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‘ database, alongside tom daley database, but didn't quite make the final. but was a strong results and hurricane world debut. it has been given a to compete against these divers, seeing had a training is, it has been an honour. on wednesday, the button to look out for comes in the springboard event. jack law is the olympic champion, and pretty decent over the individual event as well. he has a silver yellow —— silver medal at rio 2016. three—time winner chris froome is still in charge of the leader's yellow jersey at the tour de france. it took a photo finish, but stage 16 was claimed by the australian michael matthews — his second stage win. froome retains his 18—second lead over italy's fabio aru, with just five stages remaining. england's women are into the semifinals achieving perfection is what every professional sportsperson aspires to. occasionally everything falls into place, and you produce it atjust the right time.
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that's exactly what happened tojordy smith on tuesday — not once, but twice. this is the south african competing in the world surf league injeffrey‘s bay in his homeland where he scored two perfect 10s — or a perfect 20. since surfing went professional a0 years ago it's only been achieved a handful of times. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening we start off with breaking news, coming into us from cornwall. we hear there are reports of flash flooding there. fire units are at the scene, we're hearing. the fire
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service says lots of crews are there and that there are like—critical incidents, as they put it. so it is a very serious flash landing. doesn't seem that rain has been falling heavily in all parts of cornwall, but there, very serious lass flooding. so we do have a bbc news tea m lass flooding. so we do have a bbc news team on the way there, to coverack, and we'll update you on that in the next hour or so. the fire service saying there are a life—critical incidents that they are in attendance at at coverack. you're watching bbc news. in the film jurassic park, a t. rex out i’u ns film jurassic park, a t. rex out runs 80, but dinosaurs might not be the ferociously fast predators we've all seen in phones likejurassic park. researchers at manchester university field a t. rex in
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particular may have been pretty slow. less usain bolt and more of a tortoise, perhaps. let's talk to one of the research is behind the study who's from the school of earth and environmental studies at the university of manchester. thanks for being with us. how fast or slow was t. rex then, according to your calculation is? what we reckon is that you couldn't actually get t. rex to go faster than a walk. but t. rex to go faster than a walk. but t. rex had long walk —— long legs, so a walking cheese breaks could go at around 20mph. is not as large, but not a fast runner. what is the science behind the theory? we digitise every single bone in a t. rex gallatin and assembled it in a computer. we put muscles on this gallatin based on a dissection work we'd donald crocodiles and birds, and produced an anatomically realistic model. we gave it to a
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simulator which uses artificial intelligence to try and work out how such animal could have moved. initially, we got quite good speeds, it can run at about 18mph. but then we realised, the forces it was applying to the skeleton were just too high, and that a t. rex running at 18mph would probably have shattered its legs. in terms of what the implications of that are, what does that mean? was t. rex then have struggled against fellow predators? if it wasn't quite as fast as we thought? the thing is, we think most of the predators of that sort of size would probably have been quite similar in terms of their speed. what it really means is that t. rex wasn't chasing down prey for itself. that maybe it was more of a scavenger oi’ that maybe it was more of a scavenger or more of an that maybe it was more of a scavenger or more of an ambush
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hunter, which didn't rely on speed so hunter, which didn't rely on speed so much. i was talking about jurassic park there, where it seemed to race along, outpacing ag. —— outpacing a jeep. so you think that was mythology that is notjust the rocks, but dinosaurs in general were rapid across the ground? it all depends on body size. smaller dinosaurs, and lots of them were much smaller, probably still very fast, and it was probably only be big ones like t. rex who were quite slow. the thing to remember is that t. rex laid eggs about the size of a football. that means over the course of 20 years, you've got something that grows up to an adult t. rex, but and angry, adolescent t. rex could have been very fast indeed. that sounds scary, and angry, adolescent t. rex with all the axed ofa adolescent t. rex with all the axed of a teenager! are you surprised by
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your own findings on this, it is what you are expecting to find when you set out on this research?” what you are expecting to find when you set out on this research? i have to confess i was disappointed, i was hoping to show the t. rex was a fast moving animal, because it has been described that way because of its long legs. i was disappointed when i find that it a good minivan at all. thank you very much indeed. an irish fishing crew have been left in disbelief after they landed their second extremely rare giant squid in a matter of months. earlier today, the team from west kerry caught this giant catch, which measured 5.5 metres. not quite the size of a t. rex, but still pretty big. but that was dwarfed by the 5.8 metre squid landed by the same crew during a trawl in may. we were telling you earlier about
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that flash flooding at coverack on the lizard peninsula and cornwall. the fire service says it's dispatched a number of crews to the area, and my height and threatening flooding under there, according to the fire service. i think we may get a bit more information about that from ben? the weather is on the change over some of us that changes dramatic. we wait to see what the situation is own where scorn while on the grounds, but this is why can a radar rainfall for this afternoon. looking at the lizard peninsula. this does show you that, on the face of it, we have had a lot of heavy rain falling on this part of west cornwall for several hours this afternoon. there has been wet weather around and that has been wet weather around and that has been wet weather around and that has been causing major issues. we will keep a close eye on that here.
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not far away, in plymouth, this picture of a thunderstorm and as they continue, they are quite hit and miss through this evening. good cause further disruptions and localised flooding. this is the bigger picture, clumps of clowns coming up from northern france, reducing thunder and lightning, and pretty heavy rain as well. and during this evening and tonight, these storms will continue to move northwards. some places seeing a lot of rain in a short space of time, others missing out completely. frequent lightning, large hail and gusty winds as well. through the night, they were driven northwards, perhaps northern ireland. scotland should stay largely dry. into the morning, showers and thunderstorms across northern england into scotland. england and wales will dry up, but heavy downpours likely to
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push in from the west later in the day. before they arrive across east anglia, a warm, humid, even hot day, temperatures at 3! degrees. some showers across north wales and later northeast england. these could be very happy indeed. it is 26 degrees in sheffield. across scotland, some thunderstorms and across northern ireland, heavy rain setting its weight in during the afternoon. through tomorrow afternoon and evening, more storms in north west wales, northern england and southwest scotland as well, possibly. as these bands of rain moved eastwards, slowly but surely, fresher air arrives. so thirsty turning into a decent day for many, some spells of sunshine, but a colour, fresher feel with temperatures on thursday afternoon around 20 degrees. warm weather later on. if
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 7pm: appalling conditions in youth custody centres make a tragedy "inevitable". that assesement comes from the chief inspector of prisons, who says he's staggered by the decline in standards in england and wales. we are unable to say that any other young offenders institutions or secure training centres, we couldn't consider any of them as safe to hold children and young people. inflation is now at 2.6% — the first fall since october — but prices are still rising faster than wages. after g re nfell tower, a bbc investigation reveals how councils are failing to offer social housing despite a statutory duty to do so. president trump's political difficulties over obamaca re continue as republican fail to reach agreement on a replacement.


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