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this is bbc news. i'm clive myrie. the headlines at 11pm: police name the third london bridge attacker, an italian man of moroccan descent, whose name had been flagged to the british authorities. this morning at 11am, a minute's silence was observed across the uk for the seven people who were killed in the attack and dozens who were injured. tonight, theresa may has said she'll change the laws, if they get in the way of tackling terrorism. labour say what's needed is more money for policing and for prisons. if our human rights laws stop us from doing it, we'll change the law so we can. what is the point having thousands of people who are known suspects if you don't actually have the policing and surveillance and prosecutorial and surveillance and prosecutorial and prison resources to deal with the problem. the main parties also return to their main manifesto themes in their final push for votes.
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with two days to the election, younger voters have been sharing their views on security, housing and the future of the nhs. at 11pm, we'll take a look at tomorrow morning's front pages, including the daily telegraph, which says the third named london attacker, youseff zaghba, was on an international watch list of suspected terrorists. we'll bring you the political leaders in northern ireland debating with each other, in front of a studio audience. good evening and welcome to bbc news. all three men who carried out the terror attack at london bridge have now been named. during the day the prime minister announced that a review would be undertaken by police and mi5,
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following concerns that previous warnings about two of the attackers had not been followed up. the third attacker was named as 22 year—old youssef zaghba, an italian national of moroccan descent. the italian authorities say he was stopped from travelling to syria last year, and his name was shared with the british authorities. and there are further questions about another of the attackers, khuram butt, who'd been investigated two years ago. our home editor mark easton reports. the faces of a self appointed their squad. we now know the identities of all three men that went on a killing spree in london on saturday night. police have named youseff zaghba as the third member of the gang. he was born in morocco to a moroccan father and italian mother. 22 committee recently moved to london, where he worked in a restaurant. but last year, he was stopped by security forces at bologna airport in italy
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on suspicion of trying to make his way to bite in syria. literature related to some extent was in his bag. a sunny italian terra watchlist, uk police today said that neither they ignored mi5 regarded him asa neither they ignored mi5 regarded him as a person of interest. —— he was placed on the italian terra wrought watchlist. —— mandatory. one of his relatives said he had to find work in the uk. he went to london. he was away for two or three months then came back. he told his parents that he was not coming back because there was work in london, but nothing in italy. the fact that he was flagged in italy put additional pressure on uk authorities to explain why it they did not know of the man. khuram butt was well known to police and mi5, romping searching questions as to whether more should
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oi’ questions as to whether more should or could have been done to prevent mass murder. we will look at how the processors we re mass murder. we will look at how the processors were followed and what they did. they will be wanting to look at that. because they will want to learn lessons for the future, if there are lessons to be learnt. khuram butt appeared in this channel four documentary on extremists. despite this, security service interest in him was scaled down. the bbc has obtained khuram year, proclaiming his responsibilities included a —— assisting customers. his uncle said that he was ashamed and had that his
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nephew's figures were causally on his mind. —— his uncle said that he was ashamed and had that his nephew's victims were constantly on his mind. some have suggested that the killings might have been prevented if their movements were restricted even though they had not been convicted of a crime. but the man who reviewed terror legislation for the government said the orders like these are aimed at a small number of individuals where obvious evidence of terrorist activity exist, but they can be prosecuted in a public course. they do not help in relation
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to those who cannot be shown to have plotted terrorism but may be sympathetic to terrace. more details emerge today about the last member of the 3—man gang, rachid redouane. he was married to a british citizen. —— terrorists. a house in guildford was targeted in a counterterrorism operation earlier today. at iiam, britain was encouraged to stop for one minute, to pause and reflect on the events of saturday night. through the minds of many will have run the question, why did this have to happen? a prominent organisation in the fight against extremism in britain has revealed that last year, a member of its staff was involved in a confrontation with khuram butt. dr usama hasan of ouilliam international reported the incident to police. our special correspondent ed thomas has been investigating what the authorities knew about khuram butt. known to police, known to mi5, and
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today, the bbc has been told of another warning that khuram butt was another warning that khuram butt was an extremist. i had to run for my safety a nd an extremist. i had to run for my safety and that's my life that day. this is usama hasan, who said he came face—to—face with the attacker, at this family funfair to celebrate eid last year. he said, how do you come to a muslim bent when you are a non— believer? he said you take money from the government to work against muslims, used by muslims. his family took photos of khuram butt at the eid festival. after the bews, came violence. physically, he tried to assault me. he ran at me. he ran at me with an expression of hatred in his face. did he touch you? a scuffle broke out. at one
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point, i pressed into the ground. he said he ran and his family took more photos for evidence. he believes that he was targeted for his work cantering extremism.” that he was targeted for his work cantering extremism. i felt intimidated. they bystander said they knew the man and that he had been kicked out of the local mosque for causing trouble there. did you call the police? i rang 999 and said i was the victim of an assault. usama has said that he believes khuram butt was part of a band is that it extremist group. khuram butt was part of a band is that it extremist groupi khuram butt was part of a band is that it extremist group. i told the police that they should be monitored and that they were part of this movement. he was tracked down after about six months and caution. ifelt desperately sorry for the seven
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victims. we have asked the police to respond to the allegations. last night, i could not sleep, ifelt so upset and angry that we as a society had not been to stop this man. regret, because within months, khuram butt would go on to kill at random, destroying so many innocent lives. ed thomas, bbc news, is london. —— ed thomas, bbc news, east london. two victims have been named today. one was an australian nurse. a frenchman killed in the attack has been named as alexander pigeard. across the uk, at ”am this morning,
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a minute's silence was observed to remember all the victims. out correspondent alison holt reports on the second nationwide silence in the space of a fortnight. time to remember reflect. —— a time to remember and reflect. time to stand together on the streets where it happened. the ambulance crews who fought so hard to save lives, london's mayor at their side. manchester still roar from the violence inflicted here just two weeks ago. —— raw. and beyond. in these quiet moments, for
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some, the anguish is too much. nicola smith wanted to remember her former boyfriend, james mcmullan, who was one of the seven killed on saturday. i cannot let those feelings overcome my feelings were james. me as a person, i am extremely angry. i'm extremely angry. because i have been with james, however, eight know i cannot let anger when. james and chrissie archibald were the first named as having lost their lives. today, new names and faces of the. amongst them, 27 you rolled alexandre pigeard, who was working as a waiter
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of the borough market reference. his mother is devastated. —— 27—year—old. and kirsty boden, a newly—promoted nurse, who ran to help people that night. there was nothing she would not do for somebody. she never saw bad in anybody. even if they were all having a bad day. kirsty boden was the person to make them smile. and then there are the missing. xavier thomas was last in a london bridge. tonight, people appealed for information, as it is feared that he might have been thrown into the river during the attack. sebastian balinger‘s family are travelling from friends to see what happened to him. he was last seen at a pub on saturday. there is also no word on a missing spaniard or an australian working as a nanny. sarah is
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beautiful. she is a very special kindred spirit. she doesn't drink or do drugs. she doesn't do anything wrong. she is amazing and she is 21 yea rs of wrong. she is amazing and she is 21 years of age. the days are desperate for so many caught up in the tragedy. the prime minister says she is prepared to change human rights laws, if that's necessary to fight extremism. mrs may, who's been criticised by opponents for reducing police numbers as home secretary, was speaking this evening with just two days to the election. labour said tonight that what was needed was more money for policing and for prisons. our political editor laura kuenssberg reports on the final stages of a campaign dominated by questions over security. the rallies, the battle buses, and him. it might look like a
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traditional tory campaign, get it has been anything but. stalled by two terror attacks within weeks, at the last minute, and you promised. two terror attacks within weeks, at the last minute, and you promisedlj mean the last minute, and you promised.” mean longer prison sentences for those convicted of offences. i make it easierfor the those convicted of offences. i make it easier for the authorities to deport terror suspect back to their own countries. and if our human rights laws stop us from doing it, we will change the laws so we can do it. she has vowed to get on with all that on friday if you let her keep the red boxes. but she has been challenged on her own record on security in the days since the london attack. do you fear, as many of the public might do, that there we re of the public might do, that there were intelligence failures, or do we have to accept that in 2017 come on the matter how hard we try, some terrorists may slip through? the
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police and security services have done a good job in boiling a number of plots, just the last three months. any significant number in the last two years. they will want to learn lessons for the future if there are lessons to be learnt. -- foiling. security may be a political help, as well as a hindrance, to theresa may. we have the tory party having two are serious questions about whether or not the security was good enough. and we have and to those questions. i feel that people feel safer in their beds supporting theresa may. beyond the smiles of the campaign, the casual conversations, it the most serious of subjects follow the trail‘s last few days. yet labour's crowds and enthusiasm are under. jeremy corbyn is chaired almost everywhere. but as theresa may is facing questions, he,
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too, is under pressure. yet how witty, terra? —— yet how would he combat terror. we will put 10,000 more police officers available to go on the beat, because that also helps community safety and community confidence. you can't take 20 dozen policemen off the beat and expect the same and security since before they were cut. it is the ideological approach that is made a second. —— 20,000. i think we need to look after each other. love one another. i think that is more important. stridently different tone from ukip. islamist extremism is a cancer within our society, and this is a cancer that needs to be cut out. the
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lib dems also on the back foot in this campaign, urging caution. sadly, we discovered that those people guilty of the murders in manchester and london in the last fortnight were people known to this duty services. the question is not about new powers go about having the resources to give a say. security is that it matters in all the corners of the country. we have an opportunity in scotland to send a message about the kind of country wa nt to message about the kind of country want to be. theresa may is on the roads in this election. it is now no longer inevitable that she will get a bigger majority. events have changed this campaign like no other. few would have predicted this. can you give it up for our rally that is taking place in brighton?‘ you give it up for our rally that is taking place in brighton? a labour rally screened live in six places around the country. a rockstar here.
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we all determine who finds the pot of gold. zelenak zelenak police say that they've found significant forensic evidence in a car used by the manchester suicide bomber salman abedi. the white nissan micra was seized by officers in the rusholme area of the city on friday. police said tonight abedi made repeated trips to and from the car between 18th and 22nd may the day of his attack. they say he may have used items stored in his car to help assemble the device he used to kill 22 people. french police say they've shot and injured a man who attacked an officer with a hammer near notre dame cathedral in paris this afternoon. officials say the incident is being treated as terrorism and that the man shouted "this is for syria". a thousand visitors were kept by police inside the cathedral following the attack as the entire area was locked down. in syria, fighters backed by us forces have, for the first time, entered the outskirts of raqqa — the city stronghold of so—called islamic state.
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ground forces, made up largely of syrian kurds, have launched attacks from the east, west and north of the city, after declaring a new phase in the battle. our correspondent rami ruhayem has obtained rare footage from inside raqqa, and reports on the battle to retake the last is bastion inside syria. the ground work to capture raqqa from islamic state group has been under way for months. kurdish backed troops have been advancing in the city. now, with the help of heavier strikes, they have an ounce to the eastern edge and are fighting inside the city for the first time. translation: we declare today the start of the battle to reclaim the city of raqqa. with international coalition, warplanes and state—of—the—art weapons, we will
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seize raqqa. many civilians have fled the city but 200,000 remained trapped. anyone living in raqqa known faces the threat of air strikes or the danger of being used as human shields. a rare glimpse inside the city. the militants grip on their self—declared capital means we really get to see these streets. despite regular airstrike, they show a city still open for business and one also prepared for the new dangers ahead. sandbags line every house and business. reparations for the imminent round of assault and street to street fighting. some neighbourhoods, is have set up ca nvas to neighbourhoods, is have set up canvas to shield their movements from aircraft. translation: in istanbul we met three activists who
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say they have risk their lives to smuggle these pictures out. wherever you go the right tunnels. the city is on high alert. they are preparing for street fighting. civilians have been hit hard. exact figures are ha rd to been hit hard. exact figures are hard to come by but no one inside the city is said to be safe. people inside are the ones carrying the burden. children are in a terrible mental state. it is a city of death. anyone can die at any time. fighting for the very survival of the caliphate, the odds are now stacked against the oas. the battle is likely to be longer and hard. —— against is. back to the election now and one of the last debates before polling day has been taking place in manchester tonight.
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bbc newsbeat hosted the discussion with questions from young voters on security, health and housing. our political correspondent vicki young watched the exchanges. good evening and welcome to manchester. we heard a lot about the divide between the generations with any young people concerned that they will never have the same opportunities as their parents. this was their chance to put politician under their side. many had concerns about security and community relations after the recent terrorist attack in their city. due to the colour of my skin and the wake of the attacks, i generally afraid to go out into my city. it has nothing to do with the colour of your skin. we have to deal with islamist extremist. ukip is putting out its
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integration policy... can i speak... muslim women should not be able to wear headscarf... we did not say that. burka is. get it right. can you see a mainstream party is exacerbating and normalising hate crime. everyone should be able to be free to criticise an ideology.” need to ask politicians for young people as well to not make this issue about extremism in the sense of it being an inherent part of islam but to look at it as a criminal thing as well. the role of the police was crucial. there are questions to be asked about where the best put our resources. every station needs to have their
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resources to do the job properly. we need to invest in youth services, community services. what about the nhs? how would you ensure the nhs remains attractive for future generations to work in. the top 596 will pay 5% more and the rest of us will pay 5% more and the rest of us will not. merrill is looking a getting corporation tax back to where it was before because we all need to invest in our country. that sounds wonderfully reasonable until i have to turn in that when we dropped to 19%, we brought £7 million for into the exchequer. labour is obsessed about tax rates. we wa nt labour is obsessed about tax rates. we want to spend it on the nhs. if you are going to have a stron; we want to spend it on the nhs. if you are goi a j to have a stron;
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is the, is q political will problem is that the political will to go and take on those investors who are pushing up the price of houses. turning it into an commodity. what we are planning to do is to promise 300,000 new homes a year. if the, which the tories rely on, does not deliver that, then the government must directly commission housing where it is needed. all the parties are now waiting to see whether they have inspired younger voters behind them. an investigation is underway into why hundreds of general election postal ballot papers have gone missing in two of the most marginal constituencies. plymouth city council and the royal mail say they are taking it very seriously. around 370 replacement voting packs have been sent our. anna varle reports.
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i was getting concerned that our postal votes had not arrived. a quick check in the post. by friday, nothing had come so by monday at, if nothing had come so by monday at, if nothing comes we will chase it up. and so she did only to be told that herfamily ballot and so she did only to be told that her family ballot papers had and so she did only to be told that herfamily ballot papers had gone missing in the post. they are not the only ones. 370 that we know have not been delivered. even her daughter, who is at university at manchester, never received hers. lot of children from plymouth who are way he would have applied for postal votes in good time have not received them. these are younger voters. their first general elections and they are feeling really upset. you can see it, on the internet. she has gone to the council to get a replacement boat
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but some ran out of time. this woman's husband will now not get it chance to vote. it is a tight contest here. we have always voted, we believe in voting and he is very, very angry that he is not going to be able to vote. time is running out very angry that he is not going to be able to vote. time is i’i. are 19 out and vote on the spot. however that and vote on the spot. however proactive the city council has been, theissueis proactive the city council has been, the issue is causing a stir on social media and we have received e—mails a sighting similar cases further afield. the electoral commission says it is happy with the way it is being dealt with. what happens after the election result if a party challenges each? especially
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in one of the marginal seats in the country. the election result can only be revisited with a court order and a court order would only come after an election petition had been lodged. this is a very worst case scenario but for now, a very simple system has turned into an unusually messy one. anna varle with that report. round two of the papers is coming up at first, the weather news. the good news for tomorrow is weakened or to the raincoats and brollies away and it is looking more promising with sunshine on the way and filling warmer. today this were the effects — reports of trees coming down, gusts of wind, a really
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319 " day and i as i “e 35; 319 " day a‘ rain as “15:55" 472,177, ' " 319 " day a‘ rain as 1‘ down “ffw‘w w ,, 319 " day a‘ rain as 1‘ down across w w ,, parts of the country. still many parts of the country. still some heavy rain across north—eastern areas of england and east of scotla nd areas of england and east of scotland and it will take time for that rain to clear a way. the that rm r that rm 7 fig,“ is time in that rm 7 fig,“ is time to the north sea is taking its time to roll away towards the east. still with us first thing in the morning on wednesday. still quite busy out there. a breezy night and morning. further south and west, it is a different story so we are waking up to some sunshine tomorrow. clear blue skies for some of us. the arrow showing the strength of the wind still noticeable across northern and eastern areas. scotland and ireland still under the rain. by the time that rain clears away, you could
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still have some flooding. later in the afternoon, the cloud increasing and we will see some rain pushing in but it will not be too heavy, at least not at this stage, and we are not anticipating strong winds tomorrow. wednesday evening, the cloud and rain spills further north. scotla nd cloud and rain spills further north. scotland they get away with a mostly dry day, northern scotland that is. thursday, bolsters of rain moving nflir‘f‘zzz thursday, bolsters of rain moving an? western thursday, bolsters of rain moving an}: western and thursday, bolsters of rain moving z3; western and northern are south south—westerly winds these are south south—westerly winds so it will not be that cold. friday, not a bad day. some showers.


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