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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  July 9, 2017 1:30pm-2:00pm BST

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houses of parliament. time for a look at the weather. warm sunshine around across england and wales at the moment. 2a celsius in hull, 27 degrees in london. low to mid 20s for another gorgeous afternoon. some cloud building, but not quite like that everywhere. that is one view of the warm sunshine from the channel islands, patchy cloud. but we have this weather front close to scotland and northern ireland. a cloudier picture for many of us, compared with yesterday. we are seeing a bit of rain. that is how we are expecting the rest of the afternoon to shape up across the central belt, into southern scotland, northern ireland. far north of scotland dry. england and wales, warm, sunny spells. into the wash and east anglia, the odd heavy oi’ wash and east anglia, the odd heavy or thundery shower around. another
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warm and muggy night, but those nights will be cooler and fresher eventually, as we go through this week. let's look at things tomorrow morning. a fine start for most of us. morning. a fine start for most of us. in the northern half of scotland, the odd shower around. we pick up on the weather system that is affecting scotland and northern ireland at the moment. an area of showers from southern scotland, north—west england and into north and west wales. the sun will come out and we will see a future hours. still the odd heavy shower around the wash and into east anglia to begin the day and one two around the far south—west. for a large part of england and wales it will be dry start. through the day, umbrellas up the ready, sunshine and showers. as ever, some will miss them and stay completed dry, you might get a heavy downpour. it looks like there will be heavier, thundery downpours affecting east anglia, essex, kent and east sussex. maybe around the london area as well. monday coming to tuesday, there could be some interruptions to play at wimbledon.
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going through monday night and tuesday, taking another batch of showers across parts of england and wales, it looks like they might merge to bring longer spells of rain. the picture as we go into tuesday, these continue to spread from west to east, particularly across the southern half of the uk. it might brighten up later in the day. northern ireland, england and scotland, scattered showers. temperatures coming down, from the high teens. a quieter day on wednesday. sunshine and the odd shower around. most places will be dry. it is up and down, it is changeable. atlantic given weather. some days wetter, some days better. it is getting cooler, especially where it has been very warm. the nights will be cooler, so if you find it difficult to sleep at night, it might get easier. hello. this is bbc news. let's have a look at the headlines.
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hundreds of kilograms of drugs and thousands of mobile phones were found in prisons in england and wales last year. the government has described the situation as unacceptable. the parents of charlie gard are delivering a petition to great ormond street hospital in london, calling on doctors to allow the terminally ill baby to travel to america for experimental treatment. sir vince cable, who's favourite to be the next leader of the liberal democrats, says he believes brexit may never happen. a business tycoon has submitted plans to build a third runway at heathrow — which he says would be £5 billion cheaper than the current scheme. stea k steak one other story, wayne rooney is leaving manchester united after 13 years and returning to everton. former england captain, record
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goal—scorer and so on. all of that in the sports news later in the afternoon. now, the travel show. on this week's travel show, we're in a surfing community trying to hold back the tide of development on the chilean coast. also coming up... we go looking for lost ships beaneath the canadian waves. we discover a novel way to make a cake in rural france. and our global guru, simon calder, tackles the biggest question in travel... where next? let's start this week's programme on the stunning pacific
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coastline of central chile. punta de lobos is best known for its dramatic high cliffs, with views over black sandy beaches and rocky outcrops, where sea lions gather. and it's also become famous as one of the best places to surf in south america. this is insane. wow! with a consistent swell and regular runs of huge waves, punta de lobos is considered one of the best breaks in south america. and it's become a paradise for big wave surfers. i've arrived in punta de lobos at a particularly good time, because word has gone around
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that this morning's swell will be unusually strong, with waves of up to 30 feet. these huge waves have been tracked all the way from antarctica, and have drawn out locals and people from across the world to watch them come in and crash against these rocks. if you look really carefully out there, what looks like little birds bobbing on the surface of the water, are surfers taking on these gargantuan waves, at the risk of their lives.. it's pretty incredible. one of the servers out there is kohl kristensen, who flew here yesterday from hawaii just to catch these waves. the forecasting these days is so good that we can actually see these big storms forming, and it gives us enough time to jump on a plane and come down here. punta de lobos, for me, is, you know, a pretty magical place. it has a special place in my heart. the point itself is one of the more beautiful places i've ever been,
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and people travel from all over the world to come here for a good reason, because the waves are so good. and, it turns out, the surfing bug is contagious. everyone keeps talking about how amazing these waves are, so i've got my wet suit, about tojump on a surfboard and try and find out for myself. my teacher is a local who introduces novices to the art of surfing every day. i suspect, however, that he's used a rather more coordinated students. looking... laughter. it turns out surfing is definitely not as easy as it looks. i got whacked in the face with about ten waves in a row,
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so i swallowed most of that water, i think. it was super fun, thank you. 0k. gracias. luckily, punta de lobos has plenty of beautiful views to enjoy for those who aren't the most gifted of surfers. but despite its idyllic appearance, this place is not all paradise. in fact, it's been the site of a battle between local private interests and conservationalists. until recently, punta de lobos was relatively unknown, but over the past couple of decades its popularity has soared, as a surfing and a tourist destination. these days, 5000 visitors arrive to the point daily during summertime. perhaps not surprisingly,
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this has attracted developers, keen to capitalise on the area's new—found popularity. much of the coast is in the hands of private owners, and plans were made for extensive building along the cliffs. a lot of private projects are real estate projects, big ones, were wanting to be developed here. where we're standing here, there will be houses hanging on the cliffs, four buildings seven storeys high, like a surf resort, or not even a surf resort, but huge density of construction and people coming here. we have a real threatening situation for such a special place like this. matias is a director of the punta de lobos foundation — a nonprofit organisation created among locals to fight
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the development plans. along with other conservation bodies, such as save the waves, they've worked to halt shore—side construction and to keep the cliffs open to the public. but that was only their first challenge. it was a mess here. if you put a thousand or 1500 cars here, you could take an hour, an hour and a half tojust go a mile out back to the highway. and the second thing is that there were no bathrooms here, so people would do their needs in the cliffs, in wherever, and this would be very dirty. the foundation responded by regulating the traffic with a roundabout and installing eco—bathroom facilities. along with a recycled fence along the cliff line, to protect it from the erosion of visitors‘ feet. community involvement has been a vital ingredient in the success
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of the conservation project, and some local businesses are adopting a low impact philosophy. this hotel overlooks the punta de lobos beach and was built with the aim of causing as little impact as possible on the surrounding area. unlike earlier hotel plans, it's designed to be camouflaged into the hillside and it's built with local and recycled materials. it's all in the architecture. we don't want it to be like a big hotel, five storeys tall. we have 12 rooms, we could have had 40, 50, but we wanted to offer something different, something special. this is a very sensitive and special place and spot for us, so we wanted to protect it. many involved in the efforts
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here see punta de lobos as a landmark conservation case for chile, one that could have a much broader impact than just protecting one favoured surfing spot. we are very eager that punta de lobos is successful, because it's the example in order to scale this project throughout chile. there's a need for conservation in chile, we are a developing country, we're just getting started, and we can learn from so many mistakes. punta de lobos could set the example for future developments along the coast. from south america to europe next, and the village of arreau, set high in the french pyrenees.
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they're big on tradition when it comes to cooking here, and they've got a novel approach to making cakes that dates back over 200 years. still to come on this week's travel show... looking for a long haul in october? our global guru simon calder has some seasonal suggestions. and we go to the canadian islands, where the sea can bite. the travel show — your essential guide, wherever you're heading. welcome to the slice of the show that tackles your questions about getting the best
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out of travel. coming up shortly, ideas for a great october escape, and managing money for mexico. but first, peak tourist season in europe is underway and so i've asked britain's biggest airports for the days this summer when they expect to be busiest. here at gatwick, it's sunday 13th august, with travellers passing through at a rate of two per second. at manchester, friday 18th august is the key day, and at heathrow airport — the busiest in europe — the peak will be on sunday 6th august, with over 250,000 passengers arriving and departing. jane wants to know... what's your top long haul recommendation in october? at that time of year it's hard to go wrong with a trip along either the east or the west coast of the usa, from washington, dc, south to florida, or on the californian coast, from san francisco to the mexican border. the climate is benign, apart from the odd storm on the east coast, and if you like to swim in the ocean, it's
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about as warm as it gets. on the east coast, spend a few days in the us capital and then fly to florida, pick up a rental car and call in at cape canaveral for the space coast and miami beach. or, on the west coast, explore san francisco then hire a car for the trip south along california state route 1, with some of the best coastal scenery in the world; spectacular cliffs and marine life, which may include sea lions. highlights include hearst castle, the hilltop mansion of a newspaper magnate, the hollywood hills, offering genuine urban wilderness, and at the deep south of california, san diego — the ideal city in which to end an adventure. next, pauline and rob stannard followed my advice to visit nicaragua and simply want to know, where next? well, if you enjoyed the landscapes and elements of hard—core travel in central america's largest country, let me recommend
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a couple of other alluring latin american destinations... cuba and ecuador. both of them are a little frayed around the edges, with unpredictable but entertaining transport, and have plenty of beautiful towns. in the capitals, havana and quito, you'll find echoes of the colonial atmosphere you appreciated in granada and leon in nicaragua. finally, fran wants to know... is it best to take us dollars or pesos to mexico? take dollars. in my experience, the very best rates for mexican pesos are to be found inside the country. so take in cash and change it at one of the many casas de cambio. if you're heading for cancun and the riviera maya area, then euros or pound sterling are recognised and accepted at all the resorts. for the rest of mexico, though, us dollars are the only universally recognised currency.
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other foreign funds may be regarded with suspicion. whether you're travelling on a shoestring or a gold—plated credit card, i'm here to help, so e—mail your question to and i'll do my very best to find you an answer. from me, simon calder, the global guru, bye for now and see you next time. and to finish this week's programme, we're off to canada and the magdalen islands in the gulf of saint lawrence. the waters can be treacherous and many ships have run aground on the rocks here, meaning that lots of people who live in the area now are descendants of shipwrecked sailors, who were washed ashore when their ships went down, giving them a unique respect for the sea. my name's nancy clark. i was born and raised on this island. as an islander, when we say "home", it's something very strong
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and something very rooted, because our ancestry is like all in one island, so our sense of belonging is very strong. most island families have.. it affects them in some way or another. my uncle, her brother, drowned and my father's brother also drowned, so i've two uncles that have drowned. my father's brother actually drowned just over there, right across the road. this is where robert best, he would be my grandmother's grandfather, and he shipwrecked from the channel islands on a ship called the perry around 1875.
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he married a local woman. we have very strong ties to the sea, because it's generational. so my family, it's like six generations of fishermen and also my brother's fifth—generation boat builder, so these things are handed down through the families. i feel so comfortable here and i've never felt that feeling anywhere else. like knowing every little nook and cranny, and the beach and the cape and just feeling completely at ease. well, unfortunately that's all we've got time for on this
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week's travel show. coming up next week... continuing the shipwrecked theme, ade‘s in bermuda, where he'll be meeting the team who are digitally mapping the hundreds of underwater lost ships there, for everyone to be able to see online around the world. that was quite literally breathtaking! so dojoin us then, if you can, and in the meantime, don't forget you can keep up with us while we're out on the road in real—time, by signing up to our social media feeds. details are on the screen now. but for now, from me christa larwood, and the rest of the travel show team here in chile, it's goodbye. back to the uk, the latest live
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weather update from bbc weather on a day which is reducing quite a bit of warm sunshine across a large swathe of the uk. it is more noticeable in england and wales. this is the view from east yorkshire, a fewer hours ago. this weather system is spoiling things for scotland and northern ireland, unless you want cloud and outbreaks of rain, after yesterday's sunshine a different story. some heavy bursts across western scotland. rain into the central belt, 30 degrees in glasgow. that hangs around during the afternoon. england and wales, warm, sunny spells. this evening we will see some sunny spells. this evening we will see some sunny spells developing around the wash. another warm, muggy night across southern parts of the uk. temperatures on their way down this week. more particularly cold, but down where it will be rather warm. out and about tomorrow morning, northern scotland looking mainly
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fine. further south, we still have this strip of thicker cloud affecting parts of southern scotland and northern scotland. some outbreaks of rain, especially in south—east scotland, through north—west england and into north wales. it has moved a little bit further south. south of that, a mainly dry start. still some showers around the wash. maybe warner two dotted around in the west of england. many of us. and a fine and dry with sunny spells, and continue with sunny spells. scattered showers developing, the odd heavy one around. more especially, part of east anglia, essex and kent, east sussex, there could be some quite intense downpours. thundery ones, as well. we could see a lot of rain in a short space of time. there is still heat and humidity in south—west england, some of the showers could be around the london area. if not on monday at wimbledon, there is a greater chance on tuesday. through two tuesday morning we will see showers merging to give longer spells of rain, moving west to east across parts of england and
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wales, especially the further south you are. a possible impact on wimbledon on tuesday. the temperatures just into the mid to upper teens. away from northern ireland, sunshine and scattered showers. another spell of rain moving through into wednesday morning. i'm back, a quieter day on wednesday. pleasant, sunny spells around. you get the idea. a changeable pattern of this week. some days wetter, some days better. some days wetter, some days better. some sun and showers. it will be cooler, more noticeable where it has been warm or hot over the past couple of days. no heat wave in the forecast in the week ahead. that's all for now. this is bbc news. the headlines at 2.00pm: the prime minister of iraq announces victory over is in the city of mosul. the parents of terminally ill charlie gard are expected to join a demonstration outside great ormond hospital. government ministers say unacceptable amounts of drugs and numbers of mobile phones are being found in prisons
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in england and wales. sir vince cable, tipped to be the next leader of the liberal democrats, says he believes brexit may never happen. also in the next hour: going back to his roots — after 13 years away, wayne rooney rejoins his boyhood club, everton, as he says goodbye to manchester united. in half—an—hour here on bbc news, politics europe looks at why, according to french president emmanuel macron, europe has lost its way.
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