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tv   BBC News  BBC News  July 20, 2017 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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griffiths has been handed a one—game ban from uefa for "provoking supporters" at the end of their win over linfield. the belfast club have also been hit with a partial closure of their stadium for their next european game after the striker was targetted with missiles. west ham have agreed a deal with bayer leverkusen to sign javier hernandez. he'll fly to london in the coming days to finalise personal terms and undergo a medical. the fee for the former manchester united striker is reported to be around £16 million. the mexican spent five years at old trafford before joining the bundesliga side. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening.
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i want to take you to the united states now. i want to take you to the united states now. a parole board in the us state of nevada is hearing an application from the former american footballer and actor, oj simpson, who served almost nine years in prison for armed robbery. you can see him on the right of the screen. you can see him on the right of the screen. simpson, who was acquitted of charges of murdering his wife in 1995, could walk free as early as october if the board rules in his favour. this is his daughter who is currently speaking into the microphone at this parole hearing. it is nevada's parole board who are hearing this application. people in nevada i saying he does have a good chance of parole. he has been in
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prison after a botched attempt to steal mementos from his sports career at gunpoint. that is why he has been injail career at gunpoint. that is why he has been in jail and career at gunpoint. that is why he has been injail and that is career at gunpoint. that is why he has been in jail and that is why he is applying for parole. there are four parole commissioners meeting to hear this application and they are supposed to decide oj simpson's fake on the basis of factors including his age, his conduct in prison and whether his release would pose a threat to public safety. it is thought he has got a pretty good chance apparently of getting parole. so, there we are, oj simpson on the right of the picture, as that application for parole continues. if we get a result on that from the father, we will bring that to you. ten years ago, torrential summer
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downpours left large parts of the country under water, as the rain was followed by widespread flooding. thousands of people had to leave their homes. our correspondent phil mackie has returned to some of the worst affected areas, which included upton upon severn in worcestershire. it was a day that no one who lived through it will ever forget. the ground was already saturated and itjust did not stop raining. every ditch, brook, stream and road was flooded for 30 miles in every direction. people couldn't get home, families were split up and the emergency services were stretched to breaking point. we had every single resource we have across 27 fire stations and at that time 43 fire engines, every single resource was deployed. i was thinking to myself, and i know the other senior officers were, i haven't got anything else to give out. everything we had was out on the ground, every officer, every fire engine, every firefighter was out doing something in regards to flooding.
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all along the servern towns and villages were cut off. 10,000 homes and businesses were inundated. we have come a couple of miles down the river from upton to one of the many places that was flooded that day. this is the village of uckinghall and i remember coming to this house. it was flooded up to those first—floor windows and for a time you could only get into the village by boat. even though they were used to flooding, that day was exceptional. now it is protected by flood barriers, but ten years ago it was not. we got caught out, it was just too quick. it was an extreme event that had happened before, but not in our living memories. in upton upon severn temporary flood barriers were stuck elsewhere and its historic waterfront went under water. now the town has permanent defences. we are light years ahead from where we were in 2007 and it isn't just the flood defences, it is the way that we plan, the way that we work with the met office in terms of looking at the weather forecast well in advance, the way that we work with professional partners
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like the police and fire and local authorities, and the way that we issue flood warnings. they have all come on so much since 2007. the town is now much better protected but the event of a decade ago will not be easily forgotten. phil mackie remembering those floods from ten years ago. let's see what the weather is doing to us right now. we have seen a real mix of weather types out there today. this was the scene this afternoon in staffordshi re scene this afternoon in staffordshire with a few showers and some sunshine as well. but towards northern and eastern parts of the uk, more cloud and drizzly rain, so oui’ uk, more cloud and drizzly rain, so our second picture comes from the highlands of scotland near aviemore. that rain across highland scotland is clearing away as this front
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pushes out to the north east. our attention turns to the next area of low pressure moving into the south west. overnight breezy conditions with spots of rain in the south—west of england and wales. further north and east it is largely dry and temperatures holed up in double figures. tomorrow let's start off in the south—west of england and wales. a few showers and breezy to start with, but this band of rain will bring heavy downpours. strong winds as well and that could lead to surface water flooding. that extends into east anglia and parts of northern england, it will be windy as well, but less windy across scotla nd as well, but less windy across scotland and an improved day. low pressure stays in the west and it will be quite slow moving, just slowly drifting eastwards, heavy rain in central wales and southern and western england. there could be
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some travel disruption in the south—west. eastern and northern parts of the uk faring better. some of those showers could affect the golf at royal birkdale. through the weekend it will stay fairly u nsettled weekend it will stay fairly unsettled with heady, blustery showers at times, but also some drier and brighter spells. not a wash—out, but we have got low pressure and that will bring showers creeping their way northwards and eastwards a cross creeping their way northwards and eastwards across the country on sunday. temperatures fresher than we have had recently, between 16—20. those showers should slowly cleared away towards the east, temperatures between 16—22. this is bbc news. i'm ben brown. the headlines at 7:00pm. recorded crime in england and wales sees its biggest annual rise in a decade — with violent crime up 18%. live in nevada — former us football
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star oj simpson is appearing before a parole board asking for early release after serving almost nine years in prison for armed robbery. the end of week two in brussels exit talks with still no deal on eu citizens rights and the brexit bill. i'm dominic heale in nottingham where the government's been accused of betraying rail passengers by scrapping plans to electrify three rail lines.
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