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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 19, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello and welcome to the programme where we start with golf where american brooks koepka has won his first major title, the us open at erin hills in wisconsin carding a final round of five under for a tournament total of 16 under handing him a four stroke victory. let's head straight to the course and join the bbc‘s golf commentator chris latchem. the difference seemed to be on the final nine holes when koepka and brian harman were fighting it out with completely different outcomes for both? is certainly did. the three birdies ina row is certainly did. the three birdies in a row from m, 16 is certainly did. the three birdies in a row from 1a, 16 and 15 from brooks koepka is where it turned around. he was striding forward towards his 16 underpar and he's biggest rival of the day brian harman started dropping shots. it almost looks like brooks koepka won ata almost looks like brooks koepka won at a canter. brooks koepka will be
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over there in erin hills in a few minutes time to give his winning speech. he was excellent today. he set out to win. birdies at the first and second holes set the tone. it is like rory mcilroy from 2012 when he finished in 16 underpar. a record at us open. this tournament was a par 72. when rory did it it was a par 70. weathers this leave the game of golf? the top three players since rankings were introduced in 1986 missed out on the cut and all of a sudden we have players coming from nowhere. it is a strange leaderboard, a nowhere. it is a strange leaderboa rd, a strange nowhere. it is a strange leaderboard, a strange major championship. the best finisher was sergio garcia and was 12 shots of
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brooks koepka's winning total. dustinjohnson, the world number one, missed the cut along with rory mcilroy world number two and jason day in world of three. those three players were in poorform day in world of three. those three players were in poor form and day in world of three. those three players were in poorform and rory mcilroy have some ill—health some ill health and fitness. i wouldn't judge it too far but if you look at the leaderboard judge it too far but if you look at the leaderboa rd and judge it too far but if you look at the leaderboard and see brooks koepka is the world number two, she becky from japan —— hideki from japan is world numberfour. this might be the guys that win more major championships. thank you for yourtime, as major championships. thank you for your time, as always. canada's brooke henderson won the meijer lpga classic in grand rapids, michigan by two strokes on sunday for her fourth lpga tour victory. the 22—year—old claimed the outright lead when moving to 17 under with this putt on the 11th hole and never relented from there.
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american lexi thompson then needed to hole this shot for an eagle at the last if she was to tie and force a play—off but her shot although hitting the green went far and wuide of the pin and henderson claimed the win and lifted the trophy in what was a bogey free round for her. and super excited. it was really tough today. the wind really picked up tough today. the wind really picked up andi tough today. the wind really picked up and i was kind of surprised when i looked at the leaderboard and had a shot lead at the 18th green. i'm super happy and i'm just glad it is done and i finally have super happy and i'm just glad it is done and ifinally have my super happy and i'm just glad it is done and i finally have my win. to cricket news and pakistan have upset the odds by thrashing india in the final of the icc champions trophy. pakistan, ranked bottom of the eight teams in the tournament, beat their great rivals india by 180 runs in the final at the oval in london. this is pakistan's first global 50—over title since 1992 and joe wilson was watching.
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south london, neutral territory for a rivalry. a relationship. for cricket, it's common ground. this month, the sporting advent of the year. month, the sporting advent of the yea r. jetta month, the sporting advent of the year. jetta it cost me £1000 for a flight. -- it year. jetta it cost me £1000 for a flight. —— it cost me £1000. year. jetta it cost me £1000 for a flight. -- it cost me £1000. it is ridiculous prices. even online. pakistan's journey was the surprising one. nobody expected them to be here. india's first wicket, a replay, foot over the line, no ball, not out, significant. for a couple of hours, the only place this batsmen was getting caught was in the crowd. 111i batsmen was getting caught was in the crowd. 114 was foundation for pakistan. pakistan managed to score
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338. these two countries don't tour each other at the moment thanks to the political climate. this final was like a summit meeting of sport. pakistan! fast all at muhammad are mere corrected, jailed, rehabilitated. he stopped india before they could start. three rapid wicket including the captain virat kohli. india's former captain experienced, powerful, out. pakistan started getting worried and then oh, what a way to go. india mighty, it doesn't mean you always win. 158 all out. pakistan of world cricket, unpredictable, improbable champions. to my team management, they worked really ha rd after the to my team management, they worked really hard after the first defeat and motivated us. they are learning
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very well, my team and they are hard workers. now we very well, my team and they are hard workers. now we are very well, my team and they are hard workers. now we are the champions. hopefully this win will boost us and you have to exit and admire sometimes the skill of the opposition and see they have come. even when we are not playing at our best. we just couldn't make things happen today. personally, it does feel bad that you have to understand you can only control so many things and the game has to move on. that is the kind of thinking that i have when these things happen. portugal and mexico played an entertaining 2—2 draw in their group a confederations cup game in the russian city of kazan. the portuguese thought they had an early lead — pressuring in the mexico area, after a bit of a scramble it fell to pepe — who seemed to have turned the ball in.
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but the referee suspected offside — in come the video replays to confirm it shouldn't stand. the teams were tied at 1—1 when portugal looked to have stolen the win with a goal in the 86th minute through cedric soaresh. but hector moreno rose highest from a 91st minute corner to earn the mexicans a point. we wa nted we wanted to show our best and try to get here to win this tournament. every tournament we play as a mexican player, you want to win it. it is not ok to just come and say we wa nt to it is not ok to just come and say we want to try and do our best. we want to win it. we got a draw and we are going to see if it is going to be a good point or not. wait and see the next two results. chile opened their group b campaign with a 2—0 win over cameroon despite a controversial decision from the video assistant referee — known as the var.
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chile's victory was just reward for a dominant performance at the spartak stadium, where the south american champions had this effort controversially ruled out for offside by video technology. that man who was adjudged to be offside was arturo vidal who then rose above two defenders to power home a header. eduardo vargas doubled the score ten minutes later in added time. now to athletics and the diamond league moved to stockholm on sunday where murielle ahoure made up for the disappointment of a second placed finish in oslo on thursday by winning the 200m event in sweden.the ivory coast runner was given victory over dafne schippers on thursday after the dutch athlete had false started but it was then overturned but with schippers missing stockholm ahoure needed to dip late for the win over ca nada's crystal emmanuel while rebekka haase of germany was third. kenya's1500m triple world champion asbel kiprop who'll be looking to win a fourth consecutive title at the world championships in london this august could only manage fourth in stockholm in a race won by his compatriot timothy cheruiyot. while in the men's 100m
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canada's andre de grasse posted a wind—assisted time of 9.69 seconds to claim victoryjust over two days after the 22—year—old won for a second consecutive year in oslo. just recapping our top story. the american brooks koepka has won the us open in wisconsin by four strokes. he finished on 16 underpar. birdies at 13, 1a and 15 really helping him home to the victory. for everything else of course, bbc .com/ sport. goodbye. good morning. it was a hot, dry and sunny weekend for many of us. perhaps too hot for some of you. the place to be was across the coast. this picture came form east sussex, but it could have been many resorts
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through the weekend. refreshing sea breezes here. temperatures widely across the country, high 20s, low 30s. the only exception was the far north—west, 13 degrees in shetland. we still have the nuisance weather front that has been sitting there for the last four of five days. cloud and drizzly rain. to the south, a pretty warm start to our monday morning. overnight lows only sitting at around 18—20 degrees. there will hardly a cloud in the sky. so, those temperatures are set to rocket once again. now, our weather front will start to sink slowly south into central scotland and northern ireland, increasing cloud here. a hot and dry afternoon to the south of it. the chance of isolated showers. they really will be very isolated. again, the temperatures will be the talking point, high 20s, low 30s quite widely. pretty hot close to the coast. yes, a light seabreeze.
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nevertheless, high uvs expected across much of the country. thicker cloud in northern ireland in central scotland. northern and western isles will actually see some brighter weather. sunshine for a change. just a few showers. the weather front will continue south overnight monday into tuesday. not much in the way of rain on it. but, it is a cold front. it will introduce fresher air. mid—teens into the north is quite likely. the north of england in the midlands, cloudy skies, mid—twenties more likely. to the south of that front, sunny. high 20s not out of the question. by wednesday, sunny and dry weather in the south—east corner. a fresh feel with a breeze coming off the sea. 13 degrees. by the end of the day, sharp and possibly thundery downpours possible from the west. they will slowly clear away on wednesday, but leaving a legacy of cloud.
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extreme heat in the south—east potentially on thursday. 30 degrees or more. it is the start of the grasscourt season and the start of queens. it will be pretty hot for spectators and players. bear in mind high uv. sunscreen will be necessary. it will be hot at royal ascot as well. the weather will be fair and set to be hot. take care. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our top stories: almost a year after the referendum, the brexit negotiations are about to begin — but the british government appears divided on its approach. three days of national mourning in portugal — after more than sixty people are killed in wildfires. another win for president in emmanuel macron as his party takes control of the french national assembly. and london police say that more than 58 people died in a tower
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block fire and warned that some victims may never be identified.
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