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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 3, 2017 5:45am-6:00am BST

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to the uk within the next two weeks, according to the times. he's got a gap in his diary while in europe, and may givejust 2a hours notice. meanwhile, he's facing a backlash back home after tweeting a spoof video showing him assaulting a man with a cnn logo super—imposed on his head. the telegraph website looks at the uk government's plan to effectively reclaim its fishing waters. eu countries currently catch around 10 thousand tonnes of fish in the waters every year. access after brexit will have to be renegotiated. the guardian is looking at the so—called gig economy, and the debate over workers‘ rights at companies like uber. it comes at food transport service deliveroo moves closer to being worth1 point 5 billion dollars. it's wimbledon time again — and brit andy murray will open centre court later, in his title defence. pictured in practice play on the independent, the 30 year old is said to be fit, following a hip injury. with me us is mark davies, ceo of strategy consultancy camberton.
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good morning. let's start with the front page of the ft. what are they reporting? the setting minister, the former city minister will go to brussels to talk about try to get a free trade deal and this comes on the back of a political lifetime away before the french presidential elections and how elections. it was said we could not expect to find financial services included in any free trade deal and that scared the city a lot. they want to be based here and they are going to negotiate their deal. whether they can do that, remains to be seen. it is not
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a government delegation. it is led bya a government delegation. it is led by a former minister, financial secretary finance under david cameron. we are short of negotiators that know their stuff and who are not used to negotiating on that scale and the city of london is stepping in and say we are doing the speed, is that what is happening?m is to speed, is that what is happening?m istoa speed, is that what is happening?m is to a certain degree. they are short of people and they are still putting their teams together but the clock is ticking, we are well into the two years already and the city decided to take their initiative. we can have a free trade deal on this but not on that — is this the cherry picking? the strangest thing about this hard and soft brexit is that
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little of that is in our gift. there is only one thing we can agree on and that is we take back control, whatever that means. that means coming out of the jurisdiction of the european court ofjustice. once thatis the european court ofjustice. once that is made, almost everything else is in the gift of the eu. we can ask and negotiate but it is in the gift of what they give us. taking back control, fish but first, our daily visit to trump land. he was offered an invitation, a state visit, by the queen and obviously by the government, it seemed like it was
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not going to happen and now that times is saying if he does come, at short notice, you may stop protesters. this would not be an official state visit, as far as i can see. they are saying there is a little window between him making viral videos and having the 620 summit and he might in the interim p0p summit and he might in the interim pop in to the uk to visit one of his golf courses in scotland. the government has not been told whether his coming. there will be 24—hour notice stop it is not the same as the state visit talked about. on the video thing, the idea of him wrestling a man with a cnn logo on his head. does this make a
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difference at all? i am glad it does not say bbc on its. laughter isjust another in a catalogue of bizarre tweets ? another in a catalogue of bizarre tweets? in the times, an interesting take. at some point, if this goes on, people around him will be able to say you are not fit to be president. in nearly happen to ronald reagan in 1987. potentially, if this goes on and start annoying people close to him, then it might happen. we are looking for a straw. i wonder what the mechanism is because it is a slightly different from impeachment. if he was impeached today... the men in grey suit if it was here would take in
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the side. phishing. what does this mean? on the face of it it sounds dramatic but this is an old agreement that predates subsequent structures. we are at withdrawing from the london fisheries convention and a lot of people assume this is the common fisheries policy but it is not. this is a 1964 deal and predates the session to the eu by nine years and it basically allows six countries to fish within 6— ten miles of our territorial waters and we're pulling out of that deal. it is being heralded as a great change but i think the impact is actually tiny. 10,000 tons of fish is fished by those ticks countries in the
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larger content 700,000 tons a fished in total so it is less than 1.5%. is ita in total so it is less than 1.5%. is it a signal of intent? that is what it a signal of intent? that is what it is being put down as of course michael gove talked to the bbc about the fact that his father 's michael gove talked to the bbc about the fact that his father '5 fishing business had gone under as a result of the eu interestingly his father denied that was the case afterwards. taking back control, that line, if we we re taking back control, that line, if we were going to pull out of the common fisheries policy if we did that and did not pull out of this one, it would not make a difference. these six countries — they would still be able to do so. it is the
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london fisheries agreement... it is pa rt of london fisheries agreement... it is part of a process but it is hailed asa part of a process but it is hailed as a big change but at the moment it is more symbolic than anything. the workers rights. last night i was following this deliveroo. like so much of the economy, it is casual labour and much of the economy, it is casual labourand in the much of the economy, it is casual labour and in the same way that airbnb does not own a hotel rooms, and facebook does not own the media. a lot of noise made about this because it this is £1 billion valuation potentially but if you look at the amount of money that has gone into these business, you could be one during what is going on. $275
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million raised last year they are about to raise a similar sum and the evaluation stems from how much money you have had put into the business so you have had put into the business soldo you have had put into the business so i do not think that is particularly exciting. evaluation at this stage, and i have had experience, the evaluation hung like a stone around may next. -- my neck. just yes or no, can andy murray when? i think you will get through the match today which is one round further than queens but i think it is unlikely that he will win. you heard it first on the bbc. that's it from us. have a great day. hello.
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the weekend was something of a mixed bag across the greater part of scotland and northern ireland, but once we get into england and wales, well, at times it really did look as glorious as that. now, can we keep it up for the next few days? well, there will be some sunshine in the forecast. but, as early as tuesday, some areas will be seeing some significant rainfall, and then later in the week it will turn a wee bit hot and humid from the south. now, as i say, the weekend was something of a mixed bag, especially so in the western side of scotland, and into the first part of monday, i think we'll find some of those conditions slumping into the western side of england, through wales, too. not a cold start here, 14—15, but with clearer skies across scotland and northern ireland, some of the temperatures may be getting close to single figures. but, under the influence of that front, it'll be a damp old start across parts of the south—west, coming up into parts of wales. further east, enough cloud for there to be the odd spot of rain, not amounting to very much at all. many of you will start the new day dry, and bright, too, for scotland and northern ireland.
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what an improvement on the dayjust gone. still, a speckling of showers, if not longer spells of rain, getting up towards shetland and through the north end of the orkney isles. but as we get on through the morning, into the afternoon, so some of that rain willjust tend to fade away across the far south—west, and indeed in the far north—east. we mayjust pep up one or two sharp showers through the east midlands, east anglia, maybe down into the south—east. just a chance of one or two of those getting down towards the wimbledon area as we turn on the heat. elsewhere, 16 to about 19 or 20 covers it. then, as we push that frontal system away, it rather links back, in fact, to a new development for tuesday out in the atlantic. now, i say tuesday, but as early as monday evening i think we'll see the first signs of that rain just beginning to pile its way into northern ireland, and then extending its influence into the southern parts of scotland, the north of england, and by tuesday afternoon some of that rain mayjust be getting down towards anglesey and on towards the northern
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shores of wales. to the south of it, i think there will be, with some sunshine, a little bit of heat. 24, 25 degrees further north. despite the sunshine, 13—16 will probablyjust about cover it. out of tuesday and on into wednesday, so those fronts will have quit the scene. although there'll be a legacy of cloud across the borders area of scotland, the far north of england, to the south of that, the heat really will be beginning to build up, feeling really quite close and humid. and that mayjust spawn one or two thundery showers as we get on through thursday. a little bit of uncertainty about this, but i think generally those temperatures are on the up by midweek. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and louise minchin. growing pressure on the government to abolish the 1% cap on pay rises for public sector workers. borisjohnson becomes the latest cabinet minister to call for a boost to workers' wages, but downing street says decisions will be made on a case—by—case basis. good morning, it is monday 3july.
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also this morning: for the first time in almost a decade more nurses and midwives are leaving the profession thanjoining it, according to figures released today. president trump is accused of inciting attacks
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