2p! it's one of the most famous outfits in tv history. the curlers, the hairnet, and the pinny of hilda ogden. it's better than nowt, it'll do. and today, it went under the hammer. you can get rid of it, and yourself and all! jean alexander played coronation street's much loved gossip for more than 20 years. she died last october at the age of 90.
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her nieces were auctioning off her belongings. the star attraction is the pinny. of course. did you know she always had that? i didn't, really. when we came to tidy up her things, sadly after she died, i came across a parcel in a wardrobe with her handwriting on a little label. and when we looked into it further, it turned out that this was the first pinny and headscarf and curlers she'd used in the show. she'd taken them with her when she started in coronation street. and they belonged to my grandmother, jean's mother. there was online interest from italy and the us, but many had turned up to bid in person. everybody had an auntie or a nan or somebody like that. and shejust reminded you of a typical northern lady. well, i always put my own curlers in myself, so that to me just would be brilliant to get that. 40 in the corner, 45. this piece of hilda history was the final lot of the day, and went for by far the biggest amount. £4200. bought by trevor beattie, a former advertising executive and now film producer who worked
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on the likes of lock, stock and two smoking barrels, and moon. it is like charlie chaplin's moustache or muhammad ali's boxing gloves. we may be making hilda ogden — the movie, so we'll see. what makes her worthy of being turned into a movie? the character. if we had half of her character, we'd be better people. and jean alexander's nieces were delighted. she would have been amazed, she would have. amazing. wejust said, more money than probably her mum ever saw in her life. 30 years after hilda ogden left coronation street, and her actual curlers could be headed for the big screen. colin paterson, bbc news, southport. now, we will be taking live coverage of tim farron‘s manifesto launch and the lib dem election pledges in about 15 minutes. if you want to see
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100 days plus, you can see it in a moment on bbc four. i'm for the weather. it has been a tonne of england to catch up on rainfall today after some dry weeks. let's take a look at the radar and satellite rickshaws. underneath this band of rain, some we re underneath this band of rain, some were wet day. it is moving now. not eve ryo ne were wet day. it is moving now. not everyone had it in wales but most parts saw the rain. now across eastern england. it produced some particularly soggy weather that hung around all day. perhaps the gardeners do not expect something quite like this even though they needed the rain. farnborough in hampshire up to 36 millimetres, which is more than half a month was mat worth of rain falling in some spots in 24 hours. —— half a month's worth. this weather system is moving to the north sea overnight. heavy showers in northern ireland and north—west scotland. still a few out there through the night, the odd one p°ppin9 there through the night, the odd one p°pping up there through the night, the odd one popping up in wales and england. it is not a non—western parts of the uk that will be largely clear and cool,
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quite chilly in rural spots, in the low single figures. fresh, bright, sunny start to thursday. showers get going quite quickly in northern ireland, scotland and some spots in england and well. we will look at 4pm in the afternoon. drier day in the channel islands. the odd shower in south—west england. not everyone will see it, on the coast, staying largely dry. the vast majority will stay dry with your passing shower in the midlands. showers in wales and northern ireland. some heavy ones around possibly but especially for northern ireland and into scotland, mainly across northern scotland. slow—moving, heavy, thundery downpours in places with the risk of hailstones, some continuing into the evening. thursday night, another area of rain pushing up freedom parts of england going to friday morning and then clearing. on friday, another day of sunshine insurers. although it is fresher when it comes in across the uk, it
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is pleasant in the sunshine. things will cool down quite quickly. with low— pressure will cool down quite quickly. with low—pressure close by on saturday and sunday, it is similar over the weekend with pleasant sunshine around. sunny moments in the morning before clay builds. that delivers the threat of a shower. if you catch a shower, heavy, thundery, the risk of hailstones. it is a fresh feel to things, pleasant and the sun shine. you can check the forecast online. this is bbc news. we are covering the launch of the liberal democrat manifesto. a referendum on any final brexit deal will be at the heart of that ma nifesto will be at the heart of that manifesto campaign. the british people, you, should have the final say. and if you don't like what theresa may comes back with, you should have the right to vote remain. the lib dems are making a pitch for younger voters — with promises of cheap bus passes
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and help to buy home. with promises of cheap bus passes and help to buy homelj with promises of cheap bus passes and help to buy home. i think many things need to be changed, tuition, health care, is only to be different. i will be live in bethnal green in east london where the lib dems are launching their general election manifesto this evening and we will hear from the reader tim


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