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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 2, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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with sanctions against russia in play, the paper says moscow is looking to diversify its political relationships. the guardian has research, partly on the panama papers, showing that on average the richest households evade 30% of their taxes. that's compared to 2% with the wider population. finally, battle and power, or love and magic? a leading british physicist quoted in the daily telegraph hits—out at toymaker lego, saying it's gone backwards in terms of gender equality for its toy range. with us is alpesh patel, ceo of praefinium partners. welcome to use. thank you. our first story, the attack on a casino in manila. —— you. it was feared it was a terror related attack, but that is not the case? yes, and the reason we may have thought that, part of the philippines is under martial law because they are fighting islamist in one of the southern islands.
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their president is not known to be a soft touch at the best of times, let alone on islamic terrorism. you would not expect a soft touch on anything to do with the philippines. the number who have died, that is the very tragic thing. we employ staff in the philippines, and if i can makea staff in the philippines, and if i can make a stereotype, the other aspect about what is tragic about this, the best people i have ever employed in the world. you have got a poorer country that probably does not have the same regulations as other countries in terms of fire exits and the like, it was not terror related or anything like that, anything else we have seen in the past two weeks of people dying. that is the additional tragedy. looking at president trump saying that the us is going to with all from the paris climate accord. he
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has said that there are more stringent conditions placed on the us rather than other countries. he says if he had stuck with what had been agreed, it would cost america jobs and money? i think it is a positive story, what has happened. because it is a donald trump story, i don't want him to accuse bbc news of fa ke i don't want him to accuse bbc news of fake news. let's stick with the fa cts . of fake news. let's stick with the facts. it is a great story because he has managed to unify the whole rest of the world, 200 countries, and the pope thrown in for good measure, he has unified the chinese, russians and the eu against his views. he has unified american corporations against them as well. they have said, we are going to do it anyway. in one stroke, he has managed to be on the side of pittsburgh. the rest of america, and the world, are on the other side. he
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is the president of pittsburgh, not of paris. he is becoming increasingly irrelevant. next i want him to start drilling in alaska. if you care him to start drilling in alaska. if you ca re so him to start drilling in alaska. if you care so much about pittsburgh, bring somejobs back. you care so much about pittsburgh, bring some jobs back. do you think this could be seen as a bit of a turning point? what is great about republicans if they want smaller governments, they want governments to be less involved in people's lives. companies out there have said it already. companies such as ge, they have spoken out against it. the private sector is going to continue with the agreement, he is going to be able to flag wave. i want to see how the jobs be able to flag wave. i want to see how thejobs in pittsburgh
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be able to flag wave. i want to see how the jobs in pittsburgh are going, how is that working out for you? another story involving president trump and his possible decision over cuba. he is thinking about reopening trade links to cuba. he has said he doesn't like the human rights violations. interesting to adopt this attitude with cuba, when he met with president rodrigo duterte eight, as well as —— rodrigo duterte, as well as recep tayyip erdogan. he is playing up his second home, the white house is pretty much in miami now. he is playing up to the republicans, the cubans and
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americans. you have to play up to your constituency. i don't think the americans have got enough nuclear missiles. they should roll back the treaties from the 80s and 90s as well. segregation, bring that back as well. while you're at it, roll back a whole lot of other things. what benefit would it bring? it's his voters. he had promised them, to the cu ban his voters. he had promised them, to the cuban americans, people like marco rubio, they wanted a tougher stands on little cuba. dangerous cuba. these are x—files. they are clearly holding bitterness towards their homeland. cuba is pretty much on its knees. become somebody your own size, if you have to pick on someone. own size, if you have to pick on someone. what about picking on
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russia or china? this is really about trade, isn't it? this is incredibly important. it gets a bit buried in the news. india, if it aspires to its destiny, if they are just willing to be even more on the global stage, they are the world's largest democracy. a close ally of russia for 70 years. signing new deals for civilian nuclear power stations. 70 years, they have been a close ally with russia. they have got the ability to reach out to russia, they have got the largest equal muslim population, so they can reach out to the islamic world, reach out to the islamic world, reach out to the islamic world, reach out to the west, reach out to russia, there is a unique position the country can hold. they are signing deals with russia and the
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chinese are becoming more important than ever, because donald trump is retreating from these global treaties. the chinese are taking power. india is going to be more important for the west than ever as a counterbalance. taking a look at this story about the super rich, the panama papers, people with more than £31 million of assets of aid 38% of their taxes on average according to a new study. that is compared to 2% of the poorer population who evade their taxes. the question is, how much do you they'd? none! can we just get bat on air? —— that ——
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evade. your pension fund will be using offshore centres, they want to bring more money back to the united kingdom and not leave it in the other countries. this is about households. it is about individuals who are criminals. the criminal side to offshore accounts, why are there not more prosecutions? we are seeing some political leaders, you can tell who the honest people laugh. they will have their own names on the accounts. it is shocking, it is sad. there are criminal laws, there needs to probably be greater work amongst the international community, which we are probably not going to get. that is probably what will lead to greater clamping down, so there is no hiding place. even luxembourg is
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an offshore haven. talking quickly about lego, they have been accused of continuing the gender divide. i've got three boys, you've got to boys and a girl? i do. it's absolutely the case. it is all star wars action figures for boys, for girls, it is varied and... if the children that are sexist! the girls keep going towards the... there is some of that, but it is also the advertising —— it's. she has the choice of star wars at home. thank you very much, stay with us on bbc world news. good morning. it feels as though it has been a week of extremes — extreme heat, thunderstorms, even some rain. now, as we move towards the weekend, things aren't quite as extreme
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but nevertheless it will be a case of sunny spells and scattered showers. but certainly it will feel noticeably fresher out there. good news if it has been too hot and humid. the reason being, this bass clef swirld of cloud that arrived during thursday — it's a weather front and once it moves through it is going to introduce slightly fresher air from the west. it brought a change on thursday. in the north—west only 15 degrees. in the south—east we saw highs of 26. it stays pretty humid into the south—east corner. but that weather front will start to push further inland through the day today. it will weaken as it moves out of scotland, down through the peaks and pennines, towards the south coast. a band of cloud here. behind it somewhat brighter conditions. in actual fact, it will probably be a better day for scotland and northern ireland, particuallrly in comparison to yesterday. and we'll ee temperatures a little higher — 18 or 19 degrees on thursday. sunny spells across
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northern england. not a bad day through the peaks, down into the midlands over into wales, as you can see. it will be largely dry and we'll see highs of arounf 19 or 20. now, ahead of that front, we could see 26 or 27 for a time and that could spark off some dramatic thundery downpours. once that front clears through, we will start to feel the benefits — the fresher air moving in. if it's been too hot and humid, you'll be happier with this story. it means that overnight, friday into saturday morning, we will probably see those temperatures around 9—15 degrees. a little bit more comfortable for sleeping and a better start to our saturday. it's not going to be a bad start to saturday. generally speaking, relatively quiet but we have these weather fronts pushing in from the atlantic, just enhancing the potential for more showers out to the north and west. so we start off largely fine and dry, showers into northern irela ns, scotland and maybe one or two across western coastal fringes on saturday. but in the sunshine it will still feel pleasant enough. yes, a little bit fresher, 20—21 degrees in the south—east asa maximum. temperatures further
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north at around mid—high teens, let's say. sunday, a similar story but there is the potential for perhaps more organised showers to the south—west. we'll need to keep an eye on that. but sunny spells, scattered showers and feeling just that little bit fresher. as we go into monday, gardners and growers take note, there's the potential for england and wales to see a band of more heavier organised rain arriving and that may come as welcome news. hello. this is breakfast on friday the 2nd ofjune. i'm charlie stayt. the main headline this morning: international condemnation for president trump after he pulls america out of the paris agreement on climate change. theresa may has told the president she's disappointed with his decision, while european leaders said there'd be no renegotiating. we all share the same sponsor
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ability. make our planet great again.
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