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a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to our viewers in north america and around the globe. my name is mike embley. our top stories: police say one of the three london bridge attackers was a well—known supporter of an islamist extremist group. president trump again attacks the mayor of london on twitter, but the white house says he's not picking a fight. australian police are treating a deadly siege in melbourne as a terrorist incident. it's the biggest celebrity court case in the us for decades. bill cosby faces charges he allegedly used power and fame to drug and sexually assault a helpless woman. hello. two of the three men who carried out saturday's terror attack in london have been named by police. 27—year—old khuram butt was a british pakistani living in east london and he had been known to police and mi5. the other attacker
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was rachid redouane, 30 years old, also from east london. they knew him. one of the three men who murdered seven people in london on saturday night was well known to police and mi5 as an extremist. documentary voiceover: the group display the black flag of islam. khuram butt, featured in a channel 4 documentary last year on radical islamists in britain. its title — thejihadis next door. so how was he able to go on to kill until counterterrorism officers shot him dead? police have tonight confirmed the names of two of the attackers. khuram butt, a 27—year—old from a british—pakistani family. he lived in barking in east london and was married with two children including a young baby. in the last few years, he worked for kentucky fried chicken and was a customer service advisor at transport for london. less is known about rachid redouane. police and security services say he was unknown to them before the attack but is understood to be 30 years old, claiming to have a libyan or
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moroccan background. until last year, he lived in dublin with a scottish partner, but according to irish prime minister enda kenny, was not known to the security services. there are a small number of people in ireland who are being monitored and observed in respect of radicalisation and matters relevant to that. in this case, these facts are being checked but my understanding is that this individual was not a member of that small group. why you touching him for? khuram butt, though, was very much on the uk security services‘ radar and there will be serious questions about how someone with such well—known extremist views was able to carry out a murderous attack on the streets of london. security barriers appeared on some london bridges overnight as london bridge itself reopened to people and traffic heading in and out of the square mile. london is getting back to normal. this bunch of flowers almost the only sign of the carnage
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that was here on london bridge on saturday night and into sunday morning but a huge police and security operation is continuing, trying to map the network of people behind the ideas that spawned mass murder of london's streets. bouquets at the border of what is now a huge crime scene in the heart of the capital. tents marking the places in borough market where people fell, forensic officers gathering clues and evidence. this afternoon, the commissioner of the metropolitan police visited the area with the mayor of london. it is deeply, deeply chilling and horribly sad to see what we have just seen and to think about the barbarous acts on saturday night. we saw extraordinary courage, extraordinary professionalism and extraordinary compassion from our public servants. political and religious leaders, emergency service workers
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as well as thousands of ordinary londoners attended a vigil in a public park this evening, just a short distance from where the attacks occurred. as a proud and patriotic british muslim, i say this, you do not commit these disgusting acts in my name. applause. and you will never succeed in dividing our city. people came to remember, to you unite and to give thanks. —— to unite. but if they also came to seek answers as to how this attack could have happened, tonight, there seemed to be more questions. mark easton, bbc, news, london bridge. scotland yard is saying that all 12 people arrested so far in connection with the london bridge attack have been released,
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now, without charge. but police have continued to search properties connected to the attackers. our special correspondent ed thomas has the latest on the investigation. more raids and more searches. this was a garage in east london this morning, surrounded by police. and for a second day, forensic teams look for clues inside the home of one of the three london attackers. this man, khuram butt. he was 27 and a father of two young children. born in pakistan, raised in london. he worked on the london underground before turning to islamist extremism. my kids just loved to play with him. this lady is a neighbour who said that he was well—known but now she feels fooled. he was nice to the kids. he was kind. he was always buying treats for the kids. always sharing.
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i was blind. scary, we have children playing near. benjamin said hello to khuram butt, even on the day of the attack. yes, i can remember i see him. what was he like? he was quiet. what was he wearing? arsenal t—shirt. then the other day, he was... was he calm when you saw him on saturday? yeah he was calm. michael watched police move into his neighbour's house. we thought he was moving out, because he was parked in the middle of the road. he also watched the london attacker in the white van speeding up and down their street. what was the van doing? it screeched up, they drove really fast and another car was behind him, a red car. so it was speeding up and braking? braking on the bend. notjust known to his neighbours, khuram butt was known to mi5 and counterterrorism
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police as an extremist. he wasn't happy with how women were dressed. he wanted women to wear hijabs. this teenager knew khuram butt, they would talk in parks and in a nearby mosque. he didn't want to show his face and asked us to protect his identity. he would talk about syria, obviously, afghanistan, they are getting bombed, and people don't have places to live. he said that they would debate syria, iraq and islamic state. you think he was trying to radicalise you? not sure. i wouldn't want to turn out like a bad person and going to different countries and then killing people. i wouldn't, like, want to do that kind of thing. tonight, the searches continue to reveal the truth behind an enemy within. the mayor of london, sadiq khan,
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is saying he won't allow donald trump to divide communities, in the wake of saturday's attack, after the us president again criticised him on twitter. mr trump accused the mayor of making a "pathetic excuse" for telling londoners there was no reason to be alarmed. in fact, he'd said people shouldn't be concerned by the deployment of additional armed police on the streets. with us now is corey brettschneider, a professor of political science at brown university. he joins us from new york. this does seem a curious way to treat one of america's biggest allies, biggest allied countries. yes. i have to say this is a time to show solidarity with the people of london and the people of england, and what donald trump has done is really a n and what donald trump has done is really an embarrassment, i think in the united states. it is the opposite... it revives a rivalry with the mayor of london at a time we should be standing together. why do you think he has done is? the two do you think he has done is? the two do have a beef, previously, dayday? the mayor of london previously
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talked about donald trump ozmen travel ban, and called him a buffer. he said that i hope he loses and loses big. and he said that the ban was a mistake. —— don't they? —— donald trump's travel ban. what is happening in the united states right now might have prompted his comments. the boards caught so good deal said this was a band based on anti—muslim animus. in other words, donald trump's policy has no place in our constitutional culture and tradition. i think this just revised the way that he was called out, rightly, by the mayor of london. professor, hold on a moment, we have been hearing more from the white house on the point of view there about this. earlier, sebastian gorka spoke to newsnight. if this is good
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to be another discussion about a tweet for six minutes, then really, again, it is something unseemly. but the president was making a valid point. we have twojettison political correctness. we have two apply honesty to be straight. —— to. it isa apply honesty to be straight. —— to. it is a pollyanna—ish attitude to a threat which has killed 170 people in the last year in europe alone. and maimed more than 700. this needs to be dealt with honestly. where theirfair points in a? to be dealt with honestly. where their fair points in a? no. and donald trump echoes of what was there. —— there. he originally said there. —— there. he originally said the result of a man, not be watered down, second one that he signed, and
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i think that is what i signed that he was a more transparent in that hebig islam as a religion is to blame. —— the result of the travel ban. i think that he doesn't like to be told that he can't do that. —— he thinks. but he is torpedoed his lawyers case and has been his own worst enemy. he has shown that the court was correct in thinking that it is anti—muslim animus. this is a code word for what is going on, which is hatred against muslim. -- muscles. is this an attempt from the white house to distract from the fa ct white house to distract from the fact that james comey is white house to distract from the fact thatjames comey is due to deliver to summary this is a? this isa deliver to summary this is a? this is a white house that is under siege. —— this thursday. there is a
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possibility that there might be an impeachment. it meant that he is looking for any distraction. it is a white house that is flailing, right 110w. white house that is flailing, right now. the white house will have a view or write. professor, thank you for joining view or write. professor, thank you forjoining us. -- all —— all right. let's wrap up a bit more of the menus. —— main news. us media are reporting that the fbi has arrested a young woman employee of a security contractor, working for america's national security agency. it's alleged that she has leaked an nsa report which assesses that russian intelligence tried to hack us voting. police in the us state of florida say five people have been killed in a shooting at an industrial park in orlando. the orange county sheriff's office, said the 45—year—old gunman
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— who also had a knife — was a disgruntled employee who killed former colleagues at the business he'd been fired from in april. montenegro has formallyjoined nato at a ceremony in washington, becoming the alliance's 29th member. the foreign minister of the tiny balkan nation gave montenegro's official accession documents to the us state department. montenegro's membership brings all of europe's mediterranean coastline under the nato umbrella. anti—government protesters in venezuela, including two lawmakers, have complained that security forces used heavy—handed tactics against them to break up demonstrations. a lawmaker from the firstjustice party accused soldiers of pushing him into an open drain, as protesters tried to gather on a highway in central caracas. stay with us bbc news. much more to come, including this... tributes to peter sallis, who has died, aged 96. today we mourn the loss of innocent lives.
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londoners and people around the world. we send our love to the victims' families and to all those who were injured. there will now be a minute's silence. applause 0ur unity and love for one another will always be stronger than the hate of the extremists. applause this is bbc news.
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the latest headlines: police say one of the three london bridge attackers was a well—known supporter of an islamist extremist group. mayor sadiq khan, says he won't allow donald trump to divide communities in the wake of the london bridge attack, after the us president again criticised him on twitter. is each in melbourne in australia has ended in gunshot wounds. hywel griffith is following events from sydney. we events from sydney. understand now from the poli that we understand now from the police that this has been dealt with as a terror incident. the gunman, 29 —— 21—year—old yacqub khayre, shot dead at the end of it. previously, he had
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shot dead the attendant at the apartment lock. apparently the woman he shot was an escort humility the building, held heragainst he shot was an escort humility the building, held her against her will and made her call into the emergency services to save the siege was happening. it is possible that he tried to lure the police to the apartment block before opening fire. he isa apartment block before opening fire. he is a man with a long criminal history. it is understood he was also involved with extremism. back in 2009, he was accused of being pa rt in 2009, he was accused of being part of a plot to attack a military base in sydney. he was acquitted of that but went to jail for violent offences. he was also involved with drugs and alcohol. the police are saying he was known to them, he had a long criminal history that they are stressing that his recent past didn't give any indications of a violent extremism. just briefly, i gather that islamist extremists at
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claiming responsibility. what indications are that he may or may not have a wider network? one key piece of evidence was a phone call made to one of the tv channels here in australia where a man claimed he was carrying out these actions in the name of is and on behalf of al qaeda. the islamic state through their propaganda wing have claimed responsibility for this attack. however, the police commissioner here is being cautious and in his words, the is dump up pretty quickly as soon as something happens. in his idea, there is nothing to say that it was is but perhaps he was inspired by is rather than orchestrated by. a canadian woman has become the first of the seven victims of saturday's attack to be officially named. she was christine archibald who was visiting london for the first time with her fiance. this report from our special correspondent allan little on the victims of saturday's attack.
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the faces of those caught up in the attack reflect the character of london — diverse, global, a magnet drawing youth and energy from around the world. chrissy archibald, who was 30 and from canada, was walking on london bridge with herfiance, tyler ferguson, when she was struck by the killers' van. he heard tyres screeching, and he looked back, and hejust saw the mayhem that was going on, and the van hitting people. and then he ran up and tried cpr on her, and she passed in his arms. her family said she would not have understood the callous cruelty with which she was killed. the french foreign ministry said one french citizen had been murdered, and eight others injured. a further two french nationals remain unaccounted for. candice hedge was one of four australians injured. she was stabbed in the throat, and is now recovering in hospital. she was hiding at the time, and the guy, you know,
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got her, and just kind of stabbed her in the neck somewhere. that's really all i know. i was really, really scared. but, yeah, i eventually got onto the hospital, and they spoke to me, and they said, yeah, she's fine now. she's going to be ok, that's the main thing. daniel 0'neill, who's 23, suffered a seven—inch wound to the abdomen. his life was saved by a friend, who stopped the bleeding by applying a tourniquet. jeff ho, a journalist, was stabbed while trying to stop an attack on someone else. "i don't know whether it was stupid or noble", he said on facebook, "but that wasn't going to happen on my watch". 0liver dowling from new zealand needed four hours of surgery. his french girlfriend, marie bondeville, was also injured, and is in a different london hospital. brett freeman, who is from
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east london, is a father of three, and was stabbed four times. a friend posted this picture on social media, with the words, "he's a soldier." 18 people remain critically ill, most of those who died have yet to be named. the list of those killed and injured reflects the character of a global city. an attack in london sends its anguish around the world. allan little, bbc news, london. to the biggest islamic court case the decade. bill cosby arrived in pennsylvania today. after allegations that he drugs and molested a woman. this is the only one that made it trial. bill cosby says he is innocent. it isa it is a site bill cosby‘s accuses never thought they would see. the legendary entertainer at court in pennsylvania to stand trial for sexual assault. mr cosby was once one of the most loved stars on television. wholesome, funny, he was
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america's famous dad. enduring unravelled it is a very number of women 110w unravelled it is a very number of women now nearly 60 have come forward with strikingly similar allegations. i woke up in the back of my car, alone, my clothes were a mess, my bra or undone. time has run out for those women to bring charges. all until andrea constand. she alleged that he molested her while she was unconscious. it looked at bill cosby was in the clear that after the testimony from that case was made public, it was reopened. in
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the case, he admitted to giving women drugs before sex, claiming it was done with their knowledge. in court, prosecutors used that's testimony to portray mr cosby as a predator. they alleged that she dropped miss constand to she couldn't say no to his sexual advances. but mr cosby‘s lawyer claimed that she changed her story to investigate is three times and the relationship was consensual. millie benard, like andrea constand, thought of bill cosby as a mentored. even appearing on his show. (all you every eight minutes. but she alleges that he drugs and sexually assaulted her on three occasions in the early 905. picking alongside her son, 5he 5hared 905. picking alongside her son, 5he shared her hopes for the trial. 905. picking alongside her son, 5he shared her hopes for the triallj hope that this trial will reveal to the world that bill cosby i5 hope that this trial will reveal to the world that bill cosby is a lying cow the world that bill cosby is a lying cow would, that he is a master manipulator who has methodically
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over the course of five decades, inflicted sexual violence upon women. in a court of public opinion, you'll cosby‘s, if found guilty by a church —— dreary, will spend up to a decade in prison. -- jury. the british actor — peter salli5 — has died at the age of 96. it is my turn for breakfast this morning,. he was best known around the world as the voice of wallace in the o5car—winning animated wallace and gromit films. but he was also a household name in the uk in the long—running bbc sitcom — last of the summer wine. his agent5 said he died peacefully with his family by his side. i feel very grateful, not only the richne55 i feel very grateful, not only the richness and the triumph that he brought to wallace, and the humour, but also just knowing 5uch
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brought to wallace, and the humour, but also just knowing such a lovely man off the screen as well. it was a great privilege. nick park paying tribute to the actor peter salli5 — who's died at the age of ninety—5ix. bob dylan, winner of the nobel prize for literature, he has at last delivered his lecture. days before the deadline, he reflected on his in5pirations. when i started writing my own songs, folk lingo wa5 when i started writing my own songs, folk lingo was the only vocabulary i knew and i used it. that is something else as well. i had principles and 5en5ibilities and an informed view of the world and i hadn't had that for a while. let it all in grammar school, ivan koh, robinson crusoe, gulliver ‘5 travels, tale of two cities, all the re5t. typical grammar school reading. he gave you a way of
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looking at life and an understanding of human nature and a standard to measure things by. i took all that with me when i started composing lyrics and the themes from those books work their way into many of my 5ong5 books work their way into many of my songs either knowingly or unintentionally. i wanted to write 5ong5 unintentionally. i wanted to write songs unlike anything anybody had ever heard. the5e themes were with fundamental. a5 as he gathered, no video cameras allowed. much more on all the news any time on the bbc website and you can reach me and most of the team on twitter. hello there. we have pretty un5ettled weather not just in the next 2a hours. some wet and windy weather. but really, for much
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for the week ahead. here was seen in twickenham. a lot of grey cloud5, rain and strong winds. courtesy of this area of low pressure which has been pushing its way 5lowly northwards and is with acro55 the country over the past few hours. during tuesday, the low pressure will bring at times heavy rain, strong winds that could lead to potential travel disruption. tuesday morning. the bulk of rain acro55 part5 of northern england, wales and stretching down towards the south—east, too. clearer whether with showers behind it but we are seeing 5trong gale—force gu5t5 of wind at times. in more detail, 8am, cloud and patchy outbreaks of rain across the south—east of england and east anglia, brighter skies in the channel islands acro55 southwest wales with heavy showers and strong wind5 particularly around the coasts for the bristol channel and the irish sea coa5t5. some dry weather for northern wale5, northern england and across scotland, we have the clout and fairly persistent
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outbrea ks of rain. there is likely to be a lot of lying surface water and spray for the morning rush—hour. through the day on tuesday, we have the strong winds gu5ting at times up to 50 mph. it is around the coast as well. we could see small trees down, for instance, with the strength of the wind. a lot of wet weather pushing northwards and eastwards across the country. clear conditions are heading in from the south—west. temperatures at be5t13— 18 degrees. tuesday evening: the rain pushes acro55 parts of north—east england, eastern scotland, too. el5ewhere, clearer skies as we head into the early hours of wednesday morning. to start your day on wednesday, relatively mild underneath the cloud and with the breeze, too. nine or 10 degrees, temperatures first thing, wednesday morning. during the day on wednesday, the low pressure were clear to the north—east. the isobars are still tightly packed together particularly across a eastern parts of the country so it is still a breezy day. the wind will become confined to eastern scotland later in the day. a bit of respite. many of us dry. the next batch of wet weather works in to the south—west of england a pleasant enough day in the south—east. then through the day
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on thursday, we see the next area of low pressure working its way from west to east, 5lowly across the country. all in all, a pretty un5ettled week ahead. bye for now. the latest headlines for you on bbc news: police say one of the three london bridge attackers was a well—known 5upporter of an islamist extremist group. he appeared in a tv documentary la5t year about a radical group which supports islamic state jihadi5t5. all those detained by police following the killings have been released without charge. the mayor of london, sadiq khan, says he will not allow donald trump to divide communities in the wake of saturday's attack after the us president again criticised him on twitter. mr trump mocked the mayor for telling londoner5 they should not be alarmed. but it was a misquote. australian police are treating a deadly 5iege in melbourne a5 a terrorist incident.
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the 5iege in an apartment building ended with two people dead. police shot dead a gunman who had been holding a woman hostage inside the building. a second man died earlier in the siege. it is time now for hardtalk.
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