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tv   BBC News  BBC News  May 30, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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the independent says french officials are having serious talks with financial institutions looking to move away from london as britain prepares to quit the european union. the paper says removal of london's euro—clearing business could cost the city thousands ofjobs. the guardian financial section says greece has warned its recovery could be thrown into doubt if brussels blocks a debt deal at the next meeting of euro area finance ministers. and finally, also in the times, according to a recent poll of 2000 drivers, motorists waste about 29 hours every year due to vehicle satnavs giving the wrong directions. almost half of drivers disagreed with much of the information provided while a third admitted screaming at their satnav as if it was a real person. with us is david buik, who's a market strategist at panmure gordon. good morning to use. talking about the french and russians, how well do
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you think they get on? not that well, i think. you think they get on? not that well, ithink. i you think they get on? not that well, i think. i wonder if emmanuel macron realises that he has to make a really good splash. he has got serious problems in france over the domestic economy and labour laws. he gets vladimir putin to come to paris, and they exchanged views. clearly there is a bit of body language that is not quite right. since the 0bama regime, heading to russia has been a no—go. we know that vladimir putin is a despot, some of his policies in the ukraine are completely unacceptable. but you have to keep a dialogue going. there was tough talk, emmanuel macron talking about whether there were chemical weapons in syria. he was not what really impressed me —— he
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was not avoiding... he was very open. i have to give emmanuel macron gabbitas. he was happy to talk to him, andi gabbitas. he was happy to talk to him, and i do think that helps. we have been talking all weekend about, and now the times is talking about, profits from trapped passengers after making them pay for expensive upgrades for their flights. we have not heard ba's response yet. some 75,000 passengers were delayed, the fa ct 75,000 passengers were delayed, the fact remains that as a public relations exercise, this is a disgrace. where is the chief
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executive of iag 7 disgrace. where is the chief executive of iag? yes, what about the chief executive of ba? yes, the big honcho is the head of iag. the silence has been deafening. yesterday in madrid, shares fell by 396 yesterday in madrid, shares fell by 3% which i thought was very generous. i think they will fall 10% soon. we have seen generous. i think they will fall 10% $00". we have seen a generous. i think they will fall 10% soon. we have seen a very different view on this, we saw that this was a two—week wonder. everyone will be very angry, shares will go down, and then ina very angry, shares will go down, and then in a few weeks, when you're booking your next flight, you will look out british airways and think, 0k, fine. it depends what else is out there. you've got to think of
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the business flow over a year. i think they could be damaged for a period of six weeks. what would you be advising them to do? people were having to pay hundreds of pounds to get on a different flight. they didn't get compensation. they will get compensation. but they have had their holidays absolutely ruined. he is going to the isle of wight because he can't go to wherever else he wanted to. what would you advise? i would advise that the customer tell us what went wrong. i don't understand, and maybe i am stupid, but if your whole business is geared to technology and it all goes to hell, where is the substitute? where is the backup? a business of that size without that kind of technology is destroyed. therefore, to have nothing running separately in another city or area which can be plugged into, i'm sorry, i don't buy it. the next one, this is very much
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your area. not your business, but your area. not your business, but you feel quite strongly about this. just explain what you wrote clearing is? you might never invite me again after this. the french trying to entice people —— euroclearing. clearing is a seriously important pa rt clearing is a seriously important part of banking. whether it is an interest rate swap, foreign exchange, buying and selling of securities, it has to be cleared. the only place where you are absolutely guaranteed is that clearing houses. the biggest one is here in london. you can amount when emmanuel macron visited london last february, he said we think some of that stuff should come back to brussels and france. this place, in
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terms of clearing, if the eu does mess around with the clearing, the only beneficiaries will be the united states of america. they have warned... they would not be able to ta ke warned... they would not be able to take the euroclearing, would they? it is easy to forget that, in terms of straightforward euroclearing, the eu have every right to have it back. they have tried once before. where you have euroclearing very often, you have euroclearing very often, you have euroclearing very often, you have got a lot of one currency. just because you've got the hump, don't disrupt the whole organisation just to be pragmatic. i think this is just another pebble being thrown, looking for ripples and problems. people should sit down and look at it in the cold light of day. we
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haven't spoken about greece very much lately? time running out for a debt deal. they have a total debt of 314 billion euros. that is 180% of gross domestic product. we have another renewal due in july gross domestic product. we have another renewal due injuly seven and a half billion pounds. angela merkel is complaining about it. greece is on its knees. to cut a long story short, the fact remains that they will have to agree. with leaving the eu, if greece was to say, iam leaving the eu, if greece was to say, i am sinking in my hooks, devalue by 40%, there would be problems in a few years. the
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european union does not want to see any fragmentation post brexit. what kind of deal is going to be cut? is greece going to get any more leeway? i think it have to be. with 11 one half million people, virtually no business industry outside of agriculture and tourism, how are you going to repay that debt? that is what the imf is arguing and that is why they did not come in on the last deal. they have said, you are being too tough on greece. you think that's going to come this time? yes. u nless that's going to come this time? yes. unless they say, we have had enough of this. just very quickly, 29 hours per year spent going of this. just very quickly, 29 hours peryearspent going in of this. just very quickly, 29 hours per year spent going in the wrong direction because of satnav? yes, i
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getjane direction because of satnav? yes, i get jane on my satnav. that is what she is called. you can select it.|j don't even know the name of mine.“ she starts giving me drivel, i start giving it back. what is really worrying about this is after going past the same building four times, i started to think, i am right and they are wrong. it is a bit scary. but on the whole, we wouldn't do without them. thanks very much. that's all we've got time for on... what are we doing today? hello there. good morning. well, the bank holiday's over. it did actually end on a bit of a wet note for some northern and eastern parts of of england in particular. some wetter weather too in some parts of scotland but a lot of that has been moving away
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out into the north sea, so for the eastern side of england, still a lot of low cloud first thing but very little rain to speak of. scattered showers in the western side of england, parts of wales, western scotland will see a little bit of rain. this band of rain, this is a cold front heading our way, and that'll be a key feature in the next couple of days. ahead of that still quite a warm night, particularly in the south—east, 14,15 or 16 degrees. now, as we start tuesday, we've got that low cloud across these eastern areas but it is quite dry. further west, yes, we've got some rain for a time in northern ireland, that moves through. it will take a while for that to cross scotland and there will be at least some rain on this trailing weather front stretching down across england and wales. but i think there will be very little rain in the south—west of england. could stay a bit grey around some of the coast, though. moving inland we could see some spells of sunshine.
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19, 20 degrees. and in the south—eastern corner, it's still quite warm, still fairly humid, getting to 21 or 22 degrees. but there will be some rain crossing northern england down into wales. but it's becoming increasingly light and patchy as it makes its way south and eastwards. then behind that, we see it brightening up quite nicely and it begins to turn a bit fresher, we can see that humidity dropping away a little bit. but there is still some rain to be had in some northern parts of scotland. but at roland garros, we're looking pretty good over the next few days, 23, 24 degrees, those winds are increasingly light, by the middle of the weekend we should see a bit more in the way of sunshine as well. tuesday evening back on our shores, we see this patchy rain fizzling out as it makes its way to the south—eastern corner. it'll be quite grey around some of these coasts in the south and west, but actually it's going to be a fresh start to the day on wednesday morning, that fresher air has spread its way in across pretty much all parts, so a much better night for sleeping. wednesday itself looks like a pretty decent day. might start offjust a bit windy towards the north—east of the uk,
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but that eases down and then most places are going to have a decent day with light winds and sunny spells but further weather fronts are waiting out in the atlantic. but wednesday, yes, it's a pretty decent day. there's that wind easing down in the north—east. good spells of sunshine for england and wales, northern ireland too, much of scotland as well and with those light winds and temperatures in the middle to upper teens, low 20s, i think it will be a very pleasant day indeed. 0n into thursday and a lot of fine, dry weather to be had in much of england and wales, eastern scotland too. western scotland and northern ireland later on will begin to see this weather front moving in, that's making steady progress eastwards. and i think by friday there'll be a fair bit of cloud and outbreaks of rain around. and just ahead of all that rain in the south—eastern corner, looks like it will be quite warm and humid once again. hello this is breakfast with dan walker in llandudno in north wales. we are nine days away from the general election so we decided it was a good idea to bring breakfast to north wales and the beach. we are
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live in llandudno this morning. we are on the road! good morning, i'm here with the bbc breakfast butte van. i'll be talking to businesses and workers about what will get their vote. i'm at the magnificent castle here in wales. we'll hear how it will be punching above its weight when it comes to the results in this general election. good morning it's tuesday 30th may.
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