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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. the headlines at apm: labour leaderjeremy corbyn criticises the government over police cuts — and says there has been a link between foreign policy and terrorism. we must be brave enough to admit the war on terror is not working. we need is smarter way to reduce the threat from countries that generate terrorism. i'mjane hill live in st anne's square in manchester. the city continues to defy the bombers. the great city games will go ahead in the city tonight as planned. police say it had been arrested and they are currently in
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custody. we are expecting an update from the chief constable later in the hour. we will bring you all of those developments. at the g7 summit in sicily, theresa may urges world leaders to discuss fighting online extremism. ben ainslie‘s bid for sailing history gets under way tomorrow, after a delay caused by high winds. good afternoon and welcome to bbc news. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn has given a speech this morning, linking british military action abroad to terrorist attacks here at home. mr corbyn said the ‘war on terror‘ is not working — and that a different approach is needed. he was speaking as election campaigning resumed after monday's
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attack in manchester. the conservatives have condemned his remarks as crass and appallingly timed. our political correspondent iain watson reports. the political truce after manchester ended this morning. but first, there was a further moment of remembrance. can i ask that we all stand for a moment's silence. and thenjeremy corbyn re—drew the political dividing lines. austerity has to stop at the accident and emergency ward and the police station door. we cannot be protected and cared for on the cheap. in an attempt to nuetralise the attacks, the labour leader insisted he was patriotic. and with manchester. then he made a link between uk terror at home and foreign wars. many experts including professionals have pointed out the connections
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between wars that we have been involved in or supported and fought in in other countries such as libya and terrorism here at home. we must be brave enough to admit that the war on terror is not working. and this message was for the british soldiers. i want to assure you under my leadership, you will be deployed abroad when there is a clear need and only with a plan that you have the resources to do yourjob and secure an outcome that delivers lasting peace. tackling terrorism requires a complex response. jeremy corbyn‘s determined not to steer clear of controversial issues and i'm told he wanted to avoid platitudes in the wake of the manchester attack and provoke an honest debate.
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he has done that. although the speech went down well with his supporters, his opponents are attacking notjust the message but the timing. this is a very badly timed speech, showing muddled and dangerous thinking. he seems to imply that a terrorist attack in manchester is somehow ourfault. it is somehow britain's fault. jeremy corbyn is far too ready to find excuses. a few days ago a young man prepared a bomb, went to a pop concert and slaughtered 22 people. it seems to me that to choose to make a political point on the back of that is wrong. i disagree with jeremy corbyn's point but i disagree more strongly with his timing. the politicians always call for a united response against terrorism. but it's proving much more difficult to get agreement and possible solutions. let's get the latest on the investigation into the terror attack in manchester in which 22 people were killed. police have made another arrest in the moss side area of the city as
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they continue their investigation. it brings the total number of suspects in custody to eight — aged between 18 and 38. jane hill is in manchesterfor us. thank you. welcome back to st anne's square. the investigation is continuing. there have been a number of raids and several raids in the moss side area of the city. we are expecting to hear more from the chief constable of greater manchester police later this evening. our home affairs correspondent has an update on today's development so far. the hunt for the accomplices of the manchester bomber led to this barber's shop in moss side overnight. police appeared to have sawn through the security shutter to get access. local shopkeepers say the two
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brothers who ran the barbers were arrested on tuesday and police cut their way into the shop last night. there was another raid in st helens in merseyside, but nobody was arrested there. police still have eight people in custody — they're men aged between 18 and 38, all are being held on suspicion of terrorism, and most appear to be of libyan origin. the flat that salman abedi seems to have rented for the final days before the attack is still being searched. it's thought this is where he did the final assembly of the bomb, but police are worried that there are components for one more bomb that are missing, so the threat level remains at critical, meaning another attack may be imminent. that's why armed police officers are patrolling on trains outside london for the first time, and the army are still very much involved. over this weekend, normal events will take place. the police are engaging with the organisers of the events to ensure that we can get all of the support at the events that people want to have,
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and they may see additional military presence there. but i hope that they can take comfort from it, be able to feel more secure, because we mustn't let this terrible terrorist incident impact on our lives. the bomber, salman abedi, flew back into the country from libya. and we're learning more about his father, ramadan abedi, who was detained in libya this week. he's believed to have had strong connections to abu qatada, who is suspected of being a senior al-qaeda figure in london until he was detained after 9/11. adel alyrayni, who knows the father well, told bbc arabic that abu qatada and ramadin abedi were always together in london. "he was one of abu qatada's supporters in london," adel alrayni said — "whenever he went to london, they used to meet up." and all the time, the police operation is expanding as detectives try to find any missing bomb parts and any members of the bomber‘s
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network not already in custody. daniel sandford, bbc news, manchester. we now know the names of everybody who died on monday night. the final victim... the name was released earlier today. she was megan hurley from merseyside and she was just 15 yea rs from merseyside and she was just 15 years old. another grim reminder of how young some of the people where they were caught up in the blast at they were caught up in the blast at the pop concert at half past ten on monday evening. my colleague has bet the day in manchester and has been talking to people about the loss of family and friends. manchester — a city which has been punched and badly winded. yes, it's trying to carry on, but it doesn't feel right.
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the people of this conurbation just feel so sorry for those directly affected. how do you explain that to your children? someone just come and... done that. ina concert... it's just awful. i'll be holding on to my kids that little bit tighter. it is inconceivable to understand how the families are feeling. especially of the children. it'sjust shocking. you just want to do something. even if you canjust come here and bring flowers, put it down and remember the dead. i've been a coronation street superfan my entire life... 29—year—old martyn hett was one of those murdered on monday night. the flamboyant coronation street superfan was well known online. his mum paid tribute to him today. i genuinely... at the moment, it will change, it will hit me at some point, but right this minute i don't feel the need to be upset and cry. when i think of martyn, all i can think of is smiling, because i have so many fond
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and really funny memories. the final and 22nd victim to be named today was 15—year—old megan hurley. her family's sandwich—shop business on merseyside is closed as they try to deal with their loss. in the north east, further tributes have been made to chloe rutherford and liam curry. the teenage couple were devoted to each other. chloe was an apprentice travel agent in south shields. just from the moment she walked in the door, she had that smile on herface, and it rubbed off on everybody else. if you'd had a busy day, her smiling face just lifted you. there is a very sombre and respectful atmosphere here. it may be four days after the atrocity, but that really is just a blink of an eye. and people are still trying to come to termed with what happened — and coming to pay their respects. this sea of tributes will grow over the coming days, a focal point for a city in shock.
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danny savage, bbc news, manchester. in an update will get an update. ring as up—to—date about what the police are telling you this afternoon. a comment that i can give you now from the head of counterterrorism. he has said that further arrests are likely but police believe they have got hold of a large part of the network. we have just heard about. we can also tell you that what is ongoing at the moment. there are searches in many properties across the north—west of england. a pizza shop in saint helens. a barber ‘s shop in the moss side area of the moss side area of
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manchester. overnight a man was arrested in moss side. that brings the number of people who have been arrested so far to ten. a 16—year—old boy has been released as has 83a—year—old women. that means eight men in custody. —— 34—year—old women. they are aged between 18 and 38. one is the older brother of the manchester brother. —— bomber. they are suspected of terrorism offences but nobody has been charged. the threat level remains at critical. this is part of the bigger picture. a source has told the bbc that the concern is of copycat attacks. these can happen post—big events like this. they are plots that have been filed in the past. five attacks
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since the westminster attack in march have been foiled. a security source has told the bbc that there is concern of a copycat attack as there was about other individuals trying to copy what had happened or seeing it as a trickle to carry out their attacks. —— trigger. seeing it as a trickle to carry out theirattacks. —— trigger. critical still remaining as a threat. people can see armed police on the streets. armed police also on the trains. this is affecting the mood of the city but it is not holding the city back. the great city games are going ahead this weekend and the manchester run on sunday as planned. there is a concert at old trafford tomorrow night. security will be raised for those but they are going ahead. the people of manchester are not going into that. another development. yesterday we learned that greater manchester police were furious about the leaks in the american media showing the
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photographs of the bomb and the rucksack. the taken were sensitive and very important for this investigation. police here are concerned this could impede the investigation is the withheld information at that has now resumed. washington has given police here and assurance that there will be no more further breaches of this trust. the intelligent sharing is going on as normal. as i said, the city is carrying on as normal as well as it can. we are expecting a briefing here from the chief constable ian hopkins to give us an update of the situation with the ongoing investigation. we will be back with you for that. thank you. that's good oui’ you for that. thank you. that's good our health correspondent because so many people are still in hospital. we know that 116 people received and
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we re we know that 116 people received and were admitted into the nhs in the immediate aftermath of this terrible incident. now we have had an update since we last spoke on the number still in hospital. a handful of people have been discharged and gone home in time for the weekend. we know that 66 people remain being treated in hospitals across the greater manchester area. eight hospitals are treating people across greater manchester. 23 of those remain in critical care. that does not mean they are in critical condition but they are receiving a higher level of care. at this hospital i am speaking to you from, there are 33 patients here are still in hospital. of those 19 are adults and 1a are children and five of them are still in critical care. you can see there is still a significant number of people who remain in hospital. some might need further surgery hospital. some might need further surgery and this is causing quite a
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strain on an already hard pressed national health service. everyone will recognise that the health service has risen to the challenge that it has been set. thank you for 110w. that it has been set. thank you for now. our health correspondent with that update they are. in terms of the bank holiday ahead, as we were reflecting and talking about the police, there are many security issues facing the police and intelligence services this weekend because there are many big events here in manchester. people here are seeing the taking positivity from that. it is a sign that manchester is not defeated. manchester is open for business and lots for people to enjoy this weekend. some of it sta rts enjoy this weekend. some of it starts very soon. that is the great city games. let's hear more about that from our sports correspondent who is not very far away from where iam. who is not very far away from where i am. hello. i am about 200 metres
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from you. you are in st anne's square and i am in albert square outside the town hall. one of the big events planned for a weekend that will go ahead despite the tragic events does get started in about half an hour. here they have set up the long jump pit and a poll vault. also warming up with the athletes are the organisers lord coe and brendan foster. brendan, you have covered this event a number of times. you have been up to manchester to cover the games. how does this year compared in the light of what happened this week? before we ever talk about anything, our sympathies with the 22 people who we re sympathies with the 22 people who were killed and the families of those people. you can hardly think beyond that. that is what happened this week and we are so sad. the decision of the council and ourselves and the wider authorities, the police and the medics, have decided that we should go back as quickly as possible to business as usual. this is business as usual.
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terrorism tries to threaten, kills, names and strikes terror onto the streets and yet here is the great city of manchester seeing, you're not going to stop us doing what we do. this is manchester and this is what we do. lord coe, there is something special about sport particularly in these situations. if you look back to other terror attacks, it is often sport that get going first and brings people together. what especial? sport has the ability to punch through and ability to get people and places that sometimes politicians and other leaders cannot get to. it has done it consistently. the article just working in challenge both domestically and overseas. —— coaches. what is nice about this evening is that it does not seem so long ago i was standing here as chairman of the british olympic association when thousands of mancunians came out onto the streets in monsoon conditions to cheer to
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the rafters our olympians and paralympian is that came back from such a successful olympic games. tonight is a nice opportunity for some of those athletes who are in that parade to be here standing alongside the people of manchester that give them such a wonderful welcome. united with them but also as brendan said, in the face of despicable evil. sport is not the only solution but sometimes it has an opportunity to do things quicker and more meaningfully than other things. we need sport again here. manchester loves its sports. what people got to look forward to? tonight you have world—class athletes in the square here in front of the place where all the homage and vigil to place the other night. around the corner we have a straight track. we have some of the best athletes in the world running on there. we have greg rutherford
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competing here. we have also got on sunday manchester is coming together for the manchester run. i am delighted that we are pressing ahead to stop sir richard leith, the leader of the council and andy burnham, the mayor of greater manchester, have stood up and said, we wa nt manchester, have stood up and said, we want everything to go on as normal as possible we cannot do normal as possible we cannot do normal because of the backdrop of that but i am delighted that said court is here because you have the chairman and he is seeing the sport of athletics is standing alongside manchester and seeing let's bring normality to this great sporting city. it is a great sporting city and what we are seeing tonight is everything sport needs to embrace which is innovative formats. we are past the point where you just automatically assume people are going to come and watch your sport just in stadiums. you have to take it into the streets and this is where brendan and the guys have done a good job. it is the future of
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athletics. it is making it more accessible to local people. it is encouraging young people to be able to get any way far closer to the action than often they are able to any stadium. what would you say to the people of manchester, many of him who are incomplete shock after what happened this week? —— incomplete shock. i am not going to even begin to venture in to that. people will do what they want to do. ican people will do what they want to do. i can understand why this is a city still grieving. i hope the athletes tonight can anyway be a part of that process and even maybe a part of the healing process. the build will decide to do what they want to do but my thanks as a former president of the british olympic association, the city gives such an unbelievable welcome to the olympians and paralympian is welcome to the olympians and pa ralympian is that welcome to the olympians and paralympian is that came back, this is just paralympian is that came back, this isjust our opportunity paralympian is that came back, this is just our opportunity to say we are here, we are thinking of you, we
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are here, we are thinking of you, we are with you. sport in this great city can make a difference. lord coe and brendan foster, thank you for talking to us and good luck with the event this afternoon. sport gets underway in around 25 minutes. all of this happening just a five watts away from the arena where that bombing took place. another chance for the city to come together and say life goes on, we will not be afraid. thank you very much. much more from catherine as those games commence this afternoon. what catherine was talking about, it is worth repeating what the counterterrorism police chief has been saying in the last little while. lots of events in manchester over a bank holiday weekend but lots of things happening in other parts of things happening in other parts of the country as well. the big weekend in hull. lots of football tomorrow and lots happening. it was interesting that you told journalists that security has been
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reviewed at 1300 different events over the course of the bank holiday up over the course of the bank holiday up and down the country. security has been reviewed at 1300 events and his contention is everybody should carry on life as normal and should not be deterred from enjoying these events that have been long in the planning and everybody is looking forward to in such a beautiful weekend as this. his is vice is that you should go out and enjoy whatever is happening. —— his advice. also worth mentioning what mark said in terms of arrest. he said the police believe that a large part of the network behind monday's night attack has now been arrested. that phrase large part is a quote from him. a large part is a quote from him. a large part is a quote from him. a large part of the network has been arrested and he says there has been immense progress in this police
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investigation. that is the latest all in the aftermath of the attack here at the manchester arena on monday night. we will have more at five o'clock. rachel, back to you. thank you very much indeed. you are watching bbc news. let's turn to other news now. president trump is that the g—7 summit with leaders of the world major economy on the last leg of his first foreign trip. four of the foreign leaders will be sitting around the table for the first time. to reset me is inspected to urge her colleagues to do more in tackling extremism online. —— theresa may. the players on the stage orfacing a modern theresa may. the players on the stage or facing a modern challenge, the threat of global terrorism. she
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told her g—7 colleagues that they had to do more to combat the spread of extremism on line by making the internet companies develop new technologies to identify and take down dangerous material. in the margins, the prime minister had a private meeting with the french president where they discussed the recent attacks in manchester and paris. it is so important for us to work together in defeating terrorism. i look forward to the opportunity now to speak directly with you and also for the discussions more widely at the g—7 on how we can work through it to defeat the terrorists. we will be here to cooperate and we can in order to give cooperation. this was donald trump's first time
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at the g—7 summit and the fear among his fellow leaders that the us president would walk his own path on climate change. the italian hosts we re climate change. the italian hosts were doing everything they could to keep the summit together and heading in the same direction. on counterterrorism, some said they we re counterterrorism, some said they were impressed by mr trump's determination. i totally agreed with him when he said that the international community, g—7, the united states, europe, should we tough, even brutal, these are the —— with terrorism and isis. the g-7 condemned the manchester bombing. theresa may will leave early this afternoon so she can deal with the reality on the ground back home that has been overshadowing the summit. sir cliff richard and south
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yorkshire police have settled a legal fight over reports naming him as suspected sex offender. the singer sought damages from the force, and the bbc, over media coverage of a police raid on his home in 2014. he was investigated over historical sexual assault allegations, which he denied. the case was dropped last year. keith, what can you tell us? we do not lawyers for sir cliff told the court that he had reached an agreement with south yorkshire police. this was all part of the investigation of sir cliff richard for historical sex abuse cases, which he denied. that case was dropped by the prosecution service last year. he had taken legal action against the bbc and south yorkshire police over coverage of irate over his apartment in 2014. —— over a
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raid. he had said he suffered anxiety over the raid and he wanted substantial damages. we know he settled back case with south yorkshire police. previously, south yorkshire police. previously, south yorkshire police. previously, south yorkshire police said they apologise for the additional anxiety caused by the initial handling and the media interest into the singer. what about his depute with the bbc? that is ongoing. that has not been settled. the bbc has said, we have said throughout that the bbc responsibility is to report news stories that are in the public interest. the statement goes on to say, the police decision to settle the claim against them because of how the hand of the investigation does not change the fundamental principle that journalistic organisations should be able to report on police and police investigations into vigils. a search happened and because it did the bbc
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reported it, just as any other media organisation would have an dead. you can clearly see the bbc‘s position. that is reading between those lines. thank you very much indeed. it is coming up to have asked for. let's have a look at the weather. —— 4:30pm. glorious weather in the past couple of days. we have again broken yesterday's temperatures. the hottest day of the day so far. we may find that some places have reached 30 celsius. we will look at the statistics. as you see, cloud free across the uk apart from the far west of northern ireland were there are showers and thunderstorms. that risk will increase now with time. the sundry breakdown is starting to take place. again, and co mforta ble starting to take place. again, and comfortable night and see fog for
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the east coast of scotland. that will change the weather dramatically after today's mid—20s. thundery showers will ease their way and that could be nasty downpours. persistent rainfor could be nasty downpours. persistent rain for parts of northern ireland and the afternoon, adding the heat of the day and nasty downpours specially for the northern part of the country. highs of 28 celsius. hello, this is bbc news, the headlines at 4:30. the head of the national counterterrorism unit
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has said that police have taken hold of a large part of the manchester terror network but that more arrests are likely. the 22nd victim of the attack has been named as 15—year—old megan hurley from halewood in merseyside. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, has pledged to change british foreign policy if he becomes prime minister to try to reduce the risk of terror attacks in the uk. theresa may has told fellow leaders at the g7 summit that more must be done to combat the spread of extremist ideology online. the prime minister said the attacks in manchester and paris and elsewhere in europe showed why it is so important to work together to defeat terrorism. very busy weekend of sport, let's
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get the latest from lizzie greenwood—hughes. good afternoon, we're starting with football, because the pep revolution at manchester city is finally under way as the club have agreed a deal to sign the monaco midfielder bernardo silva. the 22—year—old portugal international has been a target for several big clubs including manchester united, but its expected he will leave the french champions for the etihad in july for a reported fee of £43 million. the signing is expected to be officially announced later today. meanwhile, one of the players released by city, pablo zabaleta, willjoin west ham on a free chance further. he's signed a two—year deal. zabaleta has described the move as an "absolute pleasure." he spent nine years with city. antonio valencia will be staying put in manchester, though, he's signed a contract extension with united for another two years. he captained the side for wednesday's europa league triumph and will spend a full decade at the club, having arrived from wigan in 2009. tomorrow's fa cup final see premier league winners chelsea take on their london rivals arsenal.
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however, there have been contrasting fortunes for the sides in the league this season. arsenal could only finish fifth, missing out on the champions league for the first time in 20 years, and arsene wenger, their manager, still hasn't confirmed if he'll be at the club next season. antonio conte could do the double with chelsea in his first season. it seems he is keen to stay at stamford bridge. we have the same idea about the future, the way that we have to do together, to improve the squad, to improve the team. and yeah, i repeat, i am to improve the team. and yeah, i repeat, iam happy, iam happy for this season, happy to stay here, and i hope to stay here also for ten yea rs. inverness full—back lewis horner has received a suspended eight—match ban for betting on football matches, including at his own club. however, he'll not serve any punishment if he proves
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he's beaten his gambling problem with the help of addiction support services. horner admitted breaching the scottish fa's zero—tolerance betting rules both in the current season and in the 2011—12 campaign, when he played for east stirlingshire on loan from hibernian. the draw has taken place for the opening round of the french open. world number one and top seed andy murray will play russia's andrey kuznetsov, who is number 85 in the world. the world number two and defending champion novak djokovic will take on marcel granollers of spain. british number one johanna konta will be hoping for a good run, she faces unseeded su—wei hsieh of chinese taipei. this year's tournament at roland garros starts on sunday. wasps back kurtley beale has been ruled out of tomorrow's rugby union premiership final against exeter at twickenham. the wallaby hasn't recovered from a hamstring injury picked up in the semifinal victory over leicester. willie le roux switches to full—back, withjosh bassett, who scored the winning try against the tigers, starting on the wing. exeter have made one change to the starting xv which overcame saracens, with wing olly woodburn replacing james short. scotland's scott jamieson
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is thejoint leader on day two of the pga championship at wentworth. he finished the first day one—shot behind and today hit four birdies in a row to top the leaderboard along with belgian's thomas pieters. jamieson is currently seven—under—par through 17 holes. england's lee westwood is in also contention, he's two shots back after carding a three—under—par round of 69. england say ben stokes is fit to play in the second one—day international against south africa tomorrow. the all—rounder injured his knee on wednesday during england's 72—run win in the first one—dayer but has been passed fit by medical staff to play at southampton. england are looking to wrap up the three—match series with a win. and that is all the sport for you now, more in the next hour, join us then.
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more now on the manchester terror attack, and the response of the people in the city and far beyond. st ann's square in central manchester has become to focal point for grief, and coming to terms with what's happened, but also the defiance felt in the city. this is the scene there live now, where thousands of flowers and balloons cover the ground. the boxer amir khan, who grew up in greater manchester, has been visiting the centre to reflect on this week's events. a little earlier, he spoke to my colleaguejane hill. he began by saying he was in the city on the night of the attack. i was driving into manchester to see a few friends. obviously, there's been traffic before, you know, when there's a concert on. but this time the traffic was at a standstill. obviously, i've been to the men, or rather the manchester arena, when there's been a fight there, i've fought there myself four orfive times. when there's been concerts, i have been there. but this time, the traffic was very busy, it was gridlock. i got to the place i got two
4:37 pm
after an hour which was normally a 20—minute drive and got a tweet saying there had been an explosion and so many children and young people were killed. it was very sad, something like this in manchester never happens. do you ever go to venues like that and think about security? i've fought there four times, every time about 20,000 people used to be there at the same time. i never used to think of security, "will i be safe?" i knew security in the uk and in manchester is fine. we never really have problems. the community is totally together, we stick together and something like this never really happens. this gives us a push to stick together and support one another. because it is a tough time for manchester. and that idea of sticking together, i think, very much ties into things happening this weekend, so many sporting events. sport can be such a healer and bring together people of all ages. yeah, i think it is vital.
4:38 pm
there are so many sporting, boxing events, the running on sunday as well. everyone has to carry on with what's happening and their life. security has increased but everyone needs to carry on with their lives. stay strong physically and mentally and move forward. is it going to be tough for the athletes taking part? will there be nervousness on their part? i'm wondering if that affects performance, would it affect your approach? they will be nervous. i don't think they'll be scared, because security has increased, but they'll have the thought in the back of the mind, what happened a couple of days ago. that will weaken them a bit because, obviously, this is a tough race for them, they will go through a 10k run, it's not easy, i've done it before. iran it two years ago,
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i would be a bit nervous. your thoughts about manchester — you've mentioned that sense of community, and i've experienced it here the last few days. extremely moving scenes yesterday for the minute's silence, extraordinarily moving. is your sense, as someone who lives nearby, grew up in this area, that the city can overcome? yeah, the city needs to stick together. we all have to stick together and help one another. it is going to be tough for us to get around what has happened. the people of manchester are strong, and they believe in what the police are doing and everything else. amir khan speaking to jane amir khan speaking tojane a amir khan speaking to jane a short time ago. a postmortem is expected
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later today after the death of a baby girl in ireland. she was found unresponsive in a car in county tipperary on one of the hottest days of the year. earlier i spoke to our correspondent. it is understood that her dad was meant to drop her off at a nursery on his way into work. he became distracted and he did not drop her off at nursery. a a few hours later he remembered that chloe was in the car. paramedics were called, and they arranged for the baby girl to be airlifted to hospital in limerick, the nearest city. doctors were sadly unable to save her life. a postmortem examination is due to be carried out, because of death has not been confirmed. yesterday was one of the hottest days of the year so far in ireland, temperatures in the mid—20s. it seems likely that chloe died from heat stroke.
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there has been an outpouring of sympathy for the parents. they are said to be a very well—respected couple. they got married a couple of years ago. they are well known in business circles. one of her neighbours has been speaking today. the whole community is devastated that such a tragedy happened to such nice and decent people. the community will support them. i have no doubt about that. so many words of sympathy for the family. the irish police force have described this as a personal tragedy and one that is being felt by her family and their friends in county tipperary. this is a story which i think has shocked people across the republic. nobody can believe that a heat wave has caused the death of a baby girl. detectives from counterterrorism
4:42 pm
command have been working around the clock as part of a fast—paced, wide—ranging investigation. let's hear now some of what the head of the national counterterrorism police has been saying this afternoon. this is an enormous investigation, being led from the north—west counterterrorism unit with the support of the whole counterterrorism network. there is massive lines of inquiry in many areas, all the cctv, all the communications and financial data we look at, all the witnesses we are speaking to, and many lines of inquiry. all that information is being churned together. many arrests made, eight men in custody, 12 addresses we have searched, together with numerous cars. all of this is being sifted together, we are making a enormous progress. we have got to understand everything around the dead terrorist, the network, and how
4:43 pm
they manufactured the explosive device. the understanding of it is growing day by day, i think we have got our hands around a large part of it. we have got some loose ends to chase down, and we have got fantastic teams of detectives and specialists who are working around the clock to do that. mark rowley there. neither the conservatives nor labour are presenting an "honest set of choices" to the public over their tax and spending plans, that's according to an influential think tank. the institute for fiscal studies has criticised both parties‘ election manifestos, saying they fail to address the country's long—term challenges. here's our economics correspondent andy verity. in a way, both parties are being honest. labour say that they want to raise taxes to pay for better public services, the conservatives want to continue with existing plans, but the institute for fiscal studies says that neither party is being honest about how those plans will play out. so take labour. they plan to raise £49 billion through tax measures, but the institute for fiscal studies says that they reckon
4:44 pm
it will be a lot less, more like £40 billion. but what about the conservatives? they plan to continue with austerity. the institute for fiscal studies says there is a risk if they implement cuts, there could be serious damage to the public services. labour will bring in more money, but the risk is they will not bring in the revenue they need. under the conservatives, the risk is that the squeeze to public services will not prove deliverable. both parties say that they want more fairness, but the institute for fiscal studies are saying that they are not honest about that. conservatives plan to means—test winter fuel payments and scrap the triple lock. but the measures will not raise much money. nothing from that in the next five years. what about labour? they are saying that they are for the many, not the few, as they are scrapping tuition fees,
4:45 pm
but the institute for fiscal studies says it is the wealthier segment of the population that goes to university and they are going ahead with cuts for some of the poorest families out there. look at the tax burden. the tax burden is going to be at its highest level since the 1940s, as a share of the economy it brings it up to the average internationally, but it is the highest tax burden for the uk since the 40s. what about the conservatives? their immigration plans, according to the ifs, are likely to damage the economy and create a £6 billion hole in the public finances. so £6 billion less coming in tax. all of those are the views of the institute for fiscal studies. ijust want i just want to tell you about something coming up injust a moment, we are expecting a press conference, you can see the microphones there, from greater manchester police, the chief
4:46 pm
co nsta ble manchester police, the chief constable expected any moment to provide an update on their inquiry. ican provide an update on their inquiry. i can see movement, but i do not think they are quite readyjust i can see movement, but i do not think they are quite ready just yet. we will return to it as soon as we see the chief constable. let's have a look at our headlines on bbc news. labour leaderjeremy corbyn criticised the government over police cuts and says there has been a link between foreign policy and terrorism. the tories and labour are not being honest with would—be voters on the issues of taxation and spending, according to an influential think tank. and police investigating the terror attack in manchester say a further arrest today brings to eight the total number of people currently in custody. time for a look at the big business stories of the week, and joe lynam is here
4:47 pm
to take us through them. first up, the pound has been on the move today — what's going on? yes, the pound in your pocket is worth $1.29, falling by 1%, not a huge drop, but not insignificant at the same time. why? we had a poll out overnight which suggested that the tory lead over the labour party has shrunk notably, and that means the possibility of a hung parliament has risen, and as a result people are selling off sterling assets, leading to this fall in sterling. we have to note that it had been rising, so it is a bit of a correction as well. the economy is wea ker correction as well. the economy is weaker than we thought, should we be trembling? well, 0.296 is the amount of growth that britain enjoyed in the first quarter of the year, quite a modest amount of growth, less than the previous estimate, which was said to be 0.3%. basically, the consumer is reining in spending, verses consumer is reining in spending, verses are consumer is reining in spending,
4:48 pm
verses are remaining more closed than in the previous quarter, that is reflected in the wider health of the economy. and while we are talking about that, m&s results, they are trying to turn themselves around, how is it going? they are in the middle of a £4 million turnaround, which has affected their profits, down 64%, but still a profit, considerably more than they expected because of the wider reining in of spending in the wider economy. we were going to go to lawrence gosling, are we going to? he is with investment week, are you there? i am. let's start, ifi may, on sterling, down 1%, something to be worried about? i think it is the ups and downs of a poll, but the dollar has had a strong week, the us economy numbers for gdp were out earlier, they have been revised up a bit, andl earlier, they have been revised up a bit, and i think ironically president trump has had quite a good
4:49 pm
week by his standards, so the markets were worried about what he would do on his trip to the middle east and visiting the pope and the nato summit, and he has come out of it quite well. a bit of weakness in the uk economy, a bit of strength in the uk economy, a bit of strength in the us economy. and notjust the dollar, the pound is weaker against the euro, and if we are heading to continental europe for your holidays, you will feel that. absolutely you will, the whole issue of the value of the pound has been a consta nt of the value of the pound has been a constant one since we had the brexit referendum last june. as constant one since we had the brexit referendum lastjune. as you say, more people will be reining back on theirspend, and we more people will be reining back on their spend, and we have seen that in some of the high street results this week. marks & spencer, a nosedive in their profits, is it, as i suspect, part of the turnaround, shutting stores internationally and locally, pa rt of shutting stores internationally and locally, part of the reining in spending we were talking about?” think it is, if you look through their numbers, food sales are reasonably strong, the clothing site has been struggling for years, so we
4:50 pm
are reining back as consumers, and we saw another group the restaurant group, their numbers were not as bad as the market thought, so their shares went up, but still losing sales in the first 20 weeks of the year. last question, the 01 numbers, the gdp numbers for the first quarter, revised downwards to 0.2%, it seems as if the consumer is reining in his spending. yeah, and the first quarter always had the effect of the weather, the different timing of easter, so i think, you know, the trend is downwards, we all feel it, there is a squeeze on people's spending power, particularly when you look at the wage rises, below the rate of inflation. brilliant, lawrence gosling, thank you very much for joining us. straight to the markets as they close for the week, if i can see them, here they come now. the ftse 100 see them, here they come now. the ftse100 had another new record high today, and that is on the basis of
4:51 pm
the fall in sterling. you wonder what the connection is? because sterling is falling, it means that huge companies listed in london and their money in foreign currencies, principally euros or dollars, and they are bringing back a hard currency to the uk, which means it will boost their profits, so the ftse ended on a record high. some good news to end, thank you very much indeed, enjoy the sunshine over the weekend. i am working all weekend! 0h, the weekend. i am working all weekend! oh, sorry! we were talking about expecting a police press conference from manchester, an update from the chief co nsta ble, manchester, an update from the chief constable, but that has now been delayed, possibly by up to half an hour, stay with us on bbc news, we will cover that when it starts. president trump's son—in—law and adviser, jared kushner, is reported to be under scrutiny by the fbi inquiry into alleged russian interference in last year's presidential election. investigators are said to believe mr kushner might have relevant information, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's suspected of a crime, as nick bryant reports. jared kushner is arguably
4:52 pm
donald trump's most trusted white house adviser and so the fbi is now scrutinising a member of the president's innermost family circle. of interest to investigators are meetings that took place in december last year, during the presidential transition, between mr kushner and sergey kislyak, the russian ambassador to washington and also a leading russian banker. sergey gorkov is the head of an institution that has been subject to us sanctions imposed by the obama administration following russia's annexation of crimea. jared kushner, the president's son—in—law... the person of interest has a name, and that name isjared kushner. tonight we're learning that jared kushner is under fbi scrutiny in connection to its investigation... this doesn't mean that jared kushner is suspected of a crime or that he's been accused of wrongdoing, but investigators do apparently believe he has information that is relevant to their inquiry. mr kushner‘s lawyer told the bbc that the 36—year—old has already "volunteered to share with congress what he knows about these meetings and will do the same if contacted in connection
4:53 pm
with any other inquiry." there is no collusion. russia is fine, but whether it is russia or anybody else, my total priority, believe me, is the united states of america. during this trump presidency, the extraordinary has become the everyday. this is noteworthy because it takes the fbi's russian inquiry inside the white house. mr kushner is the only west wing official known to be a key figure in that investigation. nick bryant, bbc news, washington. four—time olympic sailing champion sir ben ainslie is vying to win the oldest trophy in international sport — the america's cup. britain has never won the competition, but ainslie and his team hope to change that. our sports correspondent natalie pirks was given exclusive access to the team as they
4:54 pm
prepare to race. as the most successful sailor in olympic history, sir ben ainslie is well versed in pursuit of glory. but over in bermuda today, he finds himself in a most unfamiliar role — that of underdog. in its 166—year history, no british team has ever won the america's cup. i guess you could say the america's cup becomes a life obsession. it's very hard as a new team to come into the america's cup and get into a dominant position. certainly, that's what we're aiming to achieve. i think we've certainly come a long way in the last three years. ainslie has previous in the cup. four years ago, he won the oldest trophy in sport with us team oracle. in a spectacular fightback, they came from 8—1 down to beat new zealand 9—8. the comeback of 2013 is complete! this sport is dubbed formula one on water, and on bermuda's great sound, i got a close—up view of rita, as ainslie names all of his boats,
4:55 pm
in action. wow! it's only when you see it this close up that you can really appreciate these are boats — they‘ re like planes, they are gliding over the water on the foils, and the aim is to not touch the water as much as possible, because that will minimise drag and of course make them go faster. it's just amazing to watch. there is no engine on board. it's all generated by sheer muscle from the sailors. speed is the key here. the boats are capable of hitting up to 60mph. but bar have struggled a little in practice. ainslie's wife, georgie, who's moved with him to bermuda with their ten—month—old daughter and their two dogs, believes that his rivals write him off at their peril. if you're silly enough to wind him up to that level where he feels like his back's against the wall, he'll respond the only way he knows how, which is to win on the water. it's a costly venture.
4:56 pm
rookies bar have spent £110 million chasing this dream. £6.5 million of that is taxpayers' cash for helping to build their portsmouth h0. but for ainslie, the trophy would be priceless. personally, and i think for everyone in this team, i believe it would be the biggest achievement if we can pull this off, if we can win the america's cup for britain. look at our sporting maritime heritage, it's the one thing that's missing, it would be huge if we could bring the cup home. mild—mannered out of the water, ruthless on it. this knight of the realm is a man on a mission. natalie pirks, bbc news, bermuda. that is all from me, ben brown will be here at five o'clock with all the latest from manchester and the rest of the day's news, time for a look at the weather with helen, lovely blue sky behind you. it almost looks as nice as bermuda,
4:57 pm
doesn't it, rachel? and temperatures have not been far shy of bermuda, with many areas topping the table and 28—29d, but i need to tell you that we have had some very strong sunshine today, and usually strong for the time of the year because we have depleted ozone, but more cloud in the skies tomorrow. lossiemouth, porthmadog, 29 degrees, many areas seeing high 20s. barely a cloud in the sky. this is all starting to rumble away further west, not too far away from counties fermanagh and down, some thunderstorms around, the start of the breakdown is on its way. the winds will pick up with a south—easterly breeze, sea fog coming onto the coast of scotland by morning. showers coming into the west of england, the west of wales, southern england, a few rumbles of thunder and lightning, and oppressive night for most of us. uncomfortable day with his band of showers pushing its way eastwards,
4:58 pm
but behind it some brighter weather following, low cloud for the coast. ahead of that, decent weather, and for north—east scotland again, with the rain around, parts of western and central scotland, northern ireland could have a wet affair, heavy showers into the afternoon. england and wales, the southern half of the uk, fine, dry, warm weather tomorrow with strong sunshine. there will be low cloud following on from the rain, not as clear as today, but further north, parts of northern ireland, big thunderstorms around, the latter part of tomorrow afternoon and into the evening. in that weather front still close to the west. that meanders away through sunday, hanging around for a time, and improving picture, really, sunday, but for much of england and wales not too bad a day. still the heat and humidity close to southern areas. later in the day, thunderstorms moving up, migrating further northwards into bank holiday monday, always some uncertainty as
4:59 pm
to how quickly they will move, but with the humidity always close by, or closer to southern and eastern areas, the greater risk of some thundery weather. but by that stage, the north and west will be much fresher, with some sunshine coming through, turning cooler as well, but the thundery downpours, it won't rain necessarily, but it will pour when you catch one of those showers into the weekend! not as straightforward as it has been, there are warnings in force because of the in and thunderstorms, and the details for those warnings are on the website. —— and the imminent thunderstorms. today at five: police now say they believe they've arrested
5:00 pm
a large part of the network involved in the manchester bombing. they say there's been ‘immense progress‘ in the investigation and that more arrests are likely. they are significant, these arrests. hgppy they are significant, these arrests. happy we have our hands around key players. but more to do. i'mjane hill, live in manchester, where flowers, balloons and messages of support have amassed here in st ann's square. people are still arriving. with the security level at critical, armed police patrol trains for the first time, ahead of the bank holiday weekend. we'll be discussing the latest security measures with british transport police.


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