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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is kasia madera. our top story this hour: new details of the terror attack that killed seven and injured many more here in the heart of london. eight minutes after the terror began, police shot dead the attackers. so, who were they and why did they strike? world leaders express support for london. the australian prime minister calls it the "cruel, new reality." and in manchester, the scene of the previous uk attack, a tribute concert with some of the world's biggest stars. welcome to london bridge in the heart of the british capital
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where we have a fuller picture of the attack that killed seven people and injured many others. police now know the identity of the three men who, arriving by van, went on the rampage, first hitting people with their vehicle, then lashing out with knives in bars and restaurants. the whole area is in absolute lockdown. the police cordon is staying up. they say it will disrupt monday morning traffic. we are getting more information about the three men that crashed their van
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into london bridge and pedestrians, leaving the vehicle and stabbing people in borough market. just minutes later the men were shot dead by police. in the past couple of hours, the islamic state group claimed it was behind the attacks. we'll have full details of the investigation and the international reaction, but we start with our home editor, mark easton, whose report does include some distressing images. sirens wail clear the area now! and a country cried, "please not again." we are hearing tonight that british armed police have attended an incident at london bridge. we don't know any more than that at this stage... atjust after 10pm last night, three men in a white van drove at speed across london bridge, determined to kill the spirit of the capital. oh, my god. there's a white van that came speeding over, probably about 50mph, it turned into the pavement, hit about three people in front of me. oh, my god. close the door. there was people just lying everywhere on the bridge, just people trying to help each other out, people bleeding, there wasjust blood everywhere.
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having deliberately mown down pedestrians, the three men got out of the van, knives in their hands, murder on their minds. they ran up and started stabbing this girl, three of them, i was defenceless, i couldn't do nothing, mate. they attacked her, and then they stabbed another guy, i think, if i remember right — i was a bit shocked. they started running up the road, i started going, "everybody run, they're terrorists, they're terrorists — run, run. they're stabbing everyone." sirens wail armed police were on the scene within minutes as the three men moved towards the bars and restaurants of borough market, packed with people on a warm summer's night. they were running in all the pubs, all the bars, and they were stabbing everyone. i was going to people, "run, run!" i was throwing bottles at them, pint glasses... these four friends were settling down for a meal in a mexican restaurant when the three knifemen arrived. three men come in, one pulled out
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a knife and stabbed one of the girls sitting closest to the door, i think she was only 17. i kinda got a glimpse of the guy with a knife, and then before i knew it the doors were shut and we were at the back of the restaurant. so you saw him? briefly, a glimpse. in the early hours of this morning, claudia and liam, given refuge in a stranger's flat, told me what they saw from their apartment, just above a pub the attackers had targeted on their killing spree. one young guy seemed to come out of the pub, and he was knocking on the window of the ambulance, saying, "you have to help my friend, he's been stabbed, he is in the pub..." whether he got stabbed in the pub or outside the pub, i don't know, but he said, "my friend's been stabbed, he's in the pub." there was another guy, who was probably in his 405, standing on the other side of the ambulance, knocking on the other window, saying, "i've been stabbed," and he was covered in blood, he said, "i've been stabbed five times, you have to help me." at this time, police cars were still heading up to london bridge, apparently unaware of where the attackers were.
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this one police 4x4 screeched down stoney street, and then easily within five seconds, there were six gunshots, or what to us sounded like six clear gunshots. gunfire six rounds, two attackers dead. then witnesses suggest another volley of bullets as the third attacker was shot and killed, all within eight minutes of the first call to police. it was an attack notjust on individuals but on our way of life. the killers targeted people having fun, enjoying the freedoms of a diverse and liberal city. with daybreak, tales of bravery and heroism emerged from the horrors of the previous night. the prime minister addressed the nation from downing street, also paying tribute to the work of the security services. on behalf of the people of london and on behlaf of the whole country, i want to thank and pay tribute to the professionalism and bravery of the police and the emergency services, and to the courage of members of the public who defended themselves and others from the attackers. and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, and with their friends,
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families and loved ones. but mrs may was notjust reflecting a nation's shock — she promised the outrage would be met by a response. it is time to say, enough is enough. everybody needs to go about their lives as they normally would. our society should continue to function in accordance with our values. but when it comes to taking on extremism and terrorism, things need to change. london is still trying to come to terms with the awful events, to understand what happened. london bridge is falling down the song goes, but london appears determined to stand up to those who would divide it. within the last couple of hours,
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so—called islamic state have laid claim to the attack. it is important to be cautious about what they say. police in london say they've identified the three men who carried out the attack. and raids on a number of homes in east london have led to 12 arrests, 11 remain in custody. one has been released without charge. seven were women. it is important to say it is an ongoing investigation and is developing very quickly. we have the very latest. tonight, the focus of the police investigation, a block of flats in barking. here women were escorted from the building. this video clip was taken by those living inside. armed police surround men lying on the floor, their hands behind their backs. so far 12 people have been arrested. the bbc also understands one of the london attackers who died lived here. we're not naming him
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at the request of the police, but we've spoken to this man who said he knew him. he says over the past two years the attacker became more and more extreme. we spoke about a particular attack that happened. like most radicals, he had a justification for everything. for everything and anything. and that day i realised that i need to contact the authorities. he'd would only speak to the bbc‘s asian network as long as we protected his identity and changed his voice. he used to listen to a lot of musa jibril. i've heard this stuff, and it's very radical. i'm surprised some of this stuff is still on youtube and easily accessible. i phoned the anti—terrorist hotline. i spoke to the gentleman, i told him about our conversation and why i think he's been radicalised. we've put these allegations to the police. the friend believes the attacker wasn't arrested even after he was reported. i did my bit, i know a lot of people did, but the authorities didn't do their bit. this couple say they also reported the same man to police more than two years ago after he tried to befriend their children.
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what did you think he was doing? radicalise the kids, the message was clear. if you aren't muslim and you don't follow the religion of muslim you're basically going to hell. he said the kids needed to be saved. "saved from what?" "from this world." we don't know if any chances to stop these men were missed. for now the focus is on a search for evidence and answers. this is the heart of the investigation, it started with anti—terror raids hours after the attack and now forensic teams are focused on this ground floor flat at the side of the block. this was east ham this evening, a man scrambles across a rooftop as armed officers train their guns at the windows. this investigation is still far from over. ed thomas, bbc news, barking in east london. from new scotland yard, daniel
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sa ndford from new scotland yard, daniel sandford has more on the ongoing investigation. they quickly identified the three suspects they shot dead which quickly allowed them to get to barking to raid the addresses in north london and arrested 12 people, seven women and five men, although one of those men has since been released to be whether or not that group will be charged, i am not sure. they were associates and family members the police got too quickly and obviously wanted to question quickly. that made not ultimately lead to charges. we learned an awful lot about the new reality of police and terrorism. eight and officers firing of the rounds to prevent further loss of life. that was an unprecedented use
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of force in this country. but it has its risks. a member of the public was shot and injured, though tha nkfully was shot and injured, though thankfully not seriously so. three times this year, one of the three key questions will be whether they had a group at home, they are in the uk, or if they are guided by overseas agencies. there are import and other aspects to policing in the days and weeks ahead. —— important. after three attacks in three months, there is a concern among the police, security services, and the government, that frankly people in the public will start to panic and start to worry whether or not the police and security services are in control of this issue. they will wa nt to control of this issue. they will want to reassure the public they are doing everything they can to prevent further loss of life and are going
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to reduce further loss of life. daniel sandford in new scotland yard. there is a very present relief activity at the moment. for the time being, back to the studio. i'm duncan golestani. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. facebook says it wants to make itself a hostile environment for people who carry out acts of terror. british prime minister theresa may called on technology companies to do more to tackle extremist content. twitter said it was systematically expanding the use of technology to remove such material and last year had suspended nearly 400,000 accounts. a mountain rescuer and a female climber have died in the austrian alps during an attempt to winch them into a helicopter. a male climber was seriously injured. all three plummeted into a ravine after a rope came loose. their identities haven't been revealed. malta's prime minister, joseph muscat, has declared victory
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in a snap parliamentary election that he called last month amid corruption allegations against his family and associates. mr muscat‘s victory came despite allegations linking his wife to an offshore company in panama which received payments from azerbaijan's ruling family, charges they deny. stay with us on bbc news. still to come: world leaders express their support and sympathy for the people of the uk and their outrage at what's happened. the queen and her husband began their royal progress to westminster. the moment of crowning, in accordance with the order of service, by a signal given by the great guns of the tower. tanks and troops are patrolling the streets of central peking after the bloody operation to crush student—led protests, and the violence has
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continued, the army firing on civilians throughout the following day and night. over there you can see its mighty tail — the only sign left, almost, that an aircraft had been here. uefa imposes an indefinite ban on english clubs playing in europe. today is the 20th anniversary of the release of the beatles' album sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band, a record described as the album of the century. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: police in britain have identified the three men who went on the rampage at london bridge on saturday night, killing seven people and injuring dozens more. raids on a number of homes in east london have led to twelve arrests.
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one property is believed to be the home of one of the attackers. we are finding out a little bit more about some of the big dams and those injured here at london bridge. four police officers were among those injured in the course of the attack. one was off duty, and was stabbed as he struggled with one of the attackers. the first victim has been named as christine archibald from canada. here's sarah campbell. daniel o'neill, who's 23, is recovering in hospital, one of the many pub and restaura nt—goers attacked at random. the shock and anger is palpable from his mother. he'd just stepped outside the barfor a second, and a man ran up to him and said, "this is for my family, this is for islam," and stuck a knife straight in him. he's got a seven—inch scar going from his belly round to his back.
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i'm still in shock, i still can't quite believe it's happened. absolutely senseless, the attacks. and these people say they're doing it in the name of god, which is an absolute joke. the first commandment is "thou shalt not kill." all faiths share that belief. if it wasn't religion, they'd find some other excuse. they're callous, they're barbaric. and they're absolute cowards. there are many more victims. brett freeman a father of three was stabbed four times and is pictured in hospital. geoff ho, the business editor for the sunday express newspaper was stabbed in the neck. he was filmed injured and being led away, having stepped in to help a wounded bouncer. that's geoff all over. he will not run away from anything. if geoff sees a situation, geoff will go into it. that's the frightening thing with geoff is he focuses on other people. he loves other people and if he can help, he will. initially, the injured were taken
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to five different hospitals across london, including here at st thomas'. this is a cosmopolitan city, and that's very much reflected in the nationalities of those who found themselves caught up in last night's attack. it is now known that a french citizen was killed and a canadian woman, named as christine archibald. her family said she would have no understanding of the callous cruelty that caused her death. new zealander oliver dowling, according to a facebook post by his sister, has been operated on after being stabbed multiple times. australian candice hedge, who reportedly worked in a local restaurant, was having a meal with her boyfriend when she was attacked. also injured, four police officers — one from the british transport police, and three from the metropolitan police force. one of the met officers, who was off duty at the time, tackled one of the armed men, and remains in a serious condition. the emergency services have been
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praised for their quick response. people feel sympathy with the victims, it could have happened to any of us, it could not be foreseen and the patients were extremely shocked. this 19—year—old american student found himself desperately trying to stem the flow of blood from a man shot in the head. at that point we knew that we needed to somehow apply pressure onto the womb to stop it a little bit so that is when we took off my belt and used it to stop the flow of blood. we are supposed to hear he survived? very. i could not sleep wondering if he made it. the list of names and faces of those injured or killed will grow longer.
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each one, an innocent victim. world leaders have expressed their support and sympathy for the people of the uk. our diplomatic correspondent james landale reports now on the global reaction. this evening in berlin a demonstration of solidarity with london on a gate which these days at least is a symbol of european unity and peace. in brussels the flags once again stood at half—mast as leaders around the world expressed in there now familiar litany of shock and sympathy. we send our heartfelt sympathy and love to the victims and their families. this attack is yet another cruel example of the new reality in which we live. other leaders used social media to express their horror and solidarity. president putin of russia spoke of the cruelty and cynicism
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of the attack. chancellor merkel said in the fight against terrorism, germany is resolutely at britain's side. in rome, the pope led prayers for peace that were echoed by other christian leaders. translation: may the spirit give hope to the entire world, heal the plagues of war and terrorism that even tonight in london hit innocence of billions. it is right that when there is greatly all we feel anger that innocent civilians. but their anger must be turned on its head into a commitment to justice and not against any group of people, especially members of the islamic community. in new york, the authorities increased security across the city, particularly in areas full of pedestrians and tourists, like here in times square. donald trump called theresa may's office sending condolences, but on twitter the president used the incident to renew this demand
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for a travel ban on visitors from six mostly muslim countries and he also appeared to criticise the mayor of london sadiq khan for saying there's no need to be alarmed. in fact, mr khan was urging people not to be worried by the increased police presence on london's river and streets, this spokesman said he had more important things to do than respond to mr trump's ill—informed tweet. from paris, which has seen its share of terror attacks, president macron called theresa may to say france was at britain's side and france's prime minister visited a crisis centre monitoring events in london. translation: france and the united kingdom are allies that have been subjected to a common threat, and we will be united in ourjoint response to it. france is holding its own parliamentary elections at the moment and as a result of last night's attack, security has been tightened up here in london at polling stations were french nationals living
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in the uk are already casting their votes. few elections it seems can escape the shadow of terrorism. james landale, bbc news, central london. as london comes to terms with what happened here on saturday night, manchester was paying tribute to the 22 people who lost their lives at the suicide bombing. ariana grande ariana grande promised to return and she did that with many big names from the music industry. they came to dance, to sing and to remember. she was the artist they most wanted to see and the voice they'd waited to hear. # midnight shadows when finding love is a battle...#. she was joined by children from a manchester school.
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crowd sing: # you are my everything...#. there were tears and hugs and then ariana grande revealed that she had met the mother of one of the teenagers who died at the arena. i had the pleasure of meeting olivia's mommy, a few days ago, and as soon as i met her i started crying and i gave her a big hug, and she said that... "stop crying because olivia would not have wanted me to cry," and then she told me that olivia would have wanted to hear the hits. many of the injured were determined to be here, defiant despite memories which are still fresh. 14 year—old natalie harrison was filmed, caught up in the panic after the explosion. today natalie and her mum came to the concert but it was not an easy decision. it's been a traumatic time and the only thing that i would say is that, for me,
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it is a bit too soon. because i feel that i'm onlyjust coming to terms with what has happened. so coming back today, how does it feel? it's exciting because i want to see ariana without coming home and being upset. do you think it will help you coming back and having a good experience? yeah, it will probably help me, like, heal and stuff. security was tight and visible and everywhere. there were stories of strength and resilience. we heard the, like, bang. and i got hit, like, in my upper left thigh and i had to go to hospital and have an operation on it. i'm really excited, like, yeah, because i really enjoy concerts so it's not going to stop me. artists flew in from all over the globe to take part, many with words of support for the uk. manchester, london! we are here, we are
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together and we are one. ijust want to take this moment to honour the people that were lost, or that were taken. we love you so much. to the families, we love you so much. the atmosphere here is a real mix of celebration and commemoration. plenty of tears mixed in with the cheers from this audience. it's hoped that millions of pounds have been raised to support the bereaved and injured and thatjust being at the concert has helped many of the survivors. that message of strength and resilience echoed here on the
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streets of london. it's going to be a wet and windy start to the new week for many of us. we've seen rain moving across northern ireland, up into scotland. that rain should clear away and as it brightens up, we will get some heavy showers. brightening up too across northern ireland but rain setting and across northern england, especially wales and the south—west, with the wind picking up. we'll see some showery bursts of rain pushing into other eastern parts of england, especially in the afternoon. here, some semblance of warmth, but otherwise a chilly day, especially underneath all that rain. and the heaviest rain likely to be across wales and north—west england where there could be as much as 80 millimetres, during the day and on monday night. the wet weather only moving very slowly northwards and eastwards, and the winds continuing to strength in the south with gales likele as we head overnight. it remains very windy for many of us. actually, on tuesday, strong to gale force winds. the wet weather may cling on to northern england. more likely to be wet across scotland, eastern scotland. elsewhere last we showers and some sunshine. those showers are likely to be heavy and possibly thundery. now on bbc news, jo coburn
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presents election questions, as a studio audience debates the issues of the 2017 general election with paul nuttall, leader of ukip. welcome to bristol. you are watching a special election programme, election questions. our studio audience will be putting their questions to the leader of the ukip independence dharma party, please welcome, paul nuttall. —— ukip party. i will start with the same question i put tojonathan bartley just a short while ago. that is your response to what theresa may has said in light of the events last night, the shocking events on the streets of london, that she thinks the country needs to have a com pletely the country needs to have a
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completely different approach to extremism and terrorism. do you agree with that? yes. it is interesting to hear theresa may finally identifying what the problem is. politician after politician in this country has refused to accept that the problem is islamist ideology. it is not about muslims. it isa ideology. it is not about muslims. it is a political ideology, one of violence. i was glad to hear theresa may today speaking about islamist extremism. that is the heart of the problem. what are you proposing in concrete terms? firstly, we need to make sure there are more police officers on the beat. we want 20,000 more police officers because we believe community policing is important. people are more likely to pass on information to police in the local community. we need the muslim committee itself signing up to the
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prevent programme, but only one in eight referrals at the moment come from muslim people. you support prevent? yes. there is a breakdown of trust. and finally, we have to look at the saudi funding of mosques. saudi arabia basically spread hatred and radicalism and violence around the globe and we have to look at mosques in this country being funded by saudis and qataris. the first question from james. you said detention without trial should be considered for terror suspects. is that not fundamentally against the system of british justice? what i said is that nothing should be taken off the table. i also spoke about a return to control orders and tagging. the safety of british
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