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the independent front page is dedicated to the latest uk election debate. the paper says there were fractious exchanges between the seven party representatives on immigration and security, but the prime minister, theresa may was most noticeable by her absence. the daily telegraph reports that the number of migrants crossing the mediterranean from morocco to spain has more than tripled this year, according to the united nations, making it the fastest growing sea route into europe. the sydney morning herald focuses on the incident at melbourne airport in which a passenger tried to storm the cockpit of a malaysia airlines flight to kuala lumpur, threatening to blow up the plane. and finally the business section of the daily telegraph reports that the technology firm deliveroo is offering its riders the option to be paid per delivery, rather than per hour, in an effort to reinforce their status as self—employed contractors instead of employees. joining us is cornelia meyer — the ceo of the business consultancy, mrl corporation. thank you very much are coming to
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join us. we have two start with the gulf news. of course, that massive bomb blast. there are still a lot of speculation over who was behind it. no group has claimed responsibility. speculation as to who could have been behind it exist, but of course, most of the people who died were civilians, women and children. absolutely. and if you look at it, if you look at the whole terror scene, yes, we have a lot happening here in europe. we had paris and manchester. but if you look at countries like pakistan, afghanistan, iraq, these are new daily incidents. and if you look at the death toll that... whoever, extremist from whoever site covered terrorists, the death toll there taking in those countries, it is staggering. and this is part of trouble that is meant to be quite secure. “— trouble that is meant to be quite secure. —— macris three. when you
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understand the kind of device, it was a large lorry. —— kabul. it got into a secure area that was notjust the dramatic quarter, but there were schools and many civilians there, too. many civilian buildings. security, again, it is very difficult to have security to the highest degree when you have an army thatis highest degree when you have an army that is still in training. look at the way afghanistan is. it is sort of re—emerging as a nation. look at where iraq is. these are countries that are re—establishing themselves. need to re— establish their armies and security forces. there are issues of corruption and all sorts of things. so it is really, it is really tough in a country like that to guarantee security. like they
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said, if you look at it, those countries have warned the brunt in terms of casualties of these vile terrorist attacks. 50 many terms of casualties of these vile terrorist attacks. so many people attached to the bbc were amongst those who lost their lives. absolutely devastating. cornelia, we move on to the financial —— financial times. there is some discussion here about the climate pa ct discussion here about the climate pact at the time that donald trump is sort of go the other way. we will find out what he has to say about the paris accord. it is all a premiere. the world is upside down. america has been the guarantor in europe of the modus operandi. —— it is allup in europe of the modus operandi. —— it is all up in the air. donald trump is all up in the air. donald trump is becoming a bilateralism —— bilateralism. —— bilateralist.
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climate is the biggest killer in china. they need to do some into keep the population on board. but it is not just keep the population on board. but it is notjust there. if you look at the tpp, the trans—pacific partnership, where america withdrew. you know that this gives way to the asia—pacific free trade area. that is the china led deal. so in many ways, with one wrote one belt, the big links that china wants with europe and central asia, in many ways, donald trump is serving the world to the chinese on a silver plate. -- one belt, one road. some might cool this the america first challenge, this sort of pulling out of the climate change deal, the more
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protectionist trade position that donald trump is adopting. —— call. there are still differences between the eu and china. is there enough that unites them 7 the eu and china. is there enough that unites them? selectively, they will work together. and on some of these very important multilateral issues like climate change, which has been hardfought and negotiator. it started in kyoto and negotiator. it started in kyoto and went all over the world. finally, in paris, there was an accord. that is how we know they can selectively work together. because they have common interests. it is not just the countries, they have common interests. it is notjust the countries, but they have common interests. it is not just the countries, but the company. if you look at it in the us, exxon, rex tillerson, the former wa key us, exxon, rex tillerson, the former wakey did that. they want the climate deal because it gives them visibility and certainty. it gives them planning certainty. they know what is coming down. —— the former work he did there. it is thursday. a week ago. in a
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week we will be going to the polls. —— a week to go. week we will be going to the polls. -- a week to go. did you watch the debate? yes, of course. big as i am still make you my mind. i am one of the undecided. —— because i am still making up my mind. i think was interesting was thatjeremy corbyn really upped his game. in the beginning, it was this blundering gentleman and now he has quite a strong message. but as it was pointed out, a lot of his players are not fully costed. that is no good. but what about the conservatives? they have not costed at all in their manifesto. and theresa may was not there. that was the thing. she should have shown leadership by being there. but then you know thatjeremy corbyn only announced in the last minute that he
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was coming. she should have been there. the conservatives have an issue on two things. on one front, it is immigration, because they said we will get immigration down. they said they wanted to get it down to 100,000. we are 200 thousand and more. way above. jeremy corbyn appley said that maybe she was out skirting the value of your house right now. —— aptly. given that the conservatives have a lot of older people voting for them, it is not exactly a good thing for her base, what they have had to say about property. not at all, judging by the polls. and we touch on theresa may not being there. in terms of her reputation, in terms of impact, to think that will have much affect? or do you think it has been ever talked
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and there is too much focus on that? yes, it will have an impact. in the beginning of the campaign, they said we have strong leadership. we have a strong leader. if you have a strong leader, they need to go out and lead. amber rudd has given a stunning performance. she was very good. especially in that she lost her father two days ago. she has done incredibly well. if you have a platform, where you say trust us, we have the best leader, then that lleyton easter show. also, in the debate between, on the bbc, between jeremy corbyn and theresa may, she refused to have a direct face—off. —— we have the best leader, then that leader needs to show. we will move on because we still have one week left. the daily telegraph talked about the new mike and crossing rural —— migrant crossing
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rule. but this is a spanish island thatis rule. but this is a spanish island that is in a different route that they had been taken. we don't have much time on it. the turkish deal is working and the borken route is prayad might close. but the important thing is that when you look at these western mediterranean routes, there are less middle eastern migrants, and more people from economic migration sources from sub—sa ha ran people from economic migration sources from sub—saharan africa. —— balkan route is pretty much. they you forjoining us this morning. that is it for the moment. we will be back soon. good morning. london may not have been the sunniest place across the country, yesterday, but it was the warmest, with highs ofjust over 23 degrees. i expect, though, over the next couple of days, the south—east will get very warm, if not hot,
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as we drag in this warm air in from the near continent. but this fellow here, this slow—moving weather front, will bring a contrast to the far north and west. it will be a mild start for all, some mist around, particularly close to the coast. but that weather front, a slow—moving affair, and will bring rain into northern ireland and scotland, lingering for much of the day. cloud, largely dry, and more in the way of sunshine across the extreme south. sp despite a little bit afternoon cloud into the south—west part of wales, temperatures still reasonable — 18—22 degrees. highs of 25 widely in the south—east corner, and stretching into the north of england. a different day, unfortunately, for the north—west, in the lake district, isle of man, northern ireland and western scotland. here, it will stay cloudy and wet for much of the day, with a scattering of showers into the far north—east as well. now that weather front, almost like a conveyor belt of rain
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sitting across the irish sea, affecting the western fringes of wales. to the south and east of that, it stays sticky through the night. a milder feel with widely mid teens across the country. it does mean that on friday, we gradually start to see change. a level of uncertainty as to how quickly that weather front moves eastwards. hopefully improving through scotland through the day. the front sitting through the spine of the country by the middle of the afternoon. it stays very warm, if not hot, in the south—east. 27 degrees, that's 80 fahrenheit — much fresher conditions beginning to follow behind. that is the general theme as we move into the weekend. some significant thunderstorms are likely across the near continent but the wind direction moves to a fresher westerly feel to things. a good deal of dry weather with a scattering of showers for the weekend, but look at the difference. 16 or 17 in the north—west, highs ofjust 22 in the south—east corner. a similar story into sunday. fresh with a scatter of showers
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and a touch of breeze. so just in case you haven't got the message, this is the story for the weekend. a scattering of showers and a fresh feel for all. take care. hello this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. one of the biggest tv debates of the general election campaign has seen the main parties clash on brexit, the economy and immigration. there is no payment you don't want to add to, no tax you don't want to rise, but the fact is, we have to concentrate resources on the people who need it most. have you been to a food bank? have you seen people sleeping around our stations? have you seen. . . with just you seen. . . with just a week to go before voting, the conservatives will put brexit at the heart of their campaign, while labour promise a cap on railfares.
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