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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 26, 2017 5:00am-5:31am BST

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this is bbc news. i'm tim willcox. our top stories: a crowded passenger boat sinks at a busy colombian resort. six people have died — 16 are missing. fierce resistance in the last push for mosulm, islamic state militants make a final stand against advancing iraqi troops. a huge forest fire sweeps through southern spain — threatening one of the country's most important nature reserves. and in business: the biggest recall in automotive history leads to the bankrupcty courts. japan's takata has had to recall more than 100m airbags across the world. and, yet another italian rescuejob. two more banks get government bailouts, the third time that's
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happened in a year. hello and welcome to the programme. at least six people are known to have died and 16 others are missing after a crowded passenger boat sank on a reservoir in colombia. the vessel, which had four decks, began taking on water while cruising on the artificial lake, outside the resort of guatape, that's about eighty kilometres from the city of medellin. other tourist ferries and leisure craft quickly went to the rescue of those on board. there are no details yet on why the boat sank. nimesh thacker reports. passengers on the four deck ship can be seen panicking and calling for help as their vessel started taking on water and swayed
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from side to side. pleasure boats and tourists on jetskis rushed towards the craft to help those who had jumped into the water. others still on board tried to find safety on the upper decks. the local businessman who recorded this video told bbc mundo that the boat took five minutes to sink in an area of the reservoir that is about 45 metres deep. all of the boats that we hear started pulling people out. they we re started pulling people out. they were ina started pulling people out. they were in a bad state. people were desperate and started to climb on top of others so they could get out. truthfully, it was incredible to see all of the survivors. everyone pulled together and started to help. truthfully, it was very sad to have this experience. it is reported that 170 people including crew were on the boat. at least 20 people were taken to hospital. the authorities are still trying to establish the exact numbers
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of people involved and nationalities of the tourists on board. the colombian president has been asking about the tragedy on social media. he expresses social —— solidarity with the families who have lost people in the accident. columbia's air force and firefighters are still searching for the people reported missing. investigators have yet to explain what caused the boat to sink. they will also be asking what safety procedures were followed and if life vests were issued. the bbc‘s colombia correspondent, natalio cosoy, who's in bogota, gave this update on the tragedy. it was the middle of a long weekend in colombia. people were expecting a day of relaxation in this tourist town in the centre of the country in the province of antioquia. this is an artificial lake where people take tours on boats like the one that sank
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and unexpectedly, the boat started to sink. it took only five minutes to go under water. people from the shores managed to record videos and take photographs of what was happening. the emergency authorities in colombia and in antioquia are working on finding those who might be disappeared, treating the injured and dealing with the casualties of this accident. some are starting to suggest that maybe the compliance, the rules of the boat operators were not the ones expected. it is something that will be investigated by the authorities here in colombia. and you can find more on this story on the bbc website. just go to for further background and analysis.
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reports from iraq say fighters from so—called islamic state have mounted a counter attack against iraqi troops, who are trying to recapture parts of the old city of mosul. the battle is intense, and iraqi commanders have told the bbc that british fighters, as well as chechens and other foreigners, are among the militants. the bbc‘s team of orla guerin, nico hameon, bader catty and rich stacey, was given exclusive access to the battle area. here's their report. heading to the front line in mosul, you have to run... ..and beware of snipers. but troops from iraq's emergency response division are advancing every day. the target here — a hospital complex. gunfire. we move deeper into the battle,
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getting a chance to see how the fight has been taken to the so—called islamic state. urban warfare at its most intimate. near enough to throw a hand grenade. then this... gunfire. the fight here is at extremely close quarters. this is the most forward position is iraqi troops have. they tell us the nearest is position is just 15 metres away, and when they're firing here the distance is so small that sometimes they can see the faces of the is militants. the troops here — mostly young — determined to end a reign of terror. "daesh came and killed civilians," says ali. "they destroyed life in the city." "our duty is to bring mosul back to life." here's the hospital building where commanders say about 200 foreign militants are holed up,
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including some britons. "that's what our intelligence tells us," says this colonel. "and also we heard them speaking on the radio." "we can tell their nationality from that." and iraqi drones monitor their movements, if they dare to move at all. here, militants run from building to building in the vast medical complex, looking for cover.
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commanders tell us there are french, russians and chechens here, as well as the british. they say there are three senior is leaders along with them, trapped below ground. now their caliphate is turning to ash, their positions being pounded from above with a series of air strikes. we counted three in an hour. it's the final push against an enemy that once controlled a third of iraq, and that tonight has begun a counter attack. 0rla guerin, bbc news, mosul. susannah is here with all the business news. let's start injapan, because that's where the company behind the biggest recall in car—making history is based. and after weeks of rumours takata has now filed for bankruptcy. it's airbags were first found to be faulty in 200a. they've were used by 13 of the world's biggest carmakers, who have all agreed to proceedings which have seen takata file for bankruptcy with courts in both tokyo and the us city of delaware.
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worldwide, more than 100 million takata airbags — which can rupture with deadly force and spray shrapnel at passengers — have been recalled. the faulty airbags have been linked to at least 17 deaths and more than 100 injuries worldwide. it's all been very expensive for the company. $9 billion is the estimated cost, according to japan's nikkei newspaper. the us firm, key safety systems, has bought all of takata's assets except those relating to the faulty airbags for almost $1.6 billion. we'll have all the latest in about 20 minutes time. another story we're keeping across is the latest bank bailout in italy. it's the third time the government has had to get involved with the country's troubled lenders in the last year. this time, banca popolare di vicenza and veneto banca are the ones who are getting help. thier good assets are being handed over to the healthier banco intesa sanpaolo, which is one of italy's biggest.
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it means intesa gets a cash injection of almost of almost five billion euros to help it absorb the new assets and liabliities. rome has also set aside a further 12bn euros in case even more loans go bad in future. becuase bad loans is the cause of all this, as it has been with italy's other problem banks. there's been another successful launch for space x in it's efforts to perfect the technology behind reusable space rockets. this time it launched ten communication satelittles from california before the rocket landed on a platform at sea. the company's chief executive elon musk tweeted that it's "new titanium grid fins worked even better than expected". it's part of his efforts to make space travel cheaper and more accessible. think you very much. we will be working out the morning papers surely as well. don't forget you can get in touch with all of us on
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twitter. india's prime minister, narendra modi will be meeting president trump for the first time today during his visit to the us. the two men have many similarities but mr modi did enjoy a very warm relationship with mr trump's predecessor ba rack 0bama. 0ur correspondent yogita limaye is in mumbai. if donald trump's tweets are anything to go by, both men want to make this work? certainly. donald trump sent out a message on twitter saying that narendra modi was a true friend. a senior white house official told the bbc that there we re official told the bbc that there were plans to roll out the red carpet for narendra modi. among the issues that will be discussed will be trade and investment, and also the energy partnership. india and the energy partnership. india and the us have a similar nuclear agreement. if this message is anything to go by, that should set the tone for the meeting. there are
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other issues that could be hurdles to the relationship. this is the first time that prime minister narendra modi and president trump will be meeting. there could be some sticking points. india is very concerned about the review of how theseis concerned about the review of how these is monitored in the us, it could affect tens of thousands of it workers. president trump also took a jibe at india when he was pulling out of the paris claimant agreement, saying that india only agree to it because they would get thousands of dollars of aid from countries. also there has been talk of a significant drone deal with india? there has been talk of a significant drone dealwith india? yes, a senior white house official has said that that could be discussed. we are not expecting any major announcement
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from either side. prime minister narendra modi once again taking the message that india is open to business to the us. he met with top executives from america, some from microsoft and google. he also met with teak is dubbed mac chief executive is from amazon and some other areas. he has pushed through thousands of reforms to make india more business friendly. if you remember the last visit, he had a very big reception at madison square garden. it was attended by thousands of people. we are not expecting to see anything that big this time around. india has described it as a no—frills visit to set the relationship between these two leaders. stay with us on bbc news, still to come: senegal‘s face of football — how el hadji diouf helped put his country on the map and his hopes for the future.
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members of the of the neo—nazi resistance movement stormed the world trade center armed with pistols and shotguns. we believe that, according to international law, that we have a right to claim certain parts of this country as ourland. i take pride in the words "ich bin ein berliner." cheering and applause chapman, prison—pale and slightly chubby, said not a single word in open court. it was left to his lawyer to explain his decision to plead guilty to murdering john lennon. he believes that onjune 8th, god told him to plead guilty, and that was the end of it. the medical research council have now advised the government that the great increase in lung cancer is due mainly to smoking tobacco. it was closing time for checkpoint charlie which, for 29 years, has stood on the border as a mark of allied
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determination to defend the city. this is bbc news. the latest headlines: a crowded passenger boat has sunk at a busy colombian resort. six people have died. 16 are missing. iraqi troops advancing into the old city of mosul are encountering fierce resistance from islamic state militants. firefighters in southern spain are battling to stop a huge forest fire causing widespread damage to the donana national park that's home to rare species of wildlife. the blaze in a pine forest near the city of huelva, in andalucia, has led to the evacuation of more than 2,000 people. 0ur reporter guy hedgecoe is in madrid. what is the latest state of the
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fire? well, 500 or so firefighters are on the ground battling the blaze at the moment with 20 aircraft supporting them. there have been very high temperatures but the big factor here has been a high wind in the area which has been changing direction constantly and that has been very difficult for the authorities to know where the fire will spread to and there have been concerned, it mentions this, donana national park, this huge national park to the east of where the fire started, it started to spread into the park but the authorities are hoping to control it to prevent it spreading any further.|j hoping to control it to prevent it spreading any further. i know that area a bit and in fact it is home to some very rare species, including links and eagles. what are they doing, trying to evacuate or get the animals out or, they cannot do that at the moment? all we have heard is that overnight, a number of iberian lynx is have been evacuated from a
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links refuge centre very near where the fire is. they have been taken elsewhere. as you mentioned, the iberian lynx is a very special species there, it is the diplomatic species there, it is the diplomatic species of dona na species there, it is the diplomatic species of donana national park along with the iberian eagle as well for they have moved those lynxes elsewhere if that is a big concern for them and obviously they have evacuated areas where there are people as well so people have been evacuated to local sports centres, any people in the area nearby have been sleeping on beaches as well but the big concern now is how the national park is affected. this follows on from the portuguese fire is some distance away. any indications of how the fire started? we don't know exactly yet. the regional premiere of the andalusian regional premiere of the andalusian region said a few hours ago that they have not ruled out the possibility it had been started
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deliberately and i think they are saying that because there were not in the lightning strikes which are often the cause of these kinds of fires in the area, on saturday evening when the fire started, and also donana evening when the fire started, and also dona na national evening when the fire started, and also donana national park is so well protect it, the race so many precautions in terms of fire prevention that i think the authorities were very surprised that the fire should spread into the national park so there are suspicions in that sense that they have not yet been confirmed. 0k, suspicions in that sense that they have not yet been confirmed. ok, the latest in madrid that, thank you. sport now and in football, the confederations cup semifinals have been confirmed after germany and chile booked their places in the last four on sunday. the world champions defeated cameroon 3—1 in sochi, while in moscow, chile got the 1—1 draw they required against australia. craig templeton rounds up the action. germany went into the game in stodgy needing only a draw to top group b walpa room required a victory to
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qualify. after a failed first half, the world champion sparked into life. julian drape with the trickery, the strike after. but once more, the video assistant caused controversy after the referee falsely red carded. before eventually dismissing the right man after a second review. that incident while the indomitable lions as the germans took full advantage, werner heading home his first international goal. karun heading home his first international goal. ka run pulled heading home his first international goal. karun pulled a consolation goal. karun pulled a consolation goal back but werner struck again to make a goal back but werner struck again to makea 3—1. goal back but werner struck again to make a 3—1. germany will now face mexico in the semifinals. we had some problems in the first half but the second half was really good. so we have a young team, we are proud to represent germany here and we are in the semifinal and it is a huge step for us. they will be joined by
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chilli who survived a scare in moscow against australia. the stock rose took the lead through moscow against australia. the stock rose took the lead throuthames troisi after poor defending from the winners. but martin rodriguez saved the day for chilli, put me off the bench to fire in the equaliser. —— coming off the bench. chilli finish runners—up and they chased —— face the champions in the final. with a week to go until wimbledon, someone who knows a thing or two about winning it, petra kvitova, has claimed her first tournament since returning from a knife attack injury with victory in birmingham. the czech, who's a two—time champion at the all england club, defeated 21—year—old australian ashleigh barty. she dropped the first set but came back. 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.
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i couldn't imagine a better comeback, for sure, in my second event, i won a trophy. that's why i really was fighting to play tennis again and it is why i was still able to, you know, have a great motivation to win a title, for example, here. roger federer created history by winning his ninth title at halle on sunday. the 18—time grand slam champion was a straight sets winner over germany's alexander zverev in less than an hour. the 35—year—old top seed lost his first match of the grasscourt season last week in stuttgart to tommy haas but was back on track at halle, culminating in this 6—1, 6—3 victory over the home favourite zverev. to many football fans, he's an enigma. his name has become a byword of controversy but senegalese football legend el hadji diouf says he's a good guy who has often been misunderstood.
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he's back home in senegal where he is enjoying his retirement working as a personal adviser on sport to the country's president, macky sall. diouf has been sharing the story of his life with the bbc, starting with the proudest moment of his career. myself and my generation 2000 to put senegal on the map of the world. what a man cannot do for his country, i do for senegal. before the world cup nobody knew senegal. many people don't know senegal. but after the world cup everyone wanted to know where it is. and i think it isa to know where it is. and i think it is a big achievement and are very happy for that. ——i am very happy. we have a country to build. we have a continent to build. right now, i'm here, developing for my country because the president believes in me and that is why when i finished playing football, he called me and wa nted playing football, he called me and wanted me to help him because he
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knows the young generation believes in me and i have, i'm an example for them. you know? and i'm ready to help him, i'm ready to help my country and i said to my brothers to come back home to do the same thing so we can come back home to do the same thing so we can make things change. i have a wonderful time in liverpool and i think today, liverpool is probably the best club and the biggest club in the world but like what they say, i have a more nice time here than in liverpool. i've got character, i wa nt liverpool. i've got character, i want people to respect me, and i know when i used to be in the premier league and are used to live in europe, they don't put black people like me, to use to lift the country. how many red card i have? it is rooney or steven gerrard, they don't have it. but that's life. when you are a good player and you are
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african, they always have something to say about you, to disturb you, but me myself, i was very strong, nvidia else can disturb me. what they say about me is like go in here, and go out back there. el hadji diouf. the huge music festival glastonbury has come to a close in southern england. around 200,000 people enjoyed hundreds of acts over the five days. the giant party ended with a day of disco, topped off with ed sheeran playing out on the main pyramid stage. lizo mzimba was there. for many, glastonbury‘s final day was disco dave. there were bee gees classics from barry gibb. staying alive. staying alive. watching from the sidelines, nile rodgers, who later took to the stage with chic with disco hit after disco kit.|j wa nt with disco hit after disco kit.|j want the world to know. clap your hands. a huge crowd watching them in the somerset sunshine. upside down.
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0r, boy, you turn me. the somerset sunshine. upside down. or, boy, you turn me. it's notjust people famous from the world of music who have been performing at the sea's festival. yes, but his american film and tv star kiefer sutherland, playing country music with his band. drag your feet. across the floor. he said performing at glastonbury was particularly special. it is almost like being invited into a part of history. come on, set the tone. closing this year, ed sheeran. his headline set an emotional climax to a festival that won't be back until 2019. and they say. crossing. -- crowd sings. some of them are just going home 110w. some of them are just going home now. a full from us, see you soon.
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—— that's all from us. hello there, good morning. the week that lies ahead will be very different from the weekjust gone, because the next few days are looking very unsettled which means we will see spells of rain which could be quite heavy. we start the week with light winds as one area at pressure moves away. —— we start the week with light winds as one area of low pressure moves away. the isobars ease apart but we have this area of low pressure out in the atlantic and that is heading our way to bring rain. a bright start to the day for many places. a fresh start with temperatures of about ten degrees in glasgow, 13 or 1a in the london area. rural spots will be lower than that. a fresh but bright start for many. light winds, too. a decent morning for many. 0ut west, we are beginning to see the low pressure system making its way into the west side of ireland. moving its way northward and eastwards and it will continue to do that. a lot of sunshine for many but the sunshine will be replaced with cloud in wales
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and the south—west of england just ahead of the area of rain working its way into northern ireland. bar the odd shower in scotland and northern england, a decent day. 2a degrees in london, quite warm but only 1a in aberdeen. through the evening, our rain starts to work its way away from northern ireland and up into scotland. it is a slow process but it will turn it increasingly wet for scotland. there will be rain through the small hours in some parts of northern ireland. 0ne weather system working its way north and eastwards with a bit of a breeze. and this weather system coming out of the near continent, which has the potential to bring thundery showers. it will slowly clear away from northern ireland and a pretty wet and windy day in scotland and particularly chilly along the north sea coast. there is potentialfor the thundery showers and quite a messy picture tuesday afternoon. 21 degrees in london, but only 12 degrees with the onshore breeze in aberdeen. as we go through tuesday night and on into wednesday, potentially very heavy rain working its way up across large swathes of england and wales and it will get up into southern scotland as well.
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by the middle of the week, while it is a very tricky forecast, to be honest, getting the detail right at this stage will be difficult, a broad area of low pressure affecting much of central and western europe. at the moment, it looks like there'll be some wet and windy weather across much of northern england and with that breeze coming in from the north sea, it will feel quite chilly. this is bbc world news, the headlines. a passenger boat carrying more than 170 people has sunk in a reservoir in colombia, taking less than five minutes to go down. officials said six people died and 16 others were missing. there are no details yet on why the boat sank. reports from iraq say fighters from so—called islamic state have mounted a counter attack against iraqi troops, who are trying to recapture parts of the old city of mosul. iraqi commanders say that british fighters, as well as chechens and other foreigners, are among the militants. firefighters in southern spain are battling to stop a huge forest fire causing widespread damage
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to a national park that's home to rare species of wildlife. the blaze has led to the evacuation of more than 2,000 people. pakistan's prime minister, nawaz sharif, has cut short a visit
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