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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  June 28, 2017 1:45am-2:01am BST

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hello and welcome to sport today. let's start with fifa and their dramatic step of publishing a controversial internal report — the so—called ‘garcia report‘ — into the bidding process for the russia and qatar world cups. this comes after it was leaked to a german newspaper this week. now the report was produced back in 2014 by it's chief ethics investigator michael garcia but he resigned when a 42 page summary was published instead of the full document. fifa said tuesday's publication of it has been done in the interests of transparency and that they had been calling for this for over a year. they say they were blocked by their former ethics chiefs, our correspondent richard conway can update us on the contents. this report has been under wraps for
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a long time. they didn't want to enter the legal process about what went on during the bidding process run by russia and qatar respectively. lots of detail about things that went on during the bidding process involving all the countries. the focus is on russia and casa qatar stop evidence from them was hard to come by. there is more information about qatar. england has not escaped the report, the bidding team for 2018 make time to get in proper response from voters. the duke of cambridge and
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the prince of wales president. some very detailed information going through it all some 440 pages in all. well cornel borbely and hans—joachim eckert have issued a statement — saying "the decision to not publish the report so far was completely in line with the federation‘s previous decisions and the applicable fifa rules. they also added that, "to this day, mr infantino has never contacted us and asked for a publication." germany have booked their place in the final of the under—21 european championship where they'll play spain, that's after beating england on penalties. it was 1—1 at half time then 2—2 before extra time. and with the scores still locked it fell to a penalty shoot out. germany won 4—3 after nathan redmond missed for england. that was a repeat of the 2009 final, which germany won 4—0.
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in the second semi—final spain were 3—1winners over italy — atletico madrid's saul niguez with a hat—trick. england posted their highest score at a women's world cup to beat pakistan by 107 runs after rain ended play early. england's 377 for 7 in their 50 overs was also the second highest total in the history of the competition. natalie sciver and captain heather knight scored hundreds. in reply, pakistan made it to 107—3. before play was called off and england took the victory on the duckworth—lewis method. with more, here's the bbc‘sjoe wilson. 0ne one of the interesting thing is about the women's world cup in england is that it takes to venues you might not normally associate with international cricket. i approaching grace road, leicester. a
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first class cricket ground in england are very proud to be an international venue for the women's world cup. pakistan is based here and it is where england came here after the shock defeat. looking for confidence and fall and they founded. pakistan had chosen to bowl first. a decent decision with the grey overcast conditions. but their limitations in bowling and fielding we re limitations in bowling and fielding were expos. the captain made her first century in international cricket and alongside her, a really exciting powerful heater who england really believe in. four sixes in her first innings. the score the highest everin first innings. the score the highest ever in the women's world cup cricket. pakistan responded well. a
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50 bya cricket. pakistan responded well. a 50 by a good batter but they were never going to get near the run rate and when the rain came, it was almost merciful. the covers came on and england could celebrate the victory which will give them confidence as a host and knowledge there will be sterner tests to come. the portuguese cyclist andre cardoso, who is a member of alberto contador‘s trek—segafredo team has been provisionally suspended after failing a test for the banned blood—booster epo. cardoso had been included in contador‘s team for the tour de france, but he'll now be replaced by haimar zubeldia who is due to ride in his 16th edition of the three week race. and that starts in dusseldorf in germany on saturday. now to the story of lions fan alex edwards. the 31—year—old from in north west england, ended up staying on a mattress at the home of sandra yo—an—ay and her boys, brothers rieko and akira, who both
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featured for the all blacks. how did that happen?! katie gornall has more. while we have been here in new zealand, we have heard of so many families who have opened up their homes, adopting the lions but surely nothing can compare to this story. tell us, take the picture of what happened to you in auckland? before icame happened to you in auckland? before i came out to new zealand, ifound out by guys who were setting up accommodation. i turned up at a by accommodation. i turned up at a rugby club. it was an empty cloud park. i was thinking, this is the wrong place was not the having a committee meeting in the back and
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thatis committee meeting in the back and that is where i met sandro. she said come in, made a few phone calls. she said, you are not sleeping in the cloud park on your own, you can come and stay at how is. i was told i would have a pleasant surprise. there was a bulldog at the door who jumped all over me and thought that was the surprise. after the cup of tea, two lads walk in and i am still like not twigging. these are two big lads is what i thought. after five minutes, of chatting to them, i was told i would see them running out tomorrow night. and i was like, 0k. it all fell into place. did your
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friends believe you? not at all. i told them who i was sitting with. did you have a debrief after the game? like any good kiwi, they watch the match live and then go through it on the tv freighted by frey —— frame by frame. they replayed rico's try many times. who staying with here? i think i will be in the cloud park out the front, which is fine by me. we will have to keep track of alex. full details on the lions tour on the website. milan and italy football legend paolo maldini's professional tennis debut ended in defeat at the aspria tennis cup in milan.
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maldini earned a place at the atp challenger event with doubles partner stefano landonio, who is also his coach, by winning a qualifier. the former defender was capped 126 times by italy and spent 31 years with milan, winning seven league titles and five european cups. but they were soundly beaten 6—1, 6—1 by poland's tomasz bednarek and dutchman david pel. i will be back again soon. good morning. since the start of the week the weather has turned. we've seen more rain around. this picture was taken at swanage, in dorset. instead of the sunshine on monday we had the rain of tuesday.
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a lot of rain far and wide in the uk. 56 millimetres already in the isle of man. more recently we saw the wettest weather in the south—east, spilling into east anglia. both those areas seeing about a month's worth of rain in 24 hours or so. and with rain developing more widely, particularly in england and wales, some heavy rain and a lot of water on the roads. surface spray and even into the morning rush—hour it could be tricky on the roads, if you are going to be travelling. you can see how extensive the rain is in england and wales by wednesday morning. still some heavy burst too. briefly rain for northern ireland, but for much of scotland it could stay dry. brightening up in the south—east, but unlikely to do so in the south—west of england. the threat of more rain coming in here and the rain never really clears from wales. it does brighten up and turns a bit warmer in the south—east later. it could trigger heavy showers. further north, much cooler in the north midlands, especially northern england. with the rain, quite a keen wind off the north sea. it should turn dryer and perhaps brighter in northern ireland and this time the driest
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weather will be across scotland on wednesday. again, chilly with the winds off the north sea. that rain continues to push northwards through wednesday evening and wednesday night. so it will turn wetter in scotland and northern ireland. the rain still around in northern england and north wales, but to the south and south—east it may well be dry. quite a warm night as well, but the big story is the rain that's continuing. the wettest weather will be for scotland and northern ireland. eventually turning brighter for northern england. for many parts of england and wales it could be dry, with brighter skies. a bit of warmth as well and humidity. but further north, where we have the rain and the winds coming in from the east, it will feel cold. quite a bit colder than it should do for this time of year. low pressure responsible for all the rain, which doesn't know whether it's coming or going. as we've seen it is moving northwards. 0n the friday that low pressure drags on southwards again into england and wales, where we could have heavier bursts, especially in the east of england. turning dry for scotland and ireland. some sunshine, but again stronger winds, this time coming
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from the north. pressure over the weekend should be higher. not completely dry, but it will be dry and warm when the sun comes out. hello, i'm tom donkin. welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. our top stories: holding the world to ransom. another widespread cyber attack hits banks, shops, transport and energy networks. another setback for president trump's attempt to change american healthcare, this time the senate delays a crucial vote. after half a century as armed revolutionaries, the farc rebels in colombia finally put down their weapons. the chinese artist ai weiwei brings his new work to washington and, with it, his support for american dissidents.
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