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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 12, 2017 5:45am-6:01am BST

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a "category five hurricane" is how one anonymous donald trumpjunior ally puts the latest white house saga. reporting on those russia revelations, the article paints a picture of a trump administration under siege, using testimonies from people within the white house and people close to the first family. the great return of the olympics. le figaro looking at how paris will be hosting one of the upcoming games. paris and los angeles are set to stage the 2024 and 2028 events, provided they can agree which should go first. both want to host the earlier option. the guardian has an investigation alleging that big tobacco companies are threatening governments in some african countries in a bid to drive up their sales. the article claims some firms are demanding that health campaigns are watered down. a minijapan has sprung up in desert—like land in india, complete with karaoke lounges, and sushi and ramen restaurants. the japan times looks at how some of the countries big corporations are opening up operations in india, suggesting a win—win for both countries.
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and you can blame evolution for your lack of sleep, according to research in the daily telegraph. a study of modern hunter—gathers in africa has found that what appears to be insomnia later in life, could actually be a survival trait passed down from our ancestors. and we will see if we will buy that. with us is david buik, market strategist at panmure gordon. good morning. we will get to that soon. we will start with the category 5 hurricane. it gets richer material by the day. shall we use fa ke material by the day. shall we use fake news? it is quite astonishing. i love the analogy between house of cards, which many will have seen, with kevin spacey, incredible.
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getting back to the point is you cannot believe that a really key conversation took place even if this lawyer says it wasn't of consequence, in view of the situation and the daily attack on hillary clinton during that period, you would have thought james comey and the fbi would have got this news immediately. they seem to go from one crisis to another. that is a brilliant way they close ranks on each other. reince priebus, the white house chief of staff, is now being suggested that perhaps he should move on. they are trying to clear a path to get where they need to. it does build up this picture of anxiety from within, doesn't it? everyone getting suspicious of eve ryo ne everyone getting suspicious of everyone else as to where the legs are coming from. who is running the
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show? -- leaks. the trail is moving from one place to another. the donald trump family are unbelievably close with ranks. the snp 500 had a bit of a stumble but recovered. but many say it won't make a difference. you would rather get the impression there are two parts of the presidency, the first two years before the half term elections, and the majority of the house and senate, there is little people can do about what donald trump is doing. it is when you get to the halfway house where it is very likely he could lose a lot of seats, things could lose a lot of seats, things could be served under the carpet before then. a different story.
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fascinating. the olympics. who will get the games in 2a and 28? now we know, paris and los angeles. get the games in 2a and 28? now we know, paris and los angelesm get the games in 2a and 28? now we know, paris and los angeles. it is like negotiating with my children, who gets to go first? there is a lot at stake. lucky generals. emmanuel macron comes along. how long have they been trying to get the olympics? i am right in saying that when london got 2012, i think paris we re when london got 2012, i think paris were ready to do it. they were building the stadium and infrastructure. i remember the faces of the french people when london was the winner. paris is a great city i think they are up for it. i am pleased they have got it. los angeles, not many years since they had it, 1984. these are to seriously
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good places with infrastructure. that is the most important thing going forward along with security. what is interesting is the cities that dropped out along the way, budapest, hamburg. it is the costs of security. absolutely colossal. athens has never recovered. it could bea athens has never recovered. it could be a joyous fortnight with the millions of euros, but then a lot of money gets lost. good news for the ioc. they have nailed it down for two years when others are dropping out. they can have a little bit of a breather. they have enough controversy. this story in the guardian. big tobacco and the dirty battle for the african market.
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whether it is imperial, reynolds, any of these big companies, the markets they have in the united states are what we call mature markets, europe as well, everywhere you go it is don't smoke, it is dangerous. where do you sell? emerging countries like africa and asia. that is their markets going forward. clearly you can understand why they are peaked with many african governments saying you need to put danger warnings on cigarettes and you need proper regulation. they are saying that is your problem, not mine. wejust are saying that is your problem, not mine. we just make cigarettes. are saying that is your problem, not mine. we just make cigarettesm are saying that is your problem, not mine. we just make cigarettes. it is an odd story. it is offensive to many of us to try and go around safety regulations. the law is the law. any business has to respect
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that. if someone said to me, when you are about to go, what would be your epitaph in life, it would be don't smoke. my father's would be the same. japan. huge implications. there is a smalljapan in india because it is a great place to build and invest, but they want their own world while they are there. japan is fantastic. in this area in india is fantastic. in this area in india is fantastic. it is just outside of new delhi. they have built a tiny japan. they are making their cars. hondas are there. the other types of cars they make. three and a half billion dollars has been invested. they want their own food, they want their own housing, they want their own culture. it contributes greatly to
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growth. i think this is what you could see culturally with problems in other countries, they can bring something to another nation. it is fantastic. is there an issue with a lack of integration, going to india and setting up their own japanese enclave? to be honest, i don't think japan gas. japan is the country for japanese people. —— care. . it is brilliant and it works well. the fa ct brilliant and it works well. the fact you think they should integrate, i don't think it matters to them. how do you sleep? do you sleep well? i am not doing this. not bad. at least we have a reason for it. sleep deprivation would create dementia, that is what they said,
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and a different story this morning. blame evolution, they say. this was made for you. they had me in mind. fascinating there is a sense that in the old days, people would look after themselves, as there is always someone on guard after themselves, as there is always someone on guard not sleeping. when we all were in a community. they a lwa ys we all were in a community. they always come up with something and i am not saying they will change it again, but it is an interesting idea. so you can just make sure everything is safe for everyone. yes. and some people sleep all day. thank you very much, david. thank you. thank you. good morning. yesterday was one of those days for the southern half of the uk. yes, the covers were on the court at wimbledon. the rain was heavy at times and the umbrellas were out. it wasn't just across the south—east of england where we saw rain. further west in the south of wales
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it was hammering it down for a time. extensive rain in the southern half of the uk, as you can see from yesterday's radar. the brighter colours indicate heavier downpours. that rain is on the move overnight, moving southwards and eastwards. so it is the far south—east that first thing still has some rain to be had. temperatures about 14—15 degrees. a little bit lower than recently and dipping into single figures in northern scotland, so a relatively chilly start here. the rain clearing away pretty quickly. it leaves behind a fair bit of cloud in east anglia, through the m4 corridor and south of that. despite the cloud it is mostly dry. when we break up the cloud we see sunshine through mid—wales, the midlands, up in the northern england.
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and it should be a dry and bright start with sunshine for much of northern ireland and much of scotland. maybe the odd shower and some mist and cloud in scotland. the cloud we see in southern counties will slowly move away through the morning and by the afternoon we will see a lot of dry weather and bright weather, good spells of sunshine and patchy cloud here and there. all in all a pleasant afternoon, with light winds out west. pleasant, into the low 20s. always more fresh to the north sea coastal areas, 16—18 degrees. looks like a pretty decent day at wimbledon. it will be dry and bright, with sunshine. temperatures into the low 20s, not particularly windy. should be a full day's play. high pressure building in through wednesday. it will stick around into thursday. notice the weak weather front creeping towards the north and west. but ahead of that there's a lot of fine weather. some cloud building and a shower or two dotted around parts of england and wales, but most places will be fine and dry. there will be some thicker cloud into the west of scotland, a bit of a breeze and rain. for the eastern side of scotland, 18 in aberdeen. 20—24 in cardiff and london. then the weak weather front
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slips south thursday night, into friday. behind it we have this region of high pressure building in. so friday looks decent. it will be dry, bright for most places and not too windy either, so a pretty decent day to end to the week. hello, this is breakfast, withjon kay and louise minchin. mps will today hold a debate on the grenfell tower fire as labour renews its attacks on what it calls the government's "chaotic" response. at least 80 people died and hundreds are still in temporary accommodation. tonight the local community will hold a vigil exactly four weeks since the tragedy. the first week was pretty hard, but it got a bit easier after a few weeks and then when we started happening it distracts you a lot. we'll find out how a special play scheme is helping children to cope with the trauma.
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good morning. it's wednesday, the 12th ofjuly. also this morning:
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