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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 16, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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and in the times' world section, usjustice department special counsel robert mueller is now investigating us president donald trump for obstruction of justice. mr trump has hit back claiming he is the victim of witch—hunt led by "very bad people". the telegraph business section says bank of england officials have called for uk interest rates to rise in a surprise move that signals policy makers are more concerned about rising inflation even as the uk economy grows. and finally, greece said it was hopeful of securing a deal yesterday that could end months of eurozone feuding with the imf — in fact, they have secured that deal— and unlock sorely needed bailout cash for greece to avert a fresh crisis. threats to the london tower fire. the official reaction, a full public
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enquiry is announced. what does that mean in practice and how long will it take? historically public enquiries can take years. that is what is so worrying. it is all right to call for it but who is going to lead it and how long will it take. other major disasters that have led to changes and they took years. to come to any conclusion. the prime minister has to prove that this will have a limited time span and arms as will be forthcoming within weeks. really, they need to be solutions. other people around the uk and the world live in tower blocks like this and they need to see answers. even in that area there are plenty of tower blocks are superbly with
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similar designs and people are thinking could the same happened to us? thousands of people all over britain and the world that obviously could face something similar unless the answers come out immediately and i think the worry with the public enquiry is that they take a long time. we need that certainty that it will be a quick process that also we need the fire report produced as quickly as possible to find out what was behind this. so many theories, whether it was cladding, the transition from gas, whether the windy evening allowed patterns to catch fire. if you are caught up in the tragedy, there is nothing worse than theories of running around. you need answers very quickly. one of those answers people may not be able
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to get is people finding the family they are looking for. some may not be identified. the numbers will rise possibly to 100. if you think of the numbers asleep when the fire broke out. from the victim point of view, from families affected, they may never have any closure and one of theissues never have any closure and one of the issues when you face a major incident is a unique closure, you need to know where your family work, the last minutes together, you need some answers and sadly this will not produce all the answers. we have seen produce all the answers. we have seen anger produce all the answers. we have seen angerfrom produce all the answers. we have seen anger from people produce all the answers. we have seen angerfrom people in produce all the answers. we have seen anger from people in the area. you have these tower blocks right next to streets were oligarchs and sports stars have multimillion dollar properties and i read comments that one of the reasons they refurbishment was done was
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simply to make look better. the allegation that it was also done on the cheap. the cladding was a cheap form of cladding band in the us and elsewhere. the financial reasons, in the times, one of the theories of the times, one of the theories of the cheaper version in germany is rated as flammable. this is what the public enquiry has to get to the bottom. if the cladding is responsible it is not used again. people need answers now because there is a real likelihood of corporate manslaughter charges. i have no doubt about it. someone involved in the refurbishment will
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no what was used and how cheap it was and was at meeting the requirements. unless it is an issue of regulations. any companies involved said they welcomed the enquiry and iraq? about a review that was meant to be taking place about these regulations and it may emerge that they were fulfilling regulations but the regulations were at fault. criticism were made last year into the quality of materials being used and that it was potentially a death trap. why did they make those complaints, why did they make those complaints, why did they raise them? because they were worried about their lives. it would not be a paper review if we did not mention donald trump. what has he been up to? what has he not been up to. again he is being investigated for obstruction ofjustice
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to. again he is being investigated for obstruction of justice and to. again he is being investigated for obstruction ofjustice and for potentially trying to thwart an fbi investigation. he makes it clear this is a witch—hunt. led by some very bad people, as he puts it. he speaks in interesting phrases. there is no doubt that robert mueller who is no doubt that robert mueller who is the former head of the fbi investigating... trump clearly has been up to something. there is no doubt all these investigations are looking into why trump was had in private meetings and conversations with some of his senior teams out of earshot of people that should be involved in the conversations. that isa involved in the conversations. that is a fundamentally what the investigation has to get to the bottom. is it because when he was running his business he could do
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that, pick and choose who he talked to stop his style of management? maybe but it is not the style of a president his advisers should be make that clear to him. if he does that he should expect an investigation. questions about his leadership style and all of this overs ha d ows leadership style and all of this overshadows all of what he's trying do, policies on taxability, for example, he is trying to push through that none of that is getting through, he is not allowed to get his message through because all the time it is about whether he obstructed justice. whether it is good for the american people is a very open question. it is rate rises in the uk and in the telegraph is the section, some in the bank of england saying it might be needed. the section, some in the bank of england saying it might be neededlj find
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england saying it might be needed.” find that a bit surprising because if you look at the statistics, prices rising but slower than expected, why would you consider putting them up? it could be very damaging for the economy. it would send a signal things are better than they are. the last time three members of the mpc reviews, there was things like oil prices and wea kness was things like oil prices and weakness in sterling so lots of people query this. also the incidents from the fire, to the london attack, to the manchester at tack, to the slowdown during election periods, i am getting these from clients and people in the
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street, general confidence has been knocked and investors coming into the uk. a real concern that all of these are adding up to create a cocktail which is reminiscent of the slowdown in 2007 which was more of a crash. i think the real issue is when you add all these incidents together create a crisis of confidence which will lead to a much tougher slowdown at the end of 2000 710. no time to talk about greece but we have heard plenty during the day. thank you very much and good to see. have a good day, that is it from hello there. it looks predominantly dry for the uk for the next three or four days. temperatures will rise as well. but actually through the course of yesterday, we lost temporarily some of the heat.
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things freshened up behind our cold weather front. we still managed 25 degrees in the sunshine ahead of it. but the fresher atlantic air brought quite a pestering of showers, which continued into the evening but have been easing away overnight, as high pressure's built in. but we're not without weather fronts. there will be very weak weather fronts coming in across parts of northern ireland and western scotland. so it will be a more comfortable end to the night but we will have rather more cloud again to greet us across northern ireland, western scotland. cloud coming and going further south, i think, is really the name of the game, because it will be bright with some spells of sunshine, particularly in southern and western areas. for the west of scotland, and the islands, the western isles in particular, it looks to be fairly damp day, 14s or 15s here. east of the grampians where the sun comes out, we could see 19 degrees, 20 across northern ireland with some afternoon sunshine as well. we'll see varying amounts of cloud across northern, central and eastern parts of england. looks like we could see some very decent breaks in the cloud across south wales and the south—west. temperatures in comparison to recent days will be just a degree or two down, 22, 23 the high,
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but strong sunshine and very high levels of uv unfortunately. as we go through the coming night, we'll see a little bit more misty low cloud around. we'll see that anyway through the day across western scotland. there could be some around southern and western areas, notjust the coast but inland. it's not going to be a particularly cold night either. as we move into saturday, we've got that high—pressure starting to build in again, pushing those weather fronts northwards. they're still going to hang on in the far north—west of scotland through saturday morning but it's essentially a fine day. more sunshine, i think, compared with the day ahead. although for northern ireland, still some cloud around and scotland, again, the best will be the east for scotland and there we could see temperatures getting into the low 20s. a little warmer for northern ireland again, and certainly so across england and wales as we start to build up the warmth. sunday again we see the warmth building even further. we start to pick up more of a southerly in the south, so hopefully losing the misty low cloud but, again, the north—west of scotland is looking as if it could be persistently cloudy, with some rain at times. if you are finding the prospect of temperatures approaching 30
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a little stifling, the sea is a little cooler at this time of year so those sea breezes will be refreshing. but the sun will be just as strong, even around the coast, it doesn't matter if it's 15 degrees or 25 degrees. and these are the uv levels through the weekend, as you can see, they are high for many parts of the country. the heat builds further as we head into the start of the new week, particularly in the south. bye— bye. hello, this is breakfast, with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. anger over the london tower block fire. the only thing keeping me going at the moment is anger and adrenaline and i will keep going on anger and adrenaline for as long as ican, anger and adrenaline for as long as i can, because frankly i would not like to sit down and contemplate. pictures emerge of the inside of the building. 17 are known to have died, more than 60 people are being named in the media as dead or missing.
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as the search of the burned out tower continues, police launch a criminal inquiry into the fire. good morning, it's friday i6thjune. also this morning:
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