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i the on tourist trade. that is 99% of the trade we take. we'll kielder forest become the land of the lynx? the decision is now in the hands of natural england. if they say yes, experts predict they could —— there could eventually be as many as 400 lynx in forest across the uk. graham satchell, bbc news, kielder forest. now the weather. we have got some very warm weather, if not hot weather, to come for the of this week. temperatures surging into the high 20s, if not the low 30s. we'll see some thunderstorms breaking out tuesday night, wednesday. things will get cooler and fresher towards the end of the week. it is a glorious day today. plenty of sunshine. peter pan has been out. he was in the gower. clear skies for the most part. i'd heard making the sunshine hazy. some of thatis making the sunshine hazy. some of that is affecting southern part of england. across the north—west, we have got a weather front bringing
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cloudy skies into scotland. underneath that cloud, skies look rather like this. a few passing showers. that is the exception. the cloud will continue to break—up gci’oss cloud will continue to break—up across the western isles and the highlands of scotland. maybe 0rkney as well. most of us will end the day sunny. temperature wise, 28 degrees in the sunshine. 82 fahrenheit the warmest spot around the greater london area. overnight tonight we keep those clear skies. for the most part, temperatures will fall away. not too uncomfortable a night. however, in southern england and southern wales, temperatures 17 to 18 degrees, perhaps too warm for a good night's sleep. on tuesday, an area of high pressure will move its position. that will change the winds little bit. cooler winds affecting north—east england, eastern scotland. temperatures are few
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degrees lower. warm air in western scotland. highs of 25 degrees in glasgow. temperatures peaking in the upper 20s in the warmer spots. as we had through the evening time and overnight, thunderstorms will start to work away across the english channel. some of those purposefully channel. some of those purposefully channel islands before working into southern england, wales, driving north into east anglia. the amount of rain we see will vary a lot from these storms from place to place. the storms will move north. there could be some areas that get a lot of rain in a few hours. localised flooding is a possibility. it will feel humid as well for wednesday. temperatures peaking at 30 celsius. that is the hottest day we will see in this current warm spell. things will turn cooler and fresher towards the end of the week as atlantic air moves in from the west. temperatures getting close to normal. 22 degrees for london. on the cool side in the northwest. this weather only with us
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for the next few days. thank you. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. a second round of talks in brussels on the uk's departure from the eu — the brexit secretary says it's time to get down to business. that's all from the bbc news at one, so it's goodbye from me. and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. have a good afternoon. hello, i'm leah boleto, welcome to the bbc sport centre. roger federer‘s spoken to the bbc about winning his record eighth wimbledon title. the dad of four says his sights are firmly set on becoming world number one at least one more time in his career. but he told the bbc‘s russell fuller it was a special moment for him to go one better on the seven titles won by pete sampras. it is very special but it is borderline strange for me, because pete will always be my hero
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and just because i have surpassed his feat here at wimbledon, it doesn't change anything for me, he is still my guy. after our match in 2001, to think that one day i would surpass him, i never thought that would be possible in my wildest dreams, so i take it as it is and i really run with it, i enjoy it. i'm happy, the people and fans were happy for me again yesterday, so it was just another incredible day here at wimbledon. wimbledon has been too kind, too nice to me over all these years and to be the record—holder, for the first time for a male to win eight wimbledons, i will always be that guy, it is very, very special and pete remains my hero for life, of course. how tempted are you by the prospect of being world number one again? it looks almost certain that you or rafael nadal will take over from andy murray at some point in the near future. it is a fantastic storyline for the next few months.
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absolutely, it'll be a three, four—way race — and maybe a two—way race between me and rafa when andy drops his world number—one ranking — but if all of a sudden, andy starts winning again, we also have to start winning again but at some stage, if he starts dropping points, we will get there. i hope it is me, and not rafa, because it would mean a lot to me to get back to world number one. i was just trying to explain to the press that i haven't thought about it a whole lot yet. i have to speak to the team and decide how much i'm going to chase it for the near future, so if i maybe get to world number one just one more time in my career, or maybe finish the year as world number one, which is an even bigger deal, but for me, it makes no difference being world number one for a week or year—end number one, at this stage of my career. so i need to have a meeting and discussion with my team over the next couple of weeks. britain'sjoanna konta has moved up to number four in the world the
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in the new rankings out today. konta reached the semi—finals of the ladies singles at wimbledon before losing to venus willams. she was ranked seventh before the tournament started. andy murray remains world number one despite going out in the men's semi—finals. england are trying but failing to salvage something from the second test against south africa at trent bridge. already big underdogs and chasing a world record target of 474, the hosts lost early wickets. vernon philander getting keaton jennings and gary ballance inside the first hour and then the big one, chris morris with a beauty to ball england captain joe chris morris with a beauty to ball england captainjoe root. and while the only man to put up a fight was alastair cook, he was out off morris as well. the game looked over. england are 79—4 at lunch. the international athletics federation says it's suspended
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former namibian sprinter and council member frankie fredericks. the four—time olympic silver medallist is being investigated by the athletics integrity unit over payments he received from papa massata diack, the son of ex—iaaf president lamine diack. fredericks denies the allegations. olivia breen has won britain's ninth gold medal of the world para athletics championships. breen set a new personal best of 4.8im in the fourth round at the london stadium to take the women's t38 long jump title. i knew i had it in may. i didn't wa nt to i knew i had it in may. i didn't want to give up, i'm not a person to give up. i knew i have to give 100% andi give up. i knew i have to give 100% and i did so i'm actually over the moon. for at all to come together at the right time, i don't know what to say, i don't know whether to cry, i don't know what to feel, i'm just so happy, it's so nice. it's mixed emotion but i'm over the moon, definitely. england goalkeeperjoe hart is set for a medical with west ham today, ahead of a season—long loan move. he's been told he can find another
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club by his manchester city manager, pep guardiola. it's expected the deal will include an option for west ham to buy the 30—year—old, with city part—funding his e’liiafz 55:4 15:15 a; [55:5: ”"ttt wt w tt w” {4,55 fifi/525.1 22:11:23 eizlfiffgf' 32.5523. 1's}: l£2
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record, so i feel like he won it, so fair play to him. badges came up in blue, obviously what i'm doing is working so i need to keep doing that and hopefully the results will come week as well. the bbc has announced the venue for this year's sports personality of the year awards. last year's show was held in birmingham and, this year, it moves to the echo arena in liverpool. sports personality of the year will take place on sunday december the 17th in front of an audience of some 11,000 people, the before ront of an audience the before i >nt of an audience the before i go, >f an audience the before i go, the | audience the before i go, the pairings ze the before i go, the pairings for the before i go, the pairings for the open later this week i read and rory mcilory has been paired with world number one dustin johnson. mcilroy has missed the cut in three of the last four tournaments. that is over now but had to the website for all of the day's top sports stories and i will have more for you in the next hour. thank you. a woman whose sister and mother were shot by her stepfather at the family farm in surrey has returned to the scene of their deaths.
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82—year—old john lowe murdered his wife christine and step—daughter lucy lee in 2014. police had returned his shotguns to him before he killed them. noel phillips reports. it's exactly the same. it's a very eerie. it's almost like expecting something to happen. my heart is just erratic, yeah. for the first time in three years, stacey banna has returned to the family farm near farnham in surrey, where her sister lucy at home on christine were shot deadin lucy at home on christine were shot dead in 2014 by this man, her stepfather, john lowe. it brings back so many terrible memories. just an awful place, awful. why did you
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wa nt an awful place, awful. why did you want a comeback? just to see if there was anything that reminded me of them. my sister painted those goals. a year before the killings, in march 2013, john lowe's seven shot guns were seized by surrey police following allegations he made threats to kill. but five months later, the guns on his licence were returned and in february 2014, christine, who had known him for more than 25 years, was shot at point—blank range. her daughter lucy escaped and made a frantic 999 call before she too was shot dead. sta cey‘s before she too was shot dead. stacey's account of what happened that day is very distressing. stacey's account of what happened that day is very distressingm stacey's account of what happened that day is very distressing. it was worse than an execution. executions are quick. and i keep thinking, she should have paid. gosh, she was so
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brave. wasn't she brave? so, then, he beat her, shot the dogs... then stood over her with that gun... now, surrey police had records ofjohn that gun... now, surrey police had records of john lowe's that gun... now, surrey police had records ofjohn lowe's violent history. he had made repeated threats to kill and even lied on his firearms application, but yet he was still given a licence to hold a gun. as soon as the murders happened, we got in independent police forces to review our firearms licences, so i am confident that the firearms license is now fit for purpose, which it clearly wasn't at the time. that's deeply disturbing, isn't it? of course it is, of course it is.
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the tragedy should never have happened. christine and lucy lee's murders offer a rare glimpse into a tragic crime and the impact on the victims left behind. i can't forgive him. ican‘t victims left behind. i can't forgive him. i can't for give that pain. lastly, a surrey police detective was found guilty of misconduct after arresting stacey in 2014, while two others were cleared of any wrongdoing. well, in a statement to the bbc, chief superintendent helen collins from surrey police said... talks between the us and russia will take place in washington today to try to resolve the diplomatic stalemate from president obama's decision to expel russian diplomats last year.
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the kremlin has demanded that the us government must restore its access to diplomatic compounds in the us ahead of the talks. steve rosenberg is in moscow. well, in recent days, moscow has been dropping not so subtle hints that it may be about to expel dozens of american diplomats and close down a couple of american diplomatic compounds in moscow. why? well, last december, president obama did something similar. he ordered 35 russian diplomats out of the country unclosed two russian of the country and closed two russian diplomatic compounds. his response, he said, to russian cyber attacks aimed at influencing the outcome of the us presidential election. now, russia cried foul and accused america of violating international law, but at the time, the kremlin didn't retaliate. president putin knew that president obama was on his way out and that there'd soon be a new man in the white house, donald trump. so we decided not to react immediately, to give trump
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the possibility to do something to solve this problem somehow. we were ready for that. but if he cannot do that, we have to do something for ourselves. nothing personal, just business. this is not about mr trump. this is about conditions for russian diplomats in america. what is really frustrating the russians is that after six months in the white house, donald trump, who they thought was going to transform us—russia relations, still hasn't returned the russian compounds. but president trump faces a dilemma. with investigations into alleged links between trump's team and moscow picking up apace now, being seen to be giving concessions to moscow would be highly controversial. but if america doesn't return the russian compounds, then moscow quite likely will retaliate, and that could end donald trump's hopes of a better
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relationship with russia. steve rosenberg, bbc news, moscow. ina in a moment, a summary of the business news, but first the headlines. the brexit secretary david davis has called on both sides of the negotiations to get down to business. he said his priority was to lift the uncertainty for eu citizens living in the uk and britons in the eu. the final route of the manchester and leeds branches of hs2 is due to be announced later. transport secretary chris grayling says the scheme will help rebalance the economy. an american neurologist who's offered to treat the terminally ill baby, charlie gard, has met his doctors in london for the first time. if good afternoon, i'm jamie robertson. the government has announced the first major contracts for the high speed railway between london and birmingham. balfour beatty, the swedish—based skanska, and carillion
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— which is facing financial difficulties — are among the companies chosen to build tunnels, bridges and embankments at a cost of nearly £7 billion. itv has appointed the head of easyjet, carolyn mccall, as its new chief executive. ms mccall, who will begin the newjob nextjanuary, succeeds adam crozier, who stepped down at the end of last month. paramedics, teachers, prison guards and firefighters are thousands of pounds worse off since 2010 after public—sector pay caps and freezes, according to the tuc. the head of the trade union body, frances o'grady, is calling for public—sector pay review bodies to be "genuinely independent". we use emojis every day, those little icons that we add to messages — so why not celebrate them? it's world emoji day! and there's serious money to be made from those little smileys you send
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to people on your phone. it's a £200 million business, in fact, due in part to fashion and music collaborations. nicolas loufrani is chief executive of the smiley company. what does the smiley company actually do? hello, jamie. well, the smiley company is a brand licensing company and we work with some of the biggest fashion chains in the world, big brands, through their fantastic creative products, to spread happiness and good vibes throughout the planet. what kind of products are talking about question notjust the things you put on your smart or is it more than that? initially, it started with the digital part of it. i started 20 yea rs with the digital part of it. i started 20 years ago to develop the smilers, which were different icons based on emotions, different
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categories of smileys such as food and animaland categories of smileys such as food and animal and sports and these hundreds became the smiley dictionary and it became a global phenomenon, thanks to its transformation to emojis. so you trademark each one? it is just a smiley face? you trademark all of those you get on your phone? the original was trademark by my father 45 years ago. the one i am wearing without a hat, we call it the original. most of the other items of products by copyright and we use them are a lot of different products all over the world. so supposing i wa nt to all over the world. so supposing i want to put one on a t—shirt i'm selling, for instance, how much do i pay you? it is not really like this, it is really developing partnerships with companies and creating collections and organising the distribution of these products. it is very rare that someone would ask us is very rare that someone would ask us to do something, it is more us
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being proactive in managing the brand. so this is world emotionally day, did you come up with the idea? it isa day, did you come up with the idea? it is a great advertising think the you —— it is world emoji day. actually, the date is based on the day apple reduced —— released its calendar app in 2002 and i don't know how they have locked into this but it has been decided by a lot of people that it has been world emoji day and i'm not involved in that. 0k, day and i'm not involved in that. ok, thank you very much. some other business stories for you. the proportion of overseas—based landlords across britain has fallen to the lowest levels seen by a lettings network in at least seven years. countrywide, the country's largest letting agent — which lets 90,000 properties — said just 5% of british homes now have overseas owners, compared with 12% in 2010. foreign investors have previously been blamed for pushing up house prices.
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tax changes appear to have discouraged some of them, while others have bought property in cheaper areas instead. a major cyber attack could cost the global economy around £40 billion — that's according to research by lloyd's of london. that's roughly the same cost as superstorm sandy, the hurricane that hit the east coast of the united states in 2012. french car—maker renault has reported record sales for the first six months of the year. the company sold 1.9 million vehicles, a 10% rise on the same period a year earlier. sales in europe, which remains renault‘s most important market, rose 5.6% to above one million, helped by a strong performance from the company's dacia brand. a quick look at the markets, there they are, the ftse 100 a quick look at the markets, there they are, the ftse100 is recovering a bit. carillion recovering a little bit up10%... up
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a bit. carillion recovering a little bitup10%... up18%, it a bit. carillion recovering a little bit up 10%... up 18%, it seems an enormous amount but remember, they fell 70% last week. the reason why, they are involved in hs2 and appointed as one of the main contractors in the construction project, a £7 billion project. the euro and pound at 87p. that is the business, i am back in an hour with more. a cyclist has managed to recover her stolen bike through a clever sting. 30—year—old jenni morton—humphrey ignored police advice and turned the tables on the thief. earlier, jenni spoke to my colleague victoria derbyshire and explained what happened. i was very angry, as you might imagine, and i happened to see it was on the internet, someone messaged me, and someone had seen it for sale, i had asked that if anyone saw it, please tell me and i got a response from a total stranger who was amazing, helped me out messaging the guy and i posed as a buyer, didn't go to work the next day and just went and took
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it, pretty much. well, it was a bit more than that. you met him, you chatted, you did the pleasantries and then what did you do? well, i had seen him across the street, i saw him with my bike and i thought i willjust be friendly, be nice, ask a couple of stupid questions about the bike, "is it even a girl's bike? "is it the right size? "i don't know if i can ride it." i was nervous but i think he believed everything i was saying and i said, ok, i'm going to take it for a test ride and i had thought about this the night before. i had a bunch of old keys which were, strangely enough, the keys for the locks that they had cut off my bike the night before, so i thrust those into his hand and said, can you hold these, i'm going to ride it? and he said ok and i wobbled down the pavement a little bit, kind of fell off a couple of times to make it more realistic and off i went. and you pedalled like the wind, did you? i really did, faster than i ever have before for quite a long time.
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i didn't look back, i didn't know where i was, ijust kept going. eventually, i found my way back to a meeting spot that i had arranged with my friend who was watching the whole thing from the corner and, yeah, a lot of adrenaline going on. let's talk about the safety side of this, because you did inform the police and say this is what i'm going to do and they did advise against it. why were you so determined? because it could have been dangerous. it could have been but i think anyone who owns a bike knows how i felt. i was so angry, someone else had my bike, which i love. i did phone the police, i did give them lots of evidence because we had a number of screenshots from conversations between the person who saw the sale online and the guy who had presumably stolen it. i did consider that it might be dangerous but i was quite confident that i could pull it off, basically. and you did and there is your splendid bike behind you. right here, very happy.
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time to look at the weather know with chris. well, temperatures are rising for the next few days, some very hot weather on the way. we will see temperatures pushing up into the high 20s, maybe the low 30s by wednesday but choose the night and wednesday, we see some thunderstorms breaking out and towards the end of the week, a cooling trend, temperatures back closer to normal. let's ta ke temperatures back closer to normal. let's take a look at how things are at the moment and a glorious weather watcher picture sent in by peter pan. not from neverland but from the gower in south wales. a bit of high cloud in the sky and you can see that on the satellite picture around the english channel. this weather fronts bringing cloudy skies into shetland at the moment and underneath those grey skies, it looks like this, one or two passing showers falling from those clouds. through the rest of this afternoon,
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the cloud will tend to break up across the western isles and the highlands and maybe orkney later on but i think the cloud is stuck with us for the rest of the day for shetland. it is a with the coldest temperatures are but otherwise in the strong sunshine, peaking at 20 degrees around the greater london area. overnight tonight, we will keep a clear skies for the most part, a bit of high cloud coming in. temperatures coming down so reasonably comfortable for many of us overnight, lowes at around 12 degrees in glasgow but the southern parts of england and wales, perhaps a bit on the one side per a good night's sleep. tuesday, more of the same, but the area of high pressure changes, the wind coming in from the cool north sea will keep temperatures a few degrees cooler across eastern scotland and north east england but it will still be warm enough. across the western side of scotland, some of the warmer areas wafting in, 25 in glasgow. the hottest areas could get to 27 or 28
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celsius, probably just west hottest areas could get to 27 or 28 celsius, probablyjust west of london, somewhere like hampshire. then come the storms. choose denied, we will start to see the storms rolling in across the english channel across the midlands, wales and east anglia. the amount of rain we get from the showers is very much variable. we could get some areas that get a lot of rain, half month's injustice few hours, —— injust that get a lot of rain, half month's injustice few hours, —— in just a few hours, risking localised flooding. they will drive northwards, it will feel very humid on wednesday and temperatures could hit 30 degrees across parts of eastern england, the heat and humidity enough to spark up a few more thundery downpours across eastern parts of england. thursday and friday, fresh air begins to move in across the country. a little cool for this time of year but close to normalfor for this time of year but close to normal for the south and east by friday. that is your weather. this is bbc news. i'm simon mccoy the headlines at 2.00pm: a second round of talks in brussels on the uk's departure from the eu. the brexit secretary says it's time
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to get down to business. a big day for hs2. the winners of contracts to build the new high speed rail line between london and birmingham have been announced by the government. the final section of the route will be revealed this afternoon. a terminally ill man, who hopes to overturn the ban on assisted dying, is having his case heard at the high court. ido i do not want to die very slowly of suffocation and being semiconscious until i am in a position where, you know, i don't even know what is going on. the duke and duchess of cambridge have arrived in warsaw with prince george and princess charlotte for a five day tour of poland and germany. and in the next hour, do you communicate using one of these?
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