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tv   BBC News at Six  BBC News  June 5, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm BST

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this is bbc news. the bbc can confirm that the izza 27—year—old barking. the vigil is about to take place to remember the victims of the terror attack. the first of the victims is named as christine archibald from canada. she was visiting london for the first time with her fiance. hello and welcome to this bbc news special. the vigil is about to start with hundreds of people arriving to pay respects. these are the pictures
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at the start of this event as thousands of people remember those caught up in saturday's tach. there will be speeches and people coming through because of the day with flowers, their own tributes and whilst we wait for the first of the speakers, it is worth returning to the breaking news that the bbc understands that khuram butt from barking was involved in the terrorist attack. the police have said they know the identity of all three, but the investigation is in rates have continued into the early hours of this morning. there were two more raves with more people being detained and they had picture
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of 27—year—old khuram butt from barking in east london. the bbc understand that he was one of the three people involved in the attack. one of the three people shot dead by police as they responded. throughout the course of the day we have been learning more about the victims of the attack with one of those people involved there on your screen. the names and identities of those caught up names and identities of those caught up in saturday's tach are being made public. as we return to the pictures in the park as people remember. and of course we have heard details from
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police, from the commissioner earlier in the day. we've heard from the politicians as campaigning has resumed and of course security is essential now to this election campaign. so much of the focus is still on the events of saturday night and the human consequences. these are pictures bbbc has of that 27—year—old i was telling you about just a short while ago, khuram butt from east london. the intelligence services and the police have pieced
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together those involved in the attack. the huge forensic operation of calls at the scene. we have seen a whole series of raids and arrests. 12 people arrested, one man has been released. these pictures from a documentary of that 27—year—old which the bbc understands is khuram butt, involved in saturday's tach. those pictures now from the vigil at potters field park. our correspondent is there at london bridge watching the vigil. a few
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moments to pause and consider the events of the last 48 hours. roz, over to you. —— ross, over to you. thank you. over to you. —— ross, overto you. thank you. ia few hundred meters away from borough market. many will gather with the mayor of london to reflect on the attack on saturday night. ladies and gentlemen, the mayor of london, sadiq khan. we stand together tonight to honour
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the memory is of the innocent lives lost and people injured in the barbaric attack on our city on saturday night. london stands in defiance against this cowardly attack on our city our people and oui’ attack on our city our people and our values and our way of life as the mayor of london, i want to send a clear message to the sick and evil extremists who commit these hideous crimes. we will defeat you. you will
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not win. applause and as a proud and patron at it british muslim, i say this. you do not permit these disgusting acts in my name. your perverse ideology has nothing to do with the true values of islam
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and you will never succeed in dividing our city. today... applause today we mourn the loss of innocent lives. londoners and people from around the world. we send our love to be vic tinss families. we commend oui’ to be vic tinss families. we commend our emergency to be vic tinss families. we commend oui’ emergency services to be vic tinss families. we commend our emergency services and the brave londoners who risked their lives to ca re londoners who risked their lives to care for others. you are the best of us. “— care for others. you are the best of us. —— vic tinss families. our city is filled with great sorrow
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and anger tonight, but also great resolve and determination because oui’ resolve and determination because our unity resolve and determination because ourunity and resolve and determination because our unity and love for one another will always be stronger than the hate of the extremists this is our city. these are our values and this is our way of life. london will never be broken by terrorism we will step up the fight against extreme tim —— extremism and we will defeat the terrorists. thank you. thank you, mr mayor. ladies and
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gentlemen, there will now be a minute's silence. ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the minute's rylance. —— silence. that is the end of our ceremony today. thank you for being here. you are welcome to remain to contemplate and commemorate, or if you wish, to lay your own floral tributes by the
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flagpoles next to city hall. thank you very much. the mayor of london sadiq khan leading av jaw the mayor of london sadiq khan leading avjaw on a breezy, chilly evening next to the river thames. —— a vigil. the mayor said this is an attack on our way of life. the sikh extremists will never be victorious. we will defeat you, you said. sadiq: also said that these attacks will
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never be in my name or in the names of the british muslims. —— said the calm. in last half an hour there has been some developing news with the police confirming two of the three attackers who were shot dead they have been named as khuram nutt and rachid redouane. we will give you more details on that. let's speak to rob watson. i guess the last half an hour is representative of what is happening in the city. it is incredibly moving to see what is happening. this part of london is fa ntastically is happening. this part of london is fantastically busy. people have gone about their business as usual, but you can see behind as the road has closed, part of the infrastructure
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has been blocked off. has been. blackeé ‘“\"‘:t:f='~‘:'~' this is what people are talking about. certainly a great deal of defiance and people going about their business. you are absolutely right, there is a massive police operation. this is the second one in just over one week, to try and track down and get the identity of the attackers. most of the police activity apart from here in london bridge has been in the east of the city? yes, the two men who have been named, from barking, which is four oi’ named, from barking, which is four or five kilometres from named, from barking, which is four orfive kilometres from here. it will take about 25 minutes on my bike. —— barking. will take about 25 minutes on my bike. -- barking. the mayor didn't talk about politics but he did speak at length about cuts and that issue has been politicised in the context of the general election. politics
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works sort of on hold after manchester. i'm not sure if this is because of the election being three days away. it's broken out because labour party —— the labour party are highlighting police cuts and bay are anti—austerity. theresa may has said thatjeremy corbyn has given succour to groups like the ira in the past. these striking phrase earlier from cressida dick, the metropolitan police commissioner is that we are dealing with a new reality. whatever government gets in on thursday, they will have to come up with a new strategy. the politics is magnified because the election is so close,
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but really when it comes to the nuts and bolts of the counterterrorism issue, that is does everyone feel we should have competent intelligence and well trained belize, everyone does a lot of the political disagreements are somewhat artificial. —— well—trained police. the broader question, the wider issue of how we all get along in britain, what about the issue of multiculturalism that to reza may raise and which david cameron raised, and tony blair. those are the really difficult issues. —— theresa may. whilst there is a discussion over police cuts, that in the context over whether this attack
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could have been spotted from afar. the police were there on saturday in eight minutes. in terms of armed officers, numbers are going up and in terms of the intelligence service, they have been given more resources , service, they have been given more resources, but there is this broader debate about if you have a 10% cut in belize, does it mean you have a few eyes and ears on the streets? the government can come back and say, hang on a minute, you canjudge home affairs policy by police numbers, or you can judge home affairs policy by police numbers, or you canjudge it by crime numbers. there was a crime levels in murder rates have gone down, despite the cut in police numbers. if any of you are just joining us, police in the last hour have named two of the three attackers who died just up the road
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from where i am talking to you from in london bridge. khuram butt, 27, who lived in barking in london. we also know that rachid redouane has been named by police as the second person. what is also worthy of note is that one of these men featured in a channel 4 documentary a few months back i was very much known to the authorities. there are two ways of looking at this. if one of the attackers were sort of known, if the attackers were sort of known, if the attacker in manchester was on the radar, why were they stop? some people will say that surely it is police and intelligence failure. the other way to look at it, and what the security services will point people towards is that we are not a
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police state and we can't monitor everyone. they say over 20,000 people are considered people of interest. a much smaller number they consider to be actively dangerous extremists. you have to prioritise and of course there will be mistakes. they have always said that someone mistakes. they have always said that someone is bound to get through at some someone is bound to get through at some point. let me pick out one other point is that cressida dick made. she said the majority of threats aren't coming from overseas. that was interesting, given what we have said about young men being radicalised in places like libya or syria and then coming back into europe. this is about the way the threat changes. as i dashed out when i started as a security and defence correspondent, the threat the
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counterterrorism police were looking at was specific. it was people who have gone to train with our high leader in parts of pakistan. in the last 12 years the threat has moved on. you have had the arab spring, what is happening in iraq. now there is the idea of people being almost self—radicalised. is the idea of people being almost self-radicalised. very briefly, we have two days of campaigning left in the general election. we never imagined it would be focused on security. that's where it's going to stay, isn't it? it's hard not to see that. theresa may wants to make it about leadership and brexit, but absolutely. we are in uncharted waters. we have had two major incidents it is new territory. thank you very much indeed. in the last 30
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minutes we have seen the mayor of london lee david jewel —— lee david jewel. the police have named two of the attackers and there will be continuing coverage of the london bridge attack on the bbc. not very pleasant out there at all. the bad weather will continue to night and there will be heavy rain. the winds tomorrow might even be stronger. the cloud has been shrouding the uk over the last two hours or so. the heaviest of the rain has been across these most western areas. heavy rain will be pushing into south—western scotland, the lake district, and to the south
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of that the wins will be swinging to a north—westerly direction and it will be blowing hard around the coastal areas. a blustery picture. tomorrow at the low pressure is slap bang over us. you can see a lot of isobars there. it looks more like autumn than june. a isobars there. it looks more like autumn thanjune. a window of better weather at this stage, eight o'clock in the morning across the south west and wales. more sunshine, but it is very windy. it could be costing close to 50 miles an hour. that is stronger this time of the year and it will whip up the trees. the rain continues to fall in the morning across scotland central eastern areas. throughout the course of the day, stays wet across northern parts of england and scotland. the strong west to north—westerly winds continue across northern wells. here, rather than it being overcast,
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it will be bright with occasional blustery showers where it is further north and east. an unpleasant day for some of us tomorrow and that rain in the north will continue into tomorrow evening as well. as we head into wednesday the low pressure pulls out into the north sea and we have got a window of better weather with another with the system coming in. on wednesday we are anticipating drier weather. it will feel warmer. 20 degrees in london. rain later in the date moving into south—western areas. it will feel warmer as it brightens up across the south—east. goodbye.
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