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tv   BBC News  BBC News  June 26, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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have to a lot more in the future. we have to look at ways to innovate and improve the game for the spectators as much as anything. certainly this is one way of doing it. it's all part of an experiment to try and test new people to come and have a look at cou nty people to come and have a look at county championship cricket. here area county championship cricket. here are a few thoughts of the people here today. this is the first time in england we have had paintball cricket —— pink ball cricket. let's see what it is like. ready plan your lunch and duty? we haven't had us amateurs. it's a ready been a busy summer amateurs. it's a ready been a busy summer here at edison and this is an experiment here over the next few days but build—up to august when england host the west indies and a dna test match, the first ever to ta ke dna test match, the first ever to take place in england. only after that game takes place can start thinking of the night cricket is here to stay. defending champions australia opened up their women's world cup with a crushing eight wicket win over west indies all—rounder ellyse
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perry took three wickets as australia restricted the windies to just 204 all out. nicole bolton's third one day international century comfortably saw australia home with more than ten overs to spare. use in both said he is ready to retire at end of the season and spoke at the challenges, with fitting athletics. you have to go through your worst time to get your best. i think sebastien col is doing a good job, and trying to make track and field as transparent as possible and field as transparent as possible andi and field as transparent as possible and i think that is the right way to go because the fact is that the competition is getting better, you're just competition is getting better, you'rejust coming competition is getting better, you're just coming through seville and the problem we really have is doping so if we can control the
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problem then track and field will be in the new right click the screen. people can really start trusting track and field consistently then we will be able to stand up with other sports. (pres) now we've all seen clips of dogs running on to football pitches and stopping games — i even remember a chicken at blackburn rovers a few years back, but have you ever seen a (00v) cow stop a cricket match..? well you have now — this is cheshire cricket league as kerridge hosted mossley... the guilty party slowly creeps onto the field of play before having a little charge at the players and a very cool and calm umpire.. he should probably swap the cricket pitch for the bull—fighting ring —
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nerves of steel!! new zealand have won the america's cup. more of that later this evening but that is all from sports day, thanks forjoining us, we'll see you again soon. more on our top story — and theresa may has reached a deal with the dup after more than two weeks of negotiations. the prime minister will form a minority government with ten democratic unionist mps, in exchange for a billion pounds of investment in northern ireland. this was the reaction of the sinn fein president gerry adams speaking at stormont a little bit earlier. let me say that any money coming in given the history of hostility and conservative cuts was helped to offset all of that pressure on public services is a good thing. let me say that. secondly we have two other side of the deal, the price to be paid for keeping this tory government in power and remember tory government in power is not good for ireland, north or south. the dup have agreed to support the tory
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government and all the motions of confidence, on the queen's speech, on the budget, finance bills money bills and supply and appropriation legislation and estimates. all legislation and estimates. all legislation pertaining to british national security and to support legislation on brexit. that is the price for whatever is contained in this package. the first minister of wales, carwynjones, told my colleague huw edwards that the deal was unfair — and said more money should now be given to wales, scotland and the english regions. this is cash for votes. this is ten mps, their support being bought in the house of commons and it is a straight forward bung to northern ireland. i don't begrudge the people of northern ireland money, but we have a situation where austerity will end in northern ireland and continue in england, wales and scotland. is it the case that the prime minister has perfect right and jurisdiction to make these spending decisions beyond what we call the barnett formula, which is the foundation for spending in the devolved nangss, do you accept
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that as a principle? not if she cares about the united kingdom as a whole. if we ask for money, we are told we have it. the scots are told the same thing. but perhaps patients are worth more to theresa may than those in england and scotland. we have rules and the rules have been broken. it can only lead to ill feeling among the nations and regions of the uk and will divide the uk when we immediate people to come together. the use of word bung is strong. there is a whiff of corruption about the word. i looks like a bung. it is a billion pounds of money for northern ireland and ending austerity in northern ireland. a 5% uplift in the the budget of northern ireland executive.
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and none of which i begrudge the people of northern ireland, but i begrudge that austerity will continue elsewhere in the uk and extra money for patients in wales, teachers in wales, that won't come, but it will come for northern ireland. you are a beyond your strong words, first minister, what in political terms can you actually do about it? well the first thing we will do is take this through the dispute resolution service. where there are disputes between governments in the uk there is a process to resolve those. we will start that formally. we believe this money has been distributed in a way that goes against the rules of the past 36 years of rules, the uk government said the barnett formula had to stay, now they say it doesn't apply in northern ireland. some are more equal than others. we can't go on like this. this is not creating stable government, is about cash for votes and all it can do is set people against each other. that is the last thing
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we wants in the uk but the tories don't seem to care about that. i understand you spoke to the secretary of state for wales, what did he say? i made these points to him. i'm not saying anything that i didn't say to him. he said somehow northern ireland was special. well, i don't see that health and education in northern ireland is more special than health and education elsewhere in the uk. he suggested that we have had money through city deals. well, we had to bid that, northern ireland is just getting money. northern ireland will get money for a scheme called the york street eexchange. but we have similar schemes in wales. you say you will put in a formam complaint, what hatches if that goes nowhere? we will see if there is a legal process. we still leave no stone unturned
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to ensure fairness in wales and the regions of england and scotland. i don't blame the dup for doing this, but i don't agree it is good for the. uk. there are real dangers. we have talked of need to bring people together, this will set nations and regions against each other for the sake of saving one person's neck and that isn't good enough. that was the first minister of wales, carwyn jones talking and at quarter to eight we'll be getting reaction to theresa may's deal with the dup from the former conservative deputy prime minister, lord heseltine. time for a look at the weather change of direction this week, rainy desperately needed rain for gardeners and gross out there in the next 2a hours. gardeners and gross out there in the next 24 hours. that will come as
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welcome news for some but not for all. some quite heavy rain pushing into northern ireland, north—west england and southern scotland overnight, right and patchy through much of wales and the extreme south—east is quite an muggy three—day. clear skies to the north and east but rain moving across the far north of scotland and to the northern isles and becoming a late and patchy by the middle of the afternoon but still there at the same time that regime and morning we run the risk of some sharp thundery downpours. top temperatures 11 to 15, highs of 22 in the south—east. surrounded by a low pressure during tuesday into wednesday that stays wet across england and wales, said the driver for the north. hello and welcome to one hundred days plus.
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it took two and a half weeks and finally the conservative party has a deal to support their minority government. theresa may has the backing from northern ireland's dup, but the price tag isn't cheap. the prime minister promised northern ireland a billion pounds to win the dup's crucial 10 votes. it's been a busy day for mrs may — in the house of commons she laid out the government's post—brexit offer to eu citizens living in the uk. no eu citizen currently in the uk lawfully will be asked to leave at the point the uk leaves the eu — we want you to stay. also, president trump says the supreme court has just given him a big win on his travel ban. the justices will let part of his immigration order go forward and will hear the whole case in october.


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