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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 18, 2017 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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he says he chief inspector prisons. he says he is staggered by the decline in standards in mind and wales. we are unable to say that any of the young offender institutions are secure training centres we inspect could be considered safe to hold children or young people. inflation has fallen unexpectedly to 2.6% injune. it's the first fall since october 2016, although prices continue to rise. after g re nfell tower, although prices continue to rise. after grenfell tower, bbc investigation reveals how councils failed to offer a social housing, despite the stack true extremely maxed out duty to do so. despite the failure to agree on a replacement for health care,. there are sports day is coming up three, damon coming up day is coming up three, damon coming upa look day is coming up three, damon coming up a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. prices are going up, but at a slower pace than many expected, so we will bring you
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the latest reaction on that. and jane austen has become the first woman to appear on a temper note. this torrent figures appeared on the £10 note for more than a0 years, we will look at how things have changed. and, sprinter or slowcoach new research shows how the mighty t. rex might be more of a tortoise than a hair. we'll retail new why later on. hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm leah boleto. england are through to the final of the women's cricket world cup. england and scotland prepare to meet at the women's euros. and not only is she quick, she's greater — i'll be finding out about the artistic side of one of the british stars competing here at the world para athletics championships. what an incredible finish it was —
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england's cricketers beating south africa in the semifinals of the cricket world cup with just two balls to spare. our reporter patrick gearey was watching in bristol. have you got your breath back yet? not quite! what a game of cricket that was. no—one who saw it will get it in that was. no—one who saw it will get itina that was. no—one who saw it will get it in a hurry. it went down to the final over, the finalfew deliveries, where at last the grounds could breathe in relief. england have reached the world cup final, and all this on a significant birthday. 169 years ago today, wg grace was born — the father of international cricket. now this ground is hosting the
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women's world cup, while it would seem women's world cup, while it would seem a women's world cup, while it would seem a strange place to grace. england's women have been gathering pace, since losing to india, they have beaten all the week world's best. now in south africa's case, they have to beat them again. when these two net in the group stage, serenade a 100. south africa's recovery was led by a battered in one study wrote doctor. heather night called for the ball, she has her own emoji, apparently, flat out for the second ball. smiley face. england needed 219 to reach the world cup final. south africa's and the route is there, strike early and often. it is best both openers, but taylor we re often. it is best both openers, but taylor were starting to pick up the pace. when she was called for a run,
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england started. now we had a different game, the match seasonal at. three, over, two from last four balls. who could work? first ball, world cup final. there are so many moments from that match, so go on the bbc sport website to have a look. the tension around the final delivery, and we will get more on sunday at lord's, when there will be a packed house and sold—out crowd for the match against either australia or india. both good teams, india bourdy beaten england in this competition, australia officially the best in the world. england will feel, after this, it is their year. england batsman gary ballance looks set to miss the third test against south africa. he's seeing a hand surgeon in leeds tonight, after it was hit by a delivery from morne morkel
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during england's defeat at trent bridge. let's turn our attention to the world para athletics championships now. great britain's tally stands at 11 gold medals — but can we expect that to rise today? our reporter in the london stadium is kate grey, who's spent an interesting afternoon with one of those gold medallists. it's actually been fairly quiet day but the british team here at the london stadium. for opportunities later this evening, but i take an opportunity to get to know savvy kamlish a little better. she received her gold medal after winning last night. it was a fairly interesting character, i wanted i did a little more about what she gets up to an she's not at the track. so the kamlish, you are a creative and artistic soul as well
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asa creative and artistic soul as well as a championship. can you show us what you have here in front of you? stadium, orbit — what you think you can defraud hashtags? i might be able to do some of the stadium, but not sending of it, because as straight lines and i'm nota it, because as straight lines and i'm not a fan of those. straight lines running, not so much drawing? exactly. i've always just like to drawing. if i feeling stressed, a rare occurrence, i drawing. if i feeling stressed, a rare occurrence, i will be able to draw it away. i started studying illustration and animation at university, it has been for long, because i've had to keep up my training six times a week and going into unified times a week as well. thank you! harry lennon this morning? tired, but overall, just thinking, i really world champion,
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01’ thinking, i really world champion, or is this a lie? what is the reaction be like pass everyone's really pleased, it seems like. people messages from people on facebook you i don't know, that see every seems to happen. you came on the scene just before london 2012, so the scene just before london 2012, so it hasn't just the scene just before london 2012, so it hasn'tjust any other night, your reward for this? it's been five yea rs your reward for this? it's been five years since i started athletics, four years since i got my last international medal, and not even an event i compete in any more. it's nice to be able to finally reach my potential, i feel, in 100m. nice to be able to finally reach my potential, ifeel, in 100m. you're not the average renter, you've been able to take yourself away from all the height of sprinting. is that something you feel you're an individual in the way you train and approach sport? i guess you could describe me as an introvert. i keep myself to myself quite a bit. i'm
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finders reading on my own and drawing. i get really tied up by being around loads of people for a long time. were giving your greatest strength is as an athlete and how you approach sport?” strength is as an athlete and how you approach sport? i don't know, maybe just not trying to take it too seriously. it's about fun, i want to run as fast as i can. can expect the medal tally to write it has been quite a night, there are medal opportunities this evening. nagin maguire has qualified individuals arem this evening. it has been a difficult 2a hours for richards, they competed in the 800m last night, but because the crash and was disqualified from that race, which will now rerun later on in the week. he has refocused himself, a
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performed well in the heat this morning, you will be a favourite brown outside medal this evening. but i think written‘s best chance of a medal comes from sabrina forging, she won last year, in a competition for athletes with learning difficulties. she will be desperate to get back on the podium here in london. it's also worth mentioning a rising star, going in the 100m tonight. she came fifth and paralympics last year, and opening race, it is the nurse don't get to her, she could sleep in for a medal. not as busy as has been in previous 90 in london, but a chance for the new, rising stars deserve this crowd what they can do. still to come on sportsday: johanna konta tells us about the thrill of playing on the wimbledon show courts. and almost 20 years after a
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17—year—old amateur wowed the crowds at battelle, justin rose is back. it's been a championship by the great moments in, anti—win it would close the book on the open championship story. now, the women's euros are under way in the netherlands, and tomorrow, england take on scotland in their opening group match. scotland have qualified for their first major championship at the 1ath attempt. let's have a look at their fixtures. after that england match, they face portugal, who're also making their debut at the euros, that's on sunday. and five days later, they take on spain. scotland's build—up has been troubled — they've lost some of their key players through injury, including arsenal's kim little, and until last month, the team was in dispute with the scottish fa over terms and conditions. england, in contrast, are fifth in the world rankings and they were unbeaten in qualifying. on paper, the match against spain
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should be their toughest, but their first hurdle is tomorrow, against scotland in utrecht. there's huge expectation on england's shoulders, and our sports correspondent katie gornall talked to former england goalkeeper rachel brown—finnis about what we might expect. welcome to england's training base. we're outside utrecht in the netherlands. the pictures pristine, this is where in that event is the spending of a lot of time over the next few weeks. their messages of support from the schoolchildren along the side of the training ground. they have everything they could possibly want. but will it be best anti— ? but could possibly want. but will it be best anti—? but will it be enough? the code has been taught me about them as contenders for gold will stop a former goalkeeper, rachel,
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has been talking to me. we have heard so much about preparation and how the coach wants list the latest england team ever. you have spoken to the players, how well prepared as they? in fitness, they are 10096 fitter than ever. over the last six weeks, that final push, some of the drills, the pain barriers and mental barriers that they've gone through, they have come to pass. that has led them to be the fittest they ever have been. if that pays an advantage, that will be wonderful. let's talk about scotland, the one england take it because it with. scotla nd england take it because it with. scotland are missing some of the best players, but to you expect them to raise their game a little bit because it's the first time that a major turn on and it's england as well? yeah, put those two additional
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factors in and they were wanted, tear and shine. there have been a few self things going on between the sfa and the girls. they wanted come out here and earn their stripes will stop they should've have got to the finals of the european championships four years ago, but there have been waiting a long time for this. we now this drive that england have made in their preparations, there will still be that raw elements of it being an england/scotland game, but they're two quality sides. at be apparent to watching the game. argued very much for that. after months of preparation, it's nearly upon us. the opening game of this euro 2000 and tina turner meant kicks off wednesday, just —— euro 2017 tournaments. there are two more group matches today, and with under five minutes to go, austria are leading switzerland 1—0.
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nina burger with the goal after 15 minutes. it's just over a year it'sjust over a year ago it's just over a year ago that the iceland men's team embarrassed england at euro 2016. their women's side take on france later, and while the players may be different, the icelandic fans have clearly not forgotten that success, and they've come in number to the netherlands. at this moment, most tickets sold for the euro are being sold in iceland. considering that germany, england and france are playing, iceland have sold the most tickets. we will make noise, for sure. johanna konta joins me here today. what was it like getting to that
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semifinal and having the crowd behind you? i guess the whole fortnight was a tremendous experience to be able to play on centre and scored one end in front ofa centre and scored one end in front of a home support and really live ex—match —— each match. it gave me goose bumps when i went out there and heard them cheering. have you had time to reflect now back on wimbledon and how it's made you feel, getting that far? adding i've reflective. i think i did a good job jury reflective. i think i did a good job jury in the tournament, i think i was able to enjoy a day by day, because i have is a great battles and matches that i got to play and i feel i did a good job in digester gate in the moment and get moving on well. but i feel i would have liked to have stayed in the genome of a little longer, but i have taken a
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lot of tournaments. the rankings monday, had you move forward ? the rankings monday, had you move forward? i'm proud of my achievement forward? i'm proud of my achievement for myself and team being world numberfour, for myself and team being world number four, but want to keep improving and getting the most out of myself. making sure i leave no stone unturned. what you learn most from your competitors? it's interesting, because you learn a lot when you play them. there is a place also for admiring how they're competing, how strong they are and the level they're playing at will stop at a few matches during wimbledon were easily gone either way, because my opponent and the other side of the net was playing as well as me, and we were producing a high—level match. those are i think
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in those instances, it's a really good way of getting a good prospective and appreciating just what sport is about, and that is to compete as best as you can out there. and bring you the next step will be september in america? yes, i get a couple of weeks off training, but then i transition onto the hard court season, and i had first in canada, toronto, before cincinnati and the us open. venky's match, best of luck your journey. the open golf is back at royal birkdale this weekend. it's the tenth time the world's oldest major has been held there. one of the most memorable championships was in 1998, when a 17—year—old justin rose chipped in at the 18th to win the amateur prize and finish fourth overall. that set him on his way to a successful career. he has a us open title and olympic gold to his name — but he'd still love to win at birkdale. it's v1 tournament i have been tuned
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about since i was a young boy. and think especially at royal birkdale, you take an open championship anywhere, you take a major event anywhere, you take a major event anywhere, but i would be fortunate to win there and royal birkdale, and for me to do it here with the aid. moments, based upon, i guess, what i did in 1998. it's a special venue and lots of good memories. we told you yesterday about the torment of open water swimmerjack burnell, as he struggled to move past the disappointment of disqualification at the rio olympics. well, there's been more heartache for him today. he finished fourth in the 10km race at the world aquatics championships in budapest. nick hope was there for us. jack bernal says he has been through a roller—coaster of emotions in the
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last 12 months stopped after what he says was a devastating olympic results where he was disqualified at the closing stages. here in budapest this week, he was hoping to right some of the wrongs at rio, but concern at that way. he was well placed at the halfway stage, but in a pack of seven, eight was out printed to the village. today left wondering whether he had a future in the sport. i think to continue training it takes a lot, it takes a lot out of not only me, but my family, the team. i need to assess whether i want to go through it again. here at the diving venue there was a shark as the gb hopeful failed to make it through. her team—mate did better, the london had been based diver who trains alongside tom daley database, but
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didn't quite make the final. but was a strong results and hurricane world debut. it has been given a to compete against these divers, seeing had a training is, it has been an honour. on wednesday, the button to look out for comes in the springboard event. jack law is the olympic champion, and pretty decent over the individual event as well. he has a silver yellow —— silver medal at rio 2016. three—time winner chris froome is still in charge of the leader's yellow jersey at the tour de france. it took a photo finish, but stage 16 was claimed by the australian michael matthews — his second stage win. froome retains his 18—second lead over italy's fabio aru, with just five stages remaining. england's women are into the semifinals achieving perfection is what every professional sportsperson aspires to.


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