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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 6, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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african football star chieck tiote dies suddenly on the training pitch in china. world number one andy murray moves through to the french open quarter finals as his game continues to improve. and rain thwarts what looked set to be certain victory for australia over bangladesh in their icc champions trophy match. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the sad news that former ivory coast midfielder cheick tiote has died aged 30. he collapsed while training with his club beijing enterprises. he moved to china earlier this year after playing in the english premier league with newcastle united since 2010. he will be remembered as a tough tackling midfielder. cheick tiote played premier league games for newcastle. 0ne cheick tiote played premier league games for newcastle. one of his most memorable moments came when he
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scored this incredible volley with just seconds left as his team came from 4—0 down to clinch a draw with arsenal. former teammates were quick to pay tribute on social media. netherlands and newcastle goalkeeper said" deeply sad to hear the news about cheick tiote. 0ne said" deeply sad to hear the news about cheick tiote. one of my favourite teammates. my thoughts are with his family. this argentinian midfielder said... and newcastle great and former england captain alan shearer tweeted. he wasjust a warrior and could play, too. the tempo of his game and he wanted to play would be idealfor the premier league. so it proved, that's the kind of player that everybody wants and 18. i didn't have him and us at newcastle. if i had, he would have
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been tremendous. he was a winner, all the way through. cheick tiote w011 all the way through. cheick tiote won more than 50 caps for his country, scoring one goal. he played at the highest level in two world cups in south africa and brazil. he was part of the ivory coast team that won the africa cup of nations in 2015. that victory had been long—awaited by his nation. the celebrations marked the end to his international career. cheick tiote left england in february, moving to chinese club beijing enterprises. 0n hearing of his death, newcastle manager set he was a true professional, dedicated and above all, a great man. he collapsed and died in training on monday. he was aged just 30. i spoke with the editor of china sports insider mark dreyer who's in beijing and he told me there's been many tributes to the ivorian. of course had happened reasonably
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late yesterday evening. then use was filtering through. initially, people we re filtering through. initially, people were hoping it was a rumour and then u nfortu nately were hoping it was a rumour and then unfortunately it was confirmed he had passed away. just a lot of tributes, people expressing their condolences to his family and so on. it isa condolences to his family and so on. it is a tragic situation and something that does unfortunately happen from time to time in the sporting world. critical typical responses, people expressing bad press and condolences. even he joined in february and had a medical, has anything happened like this in chinese sporting circles —— circles before? killam there was a similar incident with a serbian player last year. he played just a little bit down the road here in beijing. bello it seemed to be pretty similar. he was training and passed out on the field —— it seemed
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to be pretty similar. he was pronounced dead after collapsing. another suspected heart attack, tragic incident. no suggestion there isa tragic incident. no suggestion there is a trend of anything happening in like that in china, just two u nfortu nate like that in china, just two unfortunate unconnected accidents. it gets pretty hot in training. perhaps it was the heat that contributed but it is just a very, very u nfortu nate contributed but it is just a very, very unfortunate incident for all involved. andy murray secured his 650th tour—level victory to reach the french open quarter—finals on monday. the world number one who was a beaten finalist last year defeated the powerful russian karen hachanov in straight sets as his game improves match on match. austin halewood rounds up the action. after a disappointing start to 2017, britain's andy murray is beginning to find his best game on the paris clay and he wasn't hanging around in monday's fourth round. after taking the first, murray dropped his serve
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to the 21—year—old russian who showed glimpses of a bright future in the game but murray recovered to win in straight sense —— sets, booking his place in the quarter—final where he will face kei nishikori from japan. each match i feel like i played better and hit a ball cleaner and started to see the right shots at the right moments and, yeah, come a long way in the last ten days or so. the journey into the quarter—finals wasn't as easy for kei nishikori, though. he barely one are pointed to spain's fernando verdasco, wrapping up it first set to love. it looked at it was struggling with injury but he managed to turn it around, winning infour managed to turn it around, winning in four sets. hejoins stan managed to turn it around, winning in four sets. he joins stan wawrinka and marin cilic after they also won on monday. to the women's tour and there will be a new name on the trophy this year so could it be
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simona halep's turned to win her first grand slam? world number three is now one of the favourites for the title and she is certainly playing like it. it took exactly one hour to thrashed spain's carla suarez navarro. a think i played the best match against carla which was always a tough match. 0n clay, i never won against her so it was a really good match. i think i played exactly what i had to. second-team karolina pliskova surprisingly lost the first set against world —— number 97 but she managed to win in three sets and booked herself a first quarter—final on french clay. the icc champions trophy match between australia and bangladesh at the 0val in london has been abandoned after rain hampered much of the australian innings. bangladesh opener tamim iqbal made 95 for the tigers with three sixes including this one off the bowling of travis head. but mitchell starc responded
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for the australian's taking iqbal‘s wicket and two others in the same over towards the end of the innings with a modest target of 183 set for victory. in response david warner remained unbeaten on a0 as the rain set in and forced a no result meaning australia need to beat england in theirfinal group match on saturday if they're to qualify for the semi finals. i think it makes the equation pretty simple for us. we have to beat england and i think then we are through. i haven't really read into all of what will happen. i think we just have to beat england. i can remember 2016 world cup, we got one from australia and it really helped us. this time, we have a great chance. you never
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know. straightaway, we have to beat new zealand and then we have to wait for a few days. our new zealand and then we have to wait for a few days. 0urjob is to play ha rd for a few days. 0urjob is to play hard against new zealand and if we can go through, you never know. the french cyclist arnaud demare sprinted to victory on the second stage of the criterium du dauphine — a 171 kilometre route from saint—chamon to arlon. belgium's thomas de gendt, still heads the overall standings, by 48 seconds from axel domont of france. britain's chris froome, who's bidding to win a third straight dauphine title and also become the first man to win the eight—day race four times, is one minute and nine seconds off the pace. british crew land rover bar had a terrible start in their america's cup semi final in bermuda. the ben ainslie led team forfeited their second race against emirates new zealand after having to withdraw from the first due to a part of their wing sail breaking. the series is fought over nine races and the team has a spare wing which it is allowed to use under the competition rules
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with holders team 0racle usa to take on the eventual winner of this series which includes the other semi—final, that saw artemis racing and softbank team japan finished the day level at one win apiece. we had at half day today. came into the gate at the first race and we had done a nicejob the gate at the first race and we had done a nice job to the gate at the first race and we had done a nicejob to get the gate at the first race and we had done a nice job to get a the gate at the first race and we had done a nicejob to get a nice rounding. unfortunately, we had a breakdown in our win control system which ended up being pretty fundamental. we had to pull out of the race and try and get ourselves back to the dock. put a spare wing in and get back out racing for the second race and unfortunately, we couldn't make it in time. game 4 of the nhl‘s stanley cup final is under way in tennessee as defending champions pittsburgh penguins are at the nashville predators in the best of seven series, with the penguins 2—1 up after the opening three games, while at present its 1—0 to the predators. there are a few minutes remaining in the first period of game four.
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you can get all the latest sports news at our website but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. we have pretty unsettled weather not just in the next 2a hours. some just in the next 2a hours. wet and windy weather. pretty much for the week ahead. just in the next 2a hours. he was seen in twickenham. a lot of grey clouds, rain and strong winds. courtesy of this area of low pressure which has been pushing its way slowly northwards and is with across the country over the past few hours. during tuesday, the low pressure will bring at times heavy rain, strong winds that could lead to potential travel disruption. tuesday morning. the bulk of rain across parts of northern england, wales and stretching down towards the south—east, too. clearer whether with showers behind it but we are seeing strong gale—force gusts of wind at times. in more detail, 8am,
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cloud and patchy outbreaks of rain across the south—east of england and east anglia, brighter skies in the channel islands across southwest wales with heavy showers and strong winds particularly around the coasts for the bristol channel and the irish sea coasts. some dry weather for northern wales, northern england and across scotland, we have the clout and fairly persistent outbreaks of rain. there is likely to be a lot of lying surface water and spray for the morning rush—hour. through the day on tuesday, we have the strong winds gusting at times up to 15 mph. —— 50 mph. it is around the coast as well. we could see small trees down, for instance, with the strength of the wind. a lot of wet weather pushing northwards and eastwards across the country. clear conditions are heading in from the south—west. temperatures at best 13— 18 degrees. tuesday evening: the rain pushes across parts of north—east england, eastern scotland, too. elsewhere, clearer skies as we head
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into the early hours of wednesday morning. to start your day on wednesday, relatively mild underneath the clout and with the breeze, too. nine or 10 degrees, temperatures this thing, wednesday morning. during the day on wednesday, the low pressure were clear to the north—east. the isobars are still tightly packed together particularly across a eastern parts of the country so it is still a breezy day. the wind will become confined to eastern scotland later in the day. a bit of respite. many of us dry. the next batch of wet weather works in to the south—west of england a pleasant enough day in the south—east. then through the day on thursday, we see the next area of low pressure working its way from west to east, slowly across the country. all in all, a pretty unsettled week ahead. bye for now. a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north
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america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. 0ur america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: police say one of the three london bridge attackers was a well—known supporter of an islamist extremist group. president trump again attacks the mayor of london on twitter, but the white house says he's not picking a fight. australian police are treating a deadly siege in melbourne as a terrorist incident. it's the biggest celebrity court case in the us for decades. bill cosby faces charges he allegedly used power and fame to drug and sexually assault a helpless woman.
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