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stuart manley, the world number 520 on his open debut, in a share of the lead. enter the birkdale boy, an ovation for tommy fleetwood, the home town hero. the golf star of 2017 was soon being blown off course. fleetwood more wayward — no amount of local knowledge can help you in there. other radars, though, were in better working order. america'sjustin thomas a talent in a tie, showing his golf is as snappy as his dress sense. his compatriotjordan spieth was soon also on a charge, but birkdale is proving a test for the best. and the latest i can tell you is thatjordan spieth and brooks koepka now lead, on four under par, one shot clear of ian poulter. plenty of big names still to start their rounds this afternoon, including lee westwood and rory mcilroy.
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andy swiss. time for a look at the weather. here's chris fawkes. we had flooding yesterday evening, across lancashire and north wales. you can see the flood waters in the town. partly these thunderstorms we re town. partly these thunderstorms were driven by the very humid air we had over as, all the moisture helping those thunderstorms form. we have a change in the weather today, as the humid air is blown away, fresh air moving in behind weather front. that change is taking place at the moment across eastern parts of england. it's been quite dull morning across of cambridge still with some bursts of rain around as well. you see how the rain continues to work eastwards across eastern england and northwards across northern scotland, with brighter skies following to the south—west. the sun is out and the surf is up in cornwall, it looks glorious. i almost want to dive in myself! this afternoon the rain will push away from northern and eastern areas with sunshine coming out. 20 of heavy
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showers working into northern ireland. there's quite a high chance of catching a shower. also, some be thundery in nature. in between the showers, temperatures between 17—22. not feeling too bad. and improving picture at the open golf, with some sunshine coming through. there will be blustery winds lasting through the rest of the day. 0vernight tonight, outbreaks of rain will eventually begin to spill into northern ireland, wales and south—west england. another change on the way, as low pressure begins to spin in. across eastern and northern areas it should stay largely dry. a mild night with temperatures 11—16. this is the pressure chart for tomorrow. it doesn't look particularly nice. this area of low pressure will be with is not throughjust of low pressure will be with is not through just friday but lasting through just friday but lasting through the weekend as well. friday's weather brings wet and windy conditions to south—west
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england and were, weather will be gale force gusts of wind. 0ver england and were, weather will be gale force gusts of wind. over an inch falling in places. it will be wet in northern ireland. across northern scotland, eastern scotland and eastern england, some dry moments and sunshine. temperatures up moments and sunshine. temperatures up to 23. the low pressure will stay with us through the weekend. there will be further bursts of rain, heavy thundery downpours that will be slow—moving. there will also be some drier slots. in south—east england, not a bad day on saturday with some sunshine. northern and western areas of scotland avoiding the rain, but there will be heavy downpours for wales and south—west england and the weather looks quite miserable for parts of north—east england and south—east scotland. not feeling particularly special and as the low pressure moves further east, we'll see further heavy thundery showers become more widespread in nature across the eastern side of the country. not the greatest weekend. that's all from the bbc one team. we join the bbc‘s news teams wherever you are. goodbye. you it's no holiday time please kids. it is no holiday time for these kids. normal classes and a bit more
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fun. but for many parents, her bare, the big game for the coming weeks will bejuggling the the big game for the coming weeks will be juggling the after their children while they head off to work. it is still with me working on building my career in building my business, definitely, but it is a significant cost. it's my choice to work, but i child care costs are as much as my mortgage every month. the costs are rising. the family and child care trust say prices are on average up child care trust say prices are on average up 4% hello from the bbc sport centre. i'm hugh ferris. there are new leaders at the open with two time major winner jordan spieth and us open champion brooks koepka the first to get to four under par on a blustery first day at royal birkdale. but there are plenty of british players who've started well too. karthi gna nasegaram is at the course for us. to americans at the top of the leaderboard. ian to americans at the top of the leaderboa rd. ian poulter to americans at the top of the leaderboard. ian poulter is in the clubhouse and is on three under par. the 2008 runner—up, ian poulter, he has had a terrible start to the year. but he has a great first round. above him on that leaderboard at the moment, isjordan spieth. he won two majors in 2015, but has struggled with his form since then. and the winner of the us open is
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looking for back—to—back majors. both on four under par at the moment. ian poulter is on three, and he is in the clubhouse, we can hear what he has had to stay about his first round. first—rate, to go out there and post that number on the board, on a good strong golf course, is always great. it feels even better, that you had to go through qualifying to get here as well. links golf is great fun, this course is testing in the wind, and we're going to have even more of the test tomorrow when we got the wind and the rain. it has been a test today, really windy as you can tell from the conditions. supposed to get a little bit lighter this afternoon, those starting later will have a better condition. but the weather after today's spores to be terrible, rain and wind. —— supposed to be terrible. this is a links course, the golfers enjoy making sure that
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the golfers enjoy making sure that the ball flies low under these conditions. stuart manley from wales had a very good round, he was not expected to, he is at two under par, and he is also in the clubhouse. i played 17, great. i got lucky, as long as the light was ok, it was quite a makeable shot. to birdie on the 18th wasjust quite a makeable shot. to birdie on the 18th was just awesome. manley from wales doing very well. big names still to come this afternoon, sergio garcia, the masters champion, has teed off. rory mcilroy and dustin johnson still to come, getting underway at 2:48pm. we have had seven majors won by first—time winners recently, which is why this open everyone is considering very open and anyone
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could win it. thank you very much indeed, keep up—to—date with the golf on radio five live. essex batsman tom westley will make his england debut after being selected for the third test against south africa. westley will bat at three at the oval, replacing gary ballance, while middlesex‘s dawid malan is also called up and will make his debut if england decide to pick an extra batman. the test starts a week today. and you can see the full squad on the bbc sport website. alvaro morata has arrived in london for a medical ahead of his move to chelsea from real madrid worth around £60 million. morata was being linked with manchester united for most of the summer before they beat chelsea to the signing of romelu lukaku, leaving the way clear for the premier league champions. the striker still has to agree personal terms. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. i'll have more in the next hour. thank you.
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authorities have confirmed that eighty people are still listed as dead, or missing presumed dead, following the grenfell tower fire — the secretary of state for communities and local government, sajid javid, told the house of commons those figures. mrjavid also confirmed that everyone made homeless by the fire has been made at least one offer of accommodation in the local area. the police continue to list 80 people as either dead or missing, presumed dead. 39 victims have so far been formally identified, with 39 request opened by the coroner and adjourned tending the public enquiry and the police investigation. two adults remain in hospital. i know that some local residents in concerned that the number of people on the tower on the night have been underestimated. i would continue to
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urge anyone with further information to come forward. we have been very clear that we do not mind if those affected were subletting or have immigration issues. all we care about is getting to the truth. turning to the re—homing programme, eve ryo ne turning to the re—homing programme, everyone who lost their home in g re nfell tower everyone who lost their home in grenfell tower has been made at least one offer of good quality, fully furnished, temporary accommodation in the local area. as of 10am this morning, 35 of these have been accepted, and ten families have been accepted, and ten families have moved on. those numbers are slightly down on the figures that we re slightly down on the figures that were published recently, as some people have changed their minds, as they are perfectly entitled to do so. they are perfectly entitled to do so. where residents have turned down an offer, we are finding suitable alternatives for them. where residents are not yet ready to engage with the process, they do not wa nt to engage with the process, they do not want to make a decision right now, they would rather wait for permanent homes to be offered, we will of course respect that. at the
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questions this week, the quality of accommodation being offered was raised. i would like to repeat the housing mr‘s offer to the opposition front bench to visit some of these homes so they can inspect them for themselves. i don't believe that they have taken them —— taken us up on offer so far, but it still stands. we will continue to seek out suitable secure and permanent occupation. the first such homes will be ready in days, and specialist teams will be ready to start matching them to families and start matching them to families and start making the offers. the bbc has been giving more detail about how it plans to deal with the difference in pay between men and women, after it named the stars who earn more than £150,000. two thirds of those listed were male. the corporation defended the high salaries, which were revealed yesterday in its annual report, but has been urged to close the pay gap earlier than its current target of 2020. the former bbc one controller, peter fincham, said that there
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we have been hearing from peter finch. he said there are no easy a nswe i’s finch. he said there are no easy a nswers to finch. he said there are no easy answers to closing the gender pay gap, as contracts i like a complicated patchwork of individual agreements. it is as if, finally the lights have been switched on, a little bit relu cta ntly. 0 nce been switched on, a little bit reluctantly. once they are switched on, things like gender inequality, some of the extreme differentials in talent pay, will start to be corrected. i don't believe, as i have heard said elsewhere, that the inevitable result of this is inflationary. i think the opposite could be the case. i think that restraint will follow from disclosure, and pay may come down. that may bring pay down across the sector, because why would commercial rivals overbid for talent if the bbc
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are limiting or reducing talent payment? the former controller of bbc one. it's 10 years on from the south midlands storm that left families without homes after almost 10 inches of rain fell in 2a hours. 0ur correspondent phil mackey has been speaking to the emergency services. it was nothing like this ten years ago. in fact, it was nothing like this ten years ago. infact, the it was nothing like this ten years ago. in fact, the water was pretty much above my head level at the moment. there were many people on boats having fun. across the river, you can see that brick wall, and above it the barriers that mark the level the river reached in 2007. they were not there then. everything you see, every building across the front was flooded. the man in charge of everything that day, and for the week after that was john price. remember that day? yes, that was a nine—day event for
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us yes, that was a nine—day event for us in the fire service that we will never forget. it was something we knew was coming, we had a number of serious floods in june. knew was coming, we had a number of serious floods injune. so we prepared, we got extra staff on duty, we were set up waiting for it. and then it happened on the friday, the rain started about lunchtime on friday, this time ten years ago, and life did not get back to normal for at least nine days, and for many of the residents who were sadly affected life did not get back to normalfor affected life did not get back to normal for several years. we have several other fire services operating in herefordshire and worcestershire. the rnli, the military, helicopters rescuing people of roofs of houses. there was one particular area where the river burst its banks, and miraculously there was not any loss of lives apart from one gentleman later on in the floods who lost his life in flood water. at one point we had every single resource we have across 27 fire stations, and 43 fire
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engines, every single resource was deployed. that is one of probably the only moment in my career where, as an operational commander, i was thinking to myself, that's it, we have nothing else to give out. it was a landmark occasion for us. not just for the fire and rescue services at the wider communities and the local authority and all the emergency services, and since then, we have really got our act together. we have invested very heavily now. we have invested very heavily now. we worked very heavily with volu nta ry we worked very heavily with voluntary agencies, we work well with other fire and rescue services, and we make sure we are prepared. and the residents, the communities of herefordshire and worcestershire seem of herefordshire and worcestershire seem to be quite prepared to flooding. people are still effective, but even when we have serious flooding we do not seem to get the events we had in 2007. if 2007 happened again today, hopefully it won't, but if it happened again new emergency services are much
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better prepared to deal with it. we have learned some of the lessons, although we did perform very well in 2007. thanks remote, it is an amazing transformation stop the ground is rock hard, people are out on the river having fun. you would not believe what it was like ten years ago, it was horrific living through it, and i'm glad to say lessons have been learned and the situation is a lot better now than it was then. talking to the emergency services in hereford and worcester. a reminder of today's headlines column brexit secretary david davies and the eu's michel barnier have outlined what process has been made at the end of the latest round of talks. they say there are still fundamental disagreements about citizens‘ rights, and clarification is needed on britain‘s position on a number of issues. there has been a 10% rise in recorded crime in england and wales will stop the largest annual increase for a decade. and one in
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three cases of dementia could be prevented if people look after their brain health throughout their life, according to research. in the business news this afternoon... summer holidays are just around the corner — but parents face higher childcare costs than ever. on average — almost £750 per child over the full six week holiday. it‘s putting pressure on families already facing higher prices and meagre wage rises. we‘ll find out how parents are coping. profits at sports direct have plummeted nearly 60%. underlying pre—tax profit fell to £113.7 million — that‘s less than half what they made last year. it says it‘s because of the weaker pound — which means it costs more to import goods from abroad. chief executive mike ashley said it had now taken steps to "minimise the short—term impact of currency volatility". the warm weather injune got us out spending in the shops.
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0fficial stats show that uk retail sales were better than expected last month. the amount of stuff we bought was up 0.6% compared with may. there was a boost from higher sales of summer clothing, shoes and household goods. the amount of money we spent on goods was also up by 0.4%. schools will all soon be out for the summer — but as temperatures rise — so too does the cost of holiday childcare. the family and childcare trust has given the bbc exclusive access to figures that showjust how much of a squeeze holiday care puts on family finances. since last year, the average cost has risen by 4%. so for one child — it‘s £124 per week of childcare. many families will struggle to afford that — especially as cheaper, council—run options are hard to find. so how do parents juggle that with work? and how big a business is summer holiday childcare? we can join our wales
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business correspondent now, brian meechan who‘s been looking at the cost of child care in wales, and, brian, it was a big issue during the welsh assembly elections? it was a big issue, and welsh labour, which eventually went on to form the government after those assembly elections, had a policy of 30 hours a week free childcare for 48 weeks of the year. there have been a lot of questions about how that will be funded, and how it can operate across 22 councils in wales. it is still at the pilot stage, so it will not help parents at the moment. what might help parents is something wrong here —— rand here. what can able to offer parents? as part of the action packed, a very timetable, every single day the children have art and craft, cookery. we are very lucky, we have
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been here for over 25 years. we get access to swimming for the overrates, and we have a sibling discount for parents. the first child is initially charged at the fill rate with a lower rate for subsequent siblings. we offer good value for money as part of our timetable. we have seen figures drop by about 596, we have seen figures drop by about 5%, much lower than it is in scotland, and in england. why is that? i‘m not sure,. maybe it is the cost of living. we are very competitively priced here, and we are so established, we're really lucky, we work with local communities, use local parks. we have built up partnerships which mean we can get those prices, which keeps our prices really low. we are very lucky here. thank you very much. there is still availability tojoin
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thank you very much. there is still availability to join these children area availability to join these children are a summer camp. thank you very much, brian. we are going to go straight to heidelberg in germany, because you may remember that the duke and duchess of cambridge are currently on a tour of poland in germany. look what is happening in the next few minutes. the duke was in the boat, and his wife will follow suit in another in a moment. there is a boat race going on. two female teams, there is going to bea on. two female teams, there is going to be a race, the boats will be helmed, but anyway, they will be at the helm of all of this. a bit of friendly competition, one hopes, between the two royals. heidelberg is twinned with cambridge. there is a particular reason for this going on at the moment. the city is at wind —— the cities are twinned. 0ut
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on the river, this is all part of the duke and that is‘s three—day tour of germany. —— the duke and duchess. she has a pretty good success rate when it comes to sporting matters. she was very keen and very good at some sports when she was at school, and has been quite willingly footed graphed over the years taking part in various sporting activities —— photographed. let‘s see whether her boat can beat her husband‘s. that is the aim of the exercise. the royal couple on holiday with their children, george and charlotte. my german not good enough to tell you what is being
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said over the tannoy. this is right in the middle of heidelberg, really beautiful town, this race taking place very close to the castle. 0nce the race is over, they will continue their visit, they will visit a local food market. shaking hands with the crew. i wonder if they have had any training together? that has not been revealed to us. quite a tall order for all concerned if this is the first time they have met. i think he‘s just first time they have met. i think he‘sjust explaining. first time they have met. i think he‘s just explaining. you sit here, is what that means will so she probably knew that. perhaps that is a health and safety imperative. let‘s see the boat moved off. we
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might bea let‘s see the boat moved off. we might be a few minutes away from the actual race, i‘m not sure how much of the actual race we will see. it is about 20 minutes long, so i don‘t think unfortunately we will be able to show you the whole race! but let‘s hope we will be back in time to see who crosses the finish line. that is the key thing we will want to see, will it be husband or wife who manages to cross the finishing line first? that is happening in heidelberg in germany. back there just a little bit later in the afternoon to find out more about that royal tour. seven minutes to two. later today the famous spanish surrealist artist salvador dali will be controversially exhumed to settle a paternity claim made by a catalonian tarot card reader. the artist died in 1989. at arts editor has been to visit the crypt at dally‘s theatre museum, where he
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is buried. in the mid—1960s, this was an abandoned theatre that salvador dali, a local artist, identified as the perfect place to show off his artworks. but notjust that, to create the ultimate dali experience, which he ended up liking so much he decided to be buried here. so when he died in 1989, his body was embalmed, placed in a coffin, and he was buried here in this crypt just beneath the old stage. but this memorial stone will not be disturbed for the exhumation, it has been decided the best place to access the space is from above. this is the entry point, 1.5 tonnes of unmarked stone, a door in the floor, which will be eased aside, the coffin will be opened, and a sample of the remains will be taken. it‘s reckoned the process will take all night. are editor reporting from spain.
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before we take a look at the weather prospects, let‘s just have another look at those pictures in heidelberg in germany. prince william, wouldn‘t it be great to know what he is explaining that? he will be in a race that will start very shortly, his wife is in the other boat. not sure whether we will be able to see this... an airof sure whether we will be able to see this... an air of slightly giddy expectation. i don‘t think we will be able to see the beginning of the race, but it takes 20 minutes. guess what? simon will be with you for the end of the race. there is something to look forward to. the explanations still going on. we do not have a microphone, which is bitterly disappointing. that will get going fairly soon. tune in on the next hour, there is more on that. much more coming up. let‘s catch up with
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the weather prospects. yesterday we had another round of flooding affecting parts of lancashire, and also parts of the north of wales. this is one picture of the floodwaters we had from rhyl. partly driven by massive thunderstorms that developed from the humid air. but that was yesterday. that humidity has been swept away behind this cold front. the error is turning significantly fresher. some human conditions across the far east of the united kingdom, but it is easing away along with the heavy rain. —— humid. with the sunshine, it should feel listened, 17 degrees in glasgow, 22 in london. heavy showers working in across northern ireland, quite widespread. for the golfers, a reasonable day today, but the weather taking a downhill turn with rainfor weather taking a downhill turn with rain for friday, showers into the
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weekend as well. let‘s take a look at the weather picture through the night time. women‘s picking up overnight, at breaks of rain —— wins ticking up overnight, at breaks of rain. temperatures into double figures with clear spells across northern and eastern areas. this is the chart we have got a friday. it looks like a dartboard low. particularly for wales in south west england, over an inch of rain fall, gale force gusts of wind as well. it will not be nice on friday. that rain band will be slow—moving, could be dangerous driving conditions with surface water and spray loading up on the roads. eastern areas bright with sunny spells. into the weekend, low pressure will stay with us, there will be spells of rain, heavy and thundery downpours, that will be drier slot in between these rain bands from time to time. one of those slots working into south west
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england and the midlands, where we should have more reasonable weather, and some reasonable weather across scotland. the wettest weather across north—east england and south—east scotland. heavy downpours, slow—moving in nature, across south—east england, where we could get thunder and lightning mixed in. that is saturday. for sunday, the wettest weather affecting eastern scotland. showers still quite heavy, tempered is up to 22. —— temperatures. this is bbc news. the headlines at 2pm: after four days of talks, brussels and the uk still have fundamental disagreements about citizens — the eu chief negotiator says the uk must clarify their position on a number of issues. the first round was about organisation, this week was about presentation, the third round must be about clarification. brexit secretary david davis said
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the talks had been robust — but there‘s a lot to be positive about. david davis
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