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post—brexit deals to attract international banks. it's offering exemptions from aspects of its labour laws, which currently make it difficult to fire people. that's also in the ft. in the daily telegraph, uk charities may face hefty fines if they continue to pester member of the public by phone, text or email. the new rules are being introduced this week. a shattered—looking stan wawrinka has been knocked out of wimbledon. seen here on the independent, the fifth seed lost to 21 year old daniil medvedev on the first day of play. would you forget your head if it wasn't screwed on? well, researchers in the times claim memory lapses are actually good for your brain. they say our brains actively promote forgetting, to help with overall efficiency. thank goodness —— thank goodness that, i am so relieved. with me us lawrence gosling — editor—in—chief of investment week. we will talk about the getting stuck ina minute we will talk about the getting stuck in a minute because i am notorious but let's start with the financial
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times. north korea, the latest ballistic missile test. it is important for the whole world to have china on board but here we are, we have donald trump, again and gnawing the chinese. part of why the chinese are annoyed is because president trump has put sanctions against a chinese bank accused of colluding with north korea and it's i'io colluding with north korea and it's no surprise the north koreans have set off another ballistic missile. they hate to be forgotten when there isa they hate to be forgotten when there is a big 620 meeting. obviously president trump and president xi will discuss this. we have the honeymoon period with the china america relations. we are now getting back to a sort of i guess state of play that we are more familiar with. there is an uneasy tension. how concerning is it.
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president xi mentions these negative factors, including a navy destroyer toa factors, including a navy destroyer to a disputed island in the south china sea. the south china sea is an important issue for china and a big global issue. we should be mildly concerned but i think this is part of the natural, i was going to use a tennis analogy, the back and forth between these two states that we will get over the course of the whole trump administration. we know you are a tennis fan. but bear with us. you are a tennis fan. but bear with us. france, we saw another honeymoon period. now we have got him introducing these proposals. the symbolism, you could not get more symbolic. it's interesting. he is taking ona symbolic. it's interesting. he is taking on a whole at write—offs of
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the french legislature. reducing the numberof the french legislature. reducing the number of national assembly members by pretty much 200. similarly in the senate. he talks about how in the past, it was preference over results, rules over initiative, living off the public purse. he is appealing to the french electorate which clearly, there is going to be big parts of the political system we re big parts of the political system were not going to like this change and versailles is very symbolic in french history. talking about symbolism, its tradition of french president does an interview to the public on bastille day but he is not doing that. is attempting to rip up the rules. he said he was a new player in the french political syste m player in the french political system and he is sticking to that quite well so far. this may be the beginning of the end of his honeymoon period. it'll interesting to see. frankfurt is looking to
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labour law lockouts as it looks to attract post brexit banks. there is attract post brexit banks. there is a wonderful game at the moment, trying to attract banks from london to other european cities ahead of brexit. dublin has been quite successful. frankfurt has done reasonably well. it attracted three significant japanese banks but the labour laws are very different from the uk. the germans have come up with the concept of identifying so—called risktakers, effectively what you might call the traders in investment banks that they will change the rules of the bank wants to get rid of the risktakers, they could do it easily without applying german labour laws. they can change the laws —— the rules so easily, the banks will be concerned that once they have got them, they can change them. some of the american banks would say exactly that which is why
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they will not be rushing to frankfurt. those labour laws are one of the big issues for the banks with concerns of moving to france, it's difficult to dismiss people. concerns of moving to france, it's difficult to dismiss peoplem concerns of moving to france, it's difficult to dismiss people. if you look at the way the us banks have rebuild their balance sheets, a lot of it has been by laying off staff. you can't do that currently in france and germany. the daily telegraph has a story, charities are facing fines for pestering people. we'll see people, the chargers and the rest of it, what exactly they targeting quick dash? they're targeting quick dash? they're targeting this high volume of chugging on the street with these pestering letters, we make a small donation to somebody who might be with a charity, this case in 2015 who was a poppy seller who when she died her house was stuffed full of charity baking letters. they can't
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can tribute —— the kind attribute that to her taking her life but they say it's a significant factor. people like vulnerable people being consta ntly people like vulnerable people being constantly pestered for money. perhaps those vulnerable people are not going to be contacting these watchdogs to make their complaints. i think people like that will not really know how they can stop these and even whether they will be successful. there is an urge the public to contact people, to make the authorities aware of this. it is easier said than done. we have the start of wimbledon, we got our first big loss. i saw a bit of the centre court being covered up. was there rain? you were clearly too busy. we had a little bit of rain but mild by wimbledon standards and would had asked first sort of shock on day one but in reality, stanislas wawrinka is not a great grass court player. the quarterfinals is the best he has
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ever got. he came in only seeded number five, three in ever got. he came in only seeded numberfive, three in the ever got. he came in only seeded number five, three in the world, it wasn't a major shock, sore knee but he was outplayed by the young russian guy. it's such a major tournament in london. what is it bring in in terms of the economy? we a lwa ys bring in in terms of the economy? we always talk about strawberries, the prices rocket. it brings a load of international tourists into london ata time international tourists into london at a time when london is very popular and with the pound being weaker, with got even more tourists coming in so the overseas currencies by them some extra strawberries or a ship them ——a sip of champagne or some extra pimm's. there is no magic strawberry tree and anybody following the british economy will know what that joke means. there was going to win? novak djokovic is going to win? novak djokovic is going to win and i can't call the women's, i have to say. it is to
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open. i would love to say mac ——i would love to say konta that we will see. the times, forget about memory thatis see. the times, forget about memory that is as common a good your brain. this is fantastic because the amount of times my friends say, do you remember that, and i just of times my friends say, do you remember that, and ijust cannot because i have such a list of things in our heads. our brains are like computers that you had to dump out old stuff to make space for new stuff and they argue, actively forgetting things is a way of regenerating which is the perfect excuse regenerating which is the perfect excuse for all those who think we have too much going on which we have. my own worst is i often frequently my telephone, saying, i will just checked my frequently my telephone, saying, i willjust checked my diary, i can't find my phone at the minute. and it's in my hand. this is great to me. in the next time i confuse my three children will each other, i
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can blame it on my brain. it says the superhuman memories tended to be more psychiatric cases that high achievers. i fall into the not high achiever. there is too much going on. it's great to think we are actually regenerating our brain. there is a point where there is so much in avatar brain isjust exhausted. so you are allowed to forget the backs of your history lessons. wedding anniversaries, maybe not so much. a good excuse. lawrence, thank you so much were talking to us. i almost forgot the publication. take care. well, it looks like it is going to be turning much warmer over the next few days, even hot. not for everybody straightaway, but those temperatures climbing
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as we head into the middle part of the week. right now, a different story across northern parts of the country. thick cloud streaming out of the atlantic across northern ireland, southern parts of scotland and into the lake district. a finger of rain will be stuck across the north for quite some time on tuesday. possibly even into early wednesday. a big contrast in temperatures early on tuesday, 10 degrees higher in the south. starting with the forecast for scotland. around eight o'clock in the morning, a nice fresh start, certainly for orkney and the shetlands. rain for northern ireland, dumfries and galloway. there may be some spits and spots further south across the pennines. across most of wales and england, the morning starting cloudy but warm, pretty muggy.
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temperatures of 17 degrees at around eight o'clock in southampton. what is going to happen through the course of tuesday, a line of rain will hang around through the course of the day. damp in belfast, glasgow, edinburgh, the lake district and north—eastern england. weatherfronts, to the north of that, much fresher and cool if not chilly. 13 degrees in newcastle. a little bit better in stornoway, some sunshine. real warmth across england and wales, up to 25 degrees. another decent day on the way for wimbledon. 23 degrees at least, cloud breaking up through the day. look how the temperatures climbing through wednesday and thursday. temperatures even higher on wednesday, possibly up to 28 degrees in london. still a little bit on the cloudy side across the north. here too, temperatures starting to rise. eventually, we will get up to 20 in belfast and the high teens in glasgow and newcastle. cardiff around 26. thursday, looking like it will change. we are in for some thunderstorms.
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exactly where they are could be a bit further towards the east. bit further to the south and north as well. be informed it is across these parts of the countries where those storms will happen. friday, temperatures peaking in london. other parts of the country starting to cool off. as we head into the weekend, weather fronts coming off the atlantic and bringing us some fresher weather. hello, this is breakfast, with louise minchin and dan walker. a plan for a revolution in cancer care using gene tests. the mapping of dna could mean tailor made treatments for millions of patients within five years. good morning, it's tuesday fourth july.
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also this morning: we hear from the family of the youngest victim of the manchester arena bombing, saffie roussos, speaking for the first time about their loss on what would have been her ninth birthday. we didn't want to just let her birthday pass. we just wanted to celebrate her birthday through
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