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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  June 25, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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h “a fi it‘a'fi fi it‘uié: it"rt‘a'fi it-‘ufit huff it"rt‘a'fi it-‘ufi huff “fifrggfiii i think the shark might have had a worse state than many of us did. putting nets in the sea? it didn't sound like they need to. everybody was swimming as fast as possible in the opposite direction, but she would have been going, no! it's a blue shark. wouldn't you, natalie? did you do any research that i asked you to do? we should all be worrying about the poor sharks. they are worried about whether it is going to put people off, this summer.‘ worried about whether it is going to put people off, this summer. a very popular place. you sound like the mayor of amity. that is all i'm going to say. we've got the wrapup music. the‘s it for the papers. natalie and rob, a treat as always. next, the film review. —— film review.
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-- film hello and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. so mark, what do we have this week? very interesting bunch this week. we have in this corner of the world, a very impressive japanese anime. transformers: the last knight, the saga rumbles on. and hampstead, a film which does exactly what it says on the tin. so, in this corner of the world, a war movie with a difference? interesting. it is an anime based on a manga of the same name. it goes from the ‘30s to the mid—40s. a young girl, when she gets to the age of 18, marries someone
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she has barely met before. she goes to live in a different home and start a new life of which she makes the most, but meanwhile the spectre of war is looming in the background. but normal life carries on. they speak japanese. thunder rumbles. what is impressive about this is that, like a film
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like grave of the fireflies, it talks about dark subject matter, with an innocence and universality that a live—action movie could not do. we saw from that clip the cloud moving towards hiroshima. and our heroine is an artist, and at certain moments in the movie she looks up and sees explosions in the sky as explosions of paint. there are moments when the narrative deals with very dark stuff you would get in a war movie, but it does so by the animation unravelling and becoming drawings and becoming fragments of animation, and by looking at global events and tragedies through the eyes of a particular character, it manages to watch as if from a distance or slightly sculptured, without ever looking away from harsh realities. this opens on wednesday, and if you would like a film like your name, which was a big hit, and returning to cinemas soon, this is well worth checking out.
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it has won numerous awards and it is easy to see why it has. a real integrity to it. the triumph is it approaches difficult subject matter in a way that, to me, seems universal. and it does that thing that animation can do that a live—action film can't do, to look at the world in a different way, to make us see events in a different and personal way. i liked it very much and you will too. thank you. and transformers: the last knight — i suspect you don't like it as much and i suspect i won't either. let's talk about it. it is one of the least offensive of the transformers movies. the latest michael bay smash. it looks back to the past to arthurian legend and wibbles around in stonehenge and looks for mysticism and outer space and interplanetary conspiracy. it is transformers meets monty python and spinal tap, but without the jokes. anthony hopkins is in it and
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laughing all the way to the bank. he's a kind of eccentric aristocrat who has a butler who is like c3p0 from star wars. he believes the only way to save the planet is to bring together a historian and mark wahlberg's junkyard king to save the world, and frankly on the evidence of the film it is not that worth saving. on the plus side, there are less leering shots with the camera looking up the skirts of its performers than we have had in previous michael bay movies. his pornographic sensibility is toned down slightly. the plot makes no sense whatsoever, despite endless scenes of people explaining the plot to each other, and indeed pointing at things happening on screen and telling us what we are looking at. it is massively incoherent and staggeringly dull. and it is a whoppingly overlong, but in terms of the rest of the transformers movies it is less offensive. i was not offended, i was just bored. it was like being shouted to sleep. did you fall asleep? no, myjob is to stay awake. believe me, there were many moments
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in which i was going, you have to stay awake. something interesting might happen. no, it's ok, it is not going to. got it. now, hampstead, a romcom for the older audience? you saw the poster. that tells you everything you need to know, as does the title. thinking about hampstead, the heath, expensive properties and some artisan residence. over there is highgate cemetery and a pond... at the centre of it, brendan gleeson is a beardy wild man living in a shack he's built on the heath under the radar. he is under threat of eviction from property developers, and diane keaton is the recently widowed hampstead resident who tries to help him save his shack and gets very little thanks for her work. here is a clip. may i ask you something? sure. it's about what happened the other day, and those people — they really wanted to help you and i do too. i don't need any help.
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of course you do. we all need help. i didn't ask for any. well, what do you mean? look, i'm no—one‘s charity case, 0k? i'm a man who lives as he chooses to, and i'm not going to any court or any hearing either. no—one is taking my home from me! 0k, all right, mr angry. 0k, listen, there's no reason to wake the dead here — none. the dead make more sense to me. oh, my god. ok, that's enough. i don't know... how can you expect anyone to put up with all this nonsense? all right, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. i was wrong. well, i don't know. no, i'm sorry. i really am. it won't happen again. here is the thing with this film, i like both of those performers and you would have to be pretty hard—hearted to get annoyed with the movie, although i have read some reviews that took up against it. it is basically... you know the movie you think it is?
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it is exactly that movie. in the back of it there is a true story, isn't there? there really was a guy who had a shack and had to fight a legal battle, although i have to say this film's relationship with reality is inspired by that true story, but passing at the very best. compared to this, notting hill, the richard curtis movie, looks like a hard—hitting, tough and gritty film about urban grime. or truly madly deeply suddenly looks like a scary gothic horror movie in comparison. it is about as twee as it's possible for a movie to be. it does the things you expect this kind of movie to do. i did not dislike it because i like those two performers. i like the characters. ilike... despite the fact i don't believe in any of it at all, it is a film which is best summed up as perfect wednesday afternoon viewing, which will go down well with a cup of tea and a biscuit, and that is the kind of movie it is.
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and it is supposed to be a romcom — is it romantic and funny? it is romantic and i laughed a couple of times. a lot of the scenes in hampstead, you watch, thinking, you could not afford to get a cup of tea there, you couldn't get a parking space there. there is no way that would happen! now, best out at the moment. by the time it gets dark, you will have to search this movie out because it is a limited release and an extraordinary thai movie by anocha suwichakornpong. it starts off as a film about an atrocity in the mid—1970s and somebody trying to make a film about this. and what happens as it becomes a much more amorphous study of the relationship between memory and history, and the inability of cinema to capture history perfectly. it is a film which takes in the whole history of cinema right back to melies and forward to digital technology. it is witty and moving
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and it is strange. it keeps looping back on itself and is clearly a film which cannot be described in terms of plot, but if you like the films of, say, apichatpong weerasethakul, which i know you do, it is well worth seeking out. but it is a very small release and you will need to seek it out, but i was knocked out by it. i went in with no knowledge of it at all and, although i did not understand a lot of it, it was really fascinating. i really enjoyed it. it is called by the time it gets dark. and best dvd is a movie you have talked a lot about. you and you will talk again, so that is fine. here's the thing with moonlight, you cannot say too many times how good it is. it was a major award winner. when first seen, it was considered to be an arthouse movie with limited appeal, but i think it is beautifully it tells a story that makes you feel involved in the characters, even if your life is nothing
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like theirs at all. it is compassionate and humane and thrilling in terms of its cinematic construction. and i confess i have seen it four times now, and i will probably go back and watch it again. wow. i have seen it once. but you loved it? i did love it. see it again, you will love it even more. 0k, fine. a quick reminder before we go that you'll find more film news and reviews from across the bbc online at and you can find all our previous programmes on the bbc iplayer. that's it for this week, though. thanks for watching. goodbye. we saw low pressure drifting away to
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scandinavia and in the process, the isobars became further scandinavia and in the process, the isoba rs became further apart scandinavia and in the process, the isobars became further apart but we look out west this area of cloud which is heading our way. there were a few showers earlier on as a gift to the south but some good spells overnight but still a shower or two in the north of scotland and the west of scotland and maybe northern ireland as well but most places will be dry. quite fresh out there. in rural spots, a bit cooler. an easy start of the day that out west, an area of low pressure is drifting ever closer so cloud amounts will be increasing. many central and eastern areas, light winds. a decent day in store but it will tend to cloud over. we will see some rain into
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northern ireland. the odd shower possible. the loss of dry weather, only 11! degrees in aberdeen but as high as 23, 24. quite a only 14 degrees in aberdeen but as high as 23,24. quite a range of temperatures on offer. into the evening, quite wet. that rain makes slow progress up until scotland. we will see some outbreaks of rain as well. one area of low pressure works its way to the north. this threatens to bring some boundary showers in from the south so pretty messy picture on tuesday. wind and rain clearing from northern ireland. the wind will be coming in from the north sea. then there is that thundery rain creeping its way into the south. top temperatures, only 21 degrees. a trend of slightly lower temperatures. through tuesday night into wednesday, quite wet across large swathes of england and wales.
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some fairly heavy rain, temperatures quite suppressed. temperatures down elsewhere. the week ahead is looking rather unsettled. very different from last week. as we have seen, those temperatures are dropping away day by day. i'm sharanjit leyl in singapore, the headlines. pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif cuts short a visit to london, after the oil tanker disaster in punjab which has left at least 150 dead. a massive relief effort continues in china, after a landslide engulfs a mountain village in sichuan province. i'm kasia madera in london. also in the programme: in england, sixty high—rise buildings fail safety tests carried out after the london tower block blaze. and the unifying power of sport: why south korea is proposing a joint
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entry with the north for next year's winter olympics.


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