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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  May 17, 2017 10:30pm-10:46pm BST

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with miners in yorkshire and south wales. the deindustrialisation of the 1980s and 90s brought down these powerful pillars of britishness in scotland. for much of the 20th century, dundee was a labour fortress. in 2014, it became yes city, voting for independence by the largest margin in the country. so i've been kind of falling out of love with labourfor a long time. that experience pushed many traditional labour voters to the snp. jane phillips was among them, she believes independence is inevitable. the idea is there and it's like trying to unknow something. you can't unknow it, and now that idea is out there, there's the move towards it. it's like, think of all the other countries in the world who've got their independence, think about the british empire. once this notion of independence was out there, it was an inextricable move towards it. you can't unknow that idea of taking control of your own future. does the conservative
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revival mean that the independence tide has turned? in some ways, the conservative resurgence seems to suggest that actually the constitutional issue matters perhaps more than it ever has because it's the conservative party, more than any other party, that are talking about independence and the threat of independence and that helps them, they feel it's helped them to be the party of choice for those who are, first and foremost, in favour of scotland remaining in the united kingdom. the conservatives and the snp together have changed scottish politics. the fault line is not so much left versus right, independence, for or against, is what divides scotland now. allan little, bbc news, edinburgh. they are known as ‘bots‘ — fake profiles created on social
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media posting millions of automated messages. they're increasingly being used to spread propaganda, sometimes by foreign powers and often without us knowing who is behind them. today, the information commissioner said she would launch a formal investigation into the way political campaigns use new digital tools to win votes, as our media editor, amol rajan, explains. this is the moment in crime thriller homeland when bots or fake personalities online, are put to work. vacation‘s over. you'll find a new set of talking points in yourfolders. get outraged. go! but the threat that they pose to democracy is fast becoming fact, not fiction. researchers at the oxford internet institute witnessed a huge explosion in the use of bots around the us election last year. but what are they exactly? a bot‘s basically a bit of software that automates human activity online. the question is — how can you tell the difference between a bot and a real person? well, what i'm showing
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you here is an account on twitter that says that it was started injuly 2015, but it already has 266,000 tweets. that's a lot. that's a lot of tweets. it looks like it's tweeting on a really particular schedule. so it says four hours, four hours, four hours, all of the tweets are coming up within minutes of one another when we're looking a at it here. and what those shows us is that — there's a couple of things — one, that it's tweeting much more regularly than a person could. and two, that it's tweeting on a very particular schedule. there are fears bots could be used to influence britain's forthcoming general election. many experts believe russia has already used bots to target the french and us elections, a claim russia denies. leading academics say bots are degrading the truth by spreading misinformation online. there are users who can't distinguish between a message that comes from theirfriends or theirfamily and a message that comes from a bot. in a close election, where you need 2% or 3% of the popular vote to make
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a difference, to push you over the edge, having an automated campaign that can get you those voters who are a little uncertain or don't quite know, getting those small numbers of voters to believe a lie about your opponent is sensible strategy. bots are a 21st century form of propaganda. the question is whether the law and public awareness have kept pace with new technology. and while extremists and foreign powers use bots to influence elections and change our behaviour, it's only now that we're waking up to the threat. bots will form part of a formal investigation announced today by the information commissioner, she'll report later this year on how personal data is being captured and exploited for political purposes. i think there needs to be public awareness. somebody needs to pull back the curtain and look behind—the—scenes to see how all of this data may be mashed up, may be linked and may be used to push people in a certain direction.
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there has to be transparency around that. that's what the law says. but it's not yet clear how to protect british voters from bots. without strong defences in place, they could undermine the very idea of democracy in our time. amol rajan, bbc news. that's all from us. here, on bbc one, it's time for the news where you are. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm 0lly foster these are your sportsday headlines tonight. danny's the boy, a save for huddersfield to send them into the champuionshop playoff final. there's also a penalty save on the south caost but there's not that much at stake between southamtpion and manchester united. and who's coming up from the rugby union premiership? london irish have the advantage. a week on monday it's
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the championshp play—off the championship play—off final at wembley. promotion to the premier league for the winner will also guarantee over £200 million. we know the finalists, reading booked their place last night. they will face huddersfiield who beat sheffield wednesday tonight on penalties at hillsbrough. adam wild reports. level on points at the end of the season, inseparable after the first leg. tonight was the night that sheffield wednesday and huddersfield would finally be divided. in the first half matthew wells was brought down in the box, the referee
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had a clear view, but there was no penalty. the second half brought with it a second wind for wednesday, steven fletcher with their first big chance. 17 years after relegation from the premier league, was this to be their way back in? if it was, they would have to wait a little longer. the ball went into extra time. no further goals and unsurprisingly deeside were still inseparable. it was down two penalties and huddersfield had this to win it. jack payne could not manage. wednesday had to score. huddersfield are on their way to wembley. huddersfield are on their way to wembley. huddersfield will play reading in that final week on monday. huddersfield will play reading in that final week on monday. there was one match in the premier league tonight. not much riding on it. southampton‘s target a top half finish. manchester united will end the season sixth no matter what.
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it wasn't pointless, those were shared. but it was goaless at st mary's. ben croucher pulled the short straw. an end of season game with an end of season an end of season game with an end of season feel to it. two teams with little to play for making 12 changes between them. with the europa league final next week manchester united's players are may be taking their arm of the ball. here although the contact of the ball. here although the co nta ct was of the ball. here although the contact was outside the box. the second have provided a little more quality in the final third, but not many more goals, though. it says something for the match that one of the biggest cheers were saved for the biggest cheers were saved for the southampton boss. he looked glad when manchester united attack ended rather predictably without a goal. southampton have gone five hours
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without one at saint mary ‘s. there was little to show for either side and little to enjoy for the fans either. i think it was a good game for two teams that are not playing for two teams that are not playing for any big targets. i think it was a good game. they wanted to win, we wanted to win, we made lots of changes, but at the end of the day they had good chances and we had good chances. i think it was good football, so i think i have to be happy with my players, especially because they have one of the biggest matches of their career in one week and they still managed to focus and be professional. a very different view from the rest of us. a very different view from the rest of us. watford have kept up their impressive rate of manager turnover. walter mazzari has been sacked with two years left on his contract and the next man in will be
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the ninth manager in five years at vicarage road. his tenure has lasted less than a year. the italian will go after the final game against manchester city on sunday after winning just 11 games all season although they did beat relegation. they briefly climbed to 7th before christmas but they have lost their last five matches and they could finish as low as 17th automatic relegation in the scottish premiership will be decided on the last day of the season. that's after bottom club inverness caledonian thistle kept themsleves alive after beating dundee 2—0 away. both goals coming in the first ten minutes. they will have to win on the last day of the season and hope hamilton lose. aberdeen are sure of second place after beating rangers 2—i, their first win at ibrox in 26 years. saintjohnstone beat hearts i—0. in rugby union london irish came from behind to beat yorkshire carnegie 29—18 in the first leg of their championship play—off final in leeds. fergus mulchrone scored the only try
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of the second half as the exiles overturned a 15—13 first half deficit with tommy bell kicking three second half penalties to give them a 29—18 victory. the second leg will be played next wednesday. kyle edmund has been knocked out of the rome masters. juan martin del potro beat him in staright sets. beat him in straight sets. the british number two fought back to 5—5 in the opener but was broken again by the 2009 us open champion and lost the first set 7—5. the argentinian is back up to 34th in the world rankings after a couple of injury setbacks and took the second set 6—4. del potro will face kei nishikori in the third round. after an impressive time trial yesterday, geraint thomas lost ground on the main contenders for the giro d'italia on stage 11 today. the welshman is down to 14th after being dropped on the final
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climb of the day as 0mar fraile picked up his maiden grand tour victory into bagno di romagna. holland's tom dumoulin continues to lead by over two minutes. some of england's t20 matches could be broadcast live on free to air television from 2020. the england and wales cricket board have offered a free to air package to broadcasters in the next rights deal to run until 202a. live cricket on terrestrial tv hasn't been seen in this country since england's 2005 home ashes series. since then sky has held all live rights, including most recently a £75 million a year deal. that's all from sportsday. it has been a very good day for huddersfield who have reached the championship play—off final and play reading a week on monday. it is a
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£200 million game for both those clu bs. coming up in a moment, the papers. from all of us at the bbc sports centre, good night. from all of us at the bbc sports centre, good night. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the political commentatorjane merrick, and ben riley—smith, assistant political editor at the daily telegraph. we will have a look at the front pages, but breaking news. it has been announced that the former first minister of wales has died. he was 77. rhodri morgan was elected as an mp in 1987 77. rhodri morgan was elected as an mp ini987 and 77. rhodri morgan was elected as an
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mp in 1987 and became an assembly member when the assembly was created in 1999. he was widely credited with bringing stability to the assembly after a turbulent start to the new institution. his predecessor —— his successoi’, ca rwyn institution. his predecessor —— his successor, carwynjones said they had lost a great person. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. plans to means test pensioners who receives the winter fuel allowance in order to fund social care is the telegraph's main story. it's also on the front page of the eye which claims millions of people will lose their winter fuel allowance. the allegations swirling around donald trump make the headlines on the financial times. the metro claims assets of up to £100,000 will be ring—fenced to try to try to stop elderly people having to sell their homes to cover ca re costs.
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may's plan for a fairer britain is the headline


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