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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  June 10, 2017 5:30am-6:01am BST

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a new minority government a day after losing her majority in a snap election. her party will work with northern ireland's democratic unionists who won ten seats. she's said she'll keep her most senior ministers. mrs may also said crucial talks on britain leaving the eu will begin as planned on the 19th ofjune but she'll enter brexit negotiations in a much weaker position. european council president donald tusk says time is running out and there's a real risk of a no deal outcome. police investigating the london bridge attack say the three terrorists tried and failed to hire a 7.5—tonne lorry. the ringleader, khuram butt, was forced to hire a smaller van after his payment for the truck was declined. coming up at 6am, breakfast with louise minchin and charlie stayt, but first on bbc news, the travel show. this week on the travel show, we're
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in chile, exploring a town that was knocked down by nature and how it splitting itself back together again. also coming up on this week's show: it looks incredible... we're dangling over new york in virtual reality. it's the superman experience. and meeting the man who is attempting to bagpipe his way around the world. people were sprinting towards me and they said, never come back, but before you go, cani never come back, but before you go, can i have a go? the long coastline of chile is the point of collision between two tectonic plates, so a large magnitude earthquake are part of chilean history. no alarm sounded, some people fled to higher ground but many didn't escape in time. on
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the night of the 27th of february 2010, the central coast of chile was hit by one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded. the magnitude was 8.8 and the city of constitution on was sitting at the epicentre. but that was not the only deadly force of nature to strike at night. about 18 minutes after the earthquake, a massive tsunami engulfed constitucion. the waves we re engulfed constitucion. the waves were as high as 15 metres. the
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remains of the city were washed away. exploring this area you don't have to scratch very far below the surface to see evidence of the soudani still here seven years on. —— tsunami. more than 500 people lost their lives all over chile to the earthquake and the tsunami of 2010. this family had made a living from their boats for generations, but they've never experienced a tsunami before. when the earthquake began, they ran to their boats to head into the ocean trying to escape from collapsing buildings. they didn't know they were heading straight into the tsunami. after the tsunami, sophia and her husband found the strength to grow a business with three boats that offered visitors tours around this beautiful estuary. all over constitucion there are
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stories of bravery and reconstruction. so this is the place. the first restaurant to be rebuilt kept its former name, the wave breaker. this is incredible. in two years...
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it must have been so tempting after the disaster to just cut your losses and run and go somewhere else, but you stayed. constitucion was historically a popular seaside resort, but tourism almost disappeared with the arrival ofa almost disappeared with the arrival of a woodpulp mill. after the tsunami, the pulp mill was reconstructed as it provided many jobs. but the city also woke up to a new
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opportunity for bringing back the tourists. so constitucion has notjust been rebuilt but is enjoying a tourism revival. local businesses have popped up trying to draw tourists to the area in new and innovative ways, like this one. 0h,
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oh, man, this is so much fun! i do feel a bit like i've swallowed most of the sand that you see around here and might die at any second but it's incredible fun! ok! but can this region ever really recover 100% from the trauma of 2010? the people of constitucion are an
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inspiration, not only have they ove rco m e inspiration, not only have they overcome the most unthinkable tragedies, but now they're ready to bring joy to the people that come to visit. next up on the travel show, the latest in our series of films about the people of london, who keep the city running 21w. we need someone who keeps londoners looking good round—the—clock. near bond street is probably one of the busiest streets in london —— new bond street. it's really interesting to see the difference between the daytime and nighttime. the street‘s bed at night. it's peaceful, you got the whole place to yourself so you can really enjoy it. and you're in
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london, you're in the central london. most people work between the hours of nine to five, so i don't know how the hell they can get their hair done. we actually offer a 24—hour service so you can actually come in whenever you like. it's really difficult to say without seeing your hair so it's really best if you come in for a consultation. thank you, sure, that's booked in for 10pm. there's no difference between hairdressers and binmen, we provide a service. head dresses went through a phase where hairdressers we re through a phase where hairdressers were like prima donnas. when the recession kicked in hairdressers needed the clients more than the clients needed those hairdressers. for me it has probably kept me in business by offering 24—hour service. because there's no contrast in your colour. you're right, sexy
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mumsy. because the phones are bringing people let go and they tell you the most intimate things. the last time i saw you you were going ona last time i saw you you were going on a date. it went well for a bit and then we went on this holiday to prague and it was an absolute disaster. someone coming in with the studio lights on and they want a haircut and they'll be drunk, it was cool until the next day and he said i'm going to sue you, he asked for it to be cut to there. so now we don't take any drunks, no drunks! i still love my clients, even the nightmare clients, they‘ re still love my clients, even the nightmare clients, they're the ones that challenge you. it's not about money, i don't do what i do for money, i don't do what i do for
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money, i do it because i love the people. the travel show, your essential guide wherever you're heading. time now for trending travel, your monthly mash up of the best travel related stories, snaps and videos online. it might not be everyone's favourite instrument... but one hardy musician hopes to be the first to play the bagpipes in every country in the world. ross o'connell jennings set off in april, 2014 and has visited 60 countries so far.|j like the idea of being the first person to do something but also bagpipes aren'tjust scottish, there are an international instrument, there are over 130 bagpipes from countries around the world. mostly it's been positive responses, i was
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in the vatican city three years ago andi in the vatican city three years ago and i thought that wouldn't go too well, italian policemen sprinted towards me and they dragged me and truck me out and he said never come back, never come back! but before you know it —— but before you go, cani you know it —— but before you go, can i have a photo? in paris a new project gives visitors the chance to see through time. look through the binoculars of the time scope terminal just binoculars of the time scope terminaljust in installed near a bridge and you will see an immersive 360 degrees digital representation of life in the middle ages. it's the latest landmark to use vr technology to attract visitors, with other time scope terminals at charles de gaulle airport and the bastille. a solar powered catamaran has just embarked on an incredible round the world voyage, with plastic pollution in the world's oceans at unprecedented levels the race for water foundation hopes to voyage —— of the voyage
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will promote new, innovative ways of tackling the problem. it's expected to last five years, stopping off back at the tokyo olympics and do by‘s 2020 universal expectation —— exposition. and a social media campaign helped spark an unlikely reunion. this marathon runner in counter at a stray dog on a six—day race counter at a stray dog on a six—day ra ce a cross counter at a stray dog on a six—day race across the gobi desert, but after sticking together for the entire journey he lost track of his companion. she actually went missing ina companion. she actually went missing in a city of 3 million people in north—west china. they have their own social media platforms, weibo, so we own social media platforms, weibo, so we had the whole of china posting it on their social media. it was just the best moment in my life to have her back in my arms again, i'd never thought we would ever find her. deon has penned a book about his search with a feature film adaptation in the works. now let's look at the travel videos
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clocking up views online. join us as we ta ke clocking up views online. join us as we take to the skies with some of the internet‘s highflying drone filmmakers. drone photography started for me as a backyard hobby, but now it's taken me all over the world. i was doing underwater photography. i took that same concept of filming in 3—dimensional movement and took it to the air. my three top tips for getting the best shots, don't fly near airports, congested areas. try to fly smoothly. if you have smooth shots it won't pull the view out of the experience. film and fly when the light is beautiful. and if you say anything you think we should know about, don't forget to get in touch. now, playing in the arcades at the
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seaside has been a rite of passage for many a young holidaymaker. but times change and so do the games. this year we are told will usher in a whole new generation of amusement. we sent lucy hedges deep into an alternate universe to find out more. some of the tech involved in virtual reality is awesome. but the cost is still way out of reach for most of us still way out of reach for most of us to have in our homes. which is why pay by the hour arcades might just be the future. in north america and the far east they've been a fixture for a while now. and europe is slowly beginning to catch up. around the uk in the second half of last year, very small independent arcades began spinning up all over the place. small vr centres began opening sporadically in towns around
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the country. these four were among the country. these four were among the first to set up shop. but here in the capital, nothing. at least nothing permanent. the odd pop up in trendy parts of town might be doing brisk business, but a long—term multi game facility is still to open. and there does seem to be an appetite. this is a gaming bar in north london. i believe competition is happening right now. would you visit a vr arcade? yeah, definitely. it's something that is so new definitely. it's something that is so new and something everyone is talking about. you would definitely do it. the thing is not everyone
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could afford a games console in their house, now everyone can, so vr is the new thing that you can't afford. the market leader is htc, whose centres have been opening across china and taiwan and this is the year it is looking to spread its ambitions to europe. in europe we are launching and we have about 300 centres ranging from hard—core gaming, as he would say, to education and culture. we are ambition on to have about 1000 locations before the end of the year, so it's a fairly dynamic market. and of course speed... they come from the back and from the front. and across the english channel there
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isa and across the english channel there is a glimpse of what the future may very well look like. this is the 13th district in east paris. it might not look like anything now, there's a lot of noise with the building sites, but in the next few yea rs building sites, but in the next few years it is really going to be something. i'm going to check out something. i'm going to check out something inside. this is slated to become paris's new tech district and at its heart lies europe's largest permanent vr facility. wow. i think this is probably the best vr space i've ever seen. it definitely doesn't scream arcade. it's nothing like the arcades from backin it's nothing like the arcades from back in the day. that's the great thing about virtual reality, it's a
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new technology and therefore it is bringing a whole new experience. and, like the old—fashioned arcades, they will deliver again experience you would never be able to afford in your own home. you are going to go to the ground and up to the sky. i'm ready. it looks incredible! soaring through new york. it takes a bit of practice usually with me. i am no longer plummeting into the side of buildings, that's the good thing. if you flap you go up. i did not know that! i could spend hours on that. it's like the superman experience. it
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just takes your mind off the fact that you are actually doing exercise, doesn't it? i'm staring at a beautiful blue sky and birds and beautiful tropical surroundings. they don't like the word arcade here because they claim an experience not just about gaming but also about documentary, art and physical fitness. how much does it cost? a 20 minute pass is 12 euros and 40 minutes is 20 euros. that's quite a lot —— quite expensive. minutes is 20 euros. that's quite a lot —— quite expensivelj minutes is 20 euros. that's quite a lot -- quite expensive. i have all the best headsets, computers, it's a beautiful venue. where will be our goal in the future? we are looking forward to opening in major european cities and hopefully the us, so we are looking for partners in london, berlin, lisbon, new york, los angeles. it feels more silicon valley than paris, but 2017 is definitely the
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year that vr is making its presence known, with spaces like this popping up known, with spaces like this popping up all over europe. so if you want to step into a virtual world, now you can. well, that's all we've got time for this week. coming up next week... ade's is at the world's biggest sporting event, the america's cup in bermuda. finding out how top sports men and women are turning the spotlight into the island's marine on the beige. this is the thing causing all the trouble. do join us thenif causing all the trouble. do join us then if you can and in the meantime don't forget you can keep up with us while we are out having adventures by signing up to our social media feeds. details are on the screen.
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from me christa larwood and the rest of the travel show team here in chile, it's goodbye. hello there. it's felt a little more like autumn for some this week and although high pressure will build into next week and we'll hopefully see more of these skylines, this was sent in late in the day on friday, before that we will have yet more rain, strong and blustery winds with some sunshine, warm sunshine dispersed, so not a great weekend for heading to the mountains or a small boat. after the rain there will also be more showers following on. this is the area of cloud, the area of low pressure that will bring that disturbed weather through the weekend. not a washout for all but certainly quite a bit of rain to come. the north—east of scotland may start
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quite chilly with a bit of fog around, the south and east brightening up quite quickly but with the south—westerly wind pushing that rain into the welsh mountains and cumbrian fells, we could see the wettest weather here, 20 to 40 millimetres. once it clears away, northern ireland will have a warmer and brighter afternoon, warmer and brighterfor the northern isles and northern scotland than yesterday, perhaps 20 here and even with the rain, not especially cold, quite grey with lots of murky low cloud and hill fog. whilst we come out of that cloud and back into the sunshine in central and eastern areas and we could see temperatures at 24 or 25 degrees, so some very warm and muggy airaround. touch and go for the cricket at edgbaston, england—australia, just because you're close to that rain band, hopefully we will get some play and bad light won't spoil the affair. through the evening that rain will advance further eastwards so eventually we will see patchy rain even in southern and eastern areas and then the wind will push the showers into the north and west of scotland, so again not a cold night but a particularly warm one stuck under that weather front in central and eastern england and here it is on sunday.
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although the main rain is clearing on sunday with low pressure sat to the north—west, it does means it won't be a particularly settled day, some tightly packed isobars indicating some rather strong winds at times, gusting winds with those showers, northern ireland, scotland, north—western parts of england and wales could be heavy with hail and thunder. the cloud is meandering south and east so after a bright start some patchy rain before the rain returns in the evening and not as warm as a result across the south and east, fresher air following on behind that weather front. into that fresher air on monday, still a blustery breeze with showers around, especially in the north, not so much in the south but nevertheless not ruling out the risk. gradually the azores high will be just building northwards, pushing more warmth and sunshine north, keeping these weather fronts at bay and keeping them to the north and west. as ever, more detail on the website. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and louise minchin, live from westminster.
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a prime minister under pressure. just a day after clinging to power, theresa may faces a backlash from fellow tories. the conservative leader is forming a minority government with the support of the democratic unionist party, but there are questions from some of her own mps over how long she can remain in thejob. the deal with the dup is also under scrutiny. the leader of the scottish conservatives, ruth davidson, says she's raised concerns with the prime minister about the unionists‘ opposition to gay rights. labour has ended its election campaign on a high. jeremy corbyn's party took kensington from the conservatives for the first time in its history. this morning we'll be live at downing street with the latest.
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