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‘ side have driven around to the other side to see what i could see basically and it's all cordoned off as well, obviously. but i can see the crane from the other side, the crane looks like it is picking up another crane. the crane i could see was obviously lifting the crane that had collapsed and was in trouble. police tell us one person is still trapped, they are still investigating and rescuing that person. three people have since come out. what i know from residents is that this is a big residential area, plenty of flats and houses, four story flats, people coming out of their balconies to see what's going on. people have told me that people in those flats saw what happened and as you can imagine are very distressed. they saw the crane tilt, said there were loud noises, loud banging going on, they think
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there may have been some form of distraction, they don't know, nothing has been confirmed, but they saw that crane tilt fall and trapped people at the bottom. thank you for the update. the prince of wales has visited the scene of a terror attack outside finsbury park mosque in north london. he relayed the message from the queen who said she was shocked by the attack and said her thoughts and prayers. police are still questioning a man in connection with what happened after a van was driven at worshippers. prince charles said he was impressed by the imam who protected the suspect from and great crowd. by the imam who protected the suspect from and great crowdli didn't particularly want to bring you a message from the queen and she specifically asked me to tell you how shocked she was by what happens, particularly as the victims were worshippers who had been attending ramadan careers. her majesty ‘s
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thoughts and prayers are with you all. -- thoughts and prayers are with you all. —— attending ramadan players. inaudible taking a great interest in the muslim community in this country. we have been deeply impressed by imam and his remarkable actions on that terrible occasion. inaudible very lucky. as prince charles was leaving the scene he was asked about the health of the duke of edinburgh, prince philip had been admitted to hospital last night and was not with
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the queen today for the state opening of parliament. this is what prince charles had to say. how is the duke of edinburgh? he's getting better. thank you. doctors say three quarters of babies stillborn or who suffer brain damage during birth could have cut a different outcome if they had received better care. more than 700 cases were looked at in 2015. the uk has the second worst infa nt in 2015. the uk has the second worst infant mortality rate in western europe, the only country with a higher rate is malta. michael buchanan has the story. ican be checked and said i was about two
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centimetres but they had to wait for a bed to become available and one did not until we found out madison had passed away. staff would not break waters in the side are saying there was a risk of infection. for three days they promised to find a bed but didn't, at one point she was left unmonitored for 15 hours, by the time a midwife did check madison was dead. she should now be four yea rs was dead. she should now be four years old. she has got a niece about the same age as maddy as well. it is tough for her seeing little mia going to school, has cool uniform. we can see madison doing the same thing. the trust has apologised and said practices have changed, but madison jackson is one of nine avoidable baby deaths at the trust over the period.
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the health secretary has ordered a review of here, but other hospitals are providing poor care. hundreds of babies could be protected from harm, says the report, if services are improved. it is not a single factor that is going to cause a poor outcome, it is an accumulation of factors, and we have to look at the whole picture, you know, in a holistic way, in order to improve care, and that is what we are determined to do. a baby's death leaves an indelible mark. until the nhs fundamentally improves, too many families will experience that burning sense of injustice. michael buchanan, bbc news, powys. tesco has announced it is causing a call centre in cardiff with the loss of more than a thousand jobs, a planned reorganisation would see the site shut down in february next
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year, the operation will move to dundee were 250 jobs will be created. sian lloyd says the move was unexpected. this announcement came out of the blue. tesco house has been here in cardiff since 1990. it's a call centre but also i am told they handle some payroll accou nts told they handle some payroll accounts and financial services from here as well. we understand that this was a shock announcement really for a lot of people who work here. it's been described by the unions as a devastating blow and notjust for the workforce but also the wider economy here in south wales. tesco have said they want to focus their customer services operation on their base in dundee in scotland where they already employs 900 people. they say they are going to create an extra 250 jobs. we have had a statement from tesco today, its chief executive matt davis says they
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have to ensure they run their business in a sustainable and cost—effective way whilst still meeting the challenging needs of customers. he did say this was a very difficult decision and you want to support the staff here. the unions now will be entering into a consultation period with the company, it's been described as a devastating blow for the staff. the welsh government were not told about this until 45 minutes before the announcement was made public. since then the first minister of wales ca rwyn then the first minister of wales carwyn jones has then the first minister of wales carwynjones has spoken to matt davis and said he's expressed his concern about this announcement and is calling for generous packages for the staff and offering help and financial help as well to retraining but say they would rather the jobs stayed in wales. sian lloyd reporting. the three—time wimbledon
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champion boris becker has been declared bankrupt. london bankruptcy court has been hearing he was a large sum of money to a firm of private bankers pulled his lawyers are asking a final chance to pay his debts by remortgaging a property in majorca. the actor daniel beale lewis has announced his retirement, he turns 60 this year and is the only man to have won three best actor oscars. lincoln was textbook daniel day lewis. the actor almost disappearing into the character of the president. i am the president of the united states. clothed in immense power. and it achieved something that no one had ever done before. a third best actor oscar. i think daniel day lewis will be remembered as one of the best actors of all time. he's terrific.
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he invests himself in every role, he goes the extra mile, and you really see the results on the screen. ladies and gentlemen, if i say i am an oilman, you will agree. i am a family man. there will be blood was another oscar winner. but it appears his career is now over. a statement from his spokesman simply says, he will no longer be working as an actor. there's no explanation but it has long been clear he has doubts about fame. and that phrase "invests himself in every role", shorthand for an actor who takes the process very seriously. in my left foot, fellow actors said he stayed in character in the wheelchair throughout the shoots. this is fresh meat... he learned butchery for gangs of new york. but increasingly he seemed to prefer the time he spent not acting. whether i like it or not i am a public figure. during certain periods like now. then i disappear, it seems, to people from the outside. i seem to disappear but of course in my experience i do not disappear,
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i'm just doing other things. there is one final film awaiting release but after that it is thank you and goodbye. david sillito, bbc news. an hour of news coming up, stay with us, but now time for a look at the weather. today has been the hottestjune day since 1976, the hottest weather of all phoned to the west of london, very close to 35 degrees, the heat spread quite a long way north as well. showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon across parts of wales and northern ireland and west of scotland and this is the first sign of quite a big change in our weather, a cold front moving south and east at the moment, introducing fresher air and as it arrives bumping into the very hot air it's going to start quite a few
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thunderstorms. not everywhere will catch them but across parts of northern england could be vicious storms, also some drifting across scotland. at the same time misty and murky conditions spreading into western areas. temperatures dropping away in the west, another warm and muqqy away in the west, another warm and muggy night. looks like we'll see a band of showers and storms moving across southern areas tomorrow morning, some could be quite heavy. later in the day for the storms. they will be quite hit and miss. away from these areas are lot of fine and dry weather, much cooler and fresherfor fine and dry weather, much cooler and fresher for most of us, still some heat across the south east but temp managers back into the 20s. should be a fresher evening tomorrow. into tomorrow we start to see wet weather sinking its way into northern ireland and west of scotla nd northern ireland and west of scotland and this is the first sign of the atlantic taking over, areas
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of the atlantic taking over, areas of low pressure mean it will turn more unsettled, but it will continue to turn fresher. friday will see outbreaks of rain sinking south and east, quite breezy day, in fact pretty windy across northern areas and certainly cooler and fresher, generally 1819 degrees, still that bit warmer but nothing like as hot as it has been. into the weekend it does not too bad, dry weather, showers, more rain across northern scotla nd showers, more rain across northern scotland breezy for all of us quite across the far north still a cooler and fresher feel, more of the same into sunday, dry weather but it will continue to be fresher than it has been. this is bbc news. a queen's speech with a difference, dressed down, key pledges
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from the tory manifesto missing. brexit was the key ingredient. my ministers are committed to working with parliament, the devolved administrations, business and others to build the widest possible consensus on the country's future outside the european union. in total, 27 bills have been announced, with 8 on brexit. theresa may says the government is ready to face the challenges ahead.
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